Pothole Patcher - How It Works!

Kenworth Crew Cab with a Bergkamp Pothole Patcher
By Steve Taylor

I spotted a crew working a new Bergkamp FP5 Pothole Patcher while driving through my neighborhood in Tampa, Florida. I understand Hillsborough County bought 6 of these babies to take care of the potholes in County Roads.

I thought I'd stop and take a few pictures of this truck and then provide an explanation of the operation of the process.Many years ago I had the opportunity to operate a similar work truck.

Berkamp Patcher-Filled with Hot Asphalt and Ready to Work

How it works:

Usually every working day the truck is loaded with hot asphalt at a local asphalt plant. It then goes out and patches potholes that day. It can be kept heated overnight if all the material is not used up.

This truck has many features not found on all others, first of all is the Kenworth Crew Cab. This cab will accommodate the whole crew for big jobs without bringing another vehicle to transport them. If my research is correct, this cab is a custom addition to the standard Kenworth cab.

The patcher body is a Bergkamp model FP5, it will carry 5.1 cubic yards of asphalt.The FP5 has a hydraulic-driven AC generator, providing onboard electric hydraulic power at all engine or travel speeds. 

The hopper heaters are using 220 VAC 4 kW electric heaters. It has a full hopper length auger which is hydraulically driven and reversible. There is an apron at the end of the auger.. The multi-spool control valves operate the hopper auger, agitator, doors and auxiliary tools,and have a built-in adjustable relief valve.

It has an insulated 80 gallon ASME asphalt emulsion system tank, spray hose for spraying  the tack coat, a spoils bin to carry the debris from clean up, and a vibrating single drum roller compactor.with a 4 hp gas engine for compacting the asphalt. It has a hand torch for drying out the wet holes. As well, it has an arrow board and brackets for carrying the wheelbarrow and hand tools.

Cutting a Square out of the pavement with Circular Saw

Hole is Cleaned out

The asphalt is shveled offf the apron, the hole is sprayed with Tack Material
and Hot Asphalt is shoveled into the hole

Hole is Filled

Vibrating Tamper compacts the Asphalt -it's Done!

Left Side View of Emulsion Tank

Another option on this truck is the InPave tracking system. Using the latest technology, it reports the patch location, the amount of material used and the temperature of the material being placed etc.The InPave System also maps the location of each reporting data point and allows you to click on it to review the status and full details. All this is reported back to management over the cellular system real time.

Bergkamp provides one year of free cellular data transmission service that allows for quick, reliable downloading of information. Moving forward, you can continue with this service or easily transition to a radio receiver system. You pick the method that works best for your needs and budget.

Find out more at http://www.bergkampinc.com/pothole_patching.html

Guest post by Steve Taylor. Steve is a certified lean six sigma consultant in the the work truck equipment business  specializing in fleets and process improvement. Find his Linked in Profile at:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/stevectaylor He may be contacted at steve@truckarchitect.com or steve@upstreamsource.com


Van Interior Packages from Harbor Truck Bodies

Harbor Truck Bodies is also Harbor Van Interiors. We have numerous standard plans for Ford Transit and Transit Connect, Ram ProMaster, GMC Savana, and Chevy Express cargo van. We didn't get into this market until we were sure we had an excellent product. You can count on Harbor that way. We have chassis pool units available or we can upfit your existing dealer lot stock.


All-New 2015 GMC Canyon | Innovative Fuel Efficient Technologies

Discover the incredible innovations that went into making the Canyon supremely capable, yet efficient smaller pickup truck and takes professional grade engineering to the next level: http://www.gmc.com/canyon-small-picku...


Knapheide - We Build The Best

Since its humble beginnings in 1848, The Knapheide Manufacturing Company has continually worked to improve its processes and manufacturing capabilities.  Due to this commitment of continual improvement, Knapheide stands today with the most highly automated and technologically advanced equipment and processes in the industry. Knapheide's Westphalia facility houses the majority of our manufacturing processes.  The Westphalia plant was completed in 1997 and covers a staggering 480,000 square feet.

A recent highlight in the continuing history of The Knapheide Manufacturing Company is the company receiving ISO 9001:2008 certification.  ISO is a quality management system that is recognized globally.  While the core of this certification is focused on product quality, Knapheide took the process a step further and utilized the processes to improve virtually every area of the company from how orders are received and processed to the shipping of the product to the end customer.


Our dedicated manufacturing employees are a huge asset to our company, and receive on-going training for continuous improvement.  Knapheide delights in the fact that many of its employees are multi-generational and have a long tenure with the company.   Knapheide’s training program for its welding operations is second to none. Six AWS certified CWI and CWE’s conduct a forty hour program that all welders must complete prior to joining the assembly team.  Of its team of welders, over 100 are AWS certified.

Raw Materials

Over its history, Knapheide has strategically aligned itself with leading raw material suppliers and has developed long term relationships with them that mutually benefit both sides of the partnerships.   As a result of these partnerships, cutting edge supply chain processes have been developed that cuts down lead times, enhances the quality of the products, and helps to control costs.  This enables Knapheide to continue to provide to its customers the highest quality and superior end products available in the industry.  Some of our most common raw materials include:

    A40 Galvanized Automotive Quality Steel
    Hot Rolled Steel
    Cold Rolled Steel
    Tread Plate
    Automotive Quality Finishing Products

Fabrication Equipment and Machinery

As Knapheide has evolved over the last 164 years, so has the technology in equipment and machinery.  Knapheide continues to cultivate a long term strategic alignment with The Amada Company to continually update and modernize its fabrication capabilities.  This allows Knapheide to remain the most efficient and technologically advanced company in the industry.  Knapheide utilizes the following machinery and equipment within our manufacturing facilities:

    CNC Shears
    Plasma Cutters
    Laser Cutters
    CNC Turret Punches
    CNC Press Brake
    Roll Formers
    Automated Steel Processing Cells

Assembly Process

After all of the engineering and fabrication of the prime unit parts is complete, the assembly process begins.  Knapheide’s assembly procedures and multiple progressive lines allow them to be very flexible, highly efficient, and produce the highest quality product in the industry.  Knapheide has a large offering of catalog products that is quickly available and meets a large portion of our customers needs. However, while most of the industry shy’s away from custom built products, the Knapheide Company prides itself in its ability to build product that is designed to meet specific customer requirements and needs.  Rather than limit the product available to their customers to standard product, Knapheide’s motto is “Dream it, and we will build it”.  Some of the assembly processes include:

    MIG & Resistance Welding
    Automated Robotic MIG & Resistance Welding
    Flexible Product Assembly Lines & Processes


The flagship of our manufacturing process is our automated “K-Coat” finishing system.  K-coat is a highly efficient electro-deposition coating process that is widely used in the automotive industry.  Through this process, Knapheide is proud to offer its customers the highest quality corrosion resistant coating available.

    Automotive Quality E-Coat System
    Automotive Quality Undercoating
    Automotive Quality Finish Paint

For over 166 years, Knapheide has always been a leader through our manufacturing superiority in the industries we serve.  With the ISO 9001:2008 certification, this is a new starting point for us as we meet our customer’s expectations into the 21st century.

Find out more at http://www.knapheide.com/


Dale Earnhardt Jr.: Adding to the Legacy – 2015 Silverado 1500 | Chevrolet

From his racecar to his Silverado pickup, why does Dale Earnhardt Jr. trust his winning legacy to Chevy small block power? Because he knows that Chevrolet is made of high-strength dependability.

To learn more about the 2015 Silverado 1500, visit: http://www.chevrolet.com/silverado-15...

Connect with Chevy Trucks on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ChevyTrucks or follow @ChevyTrucks on Twitter.


A Sliding Dump Bed Makes Unloading Gravel Fast and Easy

Watch more 'There's a Better Way' video tips on FineHomebuilding.com 

Move gravel without a dump truck, and without breaking your back

At Commercial Truck Success, 
we will have to file this one under, "Strangely Interesting. . ."

It's certainly creative.

Produkt News Sortimo WorkMo

WorkMo steht für Work Mobility. Sortimo hat ein multifunktionales System entwickelt, welches als Werkstatteinrichtung, Transportsystem, Werkstattwagen und Arbeitsstation genutzt werden kann.

Sortimo WorkMo – die mobile Arbeitsstation für maximale Flexibilität!

Informieren Sie sich gleich unter www.sortimo.de.

In English, German, whatever language, the video doesn't need it to see how cool this product option is. Sortimo ROCKS! - CTS

Parking Lot Sweeping - What Equipment Do I Need to Start My Business?

So you want to start a parking lot sweeping business. Well when you get out to the lot at night what are you going to need to do? Obviously you will need a parking lot sweeper, but you will want to make sure to get the one that is right for you. There are roughly four categories of power sweepers and they are used for different purposes. You will want to identify which one will be suitable for you. There are a few different kinds of technology used in parking lot and street sweepers, some are mechanical, some use regenerative air, and some use a fan based vacuum. Please keep in mind that the technology used is not really relevant for someone starting in the business. I recommend focusing on results, i.e. parking lots that are clean once you've left. With that in mind here are the most relevant sweeper categories:

Truck Mounted: This type of sweeper is mounted on a pick-up truck chassis. For example a Ford 150, GMC Sierra, or Chevrolet S-10 chassis. The truck beds on these trucks are removed, and a sweeper unit is mounted in it's place. The cab remains the same. These trucks may have one or two sweeper arms, and are intended for sweeping parking lots. It's very normal to see these trucks having only one sweeper arm, because that's all that is really required to clean curbed areas in a parking lot. They are also good for cleaning parking garages, because multistory garages often have a low ceiling clearance. Since this type of sweeper is mounted on a consumer vehicle it can easily meet the clearance requirement. Street sweepers generally require sweeping arms on both sides, because they are intended to clean the streets. This type of parking lot sweeper is not intended to clean streets, and often does not come with two sweeping arms.

Box Truck Mounted: This type of sweeper is also used to clean parking lots, but they are used for larger lots. They are capable of sweeping larger areas without filling the hopper as quickly (the hopper is where the garbage that gets sucked up is stored). These types of sweepers would be used to clean parking lots for retail super centers, or large shopping malls.

Street Sweeper: This kind of sweeper is used by municipalities, cities, and counties to clean the streets. This is the kind of sweeper that gets accompanied by ticket writing meter maids that strike when you forget to move your car on sweeping days. They are very large, and are not relevant for someone looking into starting a parking lot sweeping business.

Construction Sweeper: These are very heavy duty road sweepers. They are often used in construction clean up and are capable of sucking up bricks, nails, and pieces of 2 x 4. You will often see these kinds of sweepers on the free way when there is road construction. They are there to remove the gravel and junk that emerges when crews are working on roads. This kind of sweeping tends to have a very high profit margin because the work is project based, and since these kinds of jobs come up when construction projects require them they afford charging more money.

Miscellaneous: There a couple other kinds of sweepers worth mentioning. There are sweeper units that are designed to slide into the bed of a pickup truck. They are best described as truck mounted vacuum units, and they do not come with a sweeper arm. These are great for people starting out, and great for landscaping contractors. It isn't really necessary to have a sweeping arm, with these units you would blow all debris into the direct path of the truck and the vacuum unit will suction all the garbage up. Slide in sweeper units can deliver the same results as sweepers with a sweeping arm. Second, there are tow-behind sweeper units. These kinds of sweepers are good to have as a backup sweeper, and good for people just starting out in the parking lot sweeping business. You can purchase one of these sweepers much cheaper than all the other types. These will work to help you get started up.

Now you know what kind of sweepers are relevant for your needs. Since you are interested in starting a parking lot sweeping business you will also need more equipment.

• A Leaf Blower
• High Visibility Reflective Safety Jacket
• GPS Navigation
• Sturdy Work Boots

That's all you need to you need once you've determined what sweeper is right for you. Once you have this equipment you are pretty much ready to start your business cleaning parking lots.

For more information visit http://www.exosweep.com and see how simple your site can be and generate calls from property managers and parking lot sweeping contractors.

By Daniel A Gonzalez 

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Daniel_A_Gonzalez

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/4084651


Install the SpitzLift Lightweight Crane to Save Your Back

The lightweight SpitzLift Crane 
can help you lift objects into 
the bed area of your Service or Utility Body.

The SpitzLift SAT550 has a maximum lift capacity of 550 lbs.  Electric models are standard with a maximum boom reach of 3'.  The rugged steel and aluminum construction will ensure plenty of reliable years in the field. The SpitzLift SAT550 can be manually rotated 360 degrees and is compatible with open and closed service bodies.

This crane can save end users from back breaking lifting work and dramatically increase the safety on a jobsite. www.SpitzLift.com


The Real Cost of Repairing an Aluminum Ford F-150 | Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports finds that the price to fix the aluminum body of the new pickup is similar to what it costs to repair the steel-bodied version. The important thing to remember is to take it to a shop certified by Ford in aluminum repair.


ISUZU Features Video - 7.5t Walk Around

Interesting video tour of Isuzu's 7.5 tonner by Tim Hicks. Contact us for more info on any of the Isuzu Truck range.


Under The Hood Of Country Music | The Pedal Steel Guitar

Two necks. Twenty strings. And a sound that changed country music forever. Meet the pedal steel guitar.

Retread Plant Tour

This video features a tour of a modern retread plant detailing the retread process from start to finish.


BEDSLIDE - Value Features and Benefits

BEDSLIDE uses only the highest quality components to manufacture a sliding tray that brings all your cargo right to you. Whether it’s your truck, van, SUV, utility box or trailer, the BEDSLIDE rolls out your gear and equipment safely and securely. The BEDSLIDE is about making your life easier. It’s not just a truck bed accessory to make your truck look better. It’s a truck bed accessory to make your truck WORK better.


Every BEDSLIDE is designed to function with the user in mind. The handle is  ergonomically designed to safely function keeping your hands and fingers away from the dangerous pinch points. Decking: No cheap grade rubber mat here....we use the tough BEDSLIDE-signature TPO deck service for best durability. EXCLUSIVE only to BEDSLIDE, the first truly composite and weather-PROOF decking material to the MAX and HD models.


The fully-engineered BEDSLIDE has been cycle tested to over twice our warranty and 4 times our weight claims by, SGS, an international and independent third party testing facility in New Jersey. Our steel hard linkage latching mechanism is the toughest you'll find. We've removed inexpensive roller bearings from all load-bearing points and have invested in KR40 CAM FOLLOWERS (rated at over 2 tons dynamic capacity EACH) on EVERY BEDSLIDE. (this is not a typo) ALL BEDSLIDES go through a rigorous 5-stage wash and powder-coating finishing providing the highest grade and longest-term protection against the elements.



We build BEDSLIDE/Takit products to work as hard as you do. To make sure they’re doing just that, we offer a comprehensive 5-YEAR warranty on ALL BEDSLIDE products to help you sleep at night. Top to bottom, nuts to bolts.

If you find something wrong with it, contact us and we’ll arrange for the best resolution to your issue. Usually it’s an easy, quick and painless fix. If it’s something that requires a repair or exchange, we will be happy to walk you through the best solution. It’s that easy. Seriously, we live for customer service. Just follow the steps listed below and we will determine the best course of action to make your BEDSLIDE right. •

 Call us toll free at 888-807-0099 or email csr@bedslide.com.  Be sure to have your serial number, receipt of purchase, place and date of purchase handy when you call. Before you call check out our FAQ page, the answer might be found that easy. Don't forget to register your BEDSLIDE.

LIMITATIONS We know the BEDSLIDE is a piece of equipment that might get a little abused every once in a while. We build them tough enough to do that. Even as tough as the BEDSLIDE is, there are a few things this warranty just cannot cover: misuse, exceeding the respective weight capacity rating, corrosion, alterations that modify the BEDSLIDE design and function, improper installation, damage due to accidents, and / or lack of care and maintenance. Other than that, if you are the original owner, we’ve got you covered.

Find out more at: www.bedslide.com


Bob Marley’s Land Rover, the RASTAration project

Just in time for his 70th birthday, Bob Marley’s iconic 1977 Series III Land Rover – which fell into a state of disrepair following the singer’s death over thirty years ago – has been completely restored from clutch to chassis thanks to the Sandals Resorts International and its Jamaican affiliate car company ATL Automotive, ITC – the Regional Distributors for Land Rover, as well as the Marley family.

Source:  http://www.bobmarley.com/media/videos/interviews-docs/bob-marley-land-rover-rastaration-project/


CN Hi-Rail truck,getting from road to the track

CN Hi-Rail truck,getting from road to the track

Camion CN rail-route,fesant la manoeuvre pour embarquer sur le voie

Road Rail Trucks - Railroad Right-of-Way Maintenance Vehicles

A road-rail vehicle is a vehicle which can operate both on rail tracks and a conventional road. They are also called hi-rail, from highway and rail, or variations such as high-rail, HiRail, Hy-rail, etc.

They are often converted road vehicles, keeping their normal wheels with rubber tires, but fitted with additional flanged steel wheels for running on rails. The rail wheels are raised and lowered as needed. Purpose-built road-rail vehicles also exist.

Road-rail technology is believed to have been developed by Fairmont Railway Motors in the 1940s to improve flexibility of vehicle use. Fairmont's key product, motor section cars, limited the ability for maintenance crews to travel. Fairmont was bought by Harsco in the late 1980s.

Such vehicles are normally used for railroad right-of-way maintenance during engineering possessions of the line. They can be driven on roads to near the site and then convert to rail vehicle for the final journey to the worksite. This avoids the complex maneuvers that would be associated with a road vehicle accessing the worksite if the worksite is not near a road. Since they are normally converted road vehicles, they would not fare well in a collision with a heavy rolling stock and therefore can normally only drive on rail tracks under an engineering possession. They are generally designed to be insulated, thus they do not activate track (signaling) circuits although some rail operators, normally those operating remote lines without boom gates etc. prefer them to be non-insulated so that they are detectable by train safety systems.

Self-propelled maintenance vehicles for maintenance of the track and for shunting wagons are much more convenient to use if they can transfer to the road to reposition or otherwise get out of the way. Because relatively light loads are involved, the problems plaguing the Road Transferable Locomotive are avoided.

An example would be a forklift truck fitted with railway wheels and a coupling with which to shunt a wagon or two.

In Belgium, the company UCA bvba has been constructing rail/road vehicles since 1981. UCA started with converting WF-trac and MB-trac for rail traction uses. They built rail car movers, shunting locotractors and other rail/road vehicles. Best known is the UCA-TRAC, based on the chassis of a JCB Load-All (UCA-TRAC B) and Fastrac (UCA-TRAC F). The UCA-TRAC provides traction through its rubber wheels.


Introducing the Intelligent Truck - ISUZU Telematics

No longer is the truck alone on the road. For a start, we’re right there alongside you, sharing your load. And now, with Isuzu ‘CONNECT’ telematics*, both driver and truck are interconnected with your full support team, from the dispatcher to the service manager. This vital telematic link continuously shares countless amounts of data electronically and automatically, in real-time, on virtually everything the truck and the driver do. You now have access to information such as the state of the truck brakes to the length of a driver's breaks, from how long a truck spent idling to where it spent the night. And in the process,  this makes all of you even better ‘drivers’, including the driver himself. Now what else does this connection offer you?

*Isuzu accessory available at extra cost


2014 Ram 1500 3.0L EcoDiesel V6 Review

Conversations over cups of coffee at the local garage have no doubt been dominated by talk of the new Ram EcoDiesel for the past few months.


Diamond Plate Package by Highway Products

Highway Products "Diamond Plate Package" consists of a diamond plate single lid aluminum tool box, a diamond plate headache rack with LED lighting kit, mounting hardware and installation instructions.


Chevy City Express Cargo Van Cargo Space | GM Fleet & Commercial

The Chevrolet City Express is built for the city with a payload of 1,500 pounds, compact dimensions and 60/40 rear doors. Learn more at http://www.gmfleet.com/chevrolet/2015.


2014 Ford Raptor with A.R.E. Overland Series

Kevin describes an A.R.E. Overland Series shell or truck cap recently installed on a 2014 For Raptor. This unit also has a Yakima rack system. Inside the shell is a carpeted headliner, LED interior lighting package, pet screens so you can have ventilation without the animals pushing the screen out. See more at http://www.VacaValleyTruck.com


Ford F-150, Focus Electric Named Greenest Vehicles by American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy

•F-150 with 2.7L EcoBoost named greenest standard pickup
•Focus Electric named one of 12 greenest vehicles overall

The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) named the F-150 and Focus Electric among the most environmentally-friendly vehicles for consumers in 2015. The F-150 with 2.7L EcoBoost was named the greenest standard pickup, and the Focus Electric was named as one of the 12 overall greenest vehicles on the market.

The Ford C-Max Hybrid was named a “Greener Choice” for 2015 as well.
To learn more, please visit Greenercars.org.

About Ford Motor Company
Ford Motor Company, a global automotive industry leader based in Dearborn, Michigan, manufactures or distributes automobiles across six continents. With about 189,000 employees and 65 plants worldwide, the company’s automotive brands include Ford and Lincoln. The company provides financial services through Ford Motor Credit Company. For more information regarding Ford and its products worldwide, please visit corporate.ford.com.


Odyne Advanced Hybrid System

In this video, Odyne explains its system capabilities, features and benefits in a variety of heavy-duty truck applications.


VENCO Conversion Dump Truck Hoist: Pickup trucks, Flatbeds & Platforms

Since 1981, Venco has been providing scissors hoists for commercial and industrial uses. Our rugged hoists are highly regarded in the industry and represent an excellent value. Hoists are offered for pickup truck, conversion/dump body, and trailer hoist applications.

Find out more at http://venturo.com/venco-hoists/


Being Creative With Marketing Space

This is just my opinion, of course, but I have seen a lot of aluminum railgates as show here on a Snap-On truck, and on 95% of those I have seen, they failed to take advantage of some of the best marketing space on the bottom of the liftgate. High Five to this company paying attention and using some wonderful graphics to boot. When the liftgate is down, the graphics are not harmed because they don't touch the ground, so it is a perfect place and a very creative place too. And, even though it isn't on a liftgate, but a roll-up door, FedEx ground pays attention too.

I hope to see more railgates like this one in the future!

Detroit Axles & Manufacturing

Demand Detroit: See how Detroit's unique designs and efficient manufacturing processes produce long-lasting, low maintenance axles that can carry your truck for millions of miles.


Ford Adds 1,550 Jobs to Support Demand for All-New F-150; Hundreds of Entry-Level Workers to Attain 'New Traditional' Status

  •     Ford is adding 1,550 new jobs to its Kansas City Assembly, Dearborn Stamping, Dearborn Diversified and Sterling Axle facilities to meet growing demand for the all-new 2015 F-150 – the toughest, smartest, most capable F-150 ever
  •     As part of Ford’s commitment in the 2011 UAW-Ford collective bargaining agreement, approximately 300 to 500 workers – the first group of “new traditional” employees – will transition in the first quarter, based on attrition and growth, to $28.50 an hour
  •     The entry-level agreement has enabled Ford to invest more than $6.2 billion in its U.S. plants and hire more than 15,000 hourly UAW members – up from the 12,000 jobs that were promised by 2015 in the contract agreement
  •     In January, Ford F-Series had its strongest sales month since 2004; F-150 sits just 12 days on dealer lots – turning faster than any other Ford vehicle
As Ford ramps up production of the all-new F-150, the company today announced it will add 1,550 new jobs across its Kansas City Assembly, Dearborn Stamping, Dearborn Diversified and Sterling Axle facilities in the first quarter of 2015. The new jobs will support production and growing customer demand for the recently launched 2015 Ford F-150.

With these new jobs, Ford has reached its entry-level allowance outlined in the 2011 UAW-Ford collective bargaining agreement. As a result, approximately 300 to 500 workers – the first group of “new traditional” employees – will transition, based on attrition and growth, from their entry-level wage of $19.28 an hour to their new wage of $28.50 an hour. The majority of these employees work at Kansas City, Chicago and Louisville assembly facilities.

“Thanks to stronger than expected customer demand, we’re adding 1,550 new workers to support additional F-150 production,” said Joe Hinrichs, Ford president, The Americas. “These jobs are further proof that customers recognize the all-new F-150 as the toughest, smartest, most capable F-150 ever. We sell every truck we can build, and we plan to build more.”

Of the 1,550 new jobs, 900 are allocated for Kansas City Assembly and 500 will be added between Dearborn Stamping and Dearborn Diversified, with the remaining 150 jobs going to Sterling Axle. These jobs are in addition to the more than 5,000 hourly jobs Ford added across its U.S. manufacturing facilities in 2014.

 “This is very exciting news and these additional jobs will have an impact in communities all across our nation,” said Jimmy Settles, UAW vice president and director, National Ford Department. “This also represents a major milestone for employees hired under the entry level agreement, as many will now begin to convert to ‘new traditional’ wage status, as negotiated in the 2011 collective bargaining agreement.”

The entry-level agreement negotiated as part of UAW-Ford collective bargaining has helped improve Ford’s competitiveness and enabled the company to invest more than $6.2 billion in its U.S. manufacturing facilities. Ford has hired more than 15,000 hourly UAW members – exceeding its goal of creating 12,000 hourly jobs in the United States by 2015.

Toughest, smartest, most capable F-150 ever The all-new F-150 is the toughest, smartest and most capable F-150 ever – boasting a military-grade, aluminum-alloy body and high-strength steel frame, and shedding up to 700 pounds for a lighter, more efficient truck than any previous F-150.

These weight savings lead to customer benefits regardless of model configuration or engine choice. The innovative new truck can tow up to 1,100 more pounds and haul up to 530 more pounds than the 2014 model, and has the highest EPA-estimated fuel economy ratings of any full-size gasoline pickup on the market. When equipped with an available 2.7-liter EcoBoost® engine, the new F-150 4x2 has EPA-estimated fuel economy ratings of 19 mpg city, 26 mpg highway and 22 mpg combined. Actual mileage may vary.

Numerous groundbreaking features debuted in the all-new F-150, including these class-exclusives:
  •     360-degree camera view uses exterior cameras to create a bird’s-eye view of the truck to help drivers park, maneuver in tight spots, and navigate narrow roads and trails
  •     Integrated loading ramps enable easy loading of ATVs, motorcycles and mowers
  •     BoxLink™ cargo management system combines metal brackets and custom cleats to secure a variety of accessories in the cargo box – from ramps to storage bins to bed dividers
  •     Trailer hitch assist adds a new rearview camera feature that incorporates a dynamic line based on steering wheel angle in the display to help customers line up their truck and trailer with no spotter or need to exit the vehicle
  •     Remote tailgate allows for tailgate to be locked, unlocked and released with the key fob
To manufacture the all-new Ford F-150, the truck team designed an innovative process that includes the latest in advanced materials and in forming and joining technologies.

The new manufacturing process called for the overhaul of both Dearborn Truck and Kansas City Assembly facilities. Dearborn Truck saw its largest manufacturing transformation in decades wherein legacy manufacturing equipment was replaced with the latest in production technology. Changeover at the facility was completed last fall. Kansas City Assembly is currently undergoing a similar renovation that is scheduled to be complete in early 2015.

Combined, the two plants will have capacity to produce more than 700,000 trucks per year for availability in 90 markets globally.

F-150 is part of Ford F-Series, celebrating its 38th straight year as America’s best-selling truck and 33rd straight year as America’s best-selling vehicle. Ford sold 753,851 trucks in 2014.

The all-new F-150 is off to a tremendous start. In January, Ford F-Series had its strongest sales month since 2004, which was the company’s best sales year for the F-150 ever. In the first month of 2015, F-150 sat just 12 days on dealer lots – turning faster than any other Ford vehicle. In addition, more than 1 million people have built and priced F-150 configurations on Ford’s website.

About Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company, a global automotive industry leader based in Dearborn, Michigan, manufactures or distributes automobiles across six continents. With about 189,000 employees and 65 plants worldwide, the company’s automotive brands include Ford and Lincoln. The company provides financial services through Ford Motor Credit Company. For more information regarding Ford and its products worldwide, please visit corporate.ford.com.

Organize and Expand the Space In the Ford Transit Connect using Sortimo

With an economical and fuel-efficient 4-cylinder motor, the standard raised roof, the smaller footprint and excellent maneuverability, it's no wonder that the Ford Transit Connect is showing up all over the United States.

With all the features of this great "little" van, many customers are finding this “compact” looking design is a cost-effective and fuel-efficient alternative to the "big" vans.

The Transit Connect might look small but you might be surprised how much can be stored with the use of Sortimo product. Then, when you add the features of the Sortimo Globelyst in-vehicle equipment, the usefulness of the Transit Connect is now multiplied. With space organized, it becomes a larger space than it appears to be. Keeping things safely in their place and making it easy to work on job sites with portable storage options, Sortimo is the world leader.

See much more about Sortimo products for vans, trucks, and cars (and even other uses!) at www.Sortimo.com