Citroën Relay (Jumper) - Revised for 2014

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Heavily updated for 2014, the Citroën Relay/Jumper is making its European public debut at the UK's Commercial Vehicle Show at the NEC, Birmingham.


Walmart Advanced Vehicle Experience Concept Truck

The Walmart Advanced Vehicle Experience concept truck is the latest in our fleet efficiency program. The one-of-a-kind prototype offers a whole package of firsts. The tractor has very advanced aerodynamics and is powered by a prototype advanced turbine-powered, range-extending series hybrid powertrain. The trailer is made almost exclusively with carbon fiber, saving around 4,000 pounds which can then be used to carry more freight.


Ford Transit Courier - New for 2014

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Courier is the smallest Transit ever and is the final member to join Ford's all-new Transit line-up. It neatly fills the gap between Fiesta Van and new Transit Connect.


Canadian Truck King Challenge

Written by Howard Elmer
2014 is going to be a big year for Ram; the work they have been doing for at least the past five years is all coming together now.  Their technology, design work and will to take chances are crystallizing in a truck – a unique pickup truck – an event that comes along maybe once in a decade.  That’s this year’s winner.
The overall points winner of the Canadian Truck King Challenge is the 2014 Ram 1500 powered by the 3.0L EcoDiesel with 8-speed transmission.  This is a revolutionary setup – one that is going to copied very quickly – but past this; it deserves credit right now. It takes guts to be the first and this small diesel from Ram works very, very well.
In our under 45K category the 2014 Ram 1500 powered by the 3.6L Pentastar V6 with the 8-speed transmission took first. It speaks to the other holy grail of truck ownership – power, capability with decent fuel economy.  There was a time when this was simply impossible, remember?  Not anymore. In large part this is due to the 8-speed gearbox – again a revolutionary step forward. In the HD category it was the 2500-series Ram equipped with the 6.7L Cummins diesel that won out.  This year the whole chassis was upgraded and strengthen and the engine tuned up. It also now uses the DEF fluid for clean combustion.  A hat-trick for Ram.


Mitsubishi Fuso Introduces New Higher-GVWR Class 3 Work Truck

New FUSO Canter FE130 boosts GVW and body/payload by 700 lb. over the FE125 it replaces.
Logan Township, NJ —  Mitsubishi Fuso Truck of America, Inc. (MFTA) introduced its new Canter FE130 work truck at the NTEA Work Truck Show in Indianapolis on March 5. Its new entry into the Class 3 segment boosts GVWR and body/payload capacity by 700 lb. over the previous FE125 model.
According to the company, the boost in GVWR is actually the second part of a program to expand the utility and versatility of its Class 3 offering. In making the introduction, Todd Bloom, MFTA’s president and CEO, said, “Strategically, this new truck is a direct result of our continuing efforts to improve and refine our products to provide increasing value to FUSO owners. We added a long-wheelbase option to our 2014 model FE125 as a running change in the fall of 2013. The new 169.3” wheelbase option allows installation of 20’ bodies — which greatly expanded the cargo volume capabilities of our lightest truck. For our customers who transport high-bulk items, this is a real benefit. But those who haul heavier items could only take advantage of the longer wheelbase if the GVWR also increased. And that’s where the new FE130 comes in.”
Model designations for FUSO commercial trucks are derived from their GVWRs. The GVWR for the new FE130 is 13,200 lb., compared to 12,500 lb. for the truck it replaces, while Individual axle ratings for the new FE130 — 5,360 lb. front and 9,880 lb. rear — sum to 2,040 lb. more than the FE130’s GVWR. According to Leighton Good, MFTA Manager of Product and Applications, “That GVWR-to-axle-rating margin provides the loading flexibility for the FE130 that FUSO owners have come to rely on and expect.”
The company notes that a 700 lb. increase in body/payload capacity, particularly when coupled with the long-wheelbase option, significantly improves the efficiency of the truck, allowing the operator to carry more in each trip, and thereby reducing overall transportation costs.
The Canter FE130 also offers a number of other improvements, foremost among them a performance increase to go along with the increased GVW rating.
According to Good, “While the horsepower and torque rating of the engine haven’t changed, MFTBC engineers have been able to make refinements to the programming that manages the complex interactions among engine operating parameters, transmission shift points and emissions control system behavior. As a result, the new FE130 will outperform an equivalent FE125, not only in acceleration from a stop and while underway, but also in responsiveness at steady speeds and during deceleration. At the same time, the truck remains in full compliance with OBD II and EPA 10 emissions requirements.”
Additionally, to simplify daily checks, the company says it will be making a running change early in the model year to relocate the engine oil dipstick to the driver side and position it to allow the oil to be checked without tilting the cab. The new dipstick location is intended to encourage Canter owners and operators to perform the regular pre-trip fluid checks it recommends as an integral part of a professional maintenance program.
In another nod to human nature and improved serviceability, the company is changing the DEF tank cap color to bright blue to reduce the risk of something other than diesel emissions fluid being added to the DEF tank.
According to Bloom, though, the single greatest advantage of the new FE130 is its increased load-carrying capacity, regardless of vocation. “That 700 additional pounds,” he said, “means two more zero-turn landscaper mowers or 700 lb. more mulch per trip. Or 33 additional cases of soda, 560 loaves of bread or 1,806 bananas. And that’s what the new FUSO Canter FE130 is all about. Helping businesses thrive by giving them a lower cost-of-ownership alternative for their truck transport needs.”
The new Canter FE130 and other FUSO 2015 models should be available at dealers by mid-April. For complete details, visit mitfuso.com/en-US/Models or see your nearest Mitsubishi Fuso dealer.
About Mitsubishi Fuso
Headquartered in Logan Township, NJ, Mitsubishi Fuso Truck of America, Inc. (MFTA) is a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation, Kawasaki, Japan, an integral part of the Daimler Trucks Division of Daimler AG. With a 25-year heritage in North America, MFTA is focused on delivering trucks with the lowest cost of ownership in their class. Its Class 3-5 diesel-powered, medium-duty cabover trucks are available through more than 200 dealer locations throughout the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. More than 100,000 Mitsubishi Fuso standard, 4-wheel-drive and crew cab trucks have been sold in North America to fulfill the transportation needs of a wide variety of businesses and industries, including beverage, catering, refrigerated and dry cargo delivery fleets, vehicle recovery, towing, pest control, plumbing, light construction and landscaping. For more information, visit http://www.mitfuso.com, follow FusoTruck on Twitter, or see our Facebook page.


Ford Transit Connect - Light Van of the Year 2014

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Launched at the end of 2013 Ford's all-new Transit Connect took the Light Van of the Year trophy in the VansA2Z Van of the Year Awards 2014.

Ford Transit - Van of the Year 2014

For the full story go to http://www.vansa2z.com/Van-of-the-Yea....

Ford's brand-new two-tonne Transit has been voted Van of the Year 2014 by VansA2Z. It also picked-up the Large Panel Van of the Year trophy.


Chevrolet and GMC Announce CNG Pricing Options

DETROIT  Bi-fuel options, allowing either compressed natural gas or gasoline to power the 2015Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra 2500HD and 3500HD pickups, will start at $9,500. A dedicated CNG option on the 2015 Chevrolet Express and GMC Savana cargo and passenger short-wheelbase vans starts $10,825 for the three-tank system and $12,090 for the four-tank system.

“Based on current average fuel prices, CNG is more than a dollar cheaper than an equivalent gallon of gasoline, giving drivers and businesses an incentive to use CNG to power their vehicles,” said Ed Peper, U.S. vice president, General Motors Fleet and Commercial. “Given the consistent cost savings and expanding infrastructure, both commercial and individual interest in CNG vehicles continues to grow.”
The bi-fuel CNG option will be available on all 2015 Silverado and Sierra 2500HD and 3500HD single-rear-wheel models. The Express and Savana vans have fully dedicated CNG fuel systems – available in three- or four-tank models on cargo vans and exclusively with the three-tank design on passenger vans. 

GM warrants and validates the fuel systems on all of its CNG trucks, vans and the upcoming bi-fuel Chevrolet Impala sedan through its five-year/100,000-mile – whichever comes first – powertrain limited warranty. All major components associated with the CNG system also carry GM service part numbers for availability throughout the largest dealer network in the United States.
CNG versions of the Silverado and Sierra 2500HD double cab and crew cab and the full-size Express and Savana vans are on sale now. The Silverado and Sierra 2500HD regular cab and all 3500HD pickups go on sale in July.

About ChevroletFounded in 1911 in Detroit, Chevrolet is one of the world's largest car brands, doing business in more than 140 countries and selling more than 4.9 million cars and trucks a year. Chevrolet provides customers with fuel-efficient vehicles that feature spirited performance, expressive design, and high quality. More information on Chevrolet models can be found at www.chevrolet.com.

About GMC
GMC has manufactured trucks since 1902, and is one of the industry's healthiest brands. Innovation and engineering excellence is built into all GMC vehicles and the brand is evolving to offer more fuel-efficient trucks and crossovers, including the Terrain small SUV and Acadia crossover. GMC is the only manufacturer to offer three full-size hybrid trucks with the Yukon, Yukon Denali SUVs and the Sierra pickup. The Sierra Heavy Duty pickups


2014 Ram Power Wagon introduced at the New York Auto Show

The Ram Truck brand introduces the 2014 Ram Power Wagon at the New York Auto Show next week, continuing a more than sixty year history of heavy duty capability and technology. Take a brief look back at the "birth" of the Power Wagon and a look forward at what's new for the 2014 Ram Power Wagon.

See more detail about this announcement: http://media.chrysler.com/newsrelease.do?id=15511&mid=69


Isuzu D-Max - Pick-up of the Year 2014

Full details can be found at http://www.vansa2z.com/Van-of-the-Yea....

For the second year in succession the Isuzu D-Max has been voted Pick-Up of the Year in the VansA2Z Awards.


PALFINGER Platforms P650i High Insulated

This is some dangerous and patient work around high voltage lines, and this truck and crane allows work to be done in a wide range of area. Interesting video. Production Company: RC Stills


Building the Ford Transit Skyliner Concept Vehicle

The Ford Transit Skyliner Concept luxury van illustrates the unlimited flexibility, versatility and capability of the all-new Transit, which goes on sale this summer. Transit Skyliner embodies the spirit of luxury motor coaches and builds on the heritage of custom vans, showing how Ford Transit can be transformed to fit the needs of limousines and high-end transportation services as well as commercial fleets, shuttle providers and small-business owners.


NTEA's 50-Year Celebration: 2014

NTEA members have graciously contributed historical images of their businesses through the years - contributing to this showcase of the work truck industry's evolution from the 1960's to modern times. Learn more at www.ntea.com/history.


Taylor-Dunn - Bigfoot

Taylor-Dunn provides top quality personnel carriers, burden carriers and tow tractors to meet your specific needs. Here at Taylor-Dunn, we are continuously adapting and upgrading our products to improve customer satisfaction. To stay at the forefront of the market, we have designed Bigfoot, a new line of ergonomic burden carriers. 

The Bigfoot was created to supply the market with a competitively priced burden carrier that offers unequaled comfort and performance.

Primary features include a larger operator's compartment, sliding adjustable seats, adjustable tilted steering, and left-foot rest, which greatly improve ergonomics, increase comfort and reduce operator fatigue.

Equipped with an AC motor, the Bigfoot exhibits increased power and longevity. 
While its designed to carry loads of 3,000 lbs. [1,361 kg] or tow loads of 7,500 lbs. [3,402 kg], this burden carrier can be configured to tow increased capacities upon request. 

Available with either a 36- or 48-volt system to meet your application, the 36-volt travels at a speed of 12 miles an hour with a 30 mile [48 km] range, while the 48-volt travels up to 16 miles an hour with a 40 mile [64 km] range. 

The Bigfoot electric burden carrier measures 130.5 inches [3,314 mm] long by 44 inches [1,117 mm] wide. The bed size is 77 inches [1,955 mm] long by 44 inches [1,117 mm] wide. It has a 137-inch [3,480 mm] turning radius and a 274-inch [6,959 mm] outside clearance circle.

Standard features include our GT Drive system, rear hydraulic disc brakes, rack and pinion steering, recessed tie-downs, 12-gauge smooth skin unitized steel body, dual LED headlights, taillights and brake lights, emergency power cut-off switch, dual cup holders, dash tray, and non-skid texture coated floor. The 36-volt features a convenient Battery Status Indicator and the 48-volt comes standard with a cutting edge Smart View Display.

Additional standard features include hand-operated parking brake, built-in battery charger, key switch, forward and reverse selector, high/low speed switch, headlight switch, reverse alarm, and an electric horn.

Available options to customize your Bigfoot include fold-away seats, steel cab with lockable doors, strobe light, directional signals, lockable cargo box, and aluminum drop-down sides.

As with all of our vehicles, should you require more than the published options in order to meet your particular needs, Taylor-Dunn can custom engineer and build a Bigfoot specifically for you.

With over 190,000 vehicles in service and 65 years of experience in the industry, Taylor-Dunn products are the best way to go about your business.

Taylor-Dunn, tough and dependable since 1949. www.Taylor-Dunn.com


Fire Chief - Catalina Island's Unique Fire Truck Needs Met

International Trucks Trail Magazine presents Fire Chief.

22 miles off the California coast, a bare-bones fire department calls on the WorkStar to keep Catalina Island safe and sound. www.internationaltrucks.com


Harbor Single Rear Wheel Stakebed with Tommy Gate Liftgate

This single rear wheel Chevrolet has a Harbor 9 Foot Steel Side Stakebed with a Tommy Gate Lift Gate and a heavy duty forklift loadable rack. The lift gate offers a great way to lift heavy cargo into the stakebed. A great combination ready for the heavy loads! The rack provides for carrying long lighter items above the body.

There are so many ways that a flatbed can be modified for specific purposes or preferences, including adding gates. You will find a wide range of Stakebed options to show a number of these choices. Since we manufacture our own branded Harbor Flatbeds/Stakebeds, we can customize them to suit your needs..

There are many choices to suit customer preferences and for various applications. Tell us about what your use is; your experience with other products and what you have seen. We can help you choose the best design and configuration for your use.

It is very common to have one underbed box mounted near the cab on a flatbed. What a great way to be able to carry things that are kept out of sight and out of the weather while doing the things you need to do with the stakebed. A great combination!

We think that you'll agree that the Harbor Truck Bodies Black Boss Stakebeds are durable, high quality and good looking!

To find out more, you may call Harbor Truck Bodies at 800-433-9452 or visit us at www.htbi.net


2014 GMC Sierra 1500 Review

The Sierra is a four-wheel-drive SLE double-cab Z71 truck with the stronger pulling 3.42:1 gears and base 4.3-liter EcoTec3 V-6 rated at 285 hp and 305 pounds-feet of torque. Base pricing for the well-equipped SLE 4x4 is $37,065. Our test unit had the SLE Convenience Package (power pedals, park assist and sliding rear window) for an extra $665 and the SLE Extra Value Package ($1,620) that offers power seats, remote start, dual-zone climate control and a trailering equipment setup. The SLE also included an 8-inch screen for navigation and IntelliLink ($795), and the Z71 Off Road Suspension Package ($775), which includes aluminum wheels, high-capacity air cleaner, monotube shocks, extra skid plating and hill descent control. Finally, the truck had a trailer brake controller ($230) and all-terrain tires ($200), for a total of $41,595, which includes destination of $995.


2013 Dodge Police Charger: Police Chase Los Angeles! - World's Fastest ...

The Dodge Pursuit Police Charger is proof that the bad guys aren't the ones having all the fun. Justin tests the vehicle's celebrated handling abilities in a chase through Downtown Los Angeles in this week's episode of World's Fastest Car Show. 

World's Fastest Car Show appears every other Friday on the Motor Trend channel. http://www.youtube.com/motortrend

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2014 NTEA Work Truck Show, Ford Truck Club and Adrian Steel

Adrian Steel Marketing Manager Todd Goldmeyer talks with the National Ford Truck Club President Joe Hughes about the new Ford Transit Connect and the new Ford Transit full size van. Adrian Steel manufactures cargo management solutions for these new vehicles including partitions, shelving, storage bins, drawer units and ladder racks. See more about Adrian Steel products at www.adriansteel.com.

See more about the National Ford Truck Club at www.NationalFordTruckClub.com


National Ford Truck Club BOLT Lock Interview

The National Ford Truck Club interviews BOLT Locks National Sales Manager Erika Garcia at the 2014 NTEA Work Truck Show about upcoming new products for BOLT Locks. See more about Bolt Locks at www.boltlock.com.

See more about the National Ford Truck Club at www.NationalFordTruckClub.com


ComEd Customer Testimonial For Odyne Systems

Odyne Systems customer ComEd comments on its experience with an Odyne system installation in a walk-in van designed for ComEd's underground electrical maintenance work in Chicago. Built on a Freightliner Custom Chassis utilizing a Utilimaster walk-in van body, and onboard Fenix air handling system, the vehicle can be parked above a manhole to provide workers below with all their electrical needs, plus cooled or heated fresh air. The system significantly reduces chassis engine idling and associated fuel and maintenance cost while delivering over 14 kW of power for tools and other applications without the need for a separate diesel generator. Odyne Systems won the Work Truck Show® 2013 Green Award for this advanced hybrid commercial vehicle.

See more at www.odyne.com


Read to Succeed - Your Library is a Well of Knowledge | Sales Tips

Here's a thought, and a concept, from the Little Platinum Book of Cha-Ching, the story of the life and times of John Patterson, the father of American salesmanship, and the founder of the National Cash Register company. His principle #7 is: Your library is the artesian well of knowledge." 

In other words, it's the deepest well you can possibly dig and has the purest water, and purest information, you can find. Look behind me. I have over 2500 volumes on the science of selling dating back to the early 1860's. I do it, and I read them, because I want to understand where sales came from, in order to understand where sales are, and where sales are going. That's how I became a good writer, I became a good reader, and a good understander, of history. 

John Patterson said, "Books are not just for reading, they're also for reference." So when you buy a book, you dog-ear it, you put it in your library, or now you can put it on your Kindle or your iPad and you can read those books for future reference and print out all the things that you highlight. But the bottom line is, books give you an understanding and information that you could not get anywhere else. And the best part is that you can have them for little or no money in today's world. Read to succeed.

Courtesy of Jeffrey Gitomer's Sales Caffeine. See more about Jeffrey at www.buygitomer.com

Knapheide 2014 Work Truck Show Recap Video

If you weren't able to make it to NTEA's 2014 Work Truck Show, check out Knapheide's recap video for Booth 3739. See more about Knapheide products and services at www.Knapheide.com

See more about the NTEA at www.NTEA.com


Landi Renzo USA EPA Certification – 2015MY Ford F-250/350 6.2L Bi-Fuel CNG

Landi Renzo USA, a Ford Qualified Vehicle Modifier (QVM), is pleased to announce EPA certification for the 2015MY Ford F 250/350 6.2L bi-fuel compressed natural gas (CNG) system.
The EPA Certificate of Conformity includes model year 2015 Landi Renzo USA Bi-Fuel conversion for the Ford F-series Medium Duty Truck equipped with the 6.2L engine – including the F-250 and F-350 2WD/4WD Super Duty variants in multiple cab configurations.

Landi Renzo alternative fuel systems are available through Ford, GM and Isuzu ship thru channels and our Ford QVM installation partners nationwide. Our participation in the Ford QVM program ensure quality, reliability and seamless integration our of alternative fuel systems.

Landi Renzo has over 60 years of global experience providing millions of alternative fuel systems to over 50 countries. Today, Landi Renzo USA and Baytech offer one of the broadest CARB & EPA certified NGV product portfolios available on the market, with total turnkey solutions on a variety of product platforms.

For more information please visit our website www.landiusa.com call (310) 257-9481 to speak with a representative.


Isuzu F Series Demonstration & Explanation - Chapter 5 Safety Features Demonstration

Detailed demonstration and explanation video for Australia's number one medium duty truck - the Isuzu F Series. To see more about Isuzu Trucks, Australia, see www.Isuzu.com.au,


Remanufacturing Engines and Transmissions

Overview of engine and transmission remanufacturing covers key Henkel technologies used in disassembly, cleaning, remachining and reassembly.

More info: http://www.henkelna.com/industrial-re...


National Fleets Go Lightweight, SpitzLift Upgrades Lightweight Portable Crane

Poway, CA- (March 28, 2014) At the request of customer pilot programs, SpitzLift announced today that they have made a few upgrades to their popular aluminum lightweight portable crane. National fleets are moving toward lightening their loads and maximizing efficiency. SpitzLift is a super tool that is lightweight and payload efficient. Ford recently released its 2015 F-150 which features an aluminum cab and bed. This move toward lightweight fleets marks the first instance of aluminum being used in such a high-volume automotive industry product. SpitzLift is the lightest crane available that can pick up more than 30 times its own weight. It is both a safety and efficiency tool for fleet managers and those lifting and transporting heavy materials. The San Diego based company founded in 2000 has expanded its customer base to include international companies and increased the variety of product applications.


SpitzLift is now offering a shut off mechanism that can be set to the exact weight being lifted. This load limiter switch increases user safety and ensures that the maximum load capacity is not reached. SpitzLift features an ergonomic design upgrade which will helps to prevent over shoulder lifting for field workers. Most work related injuries are shoulder related so this upgrade safeguards against these types of injuries. With a titanium base, SpitzLift has built in safety features and has stood the test of time.

The SpitzLift portable lightweight aluminum crane, which is made in America, offers a safe, efficient solution to heavy lifting. Weighing only 30lbs, the SpitzLift is easy to install and prevents injuries sustained from heavy lifting. “Providing a safe work environment has been the primary focus of Spitzlift's product development and engineering team for the last decade,” said founder and chief executive officer Michael Spitsbergen. According to the U.S. Department of Labor's statistics, strain related injuries are the primary cause of missed work and workmen's compensation claims.

Prioritizing safety is a concern shared by the largest fleets. A survey by GE Capital Fleet Services states that the biggest concern for fleet managers is ensuring the safety of their drivers. With safety in mind, fleet managers are turning to tools like SpitzLift to safeguard against workplace injuries caused by heavy lifting. SpitzLift is Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) compliant and equips workers to lift up to 900lbs safely. Otis Elevator’s North America Fleet Manager Phil Schreiber said "We know every time we use Spitzlift it replaces muscle, which means you have less chance of injury.”

With several fleet management customers deciding to go lightweight, SpitzLift has become a tool for minimizing fuel costs. SpitzLift allows the end user to use a lighter duty vehicle because it does not affect payload therefore saving fuel. Second only to safety, limiting fuel costs is another top concern for fleet managers. An easy solution to implement is alternating Spitzlift portable cranes in place of heavy cranes. The SpitzLift crane is green and payload friendly; the tool can be used on vehicles for or on work benches, ground surfaces, rooftops, decks and more. The portable crane is made of aluminum which is recyclable and does not rust or decay with time.

As the company’s customer base has grown, the variety of applications for SpitzLift has widened. SpitzLift has customers operating in 12 different countries and continues to expand. Thousands of SpitzLift cranes are used every day throughout the world to lift materials and equipment safely and efficiently. They are used in submarines, aircraft, elevators, outdoor recreation vehicles, for building maintenance and in the wind and oil industries. SpitzLift’s customer focus has and will continue to be service vehicles. Most recently, SpitzLift learned that fire departments are using their cranes on heavy duty fire rescue squads to help move heavy equipment and reduce the chances of personnel being injured while offloading the equipment.

To learn more about SpitzLift upgrades and products, visit: www.spitzlift.com

ABOUT SPITZLIFT SpitzLift designs and produces portable aluminum lightweight cranes that provide a safe lifting solution. The company was founded in 2000. SpitzLift cranes are payload efficient and weigh only 30 lbs and can lift up to 900lbs. Located in Poway, California, SpitzLift cranes are made in the United States. Additional information and a current product catalog can be found at www.SpitzLift.com


First 5 New Isuzu Trucks Join Piletec’s National Vehicle Fleet

When it was time to upgrade its fleet of 7.5 tonne vehicles, specialist supplier of piling equipment to the construction industry, Piletec, decided to specify the Isuzu marque for the first time. The five new Isuzu Forward N75.190 rigids have been taken on a 4-year contract-hire agreement.

Supplied by ITUK’s Warrington-based dealer, Warrington Vehicle Centre, all five new Isuzu vehicles are now in service with Piletec, operating out of their depots in Wigan, Milton Keynes and Harlow and all delivering piling equipment to numerous sites. Piletec anticipates that each vehicle will cover in excess of 40,000 miles per annum over the four-year period.

Commenting on the switch to Isuzu, David O'Brien, national operations manager at Piletec said; “During the fleet replacement programme, we were really impressed by the finished quality of the Isuzu trucks, the compact overall footprint of the vehicles and the projected running costs. Isuzu certainly ticked all the right boxes for us and were the obvious choice.”

The medium wheelbase specified Isuzu Forward N75.190 4x2 rigids all feature the popular Isuzu Easyshift transmission and have each been fitted with a 16ft aluminium drop-side body, built to the Crossrail specification.

The Crossrail specification includes side scan systems, front and rear vigi lights, beacons, load working lights, fall protection and white noise reverse buzzers. Piletec was quick to acknowledge the key role played by Warrington Vehicle Centre in helping to comply with this specification.

David O'Brien explains; “During our initial discussions, it was clear that Warrington Vehicle Centre has proven experience at handling Crossrail project trucks. They were superb in guiding us through the detailed requirements so that we achieved the correct vehicles to meet our requirements.”

Piletec is a specialist supplier of piling equipment to the construction industry, providing a comprehensive range of equipment for driving, extraction and foundation preparation projects. The company operates a 12-strong truck fleet and the five new Isuzu Forward rigids replace five vehicles from a competitive marque.
All five new Isuzus have been acquired by Piletec on a four-year contract hire deal through ITUK’s recognized contract hire provider BNP Paribas who, according to Piletec, also provided excellent customer service during the truck acquisition programme.

“In recent times, ITUK has supplied a large number of 7.5 tonners that meet the Crossrail specification and this was obviously a key factor that helped to influence Piletec’s decision to switch over to Isuzu for the first time. This particular vehicle specification is ideally suited to their requirements and will provide them with a superbly reliable and productive vehicle over the next four years,” said Keith Child, marketing director, ITUK.

See more about Isuzu Truck in the United Kingdom at www.IsuzuTruck.co.uk


TruckVault - Fleet Field System - Great Storage Solutions

TruckVault, the leader in secure and organizational in-vehicle storage systems for the past 20 years is proud to present our integrated Fleet Field System. Designed to be durable, rugged, organized, and safe, our Fleet Field System will secure your products and equipment and save your field reps time on the job site and ultimately your company money. TruckVault...a name your Fleet personnel can trust. See more at www.TruckVault.com



  • 57 percent of Ford F-150 buyers in January and February choose V6 engine option
  • Since 2010, Ford accounts for 91 percent of industry’s growth in V6 truck sales
  • Ford F-150 V6 sales represented 78 percent of all light-duty truck V6 sales in 2013
  • The Ford 3.5-liter EcoBoost™ engine represents 46 percent of F-150 pickup truck sales in February and the 3.7-liter V6 represents 11 percent.

More than 57 percent of Ford Motor Company’s F-150 retail sales so far this year are powered by V6 engines – the highest six-cylinder engine mix in the industry since 1967 – and the company expects that trend to continue for the rest of the year.

V8 engines led truck sales for decades until recently. Over the last three years, retail registrations of light duty pickups powered by V6 engines grew more than 600 percent and F-150 was directly responsible for 91 percent of that growth, based on Ford analysis of Polk retail registration data. In 2013, Ford accounted for 78 percent of all V6-powered half-ton pickups, according to data from Polk, recently acquired by IHS.

February’s engine mix numbers come on the heels of a very strong demand for Ford’s V6 truck engines in 2013. Of all the trucks Ford sold in the calendar year, more than 48 percent of them were powered by a V6 engine.

“We expect those numbers to hold for the rest of the year,” said Doug Scott, Ford Truck marketing manager. “It really is amazing when you consider we are doing that with just two V6 engine choices – the 3.5-liter V6 EcoBoost and the 3.7-liter Ti-VCT V6 engine. When we come out with the new 2015 F-150, we will offer three different V6 engines, so the potential is there to go even higher.”

The new 2015 Ford F-150 will offer a new 2.7-liter EcoBoost engine, to be made in Lima, Ohio, in addition to the 3.7-liter Ti-VCT V6 and 3.5-liter EcoBoost engines.

In the last three years, no competitor has ever eclipsed a 20 percent take rate for V6 engines in half-ton trucks. It’s been a predominantly V8 crowd, until the introduction of Ford’s EcoBoost engine.

“There is a new truck buyer out there who doesn’t hold to the old notion that a truck must be powered by a V8 engine,” Scott said. “Just five years ago, you would have had a hard time making a case for V6 truck engines. Not today. It’s all about fuel effectiveness. It’s the combination of city and highway mileage, horsepower, torque, towing capacity, payload and value. What is the most efficient package for the work I’m trying to do? That’s the key question.”

And it’s one F-150 truck buyers are answering in record numbers for V6 engines.


Isuzu F Series Demonstration & Explanation - Chapter 7 AMT Demonstration

Detailed demonstration and explanation video for Australia's number one medium duty truck - the Isuzu F Series. See more information at www.isuzu.com.au