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Taylor-Dunn provides top quality personnel carriers, burden carriers and tow tractors to meet your specific needs. Here at Taylor-Dunn, we are continuously adapting and upgrading our products to improve customer satisfaction. To stay at the forefront of the market, we have designed Bigfoot, a new line of ergonomic burden carriers. 

The Bigfoot was created to supply the market with a competitively priced burden carrier that offers unequaled comfort and performance.

Primary features include a larger operator's compartment, sliding adjustable seats, adjustable tilted steering, and left-foot rest, which greatly improve ergonomics, increase comfort and reduce operator fatigue.

Equipped with an AC motor, the Bigfoot exhibits increased power and longevity. 
While its designed to carry loads of 3,000 lbs. [1,361 kg] or tow loads of 7,500 lbs. [3,402 kg], this burden carrier can be configured to tow increased capacities upon request. 

Available with either a 36- or 48-volt system to meet your application, the 36-volt travels at a speed of 12 miles an hour with a 30 mile [48 km] range, while the 48-volt travels up to 16 miles an hour with a 40 mile [64 km] range. 

The Bigfoot electric burden carrier measures 130.5 inches [3,314 mm] long by 44 inches [1,117 mm] wide. The bed size is 77 inches [1,955 mm] long by 44 inches [1,117 mm] wide. It has a 137-inch [3,480 mm] turning radius and a 274-inch [6,959 mm] outside clearance circle.

Standard features include our GT Drive system, rear hydraulic disc brakes, rack and pinion steering, recessed tie-downs, 12-gauge smooth skin unitized steel body, dual LED headlights, taillights and brake lights, emergency power cut-off switch, dual cup holders, dash tray, and non-skid texture coated floor. The 36-volt features a convenient Battery Status Indicator and the 48-volt comes standard with a cutting edge Smart View Display.

Additional standard features include hand-operated parking brake, built-in battery charger, key switch, forward and reverse selector, high/low speed switch, headlight switch, reverse alarm, and an electric horn.

Available options to customize your Bigfoot include fold-away seats, steel cab with lockable doors, strobe light, directional signals, lockable cargo box, and aluminum drop-down sides.

As with all of our vehicles, should you require more than the published options in order to meet your particular needs, Taylor-Dunn can custom engineer and build a Bigfoot specifically for you.

With over 190,000 vehicles in service and 65 years of experience in the industry, Taylor-Dunn products are the best way to go about your business.

Taylor-Dunn, tough and dependable since 1949. www.Taylor-Dunn.com

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