Little Black Truck Coffee Co Thinks Big

Gerry Faulkner knew he’d unearthed the seed of a good idea when he began teasing out plans to reinvent the way mobile coffee was served in Australia.

A veteran of the outdoor entertainment industry, Gerry had grown accustomed to the snaking coffee lines confronting punters at events from Cairns to Adelaide – and the frustration it spawned.

The common problem, he found, was that every mobile coffee stall featured a single espresso machine to service thousands of people on-site.

Gerry proposed a simple solution to the problem.

He chose to fabricate a mobile coffee van, based on the Isuzu NNR 200 cab chassis, and equip it with two espresso machines to cut waiting times for coffee at events throughout Victoria.

And so the Little Black Truck Coffee Co was born.

"The idea was that we could come to an event and set up our system with two machines running," Gerry said.

"We really rotate the crowds through and cut down the lines you see at these big events.

"So far we’ve had an extremely positive response from event organisers, clubs and associations. In fact, we’ve recently picked up some large contracts for Melbourne-based events and an exclusive coffee deal with the Otway Odyssey 100km Mountain Bike Marathon."

Gerry’s first exposure to the Isuzu brand came via his father’s transport business.

Based in Warrnambool, Whaler’s Freight has an enduring relationship with Isuzu Trucks and this was a key driver behind Gerry’s decision to purchase one for his start-up business venture.

"When I entered the market for a truck I had an open mind, but after weighing up the pros and cons of each, Isuzu was a clear winner," Gerry said.

"I needed a twin cab to transport staff to and from events, and the Isuzu NNR 200 stood out from the crowd. Unlike its competitors, the Isuzu handles like a car, and my wife Genevieve is able to drive it."

Gerry purchased his NNR 200 from Winter & Taylor in Geelong, commissioning a Portland firm to manufacture the truck body.

Nine months of design and preparation work was well over what he’d initially planned, but he says the result was worth the wait.

"It’s a steel-framed body with aluminium cladding and total stainless steel finish inside," Gerry said.

"We have fresh and gray water storage, two espresso machines and grinders, blenders, and two fridges with 300 litres of storage.

"It’s fully self-contained and we use a generator so we’re well equipped for big events."

The Little Black Truck Coffee Co is based in Warrnambool and services events throughout Victoria.

With a host of spring and summer events and festivals on the horizon, Gerry and his crew certainly have their hands full.

You’ll find the Little Black Truck Coffee Co applying its winning formula to keep organisers and punters happy at the local football, thoroughbred races, cycling events, product launches and more.

"We’re a one-of-a-kind business in Australia and we offer something over and above the competition," Gerry said.

"It’s not just the two espresso machines, it’s also our service, professionalism and use of an LCD television to display event-orientated videos or corporate sponsorship logos.

"At the end of the day, event organisers want customers coming back each year. We’re mindful of this and work to keep everyone happy with fast, quality espresso coffee from our new Isuzu NNR 200."

For more information, contact details and bookings go to http://www.littleblacktruckcoffeeco.com.au/.

To see more about Isuzu Trucks in Australia, go to http://www.isuzu.com.au/.


Isuzu Diesel Reaffirms Commitment To Agricultural Innovation

Isuzu Diesel engines will be the force behind a revolutionary new crop harvesting invention with new developers recently confirming their support for the motor.

A family trust, headed by 25-year-old Western Australian diesel mechanic Kevin Crane, purchased CGS Engineering earlier this year, and with it the contract to commercialise the Harrington Seed Destructor.

A uniquely Australian invention that destroys weed seeds during harvest, the project is funded and run by the Grain Research and Development Corporation (GRDC), owners of the destructor’s patent.

Mr Crane says upon taking over the project he looked into other engine options, but continued to use the 200 horsepower 4HK1 diesel engine because “it’s a good motor”.

“They’re excellent engines, really simple to install, and they have good remote control systems,” Mr Crane said. “When we took over the project, the GRDC said as long as we’re happy relying on Isuzu diesel engines then we should continue to use them – so we did.”

Since then, his team has redesigned the entire engine bay so now everything is bought from Isuzu and is bolted in with ease.

“Use of the 4HK1 diesel engine has led to a significant reduction in vibration compared to previous models used, putting us that one step closer to commercialisation,” Mr Crane said.

Engine modifications, including bigger holes in the radiator and a larger air filter, have assisted the team to increase airflow and prevent blockages in the dry and dusty conditions.

Isuzu Industrial and Marine Engines Manager Dean Whitford is a key supporter of the project and is called upon to assist with engine modifications.

“Naturally there have been some hurdles along the way, particularly due to the harsh environment this equipment operates in, but we’ve been able to help them overcome these,” he said.

“It’s an exciting project to be involved in, one that will revolutionise crop management in this country.”

The Kojonup-based enterprise 256 km south-east of Perth, has four prototypes fitted with Isuzu engine technology.

In conjunction with the Western Australia Herbicide Resistance Initiative, testing is continuing in various locations including the state’s northern wheat belt.

Provided testing is successful, Mr Crane expects a limited commercial release of models to be available in two years.
See more about Isuzu Trucks in Australia, at http://www.isuzu.com.au/.


Nor-Cal Mobility Max Van Conversion

This is a presentation by Ken Karasinski of Nor-Cal Mobility of the Ford Full Size Nor-Cal Mobility Max Van.

From their website: "Nor-Cal Vans has engineered an innovative mobility conversion that takes full advantage of the room, the reliability and the strength that only a full-sized van can offer. Our Nor-Cal MAX and PLUS adaptive conversions provide the ultimate in interior headroom and visibility, entryway clearance and interior space, foot room and load-carrying capacity. Ford vans, the most extensively used full-sized vans in the industry, are ideal for a raised roof, raised doors and extensive lowered floor modifications."

This video was made by Terry Minion using a Flip camera at a Nor Cal Ford Truck Club event in October of 2010.

Contact Nor-Cal Mobility at 530-893-1111 in Chico, CA and their website is http://www.norcalmobility.com/.


Ready-To-Work Tradepacks An Easy Choice For Independent Cranes

Melbourne company, Independent Cranes, has been specialising in mobile crane hire and heavy haulage for the past 25 years, and while the heavy lifting is left to the large machinery, it's important the cranes have help in getting to the job site.

To assist the company's heavy haulage division, Independent Cranes has recently taken delivery of two Isuzu Tradepack models, an NPR 200 and an NPR 275.

According to Independent Cranes General Manager, Darren Stevens, the two new trucks serve a variety of purposes.

"The Tradepacks are put to use escorting cranes and over-dimensional loads around Victoria. They also help the cranes cart chains and other heavy duty equipment," Mr Stevens said.

With the NPR 200 and NPR 275 offering Gross Vehicle Masses (GVM) of 4,500 kilograms and 5,500 kilograms respectively, carrying the weight of heavy loads is not a struggle.

Mr Stevens said the decision to purchase the Isuzu Tradepacks was prompted by his prior experience with the brand and the convenience of a 'ready-to-work' body.

"We are very happy with the performance of the older two Isuzu trucks in our fleet and we purchased the new Tradepacks with bodies already fitted, so the convenience factor was there."

Isuzu Tradepacks models incorporate secure storage compartments with a regular tray and models provide far more load space and practicality than a traditional ute.

"The Isuzu NPR 200 and 275 Tradepacks offer more than enough power for our applications, and all of my workers can drive the NPR 200 with a car licence, which provides flexibility.

"Some of the best features of the Isuzu Tradepacks are their low maintenance costs and extremely good tyre wear.

"The reliability and versatility of the Isuzu Tradepack places the trucks second to none in the light duty market.

"Based on the performance of the two new trucks I would definitely consider adding further Isuzu Tradepacks to the Independent Cranes fleet," Mr Stevens said.

See more about Isuzu Trucks in Australia, at http://www.isuzu.com.au/.


U.S.Marines Latest Customer To Add All-Electric Smith Electric Trucks To Fleet

Video footage of the Smith Electric Truck Facility In Kansas City

Smith Electric Vehicles US Corporation has sold two all-electric Smith Newton trucks to the United States Marine Corps. USMC becomes the first military organisation to order Smith Newtons through the Government Services Administration (GSA) schedule; a list of approved suppliers to Federal government agencies. Smith Electric will deliver the trucks to Camp Pendleton, Calif., the Corps' largest West Coast training facility, and home of the First Marine Expeditionary Force.

"We're proud to be part of the Marine Corps' efforts to create a cleaner environment and improve energy efficiency at Camp Pendleton," said Bryan Hansel, President and CEO of Smith Electric. "The Marines are setting a strong example for the other branches of our armed services as we all work together to address America's energy and efficiency concerns."

A September report by the Center for a New American Security recommended in the interest of financial and security concerns that America's armed forces set a goal of operating all of its systems on non-petroleum fuels by 2040. The Marine Corps has already set out to reduce it energy use 30 percent by 2015 and increase its reliance on renewable electrical energy to 25 percent by 2025.

Smith Electric produces the Newton, which is the only medium duty (class 4-7) all-electric commercial truck on the GSA schedule. The trucks will be built in Smith Electric's Kansas City, Mo., plant, and are scheduled for delivery to Camp Pendleton in February 2011.

The Newton delivers a top speed of 55 mph (88km/h) and offers end users battery ranges from 50 to 120 miles (80km-192km) on a single charge, ideal for urban deliveries, utilities and personnel transport applications. Smith vehicles are powered by the latest in Lithium-ion battery cell technology, power management and direct drive trains. They produce zero emissions and are virtually silent.

The Marine Corps is the first military organisation to incorporate Smith Newtons into its fleet. In doing so, it joins some of North America's largest fleet operators, including Frito-Lay, Staples, Coke, AT&T and PG&E, which have already purchased all-electric Newtons to replace diesel trucks on urban routes.


Isuzu 11-Tonner Does The Work Of Two Trucks For Stoddart's, Giving Bigger AND Beter Payload

When Stoddart’s Fuels was looking to add to its fleet of vehicles, the Brampton based company wanted a truck with greater payload capacity but it still had to be compact enough to handle the accessibility issues when delivering the company’s coal and coal-related products throughout the rural regions of Cumbria.

Following the success of their first Isuzu 7.5t truck, originally purchased over four years ago, Stoddart’s decided to move up the weight range with the addition of the new hexapod cabbed Isuzu Forward F110.210 11 tonne, 4x2, rigid truck, featuring a 6-speed manual transmission system, and fitted with a 19ft aluminium flat bed body.

As Trevor Stoddart says, “Accessibility is a key issue for us because we deliver to so many customers that are located where the majority of heavier trucks simply can’t get to. The Isuzu 11 tonner is not much bigger in overall size than Isuzu’s 7.5 tonners and yet it gives a vastly increased payload of slightly over 7 tonnes, which makes all the difference to us. The 11 tonne Isuzu now does the work previously handled by two vehicles, giving us a far more efficient operation. What’s more we’ve been monitoring the fuel consumption and it’s currently averaging 17mpg which is perfectly acceptable when you consider the arduous terrain that we have round here”.

Supplied by local Isuzu dealer Cumbria Truck Centre in Carlisle, Stoddart’s new 11 tonne Isuzu is working six days a week, handling between 20 and 30 drops per day. Cumbria Truck Centre worked closely with a local bodybuilder to achieve the lowest possible body height on the chassis. Essentially the delivery of coal, especially for domestic use, has always been a manual operation. Obviously it is advantageous to have a load height that facilitates easy manual loading and unloading of bagged coal. The load height of the new 11 tonne Isuzu is only 20mm higher than that of the Isuzu 7.5 tonne predecessor.

“The original Isuzu 7.5 tonner has now completed over 80,000 miles in its first 4 years delivering to customers within a 25 mile radius of the company's base in Brampton, Cumbria and it has cost us ‘virtually nothing’ in terms of maintenance. Its overall reliability and impressive payload even for a 7.5 tonner just cannot be faulted and in truth these were the main reasons why we specified Isuzu again for the new 11 tonne delivery truck,” commented Trevor Stoddart.

Since the arrival of the 11 tonner, the company has switched the older 7.5 tonner on to alternative work as it continues to give Stoddart’s such reliable service.

“For companies like Stoddart’s Fuels, the triple combination of payload, reliability and impressive fuel consumption, all from a compact 11 tonner, allows them to make substantial operating efficiencies in their daily distribution journeys. This is where Isuzu Motors Japan scores so highly as it seems to be able to engineer all of these inbuilt benefits into every single truck that it produces,” said Keith Child, Marketing Director at Isuzu Truck UK.

Full details of the 2010 Isuzu Truck product range can be viewed and downloaded from the company’s website on http://www.isuzutruck.co.uk/.


Vision Electric Truck

Expanding its commitment to bringing cutting-edge, zero-emission solutions to port operations, the Port of Los Angeles is entering into negotiations with Los Angeles-based Vision Industries for the purchase and evaluation of Visions hydrogen fuel cell hybrid-electric trucks. See more at http://www.visionmotorcorp.com/.

Merry Christmas From Commercial Truck Success!


Navy Takes Delivery of GM Fuel Cell Vehicle

HONOLULU – The U.S. Navy is among the first customers to take delivery of a GM fuel cell vehicle as part of the Hawaii Hydrogen Initiative, which aims to integrate hydrogen as an essential building block for a sustainable energy ecosystem in the Aloha State.

General Motors and 11 partner companies, agencies and universities announced a commitment Dec. 8 to make hydrogen-powered vehicles and a fueling infrastructure a reality in Hawaii by 2015. The H2I goal is to install up to 25 hydrogen stations in strategic locations around Oahu, putting the fuel within reach of all 1 million residents.


BEDSLIDE Truck Accessory | Cargo Management

BEDSLIDE turns your entire truck bed into a sliding drawer. BEDSLIDE offers superior truck cargo management that will increase work efficiency by giving you full access to your truck bed cargo.

One of my favorite products. Extremely useful!


Chevrolet Volt Components Created from Gulf of Mexico Oil-Soaked Booms

100,000 Pounds of Waste Saved from the Nation’s Landfills

DETROIT – Oil-soaked plastic boom material used to soak up oil in the Gulf of Mexico is finding new life as auto parts in the Chevrolet Volt.

General Motors has developed a method to convert an estimated 100 miles of the material off the Alabama and Louisiana coasts and keep it out of the nation’s landfills. The ongoing project is expected to create enough plastic under hood parts to supply the first year production of the extended-range electric vehicle.

“Creative recycling is one extension of GM’s overall strategy to reduce its environmental impact,” said Mike Robinson, GM vice president of Environment, Energy and Safety policy. “We reuse and recycle material by-products at our 76 landfill-free facilities every day. This is a good example of using this expertise and applying it to a greater magnitude.”

Recycling the booms will result in the production of more than 100,000 pounds of plastic resin for the vehicle components, eliminating an equal amount of waste that would otherwise have been incinerated or sent to landfills.

The parts, which deflect air around the vehicle’s radiator, are comprised of 25 percent boom material and 25 percent recycled tires from GM’s Milford Proving Ground vehicle test facility. The remaining is a mixture of post-consumer recycled plastics and other polymers.

GM worked with several partners throughout the recovery and development processes. Heritage Environmental managed the collection of boom material along the Louisiana coast. Mobile Fluid Recovery stepped in next, using a massive high-speed drum that spun the booms until dry and eliminated all the absorbed oil and wastewater. Lucent Polymers used its process to then manipulate the material into the physical state necessary for plastic die-mold production. Tier-one supplier, GDC Inc., used its patented EndurapreneTM material process to combine the resin with other plastic compounds to produce the components.

The work in the Gulf is expected to last at least two more months and GM will continue to assist suppliers in collecting booms until the need no longer exists. The automaker anticipates enough material will be gathered that it can be used as components in other Chevrolet models.

“This was purely a matter of helping out,” said John Bradburn, manager of GM’s waste-reduction efforts. “If sent to a landfill, these materials would have taken hundreds of years to begin to break down, and we didn’t want to see the spill further impact the environment. We knew we could identify a beneficial reuse of this material given our experience.”

The world’s first electric vehicle with extended range, the Chevy Volt was recently awarded Green Car of the Year by Green Car Journal.

GM is dedicated to reducing its waste and pollutants, and recycles materials at every state of the product lifecycle. It uses recycled and renewable materials in its cars and trucks, which are at least 85 percent recyclable. Used tires, old plastic bottles, denim and nylon carpet are all redirected from landfills and reused in select GM vehicles.

GM facilities worldwide recycle 90 percent of the waste they generate. The automaker recently announced more than half of its worldwide facilities are now landfill-free – all manufacturing waste is recycled or used to create energy.


XP Series Snow Plow From SnowDogg

Hydraulically expanding wings add a full 24" to your plowing width

10 feet of plow in an 8 foot package.

• Rugged center moldboard construction spreads loads across components not connection points

• Simple hydraulics with full size SAE cartridge valves and oversized 3/8" hoses

• Forward 20° scoop provides excellent snow pushing action and still allows for flawless throwing while windrowing.

• Adjust your width on the fly for drive-thrus, driveways or narrow spots.

See more at http://www.snowdoggplows.com/.


Knapheide KUV and Sortimo Storage Solutions

Mike Soich of Knapheide Manufacturing shows us their partnership with the world leader in storage solutions in vechicles, Sortimo. Knapheide has designed special shelves prepunched to accomodate varied box sizes to allow for maximum storage and to match individual business needs and desires. It is a brilliant use of the space and helps people be more efficient and effective.

The Sortimo boxes are available in the Knapheide KUV body, and all of Knapheide's service body products.

This video was taken with a Flip camera at a Knapheide event in Livermore, CA in October, 2010.

See more about Knapheide products at www.knapheide.com and you can see the full range of products from Sortimo at http://www.sortimo.com/.


Nissan North America, Inc Announces U.S. Pricing For 2012 NV Commercial Van Lineup

12.14.2010 , FRANKLIN, Tenn.

Nissan North America, Inc. (NNA) today announced that the 2012 Nissan NV, the company’s first entry into the commercial vehicle market in the United States will start at $24,590. The NV is the culmination of 75 years of Nissan commercial vehicle experience in the global marketplace.

The 2012 NV, which has been designed and conceived as a solution to the needs of today’s commercial van customers, will be produced at Nissan’s Canton, MS. assembly facility. It is scheduled to go on sale through a select network of Nissan Commercial Vehicle dealers nationwide beginning in spring 2011.

The NV lineup offers durable body-on-frame construction and choice of standard roof or industry-exclusive high roof configurations. Models include the NV1500 with standard 4.0-liter V6 engine, the NV2500 HD with a choice of 4.0-liter V6 or 5.6-liter V8 and the NV3500 HD with standard 5.6-liter V8. All 2012 NV models are equipped with a 5-speed automatic transmission. The NV is available in two grades, S and SV, each delivering smart functionality through a combination of the comfort and roominess of a pickup with the utility of a cargo van.

Key Nissan NV highlights include:

  • Full access rear doors (maximum opening angle of 243 degrees)
  • Reinforced integrated cargo area mounting points for durability and ease of cargo management system installation
  • Vertical side walls in cargo area maximize usable space
  • Water repellant cloth seating surfaces
  • Durability patch built into the front seat bolsters to hold up to commercial use
  • Multifunctional lockable center console offering space to hang files and store a laptop

Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Prices* (MSRP) for the 2012 Nissan NV Standard Roof models include:


NV 1500 Standard Roof S V6 $24,590 USD
NV 1500 Standard Roof SV V6 $26,190 USD
NV 2500 Standard Roof S V6 $25,590 USD
NV 2500 Standard Roof SV V6 $27,190 USD
NV 2500 Standard Roof S V8 $26,490 USD
NV 2500 Standard Roof SV V8 $28,090 USD
NV 3500 Standard Roof S V8 $28,190 USD
NV 3500 Standard Roof SV V8 $29,790 USD

Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Prices* (MSRP) for the 2012 Nissan NV High Roof models include:


NV 2500 High Roof S V6 $27,990 USD
NV 2500 High Roof SV V6 $29,590 USD
NV 2500 High Roof S V8 $28,890 USD
NV 2500 High Roof SV V8 $30,490 USD
NV 3500 High Roof S V8 $30,590 USD
NV 3500 High Roof SV V8 $32,190 USD

About the 2012 Nissan NV

Scheduled to launch in spring 2011, the Nissan NV is available in three models, NV1500, NV2500 HD and NV3500 HD, and in two roof configurations – Standard Roof and High Roof. The NV is the first commercial van to offer rugged body-on-frame construction combined with a High Roof, offering most users the ability to walk, stand and work in the cargo area.

The NV’s rugged, masculine design combines a full-length hood with access to the engine for service and maintenance, along with signature Nissan styling cues such as large headlights and vertical grille. The broad bodysides project a serious commercial vehicle appearance and provide ample room for company logos and advertising messages. The tall, wide doors offer easy access to the cargo area.

Inside the cab is a roomy comfortable interior with wide, supportive seating and an expansive instrument panel. The passenger seat includes a segment-exclusive fold-down feature, providing a convenient worktable. An available lockable center console offers innovative storage compartments and space to hold binders, hanging file folders and a laptop computer. Other convenient storage spaces include a wide overhead console (available with High Roof models), underseat storage drawers (NV2500 HD and NV3500 HD models) and large door pockets.

The NV also provides exceptional utility, thanks to a long, wide cargo floor, square-top wheelwell housings and nearly vertical sidewalls. Along with maximizing cargo space, the sidewalls accommodate aftermarket storage systems without excessive modification. The cargo area also features a full-length inner panel to prevent cargo from denting the vehicle’s outer skin (SV models). There are also multiple integrated reinforced mounting points for durable installation of cargo customization equipment.

Powering the rear-wheel drive Nissan NV is a choice of two powerful yet fuel-efficient engines – a 4.0-liter V6 rated at 261 horsepower and 281 lb-ft of torque, and a 5.6-liter V8 rated at 317 horsepower and 385 lb-ft of torque. Both are mated to a standard 5-speed automatic transmission.

About Nissan in North America

In North America, Nissan's operations include automotive styling, engineering, consumer and corporate financing, sales and marketing, distribution and manufacturing. Nissan is dedicated to improving the environment under the Nissan Green Program 2010 and has been recognized as a 2010 ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year by the U.S Environmental Protection Agency. More information on Nissan in North America and the complete line of Nissan and Infiniti vehicles can be found online at www.NissanUSA.com and http://www.infinitiusa.com/.


The Forestry Chipper Body By Knapheide, Part Two

Mike Soich of Knapheide Manufacturing talks about the features of the Knapheide Forestry/Chipper Body at a Knapheide Event in Livermore, CA in October 2010. Part one of this walkaround focused on the unique tool box system that Knapheide has designed like a vault. It seems the rest of the body has had the same design care, and they've been doing that since 1848.


Knapheide Forestry Chipper Body Storage Boxes

Mike Soich of Knapheide Mfg demonstrates the maximum security of the Knapheide L-Box tool storage system designed for the chipper body. Talk about secure storage! See more great Knapheide products at http://www.knapheide.com/.


The Electric Lock System For The Knapheide KUV

Mike Soich of Knapheide Manufacturing demonstrates the latest generation of Electric Locking System for the Knapheide KUV and other Knapheide Service Body Products.

This video was taken with a Flip camera in Livermore, CA at a Knapheide dealer event.


Meyer Products - A Full Line Of Sand And Salt Spreaders

Meyer Products and their dealer network offer a full line of snow removal equipment including tailgate, hopper in-body and under-tailgate products:

Blaster Tailgate Spreader

For light pick-ups to 1-ton vehicles, 1/2 ton+ Trucks, Tractors w/3 Point Hitch

The Blaster’s unique ½ horsepower, direct-drive motor is rated at up to 70 amps of surge power to grind through those annoying chunks of salt or sand. And the direct-drive system applies the torque directly to the auger.

One-touch Auto Control   

One-touch operation provides you total control over Blaster spreaders. The illuminated in-cab controller (patent-pending) includes buttons for the on/off switch, the "blast" mode which provides an on-command 70 amp surge, and a "vibrate" mode. You can also regulate the spinner speed with the variable speed controller.

Selecting the Auto Spinner Stop Mode will automatically stop the spinner from spinning when the truck's brakes are applied for more than five seconds. The Auto Vibrate Mode automatically vibrates the spreader for ten seconds every sixty (60) seconds to keep your load agitated and ready to spread.

The Polyhawk Spreader

In snow and ice control, high performance in any condition is mandatory, so Meyer includes many performance-enhancing components as STANDARD. No-tools-required top screen breaks-up large clumps of material which can cause damage to the drag chain and reduce performance. In addition, material is prevented from building up in the drag chain and slowing you down by including bolt-in chain shields as standard equipment. Standard inverted-V which helps prevent material from bridging and slowing down the conveyor.

Under Tailgate Dump Truck Salt Spreader

Under Tailgate Spreaders (UTG) and Replaceable Tailgate Spreaders (RTG) are available. Both spreaders use a combination of a self- contained auger with removable spinners, and can apply salt, sand or combination of both, from four to 40 feet.

Choose from Hydraulic or Electric:

If your truck has a central hydraulics system, and you wish to power the under- tailgate spreader off of it, you need Meyer’s hydraulic-driven UTG or RTG. The hydraulic-driven UTGs/RTGs can be powered using a direct drive or gearbox drive system. Direct drive provides higher performance and decreased maintenance, while gearbox drive provides better control at low spread rates for more efficient spreading.

If your vehicle does not have central hydraulics, or, you don't care to use central hydraulics to drive the spreader, you need our electric motor-driven options. Electric motors offer many ease-of-use advantages and are ideal for lighter, free-flowing materials.

Find Meyer Snow Removal Products at www.meyerproducts.com where you can also find a dealer near you.

Guest post by Steve Taylor. Steve is a consultant in the Truck Equipment business with over 30 years in the snowplow and truck body manufacturing business. He specializes in the design and quality/reliability field and may be reached by email at steve@truckarchitect.com. You may visit his website at http://www.truckarchitect.com/.


Sortimo Storage Solutions For Knapheide Service Bodies.

Mike Soich of Knapheide Mfg is showing a Knapheide service body (the KUV in this case) fitted with Sortimo storage solution boxes. Shown are the Single and Wide S-Boxx, the M-Boxx, L-Boxx, and the T-Boxx. Knapheide has partnered with the world leader, Sortimo to offer more efficient means of handling and storing items in Knapheide bodies. See all the great Knapheide products and accessories at http://www.knapheide.com/.


The RackStar 750 Performance Lift + Load System Demonstration

The is the RackStar 750 Performance Lift and Load System Truck Rack. It is a new, unique product that is quite exciting. The presentation of this prototype is by Pat Owens of Clearline Mfg who makes this product. See more at www.therackstar.com. Video shot at Nor Cal Ford Truck Club event in Woodbridge, CA


Clean Diamond Plate Flatbed By Stiles Truck Body & Equipment

These photos are courtesy of Scott Stiles of Stiles Truck Body & Equipment of Turlock, CA. This is a clean looking 9'x8' diamond plate steel flatbed built for Steves Chevrolet of Oakdale. Stiles and Steves Chevrolet worked together on the truck for a local rancher who really uses this truck to the max hauling hay and cattle trailers daily.

The body is outfitted with a B & W Turnover Gooseneck hitch, Weatherguard Too boxes, LED Lights including slim line headboard LED's, work lights and hidden dock bumper.

Just a sweet looking truck! See more about Stiles at http://www.stilestruckbody.com/. 


Mercedes-Benz Econic NGT - Natural Gas, Biogas Truck

For over two years the Mercedes-Benz Econic NGT (Natural Gas Technology) has been playing its part in mitigating the extreme smog that plagues the Greek capital of Athens. In Stockholm, the Econic is powered by biogas produced in Sweden from waste water and a proportion of household refuse, meaning that not only is the vehicle an environmentally-friendly way to empty refuse bins, but it is also actively reducing the waste mountain too. Now Mexico City too wants to try out a similar concept in order to address its pressing environmental problems.


Great Commercial Truck Solutions. A Lot More Space From An 8' Service Body

Great Commercial Truck Solutions: More Space From An 8' Service Body. Here is a Royal Service Body with Transverse Compartment, Horizontal Series Compartments on curbside that makes excellent use of space to create more room for longer tools, a lot of small parts, tools, and more. See more from Royal Truck Body at http://www.royaltruckbody.com/, and more solutions at http://www.fairfieldcommercialtruck.com/.


Supreme Delivery Van Body With Roll-Up Side Door On Cutaway Chassis

This is a Supreme 10' Cutaway Delivery Van Body with unique side roll up door, rear barn doors and full length steps. The truck is a new 2009 Chevrolet Cutaway Van chassis. Recorded on November 16, 2010 using a Flip Video camcorder at Fairfield Chevrolet, Fairfield, CA

Ford and Azure Dynamics Mark Production and Delivery of First Transit Connect Electrics

  • Ford Motor Company and Azure Dynamics have begun shipping the first Ford Transit Connect Electrics to early customers in North America and to the United Kingdom for a demonstration project.
  • Some initial units of the Transit Connect Electric commercial van are headed to the United Kingdom as part of the government’s Ultra-Low Carbon Vehicle Demonstrator program
  • The all-electric, zero-emission Transit Connect Electric has a targeted range of up to 80 miles per full charge, and is ideal for fleet owners with well-defined routes of predictable distances and a central location for daily recharging
  • The Transit Connect Electric is the first of five new electrified vehicles Ford will bring to market in the next two years including the Focus Electric, two next-generation hybrids and a plug-in hybrid

DEARBORN, Mich., Dec. 7, 2010 – Ford Motor Company and Azure Dynamics have begun shipping the first Ford Transit Connect Electrics to early customers in North America and to the United Kingdom for a demonstration project.

The all-electric commercial vans, built on the Ford Transit Connect vehicle body, equipped with Azure Dynamics’ patented Force Drive™ battery electric powertrain, and assembled by AM General at its facility in Livonia, Mich., are reaching the market 13 months after the collaboration to develop the zero-emission vehicle was first announced.

To date, all initial units have designated customers. Azure Dynamics’ LEAD customer program includes seven companies that are taking delivery of their first units in 2010, with the remainder of their orders to be filled in 2011. Customers that have been previously announced include AT&T, Southern California Edison, Xcel Energy, Johnson Controls Inc., New York Power Authority, Canada Post and Toronto Atmospheric Fund EV300. Additional LEAD customers will be identified by the end of the year.

Ford first announced the collaboration in October 2009, with an agreement for Azure Dynamics to upfit the Transit Connect van with Azure’s Force Drive battery electric drivetrain technology including Johnson Controls-Saft’s advanced lithium-ion battery, and a commitment to deliver the initial vehicles by the end of 2010 to the North American market. Initial production began in the fourth quarter of 2010 with full production of the Transit Connect Electric slated to ramp up in April 2011.

“Supplier collaboration is important on all Ford product programs, but it was especially key in this effort, which went from contract signing to vehicle production in 13 months,” said Sherif Marakby, Ford director, Electrification Programs and Engineering. “A strong teamwork environment established by Azure and Ford was critical to delivering this vehicle.”

“The Transit Connect Electric program is a great representation of our product development approach,” said Scott Harrison, CEO, Azure Dynamics. “We have been able to focus on integration of our Force Drive powertrain solution and benefit from Ford’s expertise in building ground-up global vehicle platforms. Meanwhile, capital costs are kept in check by contracting AM General for labor and assembly services – an area where the company excels. Transit Connect Electric is a revolutionary technology and achieving our aggressive time line is a testament to the professionalism and spirit of cooperation among all the project partners.”

The Michigan Economic Development Corporation provided incentive funding for Azure Dynamics to encourage selection of a Michigan-based partner for final assembly. Azure chose AM General LLC, to produce the Transit Connect Electric in its facility in Livonia, Mich.

AM General, a long-established contract vehicle assembler and services provider, is responsible for final upfit of the Transit Connect Electric.

Transit Connect Electric is the first product in Ford’s accelerated electrified vehicle plan, and will be followed by the Focus Electric passenger car in 2011, along with a plug-in hybrid electric and two next-generation lithium-ion battery-powered hybrid vehicles in 2012.

Ultra-Low Carbon Vehicle Demonstrator program
In addition to delivery of units to LEAD customers in North America, the Transit Connect Electric commercial van is headed to the United Kingdom, where 14 of the vehicles will take part in the government’s Ultra-Low Carbon Vehicle Demonstrator program. The program, supported by Scottish and Southern Energy, utilizes a fleet of zero-emissions vehicles for the energy company, with designated drivers to test vehicle and infrastructure technology.

The consortium of Ford, Scottish and Southern Energy and the University of Strathclyde will provide Transit Connect Electric vehicles and a charging infrastructure in and around the London suburb of Hillingdon during 2010 and 2011.

Ford and Azure Dynamics already have announced they will collaborate to produce the Transit Connect Electric for the European market with first units to be delivered in 2011.

Designed with fleet users in mind
The all-electric, zero-emissions Transit Connect Electric has a driving range of up to 80 miles per full charge and is ideal for fleet owners who have well-defined routes of predictable distances and a central location for daily recharging. Delivery fleet and utility vehicle operators have begun to show a preference for smaller, more efficient vehicles, which creates an ideal time for Transit Connect Electric to come to market.

“The Transit Connect provides a unique choice for the fleet owner who wants the convenience of a utility vehicle,” Marakby said. “The electric version takes that one step further, delivering a dependable, zero-tailpipe-emission vehicle that requires no petroleum.”

Owners will have the option of recharging Transit Connect Electric with either a standard 120-volt outlet, or preferably a 240-volt charge station, typically installed at the user’s base of operations for optimal recharging in six to eight hours. A transportable cord that works with both types of outlets will be available for convenient recharging at either voltage.

The vehicle’s charge port is located above the passenger-side rear wheel well. The onboard liquid-cooled 28-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack is charged by connecting the charge port to a power outlet. Inside the vehicle, an onboard charger converts AC power from the electric grid to DC power to charge the battery pack.

Transit Connect Electric is expected to offer lower cost of operation, because charging with electricity is generally less expensive than fueling with gasoline.

When the vehicle is operating, battery power is provided to the drive motor through the electric powertrain’s motor controller. The motor controller uses throttle input from the driver to convert DC power supplied by the battery into three precisely timed signals used to drive the motor. The onboard DC/DC converter allows the vehicle’s main battery pack to charge the onboard 12-volt battery, which powers the vehicle’s various accessories, such as headlights, power steering and coolant pumps.

In Transit Connect Electric, the battery pack has been efficiently integrated without compromising interior passenger room and cargo space. The Johnson Controls-Saft battery pack is expected to last the life of the vehicle.

First in Ford’s overall electrified vehicle strategy
The electrification strategy builds on Ford’s vision for bringing affordable technology to millions. It takes advantage of rapid advancements in electrified vehicle technology – particularly lithium-ion batteries – while leveraging the scale of global vehicle platforms to bring the cost of new technology down.


Radio Controlled Construction Equipment Rocks!

Now, this is so cool. I had no idea they had radio controled construction equipment. I could be a kid all over again. I used to love playing with graders and dump trucks and all manner of construction equipment. Check out the fun!


The SpitzLift Aluminum Portable Crane Demonstration At Knapheide Event

This is a video presentation by Michael Spitsbergen, CEO of SpitzLift Light Weight Portable Cranes of Poway, CA. This is one of my first videos trying out my new Flip camera and I appreciate the opportunity to film this presentation at a Knapheide Manufacturing event in Livermore, CA in October 2010. The other person speaking is Mike Soich of Knapheide Manufacturing. I think Michael did a wonderful job showing us the virtues of the SpitzLift Aluminum Crane. See more information on SpitzLift at http://www.spitzlift.net/.


Ram Offers Additional Paint Options to Commercial Customers

  • Ram Heavy Duty pickups and Chassis Cab trucks now available in ‘National Fire Safety Lime Yellow’
  • Commercial customers will be able to order Ram H.D. pickups and Chassis Cabs in 31 different colors, including 19 ‘Special’ paint colors
  • Four Case New Holland colors among those being added

November 30, 2010 , Auburn Hills, Mich. -
Based on customer demand, the Ram Truck brand has announced that it will add a “National Fire Safety Lime Yellow” paint option to 2011 Ram commercial trucks, including 2500/3500 Heavy Duty pickups and 3500/4500/5500 Chassis Cab trucks. The color, part of the Company’s low-volume paint program, is commonly used on emergency and other government agency vehicles, and is available for immediate order.

“Commercial truck buyers are at the center of our business,” said Ram Truck Brand President and CEO Fred Diaz. “To be successful in this business, you have to listen to your buyers. Emergency vehicles provide a vital community service. That’s why Ram Trucks offer proven, reliable, durable products that meet the needs of the municipalities that rely on them. Not only are Ram Trucks hard workers, but because our customers asked for a high degree of personalization, they’re also available in thousands of configurations to meet a wide range of uses.”

Ram Truck manufacturing operations can fulfill special paint orders with a minimum batch size of 10 trucks, although any one customer may order as few as a single vehicle (including National Fire Safety Yellow).

Ram Truck offers the following special low-volume paint color options for 2500 through 5500 models:

• Black
• Bright Red
• Dark Brown
• Detonator Yellow
• Light Cream
• Light Green
• Omaha Orange
• School Bus Yellow
• Timberline Green Pearl
• Yellow
• National Fire Safety Lime Yellow

The Ram Truck team is also in the process of introducing eight additional colors to the low-volume paint palette in the near future, which will bring the total to 31 available paint colors. The new colors, coming soon on Ram Heavy Duty and Chassis Cab trucks include:

• Case IH Red
• Case Construction Power Tan
• New Holland Agriculture Blue
• New Holland Construction Yellow
• D.T. Green
• Green Angel
• S.R. Green
• Robin Egg Blue

The availability of Ram Trucks in Case and New Holland paint colors provides customers, dealers and service operations with a convenient way to create a visually coordinated vehicle collection

“When a Case IH farmer sees red, he knows he’s getting efficient power and productive comfort - - from his tractor down to his truck.” -- Duane Nelson, Case IH Director of Global Brand Management.

“To New Holland Ag farmers, ‘blue’ means smart design and strong-built, qualities they want in all their hard-working vehicles.” -- David Greenberg, Senior Marketing Director for New Holland Agriculture, North America.

“To Case Construction Equipment customers, Power Tan means power, productivity and reliability -- the same attributes associated with tough and dependable Ram Trucks." -- Ion Warner, Senior Marketing Director, CNH Construction.

"New Holland Construction delivers products that are built around the customer. With a great portfolio of construction equipment, New Holland exceeds customer expectations, just like Ram trucks." -- Ion Warner, Senior Marketing Director, CNH Construction.

Additional special paint colors will be added to the Ram commercial truck palette based on customer demand and 10-order minimum batch size requirements.

Ram Truck specialty paints are a $400 option.

Ram Heavy Duty and Chassis Cab trucks are also available in the following standard and optional colors:

• Bright Silver Metallic
• Bright White
• Brilliant Black Crystal Pearl
• Deep Cherry Red Crystal Pearl ($225 option)
• Hunter Green Pearl
• Deep Water Blue Pearl ($225 option)
• Flame Red
• Mineral Gray Metallic
• Rugged Brown Pearl
• White Gold Metallic
• Saddle Brown Pearl (pickups only)
• Sagebrush (Laramie Longhorn pickups only)

About the Ram Truck brand

With a work-hard, play-hard attitude, the Ram Truck brand offers the boldest, most powerful and capable pickup truck lineup on the planet.

Introduced in 2008, the Ram 1500 is a game changer in terms of its ability to "outsmart" and "out-tough" the competition with its bold exterior design, crafted and refined interior, engineering excellence, superb innovation and best-in-class features and amenities.

The Ram Truck brand added to its award-winning truck lineup with the introduction of an all-new 2010 Ram 2500 and 3500 Heavy Duty trucks, Motor Trend's Truck of the Year. The new heavy-duty trucks provide customers with first-time innovations and features along with new standards of strength, utility and driveability, building on the Ram's leadership in the heavy-duty pickup segment.

The Ram Truck brand will further enhance its commercial vehicle presence with the introduction of a "new crew" of commercial-grade work trucks: the new 2011 Ram 3500, 4500 and 5500 Chassis Cabs. Led by an all-new crew cab, the new 2011 Ram Chassis Cabs are built on a proven frame and chassis, and engineered for maximum uptime, optimum performance and enhanced commercial capability.

Follow Dodge and Chrysler Group LLC news and video on:
Chrysler Connect blog: http://blog.chryslergroupllc.com/
Twitter: www.twitter.com/chrysler
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/pentastarvideo
Streetfire: http://members.streetfire.net/profile/ChryslerVideo.htm
Ram Trucks: http://www.ramtrucks.com/
Ram Zone blog: http://www.ramzone.com/


The Knapheide Steel Gooseneck Flatbed Body Walk Around

I was trying out my new Flip camera and had the privilege of catching Mike Soich of Knapheide Manufacturing giving a walk around presentation on Knapheide's new gooseneck steel flatbed, that Mike was referring to as a plug and play body because it comes ready to go out and go to work. I'm sure I'll get better with the camera with some practice, and I thank Mike for letting me get some practice time in on his presentation. Nice work Mike!

See more of Knapheide's world famous products at http://www.knapheide.com/


Sweet Red Fire Truck With ProTech Aluminum Body. Very Nice!

Here's a great red truck for Suisun Fire Protection District built by Bob Dias and team at North Bay Truck Body in Fairfield CA. This is a 2011 Ford F-550 Regular Cab 4x4 Super Duty 60" CA chassis with a diesel motor.

The body is a ProTech 9' all aluminum flatbed with recessed LED clearance, stop, tail, turn and back-up lights. It includes a hitch and 10"x10" opening in the bed floor for later heavy trailer hitch. It also has two 36" underbed boxes, four topside 54" boxes, all diamond plate aluminum, special ProTech aluminum crossbox.

See more of North Bay's truck builds at http://www.nbtb.com/, or call them at 707-864-2700.


First Ford Transit Connect Taxi Delivered To Boston Cab Company At New England Auto Show

  • First Ford Transit Connect Taxi in the U.S. arrives in Boston
  • Boston Cab Dispatch receives keys at New England International Auto Show
  • The Transit Connect Taxi offers features designed specifically for the taxi industry, including an expanded second-row passenger space, a CNG/LPG engine prep package and rear view camera and back-up sensor


BOSTON, Dec.1, 2010 – The first Ford Transit Connect Taxi in the United States was delivered today to Boston Cab Dispatch at the New England International Auto Show.

Brett Barenholtz, CEO of Boston Cab Dispatch, received the keys to the Transit Connect Taxi and said he is eager to put it into service.

“Transit Connect Taxi offers important features for our passengers and our drivers,” said Barenholtz at the auto show. “It has more legroom and cargo space, better fuel efficiency, and makes the entire operation more economical.”

Sentry Ford in Medford, Mass., is the delivering dealer, working with Boston Cab Dispatch to integrate Transit Connect into the cab company’s fleet.

The taxi was outfitted by Creative Mobile Technologies of Long Island City, N.Y., which provides equipment such as payment processing and passenger information systems in the taxi, including an 8.4-inch electronic infotainment and navigation screen that shows cab fares, news, weather, sports scores and stock ticker. “CMT is thrilled to combine state-of-the-art technology with a next-generation taxi platform like Transit Connect,” said Jesse Davis, president of CMT.

Transit Connect Taxis also are on their way to other New England taxi companies. George Summers, president of USA Taxi, has added a Transit Connect to his Boston fleet. And two Connecticut operators, Bill Scalzi, president of Metro Taxi in West Haven, Conn., and Marco Henry, president of The Yellow Cab Company in Bloomfield, Conn., have ordered compressed natural gas (CNG) versions of the Transit Connect Taxi for their fleets.

“We’ve always driven Ford vehicles, Crown Vics and Escape Hybrids” said Summers. “Now, we’re adding the Transit Connect Taxi. It has great dimensions and fuel efficiency that will work well on the road.” Stoneham Ford in Stoneham, Mass., is the delivering dealer for USA Taxi.

In April, the Licensing Division of the Boston Police Department approved Transit Connect for taxi use, making Boston the first city in the country to do so. To be approved, the vehicle had to meet basic size requirements for passenger headroom, legroom and cargo space.

“Transit Connect fits the bill,” said Mark Cohen, Licensing Division director. “The size, shape and configuration of this unique vehicle make it comfortable for both driver and passengers.”

While the small perimeter dimensions and tall shape of Transit Connect make it easy for drivers to maneuver and park, the standard 2.0-liter I-4 engine gets 21 mpg city and 26 mpg highway mpg, an estimated 30 percent improvement in fuel economy versus traditional V8-powered sedan-based taxis.

Furthermore, Transit Connect Taxi is available with an engine preparation package for conversion to compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied propane gas (LPG).

The Transit Connect Taxi package adds comfort for the passenger with a repositioned second-row seat for more legroom, grab handles and rear air conditioning/heat vent with passenger controls. For the taxi driver, new features include rear view camera and back-up sensor, heavy-duty battery and a wiring block connector to power upfitted accessories.

“We’re excited to see Transit Connect Taxi in service in Boston,” said Kevin Koswick, director of Ford’s North American Fleet Operations. “Ford is committed to offering new solutions and maintaining our leadership as America’s No. 1 taxi provider.”

Transit Connect Taxi package vehicles are now available for order.


Success Redefined To Include Every One And Stimulate Growth


What is success?

If I were to line 100 people up, and ask them all what success is, I may very well get 100 different answers. Here’s what Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary has to say success is: 1. Outcome. Result. 2a. degree or measure of succeeding, 2b a favorable termination of a venture; specifically the attainment of wealth, favor, or eminence. 3. one that succeeds. It also defines succeed as to prosper, thrive, flourish; to attain or be attaining a desired end.

Success is. . .

Success is something I’ve talked about, written about, fretted about, and wondered about all my adult life, and yet what it is, I’m not completely sure I knew. However, I now believe I know a little about that word that speaks so many things to so many different people. In this learning, I have decided to redefine the word success. Here is my all encompassing, and extremely simple definition: Success is getting or doing what you want. I think that says it very well and at the same time gives all the flexibility in the world to have it apply to everyone.

Success is positive

So, now with this new simple definition of success, anyone and everyone can now readily and often as they wish succeed, and thereby call themselves a success, take joy in the most meaningful accomplishment, and feel good. Feeling good is something that I am confident that each and every one of us wants. Some people go about getting it in very strange ways, but I still believe that this is the main goal. We all want to feel good. Getting or doing what you want would feel good, so we could even shorten new definition of success to two words: feeling good.

How others view success

In all of the business books I’ve read, seminars I’ve attended and the like, the word success has long been associated with wealth, the attainment of wealth, and generally related to money and getting more of it. Those who get the money in certain quantity succeed, while those who don’t yet have it do not succeed until they get it. In this, success is more a journey toward something that is hard to come by, and is only achieved by a small number of dedicated, focused people.

Goals and limitations

In addition, I’ve seen it also related to achieving a specified numeric goal where success is not possible for everyone, but only those who “succeed” at hitting or exceeding the goal. It might be a certain number of sales, certain dollar numbers attained, a certain score in a game, one more touchdown than the other team, first in line at the Wal-Mart Black Friday sale event, or millions of other ways in which we have money or numeric goals given us or we take on ourselves for some reason. The reason we take them on is to feel good by achieving them, but we only feel good if we achieve them and this is not possible for everyone, so again, success is a limited and elusive thing.

Success and failure

Where the word success has been used in my experience, though it may not have been said directly as such, failure is the only result in not achieving success. Of course, failure has always had a negative feel to it and our simple definition of success begs us to redefine failure as well. Failure, then, is simply not getting or doing what you want, or more directly, failure is getting what you don’t want. And in the way that I’ve always associated failure in the past, the vast majority has to fail because success has always been so hard and so limiting. No more.

What you think matters most

My goal in sharing this about success is to offer you hope of another and far better way to view success. Since in the past in my own experience success is so hard and so limiting and failure is something that happens much more often, this new definition of success as getting or doing what you want can completely change your outlook on performance. Because you and I live in a world where people put goals on us and where we also make choice from our past experience, we may need to keep this new definition to ourselves, but that is the most important and beneficial place to keep it. What you think matters most.

The new judgment

So, take this new definition and call yourself a success when you want to and let everyone else have their own rules. Since it is about how you feel more than anything else, choose to feel good and you are automatically a success. Whatever you are doing, do what you love to do and you cannot help but feel good and thereby have and be a success again. You can be successful all day long every day if you want to. No more will you be ruled by the outside ruler-makers—you are the ruler of your thinking now! Just feel good, and you rule.

You alone get to choose

You alone get to choose your success by feeling good by doing what you want, and getting what you want, and more easily by just choosing to feel good. Based on this, you can look at a tree and be successful. You can feel love for your spouse or child and be successful. You can take extra care of that customer at work and be successful. You can spread joy among your coworkers and be successful. You can do your best regardless of the numbers and be successful. You can get fired and be successful. You can get promoted and be successful. It doesn’t matter what it is that you do, it only matters how you feel about it while doing it. If you feel good, you are successful at it regardless of what any other may think about your performance. It is never about them, it is only about you and how you feel. And, yes, I said get fired and be successful. I got fired once and it was one of the best days of my life. Seriously. It was a massive success because of how I felt about it, and it was a massive success which has led me to what I do now!

Success is contagious

The question may surface about what will happen with the world of number-crunchers and goal-setters who are demanding specific performance numbers from us? Will my new definition be at odds with them? Interesting questions, and I will answer them with a question or two: if we feel good and are doing what we love, is it possible to do that poorly at the same time? I think not. If I create my own loving definition of success and feel successful because I feel good and am doing what I want to do, wouldn’t that attitude and demeanor become contagious since I believe that inside, we all want to feel good? I say, let them set all the goals they want, while we choose to feel good about what we are doing and let those natural results speak for themselves. Whether it hits their mark or misses it is not important in the scheme of things, but our feeling good is. In fact, just imagine a sales organization or any other business where everyone is feeling good and doing what they love. The service level would be off the chart! Customer loyalty would soar! Employee morale would be at the highest levels! In short, the organization would ROCK! In fact, I don’t think there is any other possible result. Let it begin with you, so. . .

Go forth and succeed

Now that you have a new and better definition of success, you can now go forth and succeed virtually EVERY day. Yes. Every day! Go practice and have fun. You get to choose. Now everyone can be a success as well. No more living by the success rules of others where only a select group win and everyone else loses, you can now be a success any time you choose. Wear it like a crown and feel the sheer joy of being a success. You deserve it. You are feeling good and you are a success!

--Terry Minion


DirectCast Slurry-PreWet From Henderson

A Henderson MARKE dump body with the Task Force and Direct Cast spinner system onboard. Watch the Direct Cast work with pre-wetted granular material and slurry, equally well. Application is being done at roughly 25 mph. See more at http://www.henderson-mfg.com/.


Lightning Hybrids HyPER Assist Hydraulic Hybrid Acceleration and Braking...

Shows the Lightning Hybrids HyPER Assist Hydraulic Hybrid system in Acceleration and Braking Cycles.

For more information on Lightning Hybrid conversions, visit http://www.lightninghybrids.com/.


Emerging Trend: Transferring Old Van Interiors To New Vans

Work Van Interior

Fleet Managers, CFO’s and Department Managers responsible for fleet costs should know that most work van interiors can be transferred from their old vans to their new replacement vans! This will save lots of money and should be considered a viable Green Initiative for entities serious about reducing the carbon footprint. And it would seem that those involved with selling new product should be aware of this trend, as to ignore it may look as though they are either not aware of this option or just going along with manufacturers incentives to sell more new product!

Fleet Refitters is a company leading the industry in these conversions, they will become the Project Managers for the van interior trade-outs taking over the entire process, delivering the customer their new vans completely outfitted and ready to work. Fleet Refitters will travel anywhere to accomplish these conversions. They will quote the whole process in advance and plan the work for minimum disruption in the department work process as well as expedite the turnaround of the new vans.

Generally fleets will trade to the same make and model vans, but even if the new vans are a different make, the interiors are probably transferrable. If new parts are needed, Fleet Refitters will bring them with them and use them during the swap-out process. If repairs and touch up are needed, they will make sure that it is done.

The bottom line is that fleets can be Green and save big dollars! Fleet Refitters states that savings of $1415 per van is average. If a fleet is buying 50 new vans then that is a savings of over$70,000! That’s not chump change these days, and does anyone want to be the one that ignores those potential savings?

Visit www.fleetrefitters.com/ to learn more about their services.

They can be reached at: (303) 539-9388 or email: www.fleetrefitters.com/contact-us.html

Guest post by Steve Taylor. Steve is a consultant in the Truck Equipment business with over 30 years in the snowplow and truck body manufacturing business. He specializes in the design and quality/reliability field and may be reached by email at steve@truckarchitect.com. You may visit his website at http://www.truckarchitect.com/.


Top Fleet Glass Frail Pole System

Top Fleet are home to the Ultimate Glass Racks!
Aluminium Glass Racks & Glass Frails perfect for window installers and glaziers. See website at http://www.topfleet.co.uk/


Ford Transit Connect XLT Premium Wagon Debuts With Added Comfort, Convenience Features

Transit Connect XLT Premium Wagon
  • Ford Transit Connect – 2010 North American Truck of the Year – is expanding its lineup with the addition of a Transit Connect XLT Premium Wagon offering
  • Transit Connect XLT Premium Wagon offers seating for five passengers with enhanced interior appointments and visibility from integrated blind-spot mirrors, a rear view camera and flip-open rear quarter windows
LOS ANGELES, Nov. 18, 2010 – A new personal-use package for the 2011 Ford Transit Connect debuted today at the 2010 Los Angeles Auto Show.

The XLT Premium Wagon offers more comfort and visibility for second-row passengers, something customers have been asking for since the small, fuel-efficient van went on sale in the United States in 2009.

“Since Transit Connect arrived here as the ‘ultimate tool’ for small business proprietors, we’ve heard requests from potential personal-use customers,” said Rob Stevens, chief nameplate engineer for Commercial Vehicles. “Buyers looking for a taller wagon with seating for five passengers and generous cargo space have shown significant interest in Transit Connect.”

XLT Premium Wagon offers enhanced second-row passenger comfort, including cargo space surface trim, wheelhouse covers and flip-open rear quarter windows for draft-free ventilation.
This personal-use package gives owners and drivers additional confidence with blind-spot sideview mirrors, rear view camera, rear cargo door windows and privacy glass.

Transit Connect was named North American Truck of the Year in January 2010, selected by journalist jurors for its unique combination of car-like ride, 135 cubic feet of cargo space, 1,600-pound payload capacity and unmatched fuel efficiency – up to an EPA-rated 26 mpg highway.

All Transit Connect models – including XLT Premium Wagon – are assembled at the Ford Otosan joint-venture production facility in Kocaeli, Turkey, and are available at North American Ford dealerships.


Isuzu Double In FreshBins World-First

After falling in love with Warrnambool during a family holiday, Paul Sewell decided to quit his New South Wales job and move to the Western Victorian coastal city and look at the work prospects available to him.

Paul soon discovered an untapped niche and began a bin cleaning company. Not content with traditional bin cleaning methods, several years of research has led Paul to develop an industry-first cleaning and sterilising system for domestic and commercial rubbish bins offering many benefits over the older technology.

While his FreshBins company is travelling very well serving predominantly local customers, and some areas of metropolitan Melbourne, it’s his new $4 million prototype bin cleaning Isuzu truck that has him most excited.

"After researching the industry I found that nobody in Warrnambool was cleaning bins. Initially I developed a reloading truck, an Isuzu NPR 200. But after a lot of stopping and starting to exit the truck, manually load the bins, wash them and pull them back out, I investigated an easier way," Paul said.

Many hundreds of hours of research and development later, FreshBins took delivery of an NQR 450 Premium, converting it into the first robotic bin cleaning truck in the world. The state-of-the-art unit uses three dimensional vision to aid the robotic arm to pick up a bin, which is then automatically washed before being returned to the ground. The truck performs this task while the driver remains seated.

"It doesn’t matter how the bin is positioned, or if it is lying on the ground. The arm can locate a rubbish bin at 68 possible positions, while a second sensor detects any movement around the bin such as animals or children," Paul said.

Another benefit of the FreshBins system is the huge water saving during the cleaning process – cleaning a single domestic size bin can require up to 100 litres of water.

"This contaminated water is often washed into storm water systems, wasting water and harming the environment," Paul said.

Using ozone as a steriliser, FreshBins recycles water and amazingly uses just 63 mL to clean each bin, with a secondary benefit being the removal of contaminated water and waste from the waterways.

Paul said an Isuzu truck was used for the bin cleaning prototype as it was the most compatible with the FreshBins system.

"Isuzu’s reliability is fantastic and the customer service is second to none. We are very proud and excited to be using the Isuzu product.

"Our cleaning unit is also powered by a 4JJ-1 Isuzu industrial engine which is absolutely brilliant. The engine works very well with our system. It drives the high pressure pump and all of the electrics which is great," Paul said.

Apart from Isuzu’s reliability, FreshBins took to the brand for environmental reasons.

"Isuzu is by far the market leader in low emission trucks. One of FreshBins’ corporate policies states that we are concerned about the environment, so Isuzu trucks fit the criteria well. In the long term our fleet will be completely fuelled by Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), of which Isuzu has several models" Paul said.

"The new NQR 450 is absolutely brilliant. The whole cab is great – the layout, instruments and seats are absolutely fantastic. I cannot fault one single thing with it. It’s brilliant to drive and the view from the cab is unbelievable.

"We find that with the load on the back of the NQR 450, which is 7.5 tonne, it still has plenty of power. Braking is fantastic and acceleration is good. We largely do metropolitan driving. Occasionally we drive the NQR 450 on the highway which it also handles extremely well.

"I purchase my trucks at Ballarat Isuzu, where they are under a Platinum Service Agreement. Rather than hiring different contractors to service bits and pieces, our Isuzu dealer services all components of the truck, so it’s a one-stop-shop for us – it’s a lot more convenient," Paul said.

Paul believes there is great potential for the new FreshBins cleaning system both at a corporate and government level.

"Melbourne City Council has placed a law stating that bins must be cleaned on a regular basis. If a rubbish bin appears dirty an instant $1,000 fine will be given," Paul said.

"During times of drought and water restrictions there is hesitance to have bins cleaned, especially by traditional means – the new FreshBins system eliminates this problem."

See more from Isuzu Australia at http://www.isuzu.com.au/