2024 Ford F-150 Pro Access Tailgate


There’s a new tailgate in town, and Ford is calling it the Pro Access Tailgate. The big party trick on display here with the Pro Access Tailgate is the middle portion of the gate that swings out like a single barn door. The point of a sideways-swinging tailgate is the same in the F-150 as it is in other trucks that offer it. You can walk right on up to the edge of the bed without having to lean across a flat-laying tailgate, allowing for easier loading and unloading of awkward items. Of course, this new tailgate necessitated a switch-up from the traditional ladder step and extendable grab handle seen in the standard tailgate design. Instead, a footstep can be pulled out from under the bumper, allowing you to first step up onto there. Then, Ford extended the bumper section to act as a second step that you can hop to before hauling yourself the rest of the way into the bed. The only trim where it will be mandatory is in the new-for-2024 Platinum Plus trim. Other than that, it will be optional on every trim from the XLT on up.


NHTSA’s New SaferCar App

Our new SaferCar app allows you to save your vehicles, car seats, equipment, or tires in a virtual garage on your smartphone. If a recall is issued, you’ll get an alert.


Introducing the Ford F-150® Lightning™ Pro SSV | Ford Pro

Ford Pro™ continues to help guide cities into an electrified, software-driven world with the launch of America’s first electric pickup truck purpose-built for police: the 2023 Ford F-150® Lightning™ Pro Special Service Vehicle. Ford has been providing police departments with the vehicles they need to protect and serve communities for more than 70 years. Currently, Ford Pro customers include more than 12,000 police departments across the country and its police vehicle lineup outsells all other police vehicles combined1. The company attributes this success and customer loyalty to the automaker’s close collaboration with its customers, specifically the Ford Police Advisory Board. Learn more: https://media.ford.com/content/fordme... *Based on S&P Global Mobility new vehicle registration data limited to government entities and POL and SSV trim vehicles for full year 2021


Building a "Legend" for Liebherr | Crane Service Van Upfit Featuring Legend Fleet Solutions

We were asked by Lieberr, to customize and outfit a new service van that would allow their teams to handle remote calls on heavy-duty cranes. It was an exciting project in many ways, and at the same time, it was also business as usual for the Expertec team. The first products we recommended came from Legend Fleet Solutions to provide a solid base to build from the ground up. Legend’s slip-resistance flooring was going to be critical to keeping the Lieberr team safe on the job in a variety of climates and temperatures. We then added in DuraTherm wall and ceiling liners to ensure a quieter and more pleasant ride and to provide “ax proof” protection for the van as well as the tools, shelving, and equipment that would ultimately find their home in the van. As a company with firm footing in technology, it was no surprise that the Lieberr team requested a specialized workstation, with some additional power to support the needs their crews would encounter. A GoPower inverter, as well as a Vanair, Super Boost-All system, were wired into the van, to give the team the power resources they needed. Ultimately, this Lieberr service van has all the tools, and comfort, to provide long-term service, from the most remote outpost in the country, to the middle of the busiest neighborhoods in Calgary. Expertec is proud to be able to call on Legend Fleet Solutions, and so many of its perfectly designed products, to meet our clients’ needs in a fast and economically responsible way. For more innovative driven solutions, visit https://expertec.ca


Ford Pro™ Upfit Integration System — Intro to Logic Blocks | Ford Pro

The Ford Pro™ Upfit Integration System (UIS) software is user-friendly, and allows you to configure vehicle functions in myriad ways. In this video, learn about all the different logic blocks available and how to use them.


How They Produce the Massive New Ford Super Duty 2023 Inside Best US Factory

Today on FRAME, we will have a look at several Ford assembly plants where the pick-up truck models are manufactured. Join us to discover all the secrets about the F-Series and the Ford Ranger. About FRAME: When business meets engineering, FRAME is your new source of information. From designing, Prototyping, building, or even destroying, our daily life is surrounded by processes of all kinds, each more interesting than the next. But have you ever wondered what's behind all of this? In our videos, you will find: -Explanation and infographics of how things are built, from the most simple pencil to the most complex digging machine. - Stories behind the world's most successful companies -Analysis of future trends in the world of industry, exclusive interviews with industrial specialists, and many more ! We publish four videos a week. Make sure to subscribe to the FRAME YouTube channel to catch us on our next episode. Check our FRAME website at https://theframe.one/ FRAME on Twitter https://twitter.com/FRAME_official


The Pro-Tech Steel Edge Sno Pusher - An Affordable, Durable, Effective Snow Pusher

The all-new Steel Edge Sno Pusher has only been around for several winter seasons but is quickly gaining popularity as a containment plow that is simple, durable, and tough-as-nails. In addition, the Steel Edge Sno Pusher offers lower cost of ownership than many of the other steel-edge offerings on the market. The Steel Edge Sno Pusher is built using heavy duty, fully welded construction and is backed up with a 10 year warranty. There are no speed or stacking restrictions.


Ford Pro Electric SuperVan: The Fastest Transit Yet

The Ford Pro Electric SuperVan is a van unlike any other. Its four electric motors and approximately 2,000 PS produce colossal performance, and the embedded modem and advanced telemetry software help engineers optimize performance for the track. Inspired by the new E Transit Custom and combining horsepower with processing power, the Electric SuperVan is the ultimate showcase of Ford’s EV and connectivity capabilities.

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Isuzu Truck Production in Japan - How Japanese Trucks are Made

On this feature of the FRAME, we explore the Production line of Isuzu Trucks. Stay tuned to see the production technologies of these large commercial vehicles.


Royal Truck Body - XP Service Body, Ladder Rack feature

XP stands for Xtreme Protection. No job, no weather is too tough for the NEW Royal® Truck Body XP Service Body. It’s purpose-built to serve your team, protect your equipment, and perform like new… far down the rockiest of roads.


Enoven Flatbeds and Stakebeds - Lots of Options


The flatbed is a very popular product. Its main job is to take things from one point to another. A Stakebed is a flatbed with some removable or permanent gates of various heights (40″ most common) to carry taller cargo and have it remain on the bed. All Flatbeds and Stakebeds typically come with a standard square headboard to protect the cab from damage.

There are many options available for the Flatbed and Stakebed such as a liftgate to help get heavy items on and off the bed, under bed tool boxes, HD trailer hitch and wiring, tapered headboard, steel overlay on floor for added strength and longevity (smooth or diamond plate), cranes, tool boxes on top of the bed, HD material rack and many more.
Some samples of what we can do at Enoven:
  • 100% fabricated and installed in house
  • 10ga and 3/16” smooth or diamond plate steel; 7/8” and 1-1/8” Apitong hardwood decks
  • All bodies are built for heavy duty use
  • Custom builds are our specialty
  • Rugby and Omaha Standard Subframe style and truck frame mounted conversion hoists
  • Fully hydraulic or electric over hydraulic hoists
  • Hoists for bodies 8’ long up to 24’ long

Learn more at: https://enovenind.com/