Fiat Doblò Cargo - Review & Buyers' Guide 2013

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Fiat redesigned the Doblò Cargo from the ground-up and launched the newcomer in the UK in 2010. In its latest incarnation it comes with a choice of two wheelbases and roof heights and an impressive selection of diesel engines.


Mark Boice, BusinessLink | Real People, Real Businesses

In this installment of our "Real People, Real Businesses" series, we interview Mark Boice of BusinessLink and Chrysler Commercial Vehicles. Mark tells us about free services like 24-hour towing, free loaner vehicles, and next-bay service that small business owners get by enrolling in our free BusinessLink program. BusinessLink dealers are focused on adding to your bottom line by keeping your vehicles on the road. For more, visit http://www.chryslercommercialvehicles...


Jaime Rocha's family has been in the towing business for over 15 years. He can't think of any given business day without his Ram 5500 trucks. So when we introduced the new 2013 Ram Chassis Cabs with Best-in-Class towing and unsurpassed 5-year powertrain limited warranty, we invited Jaime to be among the first to witness it. To see what Jaime saw, watch our latest video. www.RamTrucks.com


Reading Truck Body Launches the New Reading Ready Van SL

Introducing the Next Generation of Service Vans
Reading, PA (March 20, 2013) - Reading Truck Body, LLC, a leading manufacturer and provider of high quality service truck equipment, launches the all-new Reading Ready Van SL, a cutting-edge service van offering ample, enclosed interior work space and secure, convenient outside compartments.
The Reading Ready Van SL comes equipped with many brand new features that provide extra safety, durability, convenience and efficiency in addition to Readings premium standard features.  Boasting an industry leading 6-Year limited warranty on the body and lifetime warranty on key cylinders, the Ready Van SL also includes:
Organization & Storage

  • Bulkhead Shelf offers additional storage for smaller, more frequently used items that require limitation of movement and no fall-out
  • Vertical Shelf Attachment Strips shelving bracket is on 4 centers and offers more adjustability of shelving network for the end-user
  • Galvanized Shelves/Trays corrosion resistant shelving that is height adjustable with 2 slot tab dividers on shelves for 50% more divisional space than the competition
  • Top Compartment Shelf full-length compartment top storage area has a 2 high retainer to prevent tool and product fall-out
  • Clear Load Space Design unobstructed load space provides clear width of 48.5 without the presence of a wheelhouse box and a low ground to threshold height
  • 17.5 Deep Compartments offer greater storage capacity and versatility
  • Dual Drop Down Conduit Pipe Doors more protective and versatile storage for longer items and does not cover stop, tail and turn lighting when in drop-down open position
Structure & Finish
  • Galvannealed Construction A60 coated weight steel, all galvannealed construction which offers superior corrosion protection
  • Tapered Smooth Side Wall Upper Structure provides maximum side-to-side clearance, improved aerodynamic efficiency and a smooth surface for graphics
  • Seamless Wheelhouse Panel provides a seamless appearance that also prevents corrosive build-up that can rust the product from the inside out
  • Galvannealed Steel Pooched Step Bumper Pooched slip and corrosion-resistant surface with 45 degree corners; e-coated and powder coated for durability
  • Full Width 9" Steel Bulkhead Set-back offers full seat travel for the O.E.M. Cutaway Chassis on both driver and passenger side
  • Rivetless Stainless Steel Handle Pans clean appearance that is tamper resistant and includes a perimeter gasket behind the pan assembly to prevent water intrusion
  • Top Coat Finish, Inside & Out Reading paints all areas of the service body, including the interior load space and inside the exterior cabinet compartments
  • Readings Polyester Powder Coat Finish no VOCs, reclaimable and much more durable and abrasion-resistant finish compared to wet spray enamels
Doors & Hinges
  • Solid Sliding Bulkhead Door with J Glide Track door slides on co-polymer 'J' track assembly rather than floor track assembly which can harbor debris and make operation difficult; windowless for enhanced security
  • Solid, Windowless Rear Doors offers a large, unobstructed area for company graphics with a higher level of security and confidence for tools and equipment inside the load space
  • Integral Rain Gutter Over Rear Doors Rain Gutter moves water east or west of door opening instead of a drip edge that allows water to sheet down across the opening
  • Readings Rod & Bearing Block Hinge hinge assembly is mechanically attached for cleaner appearance, ease of repair and corrosion resistance
  • 18ga Double Panel Compartment Doors heavier gauge than the competition with solid hat section reinforcements to eliminate panel deflection
  • Spring Loaded Door Stays: Vertical Side Compartments Door Stay operates with over-center design in geometry for ease of closure and staying open
  • Readings Dual-Pro Door Seal System includes a quality door seal and a mechanical seal which provide a secondary defense against water intrusion
  • Adjustable Door Striker 4-way adjustable with ribbed Allen bit head, tri-chromate washer and threaded pressure block for positive adjustment
Lights, Locks & Electronics

  • (2) Dome Lights with Disc Rocker roof mounted lights mechanically secured to roof for reliable operation; Disc Rocker switch operates smoothly and resists damage
  • Tail Light Guards lighting guards inside the rear compartments that are ported for serviceability while offering protection from theft and damage
  • L.E.D. Stop, Tail, Turn Signals and Clearance Lighting rubber isolated for vibration resistance, cooler burning, brighter and longer-lasting than incandescent bulbs
  • 12 Stage Electro-Cathodic Immersion Process removes human error associated with a manual application and provides 100% coverage
  • Rotary Paddle Latch Assembly stainless steel latch is 'free wheeling' when cylinder is locked which prevents lock failure should it be tampered with
  • Double Bitted Key Cylinder includes a rubber 'O' ring behind the high-quality cylinder to prevent water blow-in through the lock assembly
For more information on the Reading Ready Van SL please visit www.ReadingBody.com.
About The Reading Group, LLC
The Reading Group was originally founded as Reading Body Works in 1955. The Reading Group owns Reading Truck Body, LLC, which has a manufacturing plant in Reading, PA with additional company-owned installation facilities operating as Reading Equipment & Distribution, LLC. Reading Equipment & Distribution specializes in dealer sales, custom product sales, and installations, with a large focus on utility applications and alternative fuel conversions.
For more information on Reading Truck Body, LLC and its products please visit www.ReadingBody.com.


New Knapheide 9' Gooseneck Body Configured Like A Service Body At The NTEA Work Truck Show

Bob Dias with West Coast Truck Equipment in West Sacramento CA shows off the Knapheide 9' PGND Gooseneck truck body setup like a service body with lower compartments in the rear to accommodate a gooseneck trailer. Check out all the features on this particular truck. See more about Knapheide truck bodies at http://www.Knapheide.com. You can see more about West Coast Truck Equipment at http://www.WestCoastTruckEquipment.com

You can also see more about the NTEA and the Work Truck Show at www.NTEA.com


Empowering America's Tradesmen with Mike Rowe

Mike Rowe, TV Host of Discovery Channel's Dirty Jobs, tackles his dirtiest job of all – closing the skilled labor gap and getting America back to work

There appears to be a surplus of jobs waiting to be filled – from auto mechanics to welders – and not enough people trained to fill them. Yet our unemployment rate continues to hover around 9 percent and America's jobless are getting increasingly frustrated and scared. Meet what has become known as “the skills gap” – the space between the plethora of challenging, rewarding, high paying careers in skilled labor waiting to be filled, and a lack of trained professionals ready to fill them.

Dirty Jobs is not really a show about dirt. It’s a show about people, and over the years I’ve learned a lot from people that wake up clean and go home dirty. I have learned for instance, that a single fire ant can bite you multiple times, especially in places where a man does not wish to be bitten. I’ve learned that widths are more hazardous than heights, and that short cuts lead to long delays. I’ve also learned that a good plumber is now more expensive than a good shrink, and a lot harder to find. 

This whole Skills Gap thing is real, and it’s getting bigger every day. In Alabama, half the skilled workforce is north of fifty, and retiring fast. For every four workers that leave, only one enters to replace them. And according to a 60 Minutes story last month, there are now three million skilled jobs that American companies simply cannot fill. Three million. What’s up with that?

Finding Solutions
I’m not qualified to offer a solution. I'm just a TV Host. On cable. But I can tell you that my biggest revelation on Dirty Jobs was seeing firsthand the degree to which our country has become disconnected from skilled labor. Again and again, in all 50 states, I've heard the same thing from hundreds of workers. They all talk of a "disconnect" between the work they do, and the society that benefits from it. I think maybe they’re on to something.

Consider what we reward in our culture today. American Idol is still the number one show on television. The Four Hour Work Week is still a national bestseller. Vocational training classes have evaporated from our high schools, and careers that don’t require a 4-year degree are now considered “alternative." We have actively discouraged an entire generation of students from working with their hands, and turned a whole category of viable careers into “vocational consolation prizes.” I hate to sound like a scold, but really, is it any wonder that our kids aren’t lining up to learn a useful skill?

Closing the Gap
The Skills Gap is not a mystery; it’s a reflection of what we value. And if we're serious about closing the gap, we need to reconnect with that part of our workforce. We need to reinvigorate the trades. We need to confront the stigmas and stereotypes associated with skilled labor, and let go of this absurd belief that a four-year degree is the only viable way to acquire useful knowledge.

Twelve million unemployed Americans is a scary thing. But three million available jobs that can’t be filled…well, that’s really scary. Because that means we’re not dealing with a lack of opportunity. We’re dealing with a lack of desire.

Skilled labor needs a PR campaign. A big one. Because closing The Skills Gap is not about creating jobs. The jobs are already there.  It's about our preserving our infrastructure, expanding our manufacturing base, enhancing our ability to compete globally, and bolstering our national security. If you share my addiction to paved roads, affordable energy, cheap food, and indoor plumbing, you should also share my concern.

Because this whole Skills Gap thing is real. And the first step is a doozy.

-Mike Rowe

Article and photo courtesy of Employing America by MediaPlanet. To see more, visit http://sites.conversionplanet.com/employing-america/qa-with-mike-rowe


Nissan, Gibson Collaboration Builds a One-of-a-Kind Mobile Repair Van

NEW YORK – Making its world debut ahead of the 2013 New York International Auto Show is the Gibson NV200 Mobile Repair & Restoration Van.

This unique vehicle is the result of an iconic collaboration between Nissan and Gibson that are, opportunely, corporate neighbors in the Nashville area.

"Gibson and Nissan are both Tennessee-based companies that build products worthy of consumer passion yet suitable for everyday use. We've sought a way to combine forces for many years now, and the introduction of the 2013 NV200 Compact Cargo van gives us the perfect opportunity to do so. Working with Gibson has been a dream come true for many of us here at Nissan," said Joe Castelli, Nissan's vice president of Commercial Vehicles.

The Gibson NV200 Mobile Repair & Restoration Van, built by Nissan, is an extension of both Gibson Pro Audio and Gibson's fabled Repair & Restoration shop, based in Nashville, Tenn. This facility is where the best and brightest guitar builders go to ply their craft for one of the oldest and most-respected guitar companies.

As the Repair & Restoration shop fixes and customizes guitars owned by both the top professional musicians in the world and passionate enthusiasts, the Gibson NV200 Compact Cargo acts as a quick response support vehicle for professional and part-time musicians in need of timely repairs. It also will serve as an educational tool to the public representing the art of someone who makes or repairs stringed instruments, also known as a luthier.

In discussing the collaboration between Nissan and Gibson, Castelli said: "it's really worked out and beautiful music is now being played between our great product and their (Gibson's) great product. For each company, our customers are looking for something that is high quality. It's not only assumed, but it's expected."



Stop closing sales and start providing value, or lose to price.

Much more at http://gitomer.com/ - Jeffrey Gitomer on how provide more value


UPS Natural Gas Truck by Mack Trucks At MATS 2013 Show

Mack Showcases Natural Gas-Powered MACK® Pinnacle™ Built for UPS at MATS
LOUISVILLE, KY (March 21, 2013) – Mack Trucks today unveiled its highly anticipated 12-liter natural gas-powered MACK® Pinnacle™ Axle Back model during the 2013 Mid-America Trucking Show.
            The natural gas-powered Mack Pinnacle, offering a liquefied natural gas (LNG) solution for on-highway applications, was built for UPS (NYSE: UPS).
            The addition of the natural gas-powered Pinnacle expands Mack’s natural gas line-up to the highway segment. Mack already offers natural gas-powered MACK® TerraPro™ Low Entry and MACK® TerraPro™ Cabover refuse models, and later this year, plans to introduce a natural gas-powered version of the MACK® Granite® model.
            “Mack began offering natural gas as an option as soon as it was clear the solution made sense for the refuse market,” said Kevin Flaherty, president, Mack Trucks North American Sales & Marketing. “The introduction of the natural gas-powered Mack Pinnacle expands our experience and expertise into another market segment, and serves as an example of our commitment to developing solutions meeting the needs of customers like UPS.”
            “By expanding the UPS natural gas fleet, we have an opportunity to take advantage of a domestic resource, a domestic product and continue our sustainability efforts,” said Mike Britt, director of alternative fuel vehicle engineering at UPS. “Supporting the overall growth of LNG infrastructure ultimately benefits our customers and community by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.”
            Ideal for regional haul and LTL, the Mack Pinnacle is equipped with the Cummins Westport ISX12 G engine and available for order with either an LNG or compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel system. The maintenance-free aftertreatment, requiring only a three-way catalyst to meet EPA 2010 and CARB emissions standards, combined with low-cost natural gas, reduces vehicle lifecycle costs and thereby improves customers’ return on investment.
Mack Trucks unveiled its 12-liter natural gas-powered MACK® Pinnacle™
Axle Back model, built for UPS, during the 2013 Mid-America Trucking Show.
Dedicated to quality, reliability, and total customer satisfaction, Mack Trucks, Inc. has provided its customers with innovative transportation solutions for more than a century. Today, Mack is one of North America’s largest producers of heavy-duty trucks and MACK® trucks are sold and serviced through an extensive distribution network in more than 45 countries. Mack trucks and diesel engines sold in North America are assembled in the United States. Mack manufacturing locations are certified to the internationally recognized ISO 9001 standard for quality and ISO 14001 standard for environmental management systems. Mack is also a proud sponsor of Share the Road, an American Trucking Associations' public information campaign aimed at enhancing the safety of our nation’s roadways.
Mack Trucks, Inc. is part of the Volvo Group, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of trucks, buses, construction equipment and marine and industrial engines. The Group also provides complete solutions for financing and service. The Volvo Group, which employs about 115,000 people, has production facilities in 19 countries and sells its products in more than 190 markets. In 2012, the Volvo Group’s sales amounted to $45 billion. The Volvo Group is a publicly-held company headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden. Volvo shares are listed on OMX Nordic Exchange Stockholm and are traded OTC in the U.S.
For more information about Mack, visit our Web site at www.macktrucks.com


Nissan and Gibson Combine Forces with NV200 Mobile Guitar Workshop

Two Tennessee-based companies partner on co-branded Gibson/Nissan NV200 TM Compact Cargo, debuting at the 2013 New York International Auto Show

FRANKLIN, Tenn. – Gibson and Nissan have combined their respective expertise in professional music and practical, small business vehicles to create the Gibson NV200 Mobile Repair & Restoration Van. The van acts as a mobile guitar repair shop, serving the needs of both working musicians and casual pickers and can service major music markets or locales where guitar players congregate, such as major music festivals, concerts, recording studios or even private homes.

"The NV200 Compact Cargo van's small footprint makes it ideal for maneuvering in tight places, which is perfect for both urban music venues and crowded outdoor concerts where space is at a premium," said Gibson CEO Henry Juszkiewicz. "The large cargo bay with standard integrated mounting points and available cargo hooks help make the vehicle configurable and customizable to suit the needs of a working guitar technician."

Class-leading combined fuel economy of 24 mpg*, provided by a 131-horsepower 2.0-liter inline 4-cylinder engine matched with an efficient Xtronic CVT® transmission, further increases the road-worthy appeal of a vehicle that can log as many miles as the typical touring band.

"The Nissan NV200 Compact Cargo van is perfect for small businesses, entrepreneurs and dreamers," said Joe Castelli, vice president, Commercial Vehicles and Fleet, Nissan North America. "By partnering with Gibson on the NV200 Mobile Repair & Restoration Van, we're showing the ultimate expression of what can be done with this vehicle for those with a viable business concept, a little creativity and with a starting price of $19,990**, an appreciation of great value. As this is a van meant for trades, vocations and working people, we couldn't be more excited than to see it put to good use in the hands of some of the most skilled craftsmen in the world."

The Gibson NV200 Mobile Repair & Restoration Van, built by Nissan, is an extension of both Gibson Pro Audio and Gibson's fabled Repair & Restoration shop, based in Nashville, Tenn. This facility is where the best and brightest guitar builders go to ply their craft for one of the oldest and most-respected guitar companies.

Click image to enlarge

As the Repair & Restoration shop fixes and customizes guitars owned by both the top professional musicians in the world and passionate enthusiasts, the Gibson NV200 Compact Cargo acts as a quick response support vehicle for professional and part-time musicians in need of timely repairs, as well as serving as an educational tool to the public representing the art of guitar building and repair, or luthiery.

NV200 Compact Cargo provides 122.7 cubic feet of cargo space behind the front seats and a 53-inch cargo height, which is comparable to many standard roof full-size vans. It also offers tall cargo door openings – including the standard 40/60-split rear doors – and a low load floor height of 19.5 inches. Payload capacity is rated at 1,500 pounds (S model).

This capability plays right into the heart of the vehicle - a pullout bench that features an array of luthier's tools such as calipers, scale rulers, fret files, fret pullers, different types of sandpaper, super glue, wood glue, tuning forks, a radius planer, various guitar parts (strings, tuning machines, frets, nuts, bridges, knobs, linseed oil, potentiometers, pickups), pliers, screw drivers and a soldering station. Luthiers can either extend this bench to the lip of the NV200 to work on instruments or guide in on its pair of casters to a separate location to perform repair or setup work on guitars.

Located directly behind the front seat is a custom rack that holds up to four guitars in various stages of repair and disrepair. The cockpit has been customized to evoke Gibson's classic designs with wood veneers in the dashboard that evoke classic Gibson materials such as mahogany and flamed maple and special leather-appointed seats.

Gibson Pro Audio is also represented throughout the vehicle with a custom audio system provided by Onkyo, Gibson Pro Audio consumer electronics' brand.

The vehicle is sheathed in a full body wrap that reads, "Gibson Repair & Restoration" on one side, and "Gibson Pro Audio" on the other. The wrap also contains images of classic Gibson stringed instruments and Gibson Pro Audio products such as speakers made by Cerwin-Vega! and KRK and Onkyo- and Stanton-branded headphones.

Castelli explains, "Gibson and Nissan are both Tennessee-based companies that build products worthy of consumer passion yet suitable for everyday use. We've sought a way to combine forces for many years now, and the introduction of the 2013 NV200 Compact Cargo van gives us the perfect opportunity to do so. Working with Gibson has been a dream come true for many of us here at Nissan, and we look forward to the next steps collaborating with them."

The Gibson NV200 Repair & Restoration Van made by Nissan will debut on March 27th at the 2013 New York International Auto Show. Please visit www.NissanNews.com for artist renderings and a video on the construction of the vehicle.

About Nissan North America
In North America, Nissan's operations include automotive styling, engineering, consumer and corporate financing, sales and marketing, distribution and manufacturing. Nissan is dedicated to improving the environment under the Nissan Green Program and has been recognized as an ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year in 2010, 2011, and 2012 by the U.S Environmental Protection Agency. More information on Nissan in North America and the complete line of Nissan and Infiniti vehicles can be found online at www.NissanUSA.com and www.InfinitiUSA.com, or visit the Americas media sites NissanNews.com and InfinitiNews.com.

About Nissan
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., Japan's second-largest automotive company, is headquartered in Yokohama, Japan, and is part of the Renault-Nissan Alliance. Operating with more than 248,000 employees globally, Nissan provided customers with more than 4.9 million vehicles in 2012, generating revenue of 9.4 trillion yen ($US118.95 billion) in fiscal 2011. With a strong commitment to developing exciting and innovative products for all, Nissan delivers a comprehensive range of 64 models under the Nissan and Infiniti brands. A pioneer in zero-emission mobility, Nissan made history with the introduction of the Nissan LEAF, the first affordable, mass-market, pure-electric vehicle and winner of numerous international accolades, including the prestigious 2011-2012 Car of the Year Japan and 2011 World Car of the Year awards.
For more information on our products, services and commitment to sustainable mobility, visit our website at http://www.nissan-global.com/EN/.

About Gibson
Founded in 1894, Gibson is a global musical and lifestyle company based in Nashville, Tennessee, that creates products to enrich the lives of musicians, fans, and consumers, alike. Gibson is known worldwide for producing classic models in every major style of fretted instrument, including iconic acoustic and electric guitars, mandolins, and banjos. Run by technology visionary, Henry Juszkiewicz, the company has been at the forefront of innovation since its inception, the latest of which is the Firebird X guitar. Through the Gibson Foundation, Gibson has become equally known for its philanthropic efforts on behalf of music, education, health and human services. Gibson's family of brands encompass some of the most widely known and respected in the history of music and entertainment, including Epiphone, KRK, Stanton, Onkyo, Dobro, Kramer, Steinberger, Tobias, Echoplex, Electar, Flatiron, Slingerland, Valley Arts, Maestro, Oberheim, Baldwin, Sunshine Piano, Take Anywhere Technology, J&C Fischer, Chickering, Hamilton, and Wurlitzer. For more information visit: www.gibson.com, www.facebook.com/gibsonguitar, www.twitter.com/gibsonguitar.


Learn About The Mack Trucks Brand New Twin Y Air Suspension at MATS 2013 Show

Mack Raises the Bar with Suspensions Featuring Proprietary MACK® Axles
MACK® Twin Y™ Air Suspension and MACK® mRIDE Offer Unmatched Customer Benefits
GREENSBORO, NC (January 28, 2013) – Mack Trucks today launched its breakthrough MACK® Twin Y™ Air Suspension, the trucking industry’s first suspension to utilize an innovative Y-shaped high-strength steel design.
Offered with proprietary MACK® axles, the Mack Twin Y Air Suspension delivers unmatched comfort, handling and fuel efficiency for highway customers desiring a smoother, more stable ride. The Twin Y is up to 400 pounds lighter than other air suspensions, offering a significantly lighter weight option for customers.  
Mack also announced today the availability of Mack proprietary axles on its MACK® mRIDE spring suspension, ideal for vocational customers demanding a durable, stable ride with greater articulation.
“The Mack Twin Y and Mack mRIDE are designed specifically for what customers have told us they need to be successful,” said John Walsh, Mack vice president of marketing. “Both of these suspensions benefit from our Mack proprietary axles, which provide even greater stability and fuel efficiency.”
Design of Mack Twin Y Key to Improved Control, Stability
Customer field tested for more than three million miles and available on the MACK® Pinnacle™ Axle Back and Axle Forward models, the MACK Twin Y features MACK® S38 and S40 series axles with C125/126 and C150/151 carriers.
The design of the Mack Twin Y air suspension includes two stamped high-strength steel Y-shaped blades per wheel end. The Twin Y blades are joined to the axle with both upper and lower axle seats, which greatly reduces suspension windup and significantly improves tire traction and braking control.
The axle seats are clamped to the axle housing by Huck U-bolts on both sides and never need to be re-torqued.
Bushings in the upper and lower axle seats offer greater roll control and deliver easier handling and a more comfortable ride. Lighter weight and non-torque reactive, the Twin Y requires less maintenance and extends tire and component life, significantly improving customer ROI.
The Twin Y’s design means the load on the suspension is entirely on the air ride and not on the pivot bushing.
“The industry has never before seen an air suspension system engineered like the Mack Twin Y,” said Jerry Warmkessel, Mack marketing product manager for on-highway. “Offered with Mack axles for even greater fuel efficiency, the Twin Y air suspension sets the bar for the industry. Our customers demand a good ride at a competitive cost and lower weight. We’re offering all of that and more with the Mack Twin Y.”
Mack mRIDE for the Tough, Vocational Applications
The Mack mRIDE spring suspension, paired with the Mack C150/151 series axle carriers, delivers superior performance for vocational applications and is available on the MACK Granite®, Titan by MACK, Mack Pinnacle Axle Forward and the MACK TerraPro™ model trucks.
The use of spring leafs over four separate rubber block packs offer stability and articulation, while also allowing the needed clearance for larger tires and brake components required in construction and vocational applications.
In addition to being lighter than other spring suspensions, the mRIDE delivers a smoother ride, improved stability and greater ground clearance over difficult terrain. The Mack mRIDE provides constant ground contact for all wheels over its articulation range, which in turn maximizes traction on any jobsite. 
The parallel pinion angles of the Mack axles extend the driveline joint life. Coupled with the greaseless mRIDE suspension, the offering boasts easier maintenance and is easier to align, contributing to reduced customer maintenance costs.
“The completely integrated drivetrain offered by a Mack MP engine, Mack transmission, Mack axles and now the Mack mRIDE suspension creates superior performance, stability and handling,” said Curtis Dorwart, Mack vocational marketing product manager. “Mack vocational customers can count on mRIDE-equipped trucks to absorb more of the rough work on jobsites, keeping drivers more comfortable and productive.”
For more information on the Mack Twin Y Air Suspension and Mack mRIDE, please visit Mack booth no. 30245 during the 2013 Mid-America Trucking Show at the Kentucky Exposition Center, Louisville, Ky. March 21-23.
The lightweight and low-maintenance MACK® Twin Y™ Air Suspension
provides best-in-class ride and handling.
The MACK® mRIDE spring suspension, paired with the MACK® C150 /151
axle carriers, delivers superior performance for vocational applications.
Dedicated to quality, reliability, and total customer satisfaction, Mack Trucks, Inc. has provided its customers with innovative transportation solutions for more than a century.  Today, Mack is one of North America’s largest producers of heavy-duty trucks and MACK® trucks are sold and serviced through an extensive distribution network in more than 45 countries.  Mack trucks and diesel engines sold in North America are assembled in the United States.  Mack manufacturing locations are certified to the internationally recognized ISO 9001 standard for quality and ISO 14001 standard for environmental management systems.  Mack is also a proud sponsor of Share the Road, an American Trucking Associations' public information campaign aimed at enhancing the safety of our nation’s roadways.
Mack Trucks, Inc. is part of the Volvo Group, one of the world's leading manufacturers of trucks, buses and construction equipment, and drive systems for marine and industrial applications.  The Group also provides complete solutions for financing and service.  The Volvo Group, which employs nearly 115,000 people, has production facilities in 20 countries and sells their products in more than 190 markets.  Volvo Group sales for 2011 amounted to $47.8 billion.  The Volvo Group is a publicly-held company headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden.  Volvo shares are listed on the OMX Nordic Exchange Stockholm and are traded OTC in the U.S.
For more information about Mack, visit our Web site at www.macktrucks.com


Renault Kangoo Z.E. - ecoVan of the Year 2013

For the full story go to Vans-of-the-Year-Awards-2013-ecoVOTY. Renault's all-electric Kangoo Z.E. has been voted the VansA2Z ecoVan of the year for the second consecutive year. Competition is hotting up, however, with the imminent arrival of the Citroën Berlingo/Peugeot Partner Electrique and Nissan's eNV200 at the beginning of 2014. www.VansA2Z.com

Truck U Reviews The Load'N'Go PowerBody

Truck U on the SPEED Channel hosts Matt Steele and Bruno Massel demonstrate the Load'N'Go Powerbody slip-on work truck tool box from Fleetwest Transferable Truck Bodies. The work truck industries original full size steel pickup truck utility - service body.

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All-new Ford Transit Custom -- International Van of the Year 2013

The all-new Transit Custom sets the benchmark for efficiency and loadspace, improves your productivity and will make a striking impression on your customers. So it fully merits the prestigious International Van of the Year award.

The CNG Advantage by Westport

The benefits of converting to a compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicle and the importance of selecting a Qualified Vehicle Modifier. See how Westport can help you save on your bottom line at http://www.westport.com.


Ford Transit Custom - Van of the Year 2013

For the full story go to http://www.vansa2z.com/Vans-of-the-Ye.... Ford 's new Transit Custom scoops the VansA2Z Best Small Panel Van and overall Van of the Year Awards for 2013. It also received the Innovation Award for its active and passive crash-protection safety features...

Spitzlift Plug and Play Portable Crane

William with Spitzlift shows us the plug and play hitch reciever attachment. See more at http://www.spitzlift.com


Vanair Manufacturing Product Enhancements

Jim goes over the latest inmprovements for the under vehicle PTO air compressor and generators.  See more at http://www.vanair.com


Spitzlift Crane Overload Protector - Spitzlift Cranes

Daniel gives a great demonstration of the new safety feature available from Spitzlift Cranes.  It prevents the cranes from being overloaded.  See more at http://www.spitzlift.com


Genair TEFC 125 - 185 CFM Air Compressor and AC Generator - Vanair

Jim gives a great demonstration about the Genair Air Compressor and AC Generator at the NTEA Work Truck Show in Indianapolis IN. See more at http://www.vanair.com


Echo Automotive Wins Work Truck Show 2013 Editors’ Choice Award for EchoDrive™ Hybrid System

FARMINGTON HILLS, MI (March 14, 2013) — Echo Automotive, Inc. (Anderson, IN), has won The Work Truck Show® 2013 Editors’ Choice Award for its new EchoDrive™ bolt-on hybrid electric kit for fleet vehicles.

EchoDrive beat out more than 120 other new products introduced at The Work Truck Show 2013, held March 6-8 at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis, IN. The system was selected by a panel of trade media editors and fleet managers looking for the most innovative product introduced through the show’s New Product Spotlight and New Product Media Guide programs.

Unlike other fuel efficiency solutions, EchoDrive does not replace the vehicle’s existing drivetrain. It includes an advanced battery system, electric motor, inverter and charger that provide additional energy and fit most vehicles with adapter plates and brackets. Modular battery packs allow fleets to customize the system to their needs and avoid waste. EchoDrive is cost-effective; users should be able to recoup their initial investments in 24 months or less, the company says.

“Receiving the NTEA Editors’ Choice award accentuates the tremendous efforts and results from a fantastic show we had at the NTEA event,” stated Jason Plotke, Echo president. “We view the receipt of this award as a significant third-party market validation that EchoDrive is being well received by the marketplace.”

At the Work Truck Show, Echo Automotive featured the system on the Ford E250 van. A cutaway model was displayed in the company’s booth and a working version was available for test drives as part of the Green Truck Ride-and-Drive.

For more information about Echo Automotive or the EchoDrive system, visit www.echoautomotive.com or call 212-671-1020.

Produced annually by the NTEA, The Work Truck Show brings together thousands of work truck industry professionals, including fleet managers, equipment buyers, maintenance personnel, manufacturers, distributors and dealers.

Connect with the NTEA on Facebook at www.facebook.com/NTEA.TheAssociationForTheWorkTruckIndustry, and Twitter at www.twitter.com/WorkTruckShow. The Work Truck Show 2014 returns to the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis March 5-7, 2014. Educational programming starts March 4. Online registration opens at NTEA.com in October. For more information, visit www.ntea.com or call 1-800-441-6832.

About NTEA
Established in 1964, NTEA, the Association for the Work Truck Industry, represents more than 1,500 companies that manufacture, distribute, install, sell and repair commercial trucks, truck bodies, truck equipment, trailers and accessories. Buyers of work trucks and the major commercial truck chassis manufacturers also belong to the Association. NTEA provides in-depth technical information, education, and member programs and services, and produces The Work Truck Show. The Association maintains its administrative headquarters in suburban Detroit and a government relations office in Washington, DC.

About Echo Automotive, Inc.
Echo Automotive, Inc., develops technologies and products designed for cost effective conversion of existing vehicles into fuel-efficient hybrids and plug-in hybrids. The key to Echo's strategy is the bolt-on nature of its solution that introduces little or, in some cases, almost no additional points of failure, making it low risk compared to competing solutions. For more information, please visit www.echoautomotive.com.

MACK Granite 4x2 - MACK Trucks

Curtis talks gives a great demonstration of the MACK Granite 4x2.  See more at http://www.macktrucks.com


New SumoSprings Improve Ford F550 and Ram 5500 Suspensions

Carpinteria, Calif. (March 11, 2013) SuperSprings International introduces new "fit-it-and-forget-it" suspension enhancements for two of the most versatile vocational trucks on the market. Rear SumoSprings, the company’s "airless airbags," are now available for the Ford F550 (P/N SSR-104) and Ram 5500 (P/N SSR-303).

Composed of microcellular urethane, SumoSprings increase load-carrying capacity, provide a smooth load engagement, reduce side-to-side body roll and improve ride. Unlike an airbag, they are completely maintenance-free and do not expand outward when compressed.

Since there is no air bladder, SumoSprings will never burst or sag due to leaks. Owners will never have to add air or maintain compressor lines. SumoSprings have been tested in the harshest environments and will perform in temperatures ranging from minus 25 F to 200 F.

"SumoSprings are truly a ‘fit-it-and-forget-it’ solution for fleets of all sizes," said Mike Visser, president of SuperSprings International. "They install easily and can be left untouched for the life of the vehicle. We’ve tested SumoSprings across a variety of industry platforms and found that the trucks tend to wear out before their SumoSprings do."

Introduced in 2009, SumoSprings are available in front and rear versions for trucks, SUVs and RVs. The new applications are mounted to the rear suspensions of the 2005-2013 Ford F550 and 2007-2013 Ram 5500 using the existing factory holes drilled for the OE bump stops. No additional drilling or fabrication is required. Typical installation takes an hour or less using standard tools.

"Since the SumoSprings urethane compound doesn’t change, designing the new applications was just a matter of figuring out how to best arrange the brackets," said Visser. "The F550 and 5500 are utilized in many industries and there’s a SumoSprings benefit for nearly every use. If you have a dump or flatbed truck, they level the vehicle when loaded and prevent harsh bottoming out. On heavy emergency, road-rail and tow trucks, SumoSprings reduce sag and side-to-side body roll. For armored vehicles, we frequently pair SumoSprings with our SuperSprings leaf spring enhancers. We even provide them in single packs for bucket and crane trucks that might only need support in one corner."

Some airbag-replacement products utilize rubber, but microcellular urethane has multiple advantages. It progressively compresses under load, providing the best possible ride in all conditions. Each SumoSpring can be compressed by 80 percent of its original height with full memory rebound, offering better performance and long-term durability than competing systems. Plus, SumoSprings cost significantly less than their rubber counterparts.

SuperSprings International offers fleets a 30-day evaluation program. Fleets interested in trying SumoSprings can test a set for 30 days. If not satisfied during that time, they can return it at no charge.

Other Rear SumoSprings applications are available for the Ford F250, F350, F450, E350 and E450; Ram 2500, 3500, 4500, Sprinter 2500 and Sprinter 3500; GMC/Chevrolet Sierra/Silverado 2500HD, 3500HD and Savana/Express 2500, 3500 and 4500. All SumoSprings are made in the U.S.A.

For more information about SumoSprings or any of the other suspension-enhancing products available for work trucks from SuperSprings International, visit www.supersprings.com or call (866) 898-0720.

About SuperSprings International
SuperSprings International produces a full line of suspension-enhancing products for load-carrying vehicles. The company was founded in 1996 to manufacture the original SuperSpring self-adjusting leaf suspension stabilizer, and later expanded to include microcellular urethane components. The urethane is utilized in SumoSprings "airless airbags" and SuperSway-Stops. SuperSprings International is based in Carpinteria, Calif. It is a member of the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) and the NTEA.

Snowquester Can’t Freeze The Work Truck Show® 2013: Event Sees Second-Best Attendance in History

95 Percent of Exhibit Space Already Sold for 2014 Show
FARMINGTON HILLS, MI (March 13, 2013) — They called it the "Snowquester," the winter storm that roared across the United States early last week, closing roads, cancelling flights and cutting power from the Midwest to the Mid-Atlantic. But all that snow couldn’t put the work truck and equipment industry on ice. Despite losing some attendees who couldn’t make it to Indianapolis due to the weather, The Work Truck Show 2013 was a major success. The show was bigger than ever in terms of exhibit space and educational programming. A total verified attendance of 10,351 was the second-highest in NTEA history, just 51 people short of the record set in 2012.

Produced annually by the NTEA, The Work Truck Show was held at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis, IN, March 6-8, with educational sessions kicking off March 5. The Green Truck Summit, jointly produced by NTEA and CALSTART, was held in conjunction with The Work Truck Show March 5-6.

"The NTEA is proud to provide the industry’s ultimate platform for sharing new work truck products and cultivating business relationships," says Steve Carey, NTEA executive director. "It is clear that The Work Truck Show has truly become the single most important forum for work truck professionals throughout North America. With a record level of exhibitor booths already sold for the 2014 show, we are confident that the industry is again poised for growth in the upcoming year."

New product introductions played a significant role in creating buzz at The Work Truck Show 2013. With more than 120 products debuting at the event, two major product categories dominated the news: vans and fuel-saving technology. Commercial vans were shown by Chevrolet & GMC Commercial Truck, Daimler Vans USA LLC, Ford Commercial Truck, Nissan North America and Ram Trucks & Commercial Vehicles. Dozens of companies featured "green technology," including alternative fuels and technologies to improve commercial vehicle fuel efficiency. For example, Allison Transmission Inc. introduced a new hybrid transmission, ECHO Automotive unveiled its EchoDrive™ bolt-on hybrid electric kit for fleet vehicles, eNow Inc. introduced solar panels for trucks, Green Alternative Systems and ROUSH CleanTech debuted a propane-powered Ford F-550 chassis cab, and SmartDrive Systems showed its enhanced SmartDrive Fuel program.

Work Truck Show 2013 attendees checked out the latest vocational trucks, vans, equipment and accessories from more than 520 exhibitors covering more than 500,000 square feet of exhibit space. Exhibitor demand has led show organizer NTEA to further expand the exhibit floor in 2014. More than 95 percent of display space for The Work Truck Show 2014 has already been sold.

The Work Truck Show 2014 returns to the Indiana Convention Center March 5-7, 2014, with educational programming and the Green Truck Summit kicking off March 4. Online registration opens at NTEA.com in October.

For more information, visit www.ntea.com or call 1-800-441-6832. You can also connect with the NTEA on Facebook at www.facebook.com/NTEA, TheAssociationForTheWorkTruckIndustry, and Twitter at twitter.com/WorkTruckShow.

About NTEA
Established in 1964, NTEA, the Association for the Work Truck Industry, represents more than 1,550 companies that manufacture, distribute, install, sell and repair commercial trucks, truck bodies, truck equipment, trailers and accessories. Buyers of work trucks and the major commercial truck chassis manufacturers also belong to the Association. NTEA provides in-depth technical information, education, and member programs and services, and produces The Work Truck Show. The Association maintains its administrative headquarters in suburban Detroit and a government relations office in Washington, DC.

Mercedes-Benz Platform Works Like A Pickup

From the 2013 Work Truck Show, PickupTrucks.com's Mark Williams takes a look at some of the work vehicles on display at the Mercedes-Benz booth, including the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and 1960's L319. See more at www.pickuptrucks.com


Air N Arc I300 - Vanair - NTEA 2013

Dean gives us a great demonstration of the all new Air N Arc I300 from Vanair.  See more at http://www.vanair.com


Seattle Bakery Delivers With Biodiesel Trucks

Discover how Essential Baking Company in Seattle, Washington, relies on biodiesel delivery trucks.


249 Series Power Take Off - Parker Chelsea

Jeff demonstrates how Parker has developed a PTO that is much quieter than other models on the market.  See more at http://www.phtruck.com


Air Bags and Load Stabilization For Commercial Trucks

Commercial trucks such as a flatbed, gooseneck or 5th wheel bed, dump body, service body, and others, are often carrying a lot of weight. Once fully loaded, the vehicle may tend to sag and sway while driving from that extra weight. This can put stress on your suspension.

There are two solutions. One, take the extra weight off, or two, find a way to help stabilize the temporary load. The choice that is often made is the addition of Firestone Air Bags. With up to 5000 lbs. of load support to help stabilize your load, they work along with your main suspension to keep your truck moving smoothly and safely on the road. The Firestone Air Bags also give you the ability to adjust the air pressure from side to side, which can be helpful for those occasional odd shaped loads where one part is heavier than the other.

Suspension Air Bags are very easy to install, and in most cases will not require any drilling. The air pressure can easily be adjusted based on the weight you are carrying to give you the best leveling and most ride comfort. You can also add an onboard compressor with a control in the cab to quickly and easily adjust the air bag pressure.

Firestone Air Bags can be an excellent and inexpensive solution to help stabilize your loads whether it is from material or the addition of a load such as a trailer.

Genair TEFC 125 - 185 CFM Air Compressor and AC Generator - Vanair

Jim gives a great demonstration about the Genair Air Compressor and AC Generator.  See more at http://www.vanair.com


Crosswind Assist for Mercedes Benz Sprinter Vans

New safety technology - At the Tec Forum 2013, Mercedes-Benz presented new assistant systems. The Crosswind Assist for Van. A World premiere.

(Read more on myvan.com: "New Assistant Systems for vans".) www.myvan.com


ROUSH CleanTech and Green Alternative Systems Unveil New

Additional vehicle options fill growing demand
for clean, economical alternative fuel

INDIANAPOLIS (March 7, 2013) — ROUSH CleanTech and Green Alternative Systems (GAS) revealed the new Ford F-550 chassis cab powered by clean, economical propane autogas at the NTEA Work Truck Show yesterday.

With more than 65 usable gallons, this vehicle offers the longest driving range of any dedicated alternative fuel counterpart on the market. The fuel tank sits between the frame rails and behind the aft axle. Customizable to carry up to 33 passengers as a shuttle, the Ford F-550 also suits the delivery, construction, transit and utility markets. Equipped with a 6.8-liter, V10 engine, the propane autogas alternative fuel system is available beginning with 2013 model year vehicles or newer.

GAS, a certified Ford Qualified Vehicle Modifier (QVM) installer, designs mounting hardware, handles packaging strategy and integrates ROUSH CleanTech propane autogas fuel system technology into the F-550 chassis cab. The vehicles maintain the factory Ford warranty and the same horsepower, torque and towing capacity as their gasoline counterparts.

“Partnering with Ford QVM installers allows us the flexibility to launch products faster and package our fuel system to fit customer needs,” said Todd Mouw, vice president of sales and marketing for ROUSH CleanTech. “With gas and diesel prices soaring, companies looking for an alternative fuel that doesn’t compromise functionality will see significant savings to their bottom line using this cleaner-burning, American fuel.”

Fleet professionals running propane autogas vehicles can expect to save at least 40 percent on the price of fuel and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 25 percent compared to gasoline. When compared to diesel, propane autogas emits significantly fewer smog-producing hydrocarbons; eliminates particulate matter by virtually 100 percent; and, due to less carbon buildup, propane engines tend to last much longer than diesel engines. Plus, propane autogas delivers the largest refueling network of any alternative fuel in the nation with thousands of public fueling stations located across the country. 

“This is a monumental new product release for the fleet industry,” said Sean Connolly, general manager of GAS. “With an industry-leading fuel capacity, this dedicated propane autogas vehicle fills the gap for a reliable alternative fuel option for this commonly used application.”

Working together to expand propane autogas product offerings for a variety of markets, the two companies previously announced the GAS F-59 propane autogas fueling system by ROUSH CleanTech for the Ford F-59 and F-53 stripped chassis. Each of these platforms is available for order through GAS, with production and delivery starting in late May 2013.

About Green Alternative Systems: Headquartered in Elkhart, Ind., Green Alternative Systems (GAS) designs, converts and installs dedicated propane and alternative fuel systems for buses, trucks and commercial vehicles. GAS is the largest commercial alternative fuel upfitter in the country, offering dedicated propane fueling systems from ROUSH CleanTech. GAS has an educated and well-trained team of sales and service personnel located at facilities across the country. Complete details can be found online at greenalternativesystems.com or by calling 877.686.9448.

About ROUSH CleanTech: ROUSH CleanTech, an industry leader of alternative fuel vehicle technology, is a division of ROUSH Enterprises based in Livonia, Mich. ROUSH CleanTech designs, engineers, manufactures and installs propane autogas fuel system technology for light- and medium-duty Ford commercial vehicles, and Type A and Type C Blue Bird school buses. As a Ford QVM-certified alternative fuel vehicle manufacturer, ROUSH CleanTech delivers economical, clean and domestically produced fueling options for fleets across the country. Learn more at ROUSHcleantech.com or by calling 800.59.ROUSH. 

All-New Ford Transit Chassis Cab and Cutaway Versions Join Widest Range of Commercial Chassis Offerings

  • All-new Ford Transit chassis cab and cutaway variations join the nation’s best-selling lineup of commercial vehicles, giving Ford customers best-in-class fuel economy, the segment’s lowest cost of ownership and increased capability
  • Ford offers the industry’s broadest lineup of chassis, chassis cab and cutaway configurations, adaptability that enables commercial customers to better optimize vehicles to specific needs and tasks
  • Ford Transit chassis cab and cutaway models will be built at the company’s Kansas City assembly plant
DEARBORN, Mich., March 5, 2013 – Ford Motor Company announced today the introduction of the all-new Transit chassis cab and cutaway models, engineered to tackle an almost unlimited variety of specialized jobs and vocations.
Transit chassis cab features an enclosed passenger compartment and bare frame ready to accept aftermarket body modules ranging from custom cargo delivery to utility body. Transit cutaway is similar to the chassis cab, but with the rear of the passenger compartment open so it can be paired with specialty body modules such as shuttle or school bus bodies.
The chassis cab and cutaway will be offered in three wheelbases, 138, 156 or 178 inches, and gross vehicle weight ratings from 9,000 pounds to 10,360 pounds.
“No other automaker offers the variety and adaptability that Ford Motor Company brings to our commercial customers,” said Len Deluca, director, Ford Commercial Vehicles. “Transit’s best-in-class capabilities are combined with an extensive nationwide network of commercial upfitters to provide an unparalleled number of body choices to suit almost any job.”
Transit chassis cab and cutaway models join the industry’s broadest lineup of commercial chassis, which include E-Series cutaway and stripped chassis, F-Series Super Duty chassis cab, F-650 and F-750 medium-duty chassis cab and F-59 stripped chassis.
Power of choice
Transit offers a range of fuel-efficient engines, including a standard 3.7-liter V6, the same award-winning 3.5-liter EcoBoost® engine proven in the Ford F-150, and an all-new 3.2-liter Power Stroke® Diesel option.
Ford will offer the Transit 3.7-liter V6 with a compressed natural gas/liquid propane gas (CNG/LPG) prep kit to assist customers running their vehicles with these abundant, affordable, clean fuels. This 3.7-liter V6 is also engineered for optimal performance with E85 flex- fuel capability.
Each fuel-conscious engine is paired with a six-speed automatic transmission for efficient rear-wheel-drive operation.
Transit tested tough
The foundation for Transit cutaway and chassis cab variants is an innovative uni-ladder structure that combines the cab with a durable girder frame. The fully welded platform underpins 100 percent of the cab area, with frame rails reaching from the front to the rear bumper mounts.
Extensive use of high-strength steel in the frame, delivering up to 50,700 psi of rigidity, helps shoulder heavy loads while high-strength boron steel in the cab structure helps improve safety.
To increase adaptability, the high-strength steel uni-ladder frame can be extended with support plates, allowing an upfiltted body to accommodate additional cargo through extended length.
This extra-length body support is the result of the Ford Transit development team listening closely to fleet customer needs, responding with thoughtful engineering features that make the versatile Transit platform even more adaptable.
Transit cutaway and chassis cab models can be specified with a factory-installed towing package including hitch and lighting connections, as well as a prewire package for upfitted body lighting.
The cab area and uni-ladder frame rails of cutaway and chassis cab Transit models have been reinforced with boron to add strength and save weight, before treatment with advanced anti-corrosion coatings for maximum durability.
The all-new Ford Transit has been tested to the same standards as the legendary E-Series commercial vehicles at Ford’s proving grounds and in the hands of real-world fleet customers in North America.
# # #
About Ford Motor Company 
Ford Motor Company, a global automotive industry leader based in Dearborn, Mich., manufactures or distributes automobiles across six continents. With about 171,000 employees and 65 plants worldwide, the company’s automotive brands include Ford and Lincoln. The company provides financial services through Ford Motor Credit Company. For more information regarding Ford and its products worldwide, please visit http://corporate.ford.com.



Venchurs' partnership with Knapheide will allow the Ford QVM
to not only offer CNG conversions, but also better meet the needs of fleets,
providing betterments and upfits as a one-stop shop.  

Adrian, MI (March, 2013)— Venchurs Vehicle Systems, a CNG converter and QVM for Ford, announced at the Work Truck Show (booth #645) its new partnership with Knapheide. As the nation's premier producer of steel service truck bodies, this partnership with Knapheide will allow Venchurs to offer CNG conversions, service bodies and other betterments for Ford F-250 and F-350 trucks. Venchurs will also utilize Knapheide's relationship with Sortimo, the global leader in van upfits and organization, to provide customized storage solutions for the 2014 Transit Connect and Transit. 

"We want to meet all the needs of our fleet customer, and that means offering more than just the CNG conversion." said Jeff Wyatt, CEO of Venchurs Vehicle Systems. "Thus far we have been able to offer betterments such as suspensions, bumpers, wheels and tires, but this partnership with Knapheide allows us to round out our portfolio, offering service bodies and customized storage solutions."

With unmatched technology and unparalleled customer support and service, Venchurs offers the ultimate solution for fleets wanting CNG powered trucks. While the CNG dedicated model is a fit for those located in areas of heavy infrastructure, the bi-fuel model offers a combined total range of over 650 miles and on-the-fly switching between fuel type capabilities. Because Venchurs is a QVM, the original Ford warranty stays intact and the conversions can be financed through Ford Credit. 

Venchurs has a ship-thru facility in Louisville, Kentucky, as well as a remote ship-thru facility in Southeast Michigan. Venchurs will also utilize Knapheide's ship-thru facility in Kansas City, where the Ford Transit and F150 will be produced.   

“We’re excited about expanding our CNG offerings with Venchurs Vehicle Systems”, said Chris Weiss, VP of Engineering at Knapheide. “It gives us the opportunity to provide quality and cost effective solutions to meet our customer’s needs.”

Companies interested in adding CNG Ford F-250s or F-350s to their fleets are invited to apply for Venchurs’ short term loaner program, where they can put the converted trucks to the test. For additional information, please visit www.VenchursCNG.com or call 855-264-4300.

Venchurs Inc., located in Adrian, Michigan, has been serving the automotive OEM and aftermarket industries for more than 40 years, specializing in kit-packaging, order management, and service based logistics as a successful minority owned business. Combining employee longevity with industry experience, Venchurs provides high quality products and exceptional customer service. Their newest division, Venchurs Vehicle Systems, consists of VVS Conversions, a commercial upfitter specializing in CNG conversions as a Qualified Vehicle Modifier for Ford Motor Company and VWerks, a specialty vehicle builder and off road parts manufacturer that operates directly with both dealers and consumers.  For more information visit www.Venchurs.com or www.VenchursVehicles.com


US Utility Purchases Over $500,000 of Inverters from Go Power! by Carmanah for Large Utility Fleet

GP_fleet install.jpg
VICTORIA, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA (March 6, 2013) Carmanah Technologies (TSX:CMH) announces that a major Utility in the United States is equipping its fleet of service and repair vehicles with the company’s proprietary Go Power!™ brand inverters.  Able to respond to a unique challenge the Utility was having in outfitting their existing fleets with pure sine wave inverters, Go Power! answered the call with a custom fit solution valued at over $500,000.

The customized Go Power! inverter solution was chosen as the lighter and more compact contender with a competitively-driven price. The system allows drivers to power tools or office equipment without the use of grid-power by drawing directly from the vehicle’s battery bank. Go Power! has provided complete inverter power solutions for a variety of fleet, utility and work trucks across North America. Go Power! has also been featured in Canada’s Go Tire mobile fleet, recently seen on CBC’s reality show, Dragon’s Den.

“The Go Power! team was instrumental in helping us design a power solution for our vehicles and they supplied a fantastic product. Their customized solution is a great fit for us” says a representative from the Utility fleet’s upfitting provider, who is responsible for the installation. 

Bruce Cousins, Carmanah CEO, comments, “With the strong market share position and proven performance of the Go Power brand, we are now able to leverage this brand equity into fleet sales. Such large orders represent an increasing percentage of our revenue base.”

Carmanah’s Go Power!™ team will be exhibiting their power inverter product line at the following national trade shows: The Work Truck Show, March 6 – 8, Booth 5764; Mid-America Trucking Show, March 21 - 23, Booth 65181 and NAFA Fleet Management Association’s Institute and Expo, April 24 – 25, Booth 722. For more information, please contact Mike Stephens at mstephens@carmanah.com.

About Carmanah Technologies Corporation (TSX: CMH)
Carmanah Technologies Corporation is a global provider of renewable and energy-efficient technologies. The Company’s proprietary brand, Go Power! is a leader in the mobile, solar power industry with more than 15 years of experience in the RV and fleet truck market. Go Power! by Carmanah is one of North America’s most popular and recognized brands in solar power for both recreational and industrial use. Products include solar charging kits, pure and modified sine wave inverters and solar power accessories. Carmanah is a publicly traded company, with common shares listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol "CMH”. For more information, visit www.carmanah.com.


New 4x4 Configuration Rounds Out Company’s
Class 4/5 Offering, Demonstrating Maximum Durability
INDIANAPOLIS – March 6, 2013 – At a press event today at the National Truck Equipment Association (NTEA) Work Truck Show, Navistar showcased its production-ready International® TerraStar® 4x4 commercial truck—one of the company’s newest additions to its comprehensive Class 5-8 product portfolio.
            Launched in 2010 in a 4x2 configuration, the International TerraStar took center stage giving work truck buyers an exciting new product with a wide range of commercial duty features not offered in other trucks. Now, the 4x4 enables International Truck to capitalize on the other half of the market, so TerraStar is poised to win over an even broader range of customers.
            “The TerraStar is the smaller sibling to the DuraStar, the best selling medium duty model throughout the past two decades, leveraging the same platform and commercial grade components,” said Jack Allen, Navistar’s president, North American Truck and Parts. “The TerraStar shares the same rugged, durable and hardworking DNA, making it in a class unto itself. The TerraStar 4x4 will deliver additional commercial duty capability for a wide range of customer needs, including construction, utility, landscape, and other off-highway applications.”
TerraStar Features
At the heart of the TerraStar 4x4 is its 300 horsepower, 6.8-liter V-8 engine, delivering 660 lb.-ft. torque. This engine features a compacted graphite iron (CGI) block which offers high strength without added weight.
With 38 percent more visibility and 30 percent more cab interior space than the competition, the TerraStar also offers outstanding maneuverability in even the tightest work environments. In addition, the commercial grade TerraStar cab, available in extended cab or crew cab configurations, is designed to be more durable than the competition and is constructed with double-sided, galvanized high-strength steel protected by a 5-step professional grade coating process to resist corrosion.
The TerraStar includes the International Diamond Logic® electrical system, one of the most advanced electrical multiplexing architectures available in commercial trucks. With Diamond Logic, the engine, transmission, instrument panel and other vehicle components continually communicate with each other electronically. By monitoring critical vehicle functions and relaying information to the driver in real-time, Diamond Logic ensures safe, efficient vehicle operation. Diamond Logic delivers a number of smart, customizable features for added convenience and safety—such as automated pre-trip inspections, headlights on with wipers, automatically engaged safety interlocks, programmable switches and more depending on the application.
International TerraStar 4x4 Features Include:
  • Allison Optimized 1000 Series transmission
  •  Fabco TC-28 gear-driven transfer case—the only gear-driven transfer case in its class
  • 6.8-liter MaxxForce® 7 V-8 engine with up to 300 horsepower
  • International® Ride-Optimizes Suspension (IROS) air suspension system
  • Longer 138- and 150-inch  CA offerings w/ standard cab to accommodate 18- and 20-foot bodies
  • Aluminum step package and stainless steel fuel tank straps
  • Commercial style tilt-away hood provides easy access to engine compartment for routine service and scheduled maintenance.
  • Best-in-class 80,000 PSI frame rails and huck-bolted frame ensures maximum strength
  • Commercial grade cab designed to be more durable and resist cracking under heavy loads
A Class Unto Itself
Offering the performance and durability expected from the International brand, the TerraStar 4x4 is designed to last twice as long as the pick-up truck platforms offered by competitors. It boasts huck-bolted cross-members that deliver best in-class frame rail strength of 80,000 psi, a commercial-duty Allison Optimized 1000 Series transmission for maximum power output, and a Fabco TC-28 gear driven transfer case—the only gear driven transfer case in the market.
For decades, Fabco has been the leader in all-wheel-drive transfer cases and steer drive axles for medium- and heavy- duty vehicles. The forged helical gearing and roller bearings give extraordinary high torque and horsepower capacities while offering a quiet and smooth driving experience. A precision, cast iron housing offers rugged durability with optimized weight.
Matched with 6.8-liter V-8 engine power for a winning combination of power, performance,  and reliability, the Allison Optimized 1000 Series transmission features Shift Energy Management (SEM), Load-Based Shifting Scheduling (LBSS) and Automatic “Neutral” for simplified operations and greater powertrain durability.
About Navistar
Navistar International Corporation (NYSE: NAV) is a holding company whose subsidiaries and affiliates produce International® brand commercial and military trucks, MaxxForce® brand diesel engines, IC Bus brand school and commercial buses and Navistar RV brands of recreational vehicles. It also is a private-label designer and manufacturer of diesel engines for the pickup truck, van and SUV markets. The company also provides truck and diesel engine service parts. Another affiliate offers financing services. Additional information is available at