The Ford E-Transit: A New Dawn Rises | E-Transit | Ford

As a new dawn rises on an electric horizon, there is work to be done on the ground. Like transporting life-saving medicine, keeping our lights on and the water running and keeping us fed. We've been doing this work for more than 100 years, and our zero-emission Ford E-Transit* will help ensure that we can do it for 100 more.


Rapid Response Unit Truck Body by Expertec

Keep an eye out for the release of our new Truck Body Package... The Rapid Response Unit. Expertec has long been a national leader when it comes to designing and upfitting specialized response vehicles, and the new Rapid Response package is another perfect example of that attention to detail. First, the design begins with the SpaceKap, a fully enclosed fiberglass topper that combines durability and strength and can be easily moved from one standard truck bed to another, even fully loaded. Many emergencies happen in the dark, so a complete LED system was built right in to not only light the area around the vehicle, but also, the interior. The system runs off a 2000 watt power inverter we built right in for you and your team. One of the most useful aspects of our Rapid Response unit is the dual extension slides. These aluminum storage slides are fully customizable and offer your team safe and secure transportation for any emergency equipment. That could be fire extinguishers, SCBA cylinders, air packs, stretchers, hydraulic power packs, or a wide range of specialty tools and equipment. These are so useful, we put two of them onboard to make sure every emergency can be taken care of, whether it’s traditional first response units, like fire, medical, and law enforcement, or supporting critical industries and trades like utilities, fossil fuels, or communications. Each side of the Rapid Response Truck Body has side compartments with a PAC tool board for easy and customized storage, plus angled slide-out drawers with spring assist. The result is a fully enclosed unit that is perfectly upfitted for your team’s needs. We will be releasing more information on our website shortly, or contact us today to discuss your Rapid Response requirements. #rapidresponse #emergencyresponse #truckbodies


SecureLatch™ Auto-Locking Pintle Hitch | Innovative Features & Benefits

The SecureLatch™ pintle hitch series is engineered to streamline the trailer hookup process, featuring an auto-locking design. Each ball and pintle combination and pintle hook comes with an auto-locking mechanism to couple the trailer latch without manual coupling required.
Just Strike. Drop. Auto-lock!
As you back up to the lunette ring, the built-in striker plate helps center and align the towing connection. Then, lower the lunette ring down onto the pintle hitch. The auto-locking lever will automatically engage the primary coupling latch. Simply insert the secondary safety pin, and you’re ready to tow!
SecureLatch™ pintle hitch products are available in a receiver-mount or adjustable pintle mount style. We offer pintle hooks, ball and pintle combinations, pintle mounts and adjustable lunette rings.


Weight Distribution Hitches Explained - How They Work, Why You Need One

Today we delve into the black magic that is the weight distributing hitch, also called "load leveling hitch" or "weight distribution hitch." This is the ultimate trifecta of poorly understood, infrequently used, and absolutely essential...


Kai Lenny x Ford Trucks | Built Ford Proud | Ford

To surf the biggest waves in the world, Kai Lenny needs to be prepared for anything the ocean has to offer. That’s why he relies on his Ford trucks to handle everything he throws at them. #BuiltFordProud Learn more about Built Ford Proud: https://www.ford.com/builtfordproud Discover more F-150 videos here: https://ford.to/407j6GW


1925 Ford Model TT Truck

This year at Old Car Festival we’re celebrating a century of factory-built trucks. Ford Motor Company introduced its Model TT – essentially a Model T with a heftier frame and drivetrain – in 1917. Ford built only three trucks that first year, but more than 40,000 TTs left the factory the following year. Learn more about this truck and the then-young truck market in this video from our Curator of Transportation Matt Anderson. Like, share, and subscribe!


Expertec's New Aluminum Slip-In Service Bodies

The new Expertec aluminum Slip-in Service Bodies offer incredible value, plenty of storage, and a level of durability never seen in the industry before. Designed and proven over nearly a dozen years, our aluminum slip-in units are built right here in Canada and offer plenty of internal customization options for the toughest environments and challenges. To learn more, visit our website or reach out to our team today. https://expertec.ca/products/truck-eq...

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Knapheide Aluminum PGTB Gooseneck


Making of the 1971 Knapheide C-10

For more information about our products visit - https://www.knapheide.com/ Shop Knapheide parts and Equipment - https://parts.knapheide.com/ Find a distributor near you - https://www.knapheide.com/find-a-dealer/ Contact us via email at social@knapheide.com


Ranger Design Lockers & Workbenches for Commercial Vans

The Ranger Design locker for secure cargo van storage has the space needed to store your tools and your valuables. The lockers can be mounted inside the rear of the van to provide easy access to your most valuable supplies. The lockable storage units have a hook inside that gives a tidy place to hang work clothes while providing a private compartement to store personnal belongings. It comes with a 10 year limited warranty. The Ranger Design heavy duty van workbench with a high quality wood surface is great for tradesmen who work in their van. It is perfect for filling out paperwork, counting parts or doing any other task that requires a flat surface. Options include built-in shelves and drawer cabinets, and lockable storage. Comes with a 10 year warranty. https://rangerdesign.com/


Upfit Integration System: How to Configure Touchscreen | Ford Pro™

With the available Upfit Integration System (UIS), upfitters can program physical switches and over 30+ soft buttons in the available SYNC® 4 touchscreen. Learn how to do so in this video by using the UIS Logic tool. Find out more at http://www.fordpro.com/en-us/upfit/uis


How Does the 2024 Chevrolet Silverado EV Compare to Other Electric Pickups?


By Brian Normile

With the debut of the 2024 Chevrolet Silverado EV, Chevrolet is joining a fast-growing segment of the truck market: all-electric pickups. But how does this full-size electric truck compare with what other manufacturers have announced? Let’s take a look at currently available specs of the Silverado EV, Ford F-150 Lightning, Rivian R1T and Tesla Cybertruck to see how the Silverado EV stacks up.  

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Highway Products | TruckSlides

Highway Products Truck Slides™ are specifically designed for rugged work conditions. Over-engineered and over-built, every Truck Slide™ is made from premium metal and components. The Fully Formed Aluminum Tray has no weak points to crack and can be left in the elements without concern for deterioration. 10 Gauge Galvanized Steel tracks with oversized 2” Sealed Chrome Steel Bearings provide a smooth and durable extension of the tray. The ¼” Hot-rolled solid steel pull handle actuates a rocker that disengages ¼” spring-loaded steel plungers from multiple locking points in the tracks


New GMC Sierra | "The Most Advanced and Luxurious Sierra" | GMC

Introducing the New GMC Sierra, the most advanced and luxurious Sierra ever. The lineup includes the New Sierra Denali Ultimate trim, the most advanced and luxurious pickup in its class* and the First Ever Sierra AT4X — the new peak of premium off-road with serious capability and uncompromising refinements. *Class is half-ton gasoline and diesel pickups.


GM CEO Reveals ALL NEW $15,000 Pickup Truck & SHOCKS The Entire Industry!

Welcome to our exclusive video on the ground-breaking GMC Terra, the affordable pickup truck that is sweeping the automotive industry! In this video, we delve further into Terra's capabilities, mission, and the brilliant mind behind its conception, GM CEO Mary Barra. Additionally, learn how rivals like Ford, Chevy, and overseas players might react to this market disruption. In order to receive the most recent automotive news, reviews, and insights, don't forget to click the SUBSCRIBE button!

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