Commercial Truck Training Boot Camp GM Dealer Testimonials

See what GM Business Elite Dealers had to say about their experiences at Ken Taylor's Commercial Sales Boot Camps! See more about Ken Taylor's training at www.CommercialTruckTraining.com


Ford 3D Printing

Ford uses 3D Printing to improve quality, fuel economy, design and value for consumers. The technology allows new products to come to market faster, shaving months off the production time for new vehicles.


Report: Gasoline Vehicles to Remain Dominant in 2040

The vast majority of vehicles on U.S. roadways in the year 2040 will still use gasoline, according to a projection from the U.S. Department of Energy.

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How to Select a Trailer Hitch - CURTmfg.com

This videos will help you select the correct trailer hitch by helping you understand the differences between them. Hitch classes are determined by their weight rating.

Class 1: Gross trailer weight up to 2,000 lbs. Tongue Weight up to 200 lbs.
Class 2: Gross trailer weight up to 3,500 lbs. Tongue Weight up to 350 lbs.
Class 3: Gross trailer weight up to 8,000 lbs. Tongue Weight up to 800 lbs.
Class 4: Gross trailer weight up to 10,000 lbs. Tongue Weight up to 1,000 lbs.
Xtra Duty: Gross trailer weight up to 17,000 lbs. Tongue Weight up to 2,550 lbs.
Commercial Duty: Gross trailer weight up to 20,000 lbs. Tongue Weight up to 2,700 lbs.

Class 1 & 2 hitches have a 1 1/4" receiver tube opening.
Class 3, 4, & XD hitches have a 2" receiver tube opening.
Commercial Duty hitches have a 2 1/2" receiver tube opening.

For more towing information and to find the perfect hitch for your vehicle, check out http://www.curtmfg.com


VIA Motors New Extended-Range Electric Pick-Up Truck Facility in San Lui...

SNEAK PEEK into the world's first extended-range electric pick-up truck manufacturing facility in San Luis Potosi - our VIA Motors-Mexico plant which produces two vehicles every hour. VIA Motors specializes in extended-range electric trucks, vans and SUV's.

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Isuzu UK Fleet Services: Providing Your Business with Quality Pick Ups

Be sure to make the best decision when it comes to your business fleet. Look to the Isuzu lineup for top quality vehicles in a range of different styles and specifications to assist you no matter if you are in the private or public sector.

Tune in to see the range of Isuzu D-MAX and their long list of features that will help you get from point A to point B and provide you with a top of the line work vehicle. The new D-MAX surrounds you and your employees with a level of comfort that you don't expect to find in an average pick-up.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with the Isuzu UK Fleet today at isuzufleet@isuzu.co.uk.

Be sure to check us out on our other sites!

Website: http://tinyurl.com/qx67my6
Facebook: http://tinyurl.com/pcnpc3w
Twitter: http://tinyurl.com/qcwulnk
YouTube: http://tinyurl.com/pzzvybs


Mosaic | GM Fleet and Commercial | Stories From The Road

Answering a higher calling often includes keeping an eye on the bottom line. Mosaic, founded in 1913, uses the Chevrolet Express Van to help keep costs down, boost safety and dramatically enhance the human experience for those that they serve.


FedEx Work Trucks

FedEx contractors sing praises of the Durashell 370 by Fleetwest Transferable Truck Bodies on a Chevy Silverado pickup truck as a van alternative. A pickup truck provides 4x4 capability not available with the old work vans. The Durashell also has 130 cubic feet greater capacity than the AWD Chevy Express vans. Drivers enjoy easy access to cargo thanks to the stand-up height of the Durashell 370.

Durashell Vs. Van
  • The Durashell factory availability is 3 weeks or less while a new full-size transit van could take 4-10 months
  • Ownership costs for the Durashell are much less than a van because of lower maintenance costs and a 3+ pickup truck lifecycle
  • The residual value for pickup trucks are higher than a van. The Durashell service body provides the added benefit of transferability with no-holes drilled installation, making the resale value of both the pickup and service body higher
Call your Fleetwest representative toll free at 866-497-7200 to GET A QUOTE for the Durashell 370.

Durashell 370 for FedEx Contractor

Secure Fiberglass Composite Service Body

Van Alternative for FedEx Contractors


Michael Gelsthorpe Shows Off Features of Auto Crane Body

Michael Gelsthorpe, Regional Manager with Ramsey Industries gives Ryan Stone of Commercial Truck Success and impromptu presentation of some of the features of the heavy duty Auto Crane Service Body.

See more about Auto Crane products at http://www.autocrane.com



Ford EcoBoost®-powered Police Interceptor sedan bests high-performance V8 sedans from two competitors in 0-100 mph testing and average lap times New Ford EcoBoost Police Interceptor utility vehicle accelerates faster than all base V6 sedan competitors Wins for both sedan and utility vehicle confirms advantages of company’s intelligent all-wheel drive on Ford Police Interceptor sales For the third straight year in Los Angeles Sheriff Department tests, EcoBoost®- and all-wheel-drive-equipped Ford Police Interceptor sedan and utility vehicle were fastest both in 0-100 mph acceleration testing and average lap times at Fontana raceway in California.

While wins three years running is a point of pride for Police Interceptor sedan, the results of the utility vehicle tests are noteworthy, both for the industry and Ford, because Police Interceptor utility represents an increased percentage – now 60 percent – of Ford police vehicle sales.

“Not only do we remain faster, but agencies like the Los Angeles Sheriff Department see the benefits of all-wheel drive and EcoBoost,” said Arie Groeneveld, Ford chief engineer. “In pursuit driving conditions, being able to put down 365 horsepower is best accomplished using our intelligent all-wheel-drive system – which optimizes handling and traction in all driving conditions, including dry-pavement surfaces – as demonstrated in LASD testing.”

Two trends emerge
The performance achievement of Police Interceptor sedan and utility confirms two major shifts in police vehicle trends Ford is leading since its introduction last year of the all-new Police Interceptor family – the overwhelming preference by police agencies for Ford’s intelligent all-wheel-drive system, and a growing preference for the spacious utility vehicle.

Since launch, Ford Police Interceptor sedan and utility vehicle, which replaced the venerable Crown Victoria, have seen significant sales increases – sedan sales are up 34 percent in calendar year 2013, while utility sales are up 142 percent.

Today, Ford Police Interceptor utility vehicle is only available with all-wheel drive, while 88 percent of Police Interceptor sedan volume is all-wheel drive (base 3.5-liter Ti-VCT sedan can be ordered with front-wheel drive, while the 3.5-liter EcoBoost-equipped version is standard all-wheel drive). Groeneveld said the LASD tests demonstrate police agencies don’t need to sacrifice performance for the added space and versatility a utility vehicle provides.

Beyond obvious traction advantages proven through all-wheel drive, evaluations like the LASD and Michigan State Police tests earlier this year demonstrate that Ford’s intelligent all-wheel drive enhances handling, especially in pursuit situations.

The Ford EcoBoost-powered Police Interceptor sedan bested both competitors’ high-performance V8 sedans in 0-100 mph testing.

Preliminary results of LASD testing show the fastest of the fast – the 2014 Ford Police Interceptor EcoBoost sedan with standard all-wheel drive – posted a 0-100 mph time of 14.2 seconds, compared to 15.2 seconds for the 5.7-liter Hemi-equipped Dodge Charger with optional all-wheel drive, and 14.4 seconds for the Chevrolet Caprice with 6.0-liter V8.

The LASD tests were conducted with the utility vehicles carrying 400 pounds of cargo to simulate real-world conditions. The all-wheel-drive-equipped 3.5-liter EcoBoost utility turned in a 0-60 mph time of 6.5 seconds and 0-100 mph time of 18.3 seconds. The Chevrolet Tahoe with 5.3-liter V8 returned an 8.5-second 0-60 mph time and a 0-100 mph time of 26.4 seconds. Even the base Ford Police Interceptor utility, equipped with a 3.7-liter V6 and all-wheel drive, beat the competition by posting a 7.9-second 0-60 mph time and 23.6 seconds in the 0-100 mph contest.

Not only did the Police Interceptor sedan and utility prove fastest in a straight line, both also posted fastest average lap times in their segments. The EcoBoost sedan (at 81.25 seconds) is 0.7 second faster per average lap than Chevrolet Caprice 6.0-liter V8 with rear-wheel drive (at 81.97 seconds), and 0.9 second faster per average lap than the all-wheel-drive-equipped Dodge Charger with Hemi V8 (82.19 seconds). Ford Police Interceptor utility with EcoBoost (85.58 seconds) is 6.1 seconds faster per average lap than Chevrolet Tahoe (at 91.71 seconds).

Ford Police Interceptor vehicles are gaining attention with agencies nationwide as a means of balancing law enforcement’s need for speed in pursuit-rated vehicles with the need to save money. Switching from traditional V8-equipped police vehicles to powerful but more efficient Ford EcoBoost V6 vehicles achieves this goal.

With Ford’s announcement in September of a new non-pursuit-rated, fuel-efficient 2.0-liter EcoBoost-equipped Special Service Police Sedan that achieves 30 mpg highway, the company now offers law enforcement agencies the power of choice when they want to optimize efficiency and power.

For more information on Ford Police Interceptor, visit www.FordPoliceInterceptor.com.


Work Truck Show 2014 Green Truck Ride-and-Drive to Provide a More Tailored Test Drive Experience

FARMINGTON HILLS, MI (Dec. 18, 2013) — To keep pace with the evolving advanced truck technologies and alternative fuels vehicle market, the Green Truck Ride-and-Drive at The Work Truck Show® 2014 will include a closed-access driving area in addition to the traditional open road test drive course.   
The Work Truck Show, North America’s largest work truck event, runs March 5–7 at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis, IN. Educational programing begins March 4. Sponsored by Hino Trucks, the Green Truck Ride-and-Drive is open to all show attendees on Wednesday, March 5, and Thursday, March 6, from 12:00pm to 4:30pm.

“We are now entering a maturation phase for sustainable vehicle technology,” says Bob Johnson, NTEA director of fleet relations. “Vehicle builders have moved beyond the experimental stage and are fine-tuning their systems to meet the needs of specific applications. The new Green Truck Ride-and-Drive elements allow Work Truck Show attendees to take a more tailored test drive and gain a better understanding of what each vehicle can do for them.”

The Green Truck Ride-and-Drive course covers city streets near the convention center, but participants in 2014 have the opportunity to also take the vehicles into a reserved section of the Indianapolis Zoo parking lot nearby. This large, open area is closed to public traffic, so drivers can devote their attention to the vehicles they’re driving. A vehicle can be parked to demonstrate its equipment capabilities or idled to demonstrate a fuel management system. The new section also allows individuals without a commercial driver’s license (CDL) to test drive a truck requiring one.

Natural gas, propane, plug-in electric, hybrid-electric and extended-range electric vehicles will be featured at the Green Truck Ride-and-Drive. The current lineup includes cargo vans, shuttle buses, pickups, and medium and heavy-duty trucks from 19 exhibiting companies, giving prospective buyers the opportunity to try out a diverse array of technology setups.

Exhibitors providing vehicles for the Green Truck Ride-and-Drive include:
  • Allison Transmission
  • AMP Trucks/Workhorse
  • Crosspoint Kinetics
  • ECHO Automotive
  • Freightliner Trucks
  • Freightliner Custom Chassis Corp.
  • Hino Trucks
  • IMPCO Automotive
  • International Truck
  • Isuzu Commercial Truck of America, Inc.
  • Kenworth Truck Co.
  • Lightning Hybrids, Inc.
  • Nissan
  • Odyne Systems, LLC
  • Peterbilt Motors Company
  • Ram Commercial
  • ROUSH CleanTech
  • VIA Motors, Inc.
  • XL Hybrids

Access to the Green Truck Ride-and-Drive is included with Work Truck Show registration. Vehicles are available on a first-come, first-served basis. No advance registration is required.

Complete Green Truck Ride-and-Drive vehicle descriptions will be available online in January. Visit www.ntea.com/worktruckshow/greenproductsandprograms to learn more about the Green Truck Ride-and-Drive, Green Truck Summit, and Productivity and Fuels Pavilion.

To register for The Work Truck Show 2014, visit www.ntea.com or call 1-800-441-6832.
Produced annually by NTEA, The Work Truck Show brings together thousands of work truck professionals, including fleet managers, equipment buyers, maintenance personnel, manufacturers, distributors and dealers.

Connect with the NTEA on Facebook at www.facebook.com/NTEA.TheAssociationForTheWorkTruckIndustry, and join the Work Truck Show conversation on Twitter at @WorkTruckShow and @nteanews with the official hashtag: #wts2014.

About NTEAEstablished in 1964, NTEA, the Association for the Work Truck Industry, represents more than 1,600 companies that manufacture, distribute, install, sell and repair commercial trucks, truck bodies, truck equipment, trailers and accessories. Buyers of work trucks and the major commercial truck chassis manufacturers also belong to the Association. NTEA provides in-depth technical information, education, and member programs and services, and produces The Work Truck Show. The Association maintains its administrative headquarters in suburban Detroit and a government relations office in Washington, DC.


Bodies ex factory for the new Fuso Canter

Stuttgart – Compact, manoeuvrable, with good body mounting ability as well as clean and economical. These qualities form the basis for the Canter's success. The star in terms of working load is now rolling into the 2014 model year with a number of innovations. The engines feature the latest technology, emit fewer pollutants and are much more efficient. Euro 5b+ and Euro VI make provision for the latest emissions regulations. A new weight variant with a gross vehicle weight rating of 8.55 t achieves the top performance for the new 9C15 and 9C18 models with chassis load-bearing capacities of up to six tonnes.

New: factory bodies with aluminium platforms and dumpers

A truck only becomes a commercial vehicle if it has a body that enables it to ideally carry out its transportation function. Complete vehicles including platforms and dumpers are now also produced at the Tramagal plant in Portugal, where the Canter has been produced for Europe for more than 30 years. In addition to a lightweight and versatile aluminium platform, Daimler's Fuso subsidiary also offers a three-way tipper in the 3.5 to 7.5 tonne category. Customers receive functional and high-quality bodies that they can simply order as special equipment from an authorised Fuso sales partner.

Useful details make everyday working easier
From removable cab protection to a side-mounted ladder for ease of access, the vehicles feature a number of useful details that make every day working easier. Both the dumpers and the platforms are available with an underride guard, a side-mounted, foldable climbing aid or a lockable tool box. The dumpers also feature a removable front guard.

Single source for orders and warranties
Orders, invoicing and warranty cases are all dealt with in one place, saving both time and money. Fuso offers a warranty for three years or 100,000 km on the aluminium platforms and steel dumpers, as it does for the basic vehicle. The three-way tippers with swinging side panels to aid unloading can also be painted the same colour as the vehicle. The fact that the bodies are assembled at the Tramagal plant guarantees that the technology is state-of-the-art, and also allows attractive pricing.

Suitable for a wide range of applications
The Canter's popularity is growing, whether among landscapers, conservators or builders, in short-radius distribution and in municipalities. In addition to its factory body solutions, the Canter meets all of these requirements with all different kinds of body. The Fuso Canter is a compact, highly manoeuvrable truck with a GVWR of 3.5 t to 8.55 t, a high working load, different variants in the form of 4x2 and 4x4 drive, hybrid drive, Duonic automated dual clutch transmission, three cab variants, six different wheel base options, three auxiliary drives and a hole pattern in the frame for various bodies of up to seven metres in length. Many different variants from a range of manufacturers and certified partners can be mounted, from refrigerated bodies and loading cranes to exchangeable containers, skip loaders and roll-off tippers.

Further information about Fuso is available online:
www.media.daimler.com and www.fuso-trucks.com


Ram Trucks School of Towing: How to Connect a Receiver Hitch

Towing a boat or trailer up to 10,000LBS? Learn how to connect a receiver hitch in four easy steps.


Fleetwest Transferable Truck Bodies Announces Load'N'Go ST-2000

Steel Service Body Light Enough For Half-Ton Trucks

TEMPE, AZ - Fleetwest Transferable Truck Bodies, the only distributor of fully transferable service bodies made of steel and fiberglass composite, announced the release of the Load'N'Go ST-2000. This model is a secure, steel service body unique in that it is light enough for half-ton pickup trucks such as the Ram 1500, Silverado Sierra, and Toyota Tundra.

Half-ton trucks now provide the towing capacity and horsepower of their heavy-duty counterparts, with the added benefit of better fuel economy. The new Load'N'Go ST-2000 by Fleetwest compliments 2014 half-ton pickup trucks perfectly. Load'N'Go services bodies are fully transferable, on and off a pickup truck in minutes, with no-holes-drilled installation.
Features on the Load'N'Go ST-2000 include:

  • Barn door configuration with double panel doors for easy access to supplies
  • Solid fixed top that provides added security for expensive cargo and tools
  • Durable spray-in bed liner adds to a heavy-duty floor

The Load'N'Go ST-2000 is more secure all around than comparable steel utility bodies. Visit www.Fleetwest.net to get a quote and see the entire Load'N'Go line of transferable service bodies.

About Fleetwest Transferable Truck Bodies 

Fleetwest is a Tempe, Arizona based utility body distributor whose mission is to provide Slip-on Truck Bodies™ to utility companies, municipalities and contractors. The company distributes Slip-on Truck Bodies™ all over the world and is the only company that specializes in both steel and fiberglass composite, fully transferable utility bodies, without drilling holes or removing the factory made truck bed. More information and a price quote can be obtained by visiting the company's web site at www.fleetwest.net.


Rack-it Truck Racks New HD Square Tube Rack For Pickups

Gary shows off Rack-it's new HD square tube rack that they have been making for years for commercial trucks with service bodies now available for any full size pickup truck model. He is showing this one on the popular Toyota Tundra. See more about Rack-it Truck Racks at http://www.rackitinc.com.


Specialized Body For Racing By Harbor Truck Bodies

At first glance, one might think that they are looking at two deck chairs perched on the rear! But it's an example of a specialized body that can be built for customer requirements. The "chairs" are actually "racks" provided for carrying race truck tires. 

This is a body built as a Race Truck. The welded racks are custom fabricated from bent steel tubing. The Harbor Service Body has the last 2' compartment deleted and a 3' floor level platform added. The platform has an underside locked storage compartment accessed on either side. This configuration provides for access between the two racks in the cargo area. The cargo area is backed up with a "drop-in" type tailgate.

Altogether, this unit mounted on a crew cab chassis, provides plenty of room for the crew and storage for tools, parts and equipment! 

If you have a particular need for a custom body, give Harbor Truck Bodies a call 
at 800-433-9452.  Also find us at http://htbi.net/


2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Named 2013 Fleet Truck of the Year

DETROIT – The 2014 Silverado 1500 is Automotive and Business Fleet magazines’ 2013 Fleet Truck of the Year, an award determined by qualified fleet managers reflecting all industry segments and fleet sizes.  

“We are proud to recognize the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 with the 2013 Fleet Truck of the Year award,” said Sherb Brown, vice president and group publisher for Bobit Business Media’s FleetGroup. “The Truck of the Year award is voted on every year by fleet managers, making this a real honor for vehicle manufacturers that serve this professional segment.”

The 2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 is all-new from hood to hitch, and fleets took notice. The pickup received the most votes among 36 trucks evaluated in this year’s competition.

The Silverado 1500 provides work-ready features throughout the vehicle making it ideal for varied job sites. A standard CornerStep bumper coupled with handholds built into the box rail, upper tie-down hooks, under-rail light-emitting diode, or LED, lighting and an EZ Lift and Lower tailgate also make the box more user-friendly for hauling tools and cargo.

“The Silverado 1500 continues the Chevy tradition of offering the most dependable and longest lasting truck in the marketplace,” said Ed Peper, U.S. vice president, GM Fleet and Commercial Sales. “Not only does the 2014 Silverado offer the most torque and highest towing rating of any standard V-6, its fuel efficiency is important to fleet customers’ bottom line.”

The Silverado 1500 offers best-in-class towing with a rating of 7,600 pounds, highest for any V-6 pickup. The standard 4.3L EcoTec3 V-6 has the highest available payload rating of 2,108 pounds.

Available alongside the V-6 engine is the 5.3L EcoTec3 V-8, which has EPA–estimated fuel economy of up to 23 mpg highway for 2WD models, the best of any V-8 pickup, and better than Ford EcoBoost V-6.

Founded in 1911 in Detroit, Chevrolet is now one of the world's largest car brands, doing business in more than 140 countries and selling more than 4.5 million cars and trucks a year. Chevrolet provides customers with fuel-efficient vehicles that feature spirited performance, expressive design, and high quality. More information on Chevrolet models can be found at www.chevrolet.com.


All wired up: Elektro Ullmann in Freiburg is championing electric mobility with Mercedes-Benz Vito E-CELL Vans

  • Owner Reiner Ullmann: "My experience has been entirely positive"
  • Two Vito E-CELL panel vans cover virtually all operational needs
  • Always a special experience: cruising quietly along the pedestrian zone
  • Freiburg region : more than 60 Daimler electric vehicles in service, from smart fortwo electric drive to Atego Hybrid
  • Innovative marketing and business model
Freiburg-based master electrician Reiner Ullmann is a successful proponent of electric mobility: two Mercedes-Benz Vito E-CELL panel vans were introduced into his fleet of some 15 vehicles just under six months ago. "My experience has been entirely positive," the business owner notes. Taking stock after three months, he enthused: "Electric mobility fascinates me." He has already ordered his next electric vehicle - a smart fortwo electric drive.
Two Vito E-CELL panel vans cover virtually all operational needs
The two Vito E-CELL have been in service since the end of August, each covering some 2500 km to date. "We can cover almost all types of operations," Ullmann observes. The two vans clock up around 20 to 50 km each day on their way to three or four construction sites. In the load compartment there is a shelf unit for tools and materials.
Depending on the vehicles' deployment and the battery charge levels, the two vans are charged either overnight or during daytime operations. The wallbox to power the Vito E-CELL is installed right next to the entrance to the company premises. Ullmann is currently in talks with his electricity supplier on terms for the supply of "green" electricity.
Won over after only two days in trial operation
The idea of introducing the electric vans into the firm's fleet arose during a routine discussion between Ullmann and his employees. Two days later, the Freiburg dealership provided him with a Vito E-CELL to try out. Ullmann was quickly won over: "It's a great feeling behind the wheel. Everyone who has driven an electric vehicle talks about it in positive terms."
Freiburg-born Ullmann is an innovative businessman in his trade. He is committed to the paper-free office, for example, managing all documents in digital form. His employees receive their jobs by emails sent to a smartphone. Ullmann's motto: "I want to lead the way and be one of the best." In the space of a good 20 years, the 47 year-old has developed his company from a one-man set-up to a successful enterprise with 25 employees.
Always a special experience: cruising quietly along the pedestrian zone
Reiner Ullmann is also leading the way with the Vito E-CELL. The boss drives one of the vans himself, while the second van has been allocated to a specific member of his workforce. The firm has many customers in the centre of Freiburg - a self-declared "green city" which sets great store by environmental protection. The city's municipal authorities recently introduced a Mercedes-Benz B-Class F-CELL into their fleet, for example. The city's residents are currently able to take part in an online campaign to combat noise. The two Vito E-CELL barely make a sound, however. "I enjoy cruising quietly through the pedestrian zone," says Ullmann in praise of the Vito E-CELL. And he is equally delighted at the dynamic performance: "It's a sheer delight to drive."
In celebration of which, Ullmann is apt to indulge in an occasional racing start in his nimble Vito E-CELL when the traffic lights turn green. Generally, he keeps an eye on the power display on the dashboard, however. This informs him about the power being drawn from the battery or the recuperation process - that is, when braking energy is being transformed into electricity. "You use energy with a greater awareness," Ullmann notes.
The electrician has an affinity for electric mobility by virtue of his occupation. "I am keen to acquaint myself with the technology, especially the charging process," he says. Electric power is all part of day-to-day business for him and his workforce. The 47 year-old takes part in a round table in Freiburg which brings together politicians and members of the business community to discuss the topic of electric mobility.
Freiburg region: more than 60 Daimler electric vehicles in service, from smart fortwo electric drive to Atego Hybrid
Ullmann is provided with customer services from the Freiburg dealership, which is only a stone's throw away from his business premises. The certified specialist workshop for high-voltage technology already services 50 smart fortwo electric drives, two Atego Hybrids, nine A-Class E-CELL, two B-Class F-CELL and now Reiner Ullmann's Vito E-CELL. No repair or maintenance work has been required to date - the vans run without a problem.
Innovative marketing and business model
"I run on electric power! Great for the environment, great for Freiburg." The conspicuous markings on the two Vito E-CELL explain to all road users why the vans are so ultra-quiet as they make their way around Freiburg's roads. Reiner Ullmann uses his Vito E-CELL as an advertising medium. And it works: his customers frequently ask him about the electric vehicles and their technology.
The two Vito E-CELL are much more than just a marketing topic - the agile entrepreneur is using them as a platform for a business model. He has undergone advanced training for qualification as an "Expert on electric mobility" and a "Charging infrastructure specialist in the field of electric mobility". When a charging station for electric vehicles is required in Freiburg, Elektro Ullmann is able to install it. "This is an interesting area of work that I aim to kick-start" stresses the enterprising businessman.
The next electric vehicle for the firm has already been ordered - a smart fortwo electric drive will be added to the fleet in the spring. "I'm quite euphoric about electric mobility," says Ullmann – and it's easy to believe him.
The technology on board the Mercedes-Benz Vito E-CELL
The multiple award-winning Vito E-CELL is the first series production all-electric van. Its electric motor generates an output of 60 kW and 280 Nm of torque. Both are available as soon as the motor is started up. The lithium-ion battery with a total capacity of 36 kWh is installed safely under the load compartment floor. The load compartment capacity remains fully available, allowing a load of up to 850 kilograms. The maximum speed is limited to 89 km/h. This benefits the vehicle's range, which stands at 130 km according to the NEDC (New European Driving Cycle). The Vito E-CELL is available in more than 15 European countries.
The sustained success of electric technology in commercial vehicles will ultimately hinge on its economic efficiency.As it does not require any fuel whatsoever, electric technology is a key contributory factor to overall economy throughout the vehicle's service life.


Driving Change: Coca-Cola Transforms Service Vans to Hybrid Vehicles

Coca-Cola Partners with XL Hybrids to Add Fuel-Efficient Technology and Expand Hybrid Fleet
ATLANTA, Dec. 11, 2013 -- Coca-Cola’s familiar service vans are getting a makeover just in time for the New Year. Coca-Cola is converting all of its newly purchased 2014 Chevrolet Express service vans into fuel-efficient hybrid-electric vehicles using XL Hybrids’ innovative powertrain technology. The updated vans will be traversing roads across the country by year’s end.
Coca-Cola currently operates the largest heavy-duty hybrid-electric delivery fleet in North America. The addition of 100 hybrid service vans builds upon this work by expanding the variety of fuel-efficient options in the Company’s light-duty fleet.
“Adoption of this hybrid technology supports Coca-Cola’s goal to reduce the carbon footprint embedded in ‘the drink in your hand’ by 25 percent by 2020,” said Bruce Karas, Vice President of Environment and Sustainability for Coca-Cola. “We continue to make energy-saving investments because they are good for business, good for the communities we serve and good for the planet.”
Early test results of this hybrid technology were positive, showing a 15 to 20 percent fuel reduction compared to the Company’s conventional vans. The 100 new hybrid vans are expected to eliminate about 4,000 total tons of carbon dioxide emissions that conventional vans would produce over their 10-year life span.
As a result of the low maintenance and fuel savings, the powertrain unit pays for itself three times over its life span.
“XL Hybrids provides technology that helps Coca-Cola meet its emissions reduction goals while saving money,” said Justin Ashton, Vice President of Business Development and Co-founder at XL Hybrids. “Our company’s goal is to accelerate fuel and emissions reductions at a large scale. To accomplish this, we had to design and commercialize technology that provides a solid economic return on investment to corporate customers.”
In addition to the hybrid service vans, Coca-Cola recently announced the roll out of 16 first-of-its-kind refrigerated plug-in electric vehicles. These trucks deliver the Company’s Odwalla® brand beverages in the San Francisco Bay Area. Coca-Cola is also making carbon footprint reductions across its manufacturing processes, packaging and refrigeration equipment.

About XL Hybrids
XL Hybrids designs, manufactures and installs hybrid electric powertrains for commercial vans and trucks. The company’s patent-pending hybrid electric powertrain can be installed on existing vehicles or as an upfit on new ones. By storing energy wasted in braking and reapplying it during acceleration, XL Hybrids technology decreases fuel use and carbon dioxide emissions by up to 21.2 percent on urban or suburban routes, while operating with the same durability and reliability as traditional vans and trucks. XL Hybrids was founded by MIT alumni and is based in Boston. For more information, visit www.xlhybrids.com. Follow us on Twitter @XLHybrids.
About The Coca-Cola Company
The Coca-Cola Company (NYSE: KO) is the world's largest beverage company, refreshing consumers with more than 500 sparkling and still brands. Led by Coca-Cola, one of the world's most valuable and recognizable brands, our Company's portfolio features 16 billion-dollar brands including Diet Coke, Fanta, Sprite, Coca-Cola Zero, vitaminwater, Powerade, Minute Maid, Simply, Georgia and Del Valle. Globally, we are the No. 1 provider of sparkling beverages, ready-to-drink coffees, and juices and juice drinks. Through the world's largest beverage distribution system, consumers in more than 200 countries enjoy our beverages at a rate of more than 1.8 billion servings a day. With an enduring commitment to building sustainable communities, our Company is focused on initiatives that reduce our environmental footprint, support active, healthy living, create a safe, inclusive work environment for our associates, and enhance the economic development of the communities where we operate. Together with our bottling partners, we rank among the world's top 10 private employers with more than 700,000 system associates. For more information, visit Coca-Cola Journey at www.coca-colacompany.com, follow us on Twitter at twitter.com/CocaColaCo, visit our blog, Coca-Cola Unbottled, at www.coca-colablog.com or find us on LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/company/the-coca-cola-company.


2015 Chevrolet Colorado Images Released

The all-new 2015 Chevrolet Colorado was unveiled last week in Los Angeles. When the Colorado returns to the Chevrolet lineup, it is expected to be the most capable and versatile midsize truck on the market.  Designed with adventure in mind, the Colorado is easily equipped for the mountains or the beach.   Inspired by the west coast, this show truck demonstrates one of the many ways the new Colorado can be accessorized.  To see more go to: media.chevrolet.com


First ever Isuzu features new livery for Pedigree Wholesale

When leading UK pet and aquatic wholesaler Pedigree Wholesale recently decided to upgrade its 7.5 tonne rigid distribution fleet, the Nottingham-based company decided to specify the Isuzu marque as one of its vehicles in its fleet for the very first time.

A brand-new Isuzu Forward N75.190 7.5 tonne curtainsided-bodied rigid, fitted with the popular Easyshift semi-automated transmission and rear, tuck-away tail lift, has just gone into service for the company. It is now operating out of the company’s Northern depot in Leeds and is also the first of the company’s distribution vehicles to carry the newly designed, eye-catching Pedigree Wholesale corporate livery.

Following the decision to specify Isuzu for the first time, Pedigree Wholesale’s managing director Steve Brown said; “Within our distribution operation, we have a specific requirement for 7.5 tonne vehicles for those regional deliveries that require a smaller footprint of vehicle without sacrificing either payload or economy. After careful consideration, we felt that the Isuzu 7.5 tonner ticked all the right boxes for us concerning emissions, fuel economy, payload, whole life costs and reliability. We feel it will be an exciting and productive addition to our 27-strong vehicle fleet.”

The new Isuzu will work hard for its living, as Pedigree Wholesale anticipates that it will cover between 80,000 and 100,000kms per annum over a six-year working life. Currently the vehicle is delivering products to customers throughout North Wales, the North of England and right up to the Scottish Borders.

This latest addition to the Pedigree Wholesale fleet was supplied by local Isuzu dealer TIM Commercial Vehicle Services at Ilkeston and as Steve Brown says; “Throughout the acquisition programme, we found that Isuzu and its dealer were extremely easy to deal with and this really did smooth the integration of the debutant Isuzu into our fleet.”

Established over 40 years ago and now operating through five depots, Pedigree Wholesale is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of pet and aquatic products into the independent pet and aquatic trade, supplying over 10,000 products from leading brands around the world.

“Sporting the new Pedigree Wholesale livery, the first Isuzu in its fleet really does stand out well. It will certainly help to reinforce the company’s market presence out on the UK roads. With an intensive distribution-cycle planned over its working life, the proven attributes of the Isuzu 7.5 tonner will certainly come into their own and give the company the level of performance and reliability that it’s looking for from such a vehicle,” said Keith Child, marketing director, Isuzu Truck UK.

Full details of the current Isuzu Truck range can be viewed and downloaded from the company’s website on www.isuzutruck.co.uk


Motor Trend Names Ram 1500 as 2014 Truck of the Year

Ram 1500 Outclasses Competition with the Fuel Economy, Torque, Style and Amenities to Satisfy the Most Demanding Truck Buyers
December 4, 2013 , El Segundo, Calif. - Motor Trend has selected the Ram 1500 as its 2014 Truck of the Year®.

The announcement was made at the Chrysler Group LLC Warren Truck Assembly Plant in Michigan, the birthplace of Ram Trucks. A full report on Motor Trend’s comprehensive Truck of the Year testing will be featured on MotorTrend.com and in the February 2014 issue of Motor Trend.

Nine Truck of the Year contenders were put through an extensive battery of testing designed to evaluate virtually every aspect of each vehicle. In addition to the 2014 Ram 1500, the judges examined other all-new or significantly updated trucks the industry produced this year: the Chevrolet Silverado, GMC Sierra, Ram Heavy Duty, and Toyota Tundra pickups; and the Ford Transit Connect, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, Nissan NV200, and Ram ProMaster vans.

To determine which truck deserved top honors, the Motor Trend judges took the nine contenders to the Continental Tire Automotive Proving Grounds in Uvalde, Texas. There, the judges tested each truck’s perfor­mance with the following exercises:

1. Standard testing (without load): 0-60 mph and 1/4-mile acceleration, 60-0 mph braking, and maximum lateral grip.
2. Limit handling (without load): closed-course cornering, braking and acceleration.
3. Tow/payload testing: 0-60 acceleration repeated with trailers attached (pickups) or payload secured (vans), loaded to 75 percent of each truck’s maximum rating (as equipped)
4. Road looping: Highway and real-world replication.

At Continental’s 5,000-acre proving grounds, the team utilized the facility’s 8.5-mile high-speed oval, 15-acre dynamics pad, 1.1-mile dry-handling road course, and multi-surfaced ride road to evaluate each truck’s capabilities and expose strengths and weaknesses. Following the team’s intensive, weeklong evaluation in Uvalde, the trucks were shipped to Motor Trend headquarters in El Segundo, California, to undergo proprietary “Intellichoice Real MPG” fuel-economy testing. Using advanced technology including a weather station, GPS data-logger, and flow-rate and gas analyzers, Real MPG measures exhaust samples every second during an 88-mile drive to record accurate real-world fuel economy.

Once testing was completed, the judges convened to determine which truck would be crowned Truck of the Year. The winner is not chosen from a direct comparison against the other contenders, but rather as a result of how each contender measured up against the award’s six criteria: Design Advancement, Engineering Excellence, Efficiency, Safety, Value and Performance of Intended Function.

With the votes cast, the Ram 1500 clearly emerged as Motor Trend’s 2014 Truck of the Year. The judges were particularly impressed with the performance of the Ram 1500’s all-new EcoDiesel V-6 engine as well as its eight-speed TorqueFlite transmission, a combination that boasts a towing capacity of up to 9,200 pounds. Further, Motor Trend’s Real MPG testing supported what the team learned in Uvalde: None of the gas-powered half-ton trucks in this year’s competition – be they V-6 or V-8, 4x2 or 4x4 – could match the EcoDiesel’s mileage. After delivering observed fuel economy of 15 mpg under extreme testing at Continental’s proving grounds, the EcoDiesel continued to impress during the Real MPG test loop, returning the following frugal stats: 19/26/21 mpg city/highway/combined for the Laramie Longhorn Crew Cab 4x4 with a 3.92 rear axle and an even more notable 18/28/22 for the Lone Star Crew Cab 4x2 with a 3.55 rear axle.

The Ram’s optional air suspension system also scored high marks in Engineering Excellence, as it delivered a compliant ride and commendable handling no matter the terrain. In terms of design, the Ram 1500 impressed with its style, packaging, and interior ergonomics; notably, the Laramie Longhorn’s luxury aesthetics and real wood trim. The breadth of the lineup was another compelling factor. Whether outfitted as a basic workhorse or optioned up to a near-luxury hauler, the Ram 1500 provides all of the capability needed in a truck.

“For 2014 we had a large and highly competitive field of contenders for Motor Trend's Truck of the Year," said Edward Loh, Editor-in-Chief of Motor Trend. "At the end of the day, though, the Ram 1500 quickly rose to the top. Not only did it withstand our rigorous testing, it thoroughly impressed our judges with its vast array of standard and optional equipment, and, most notable, its fuel-efficient, segment-exclusive EcoDiesel V-6. With 420 lb-ft of torque and up to 28 ‘Real MPG’ highway, the EcoDiesel is a true game-changer. In fact it helped make Ram 1500 the Motor Trend 2014 Truck of the Year – and the only consecutive winner in the history of the award.”

"Half-ton truck customers have been asking for a diesel engine and Ram is the only truck manufacturer to answer the bell and deliver not only best-in-class fuel economy but also 9,200 pounds of towing capability," said Reid Bigland, President and CEO Ram Truck Brand, Chrysler Group LLC. "In a brutally competitive truck industry, the Ram 1500 is the only vehicle to ever win the Motor Trend Truck of the Year award two years in a row, reaffirming the fact that we have the best truck on the road."

Truck of the Year® is one of several coveted honors Motor Trend bestows on automakers, including Best Driver’s Car®, Sport/Utility of the Year®, and Car of the Year®. For more information on our 2014 Truck of the Year, visit motortrend.com, pick up the February 2014 issue of Motor Trend, or search the hashtags #MTTOTY on Twitter (@motortrend), Instagram (@motortrend), Facebook.com/motortrendmag and Google+ (plus.google.com/+motortrend).

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