Rapid Response Unit Truck Body by Expertec

Keep an eye out for the release of our new Truck Body Package... The Rapid Response Unit. Expertec has long been a national leader when it comes to designing and upfitting specialized response vehicles, and the new Rapid Response package is another perfect example of that attention to detail. First, the design begins with the SpaceKap, a fully enclosed fiberglass topper that combines durability and strength and can be easily moved from one standard truck bed to another, even fully loaded. Many emergencies happen in the dark, so a complete LED system was built right in to not only light the area around the vehicle, but also, the interior. The system runs off a 2000 watt power inverter we built right in for you and your team. One of the most useful aspects of our Rapid Response unit is the dual extension slides. These aluminum storage slides are fully customizable and offer your team safe and secure transportation for any emergency equipment. That could be fire extinguishers, SCBA cylinders, air packs, stretchers, hydraulic power packs, or a wide range of specialty tools and equipment. These are so useful, we put two of them onboard to make sure every emergency can be taken care of, whether it’s traditional first response units, like fire, medical, and law enforcement, or supporting critical industries and trades like utilities, fossil fuels, or communications. Each side of the Rapid Response Truck Body has side compartments with a PAC tool board for easy and customized storage, plus angled slide-out drawers with spring assist. The result is a fully enclosed unit that is perfectly upfitted for your team’s needs. We will be releasing more information on our website shortly, or contact us today to discuss your Rapid Response requirements. #rapidresponse #emergencyresponse #truckbodies

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