Air Bags and Load Stabilization For Commercial Trucks

Commercial trucks such as a flatbed, gooseneck or 5th wheel bed, dump body, service body, and others, are often carrying a lot of weight. Once fully loaded, the vehicle may tend to sag and sway while driving from that extra weight. This can put stress on your suspension.

There are two solutions. One, take the extra weight off, or two, find a way to help stabilize the temporary load. The choice that is often made is the addition of Firestone Air Bags. With up to 5000 lbs. of load support to help stabilize your load, they work along with your main suspension to keep your truck moving smoothly and safely on the road. The Firestone Air Bags also give you the ability to adjust the air pressure from side to side, which can be helpful for those occasional odd shaped loads where one part is heavier than the other.

Suspension Air Bags are very easy to install, and in most cases will not require any drilling. The air pressure can easily be adjusted based on the weight you are carrying to give you the best leveling and most ride comfort. You can also add an onboard compressor with a control in the cab to quickly and easily adjust the air bag pressure.

Firestone Air Bags can be an excellent and inexpensive solution to help stabilize your loads whether it is from material or the addition of a load such as a trailer.

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