Grote LightForm® - The most flexible, light-weight, low-profile LED lighting product available.

LightForm® is the world´s first LED lighting film. Its ultra-thin structure is the most flexible, light-weight, low-profile LED lighting product available. LightForm fits where other products can´t by conforming to any shape, bending around corners and even folding back on itself. All LightForm products either feature an adhesive backing for easy installation, or have easy mounting options to adhere to virtually any surface. Available in a range of colors, LightForm´s superior lighting characteristics eliminate hotspots.

LightForm flexible LED lighting film uses patented technology and relies upon a proprietary conductive substrate and a unique laminating technique that minimizes the product’s footprint using state-of-the-art, solid-state technology. LightForm products are developed by Grote Industries, a leading worldwide manufacturer and supplier of lighting products, and meet the highest testing and certification standards for safety and decorative lighting.

For more information about LightForm products, please download our brochure. LightForm® Brochure (U.S.)

For information on mounting and connecting your LightForm products, please see our below data sheets:
Source:  http://lightform.com

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