New diesel engine oils hit the market

The American Petroleum Institute’s (API) new diesel engine oil standards – API CK-4 and FA-4 – will hit store shelves and bulk tanks nationwide. Earlier last year, API’s Lubricants Group approved the new API CK-4 and FA-4 specifications – previously widely referred to as PC-11 –  to address the needs of modern engine technologies and to help diesel engine OEMs meet increasingly stringent emissions requirements.

- See more at: http://www.hardworkingtrucks.com/new-diesel-engine-oils-hit-the-market-thursday/#sthash.mQt61Z7Y.dpuf


Michigan companies pair-up to offer Ford Transit electric conversion kit

Two companies have paired up to offer an electric conversion kit for Ford Transit vans.
Shortly after announcing their partnership earlier this month, Michigan-based New Eagle and Inventev displayed a fully electric Ford Transit at the Detroit Auto Show.

Winter Treads

When much of the country is getting pounded by winter storms and deep snow, our thoughts turn to tires. Some pickup truck owners have separate wardrobes for summer and winter. Nome, Alaska, and Miami residents maybe not so much.

Pickup winter wear can include anything from a fresh wax to do-it-yourself undercoating to lighter lubricating fluids to a block heater to winter diesel fuel. But does your truck's cold-weather wardrobe include winter tires?

Winter tires are designed for cold weather and associated precipitation. Tires rated for mud and snow (M+S) may not qualify as winter tires and often don't excel in either mud or snow. A winter tire's specific compound, tread design — and studs if you want them — is far more suitable and safer on cold roads and the various forms of water you might find on them.

In every road-based comparison in which I've participated, dedicated winter tires were more valuable than the number of driven wheels. However, while winter tires can improve performance, they are no substitute for common sense and can be pushed beyond their limits. They also add expense and create the issue of storage logistics.

The U.S., unlike some countries, does not mandate winter tire use, although some states and cities have laws about the use of studded tires or chains. It's worth noting that some insurance companies offer discounts for using winter tires.

Do you think winter tires should be required for new drivers or general safety, and if so, under what parameters? And if you don't believe in running dedicated winter tires, studs or chains, how do you deal with marginal winter traction? Let us know in the comments section below.

Source: http://news.pickuptrucks.com/2017/01/talking-trucks-tuesday-winter-treads.html#more

By G.R. Whale

Cars.com graphic by Paul Dolan; cars.com image by Bruce Smith


PolyBody® Line Bodies, Service and Aerial Bodies by United Plastic Fabricating

The PolyBody® Line Bodies, Service and Aerial Bodies are all made from polypropylene, a tough, durable, impact resistant plastic material. The PolyBody® will not rust or corrode, can resist day-to-day dings and dents and offers lighter weight than conventional steel or fiberglass bodies. The PolyBody® is a true long-life body that is transferable from chassis, with the outstanding appearance that only a hand crafted body can provide.

Find out about poly products at: http://www.unitedplastic.com/product/line-bodiesserviceaerial-bodies/


Spied: New Grille for 2018 Ram 2500

What better place to hide a few front-end grille changes than behind some camouflage on a refreshed Ram 2500 Power Wagon? Our guess is Ram will try to keep things interesting with a few special editions for its heavy-duty lineup. We're hoping to see something at the 2017 Chicago Auto Show in February. Meanwhile, here's what our spy shooters sent in.

"Amid reports that the 2018 full redesign for the Ram heavy-duty lineup has been delayed for at least one model year, it looks increasingly clear that Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is readying a face-lift in an effort to keep the HDs as fresh as possible until all-new models can come online.

"The prototype captured here shows a Power Wagon testing its revised front end on public roads. The test truck also has a camouflaged dashboard, suggesting that interior upgrades will be applied to the freshened HD as well, perhaps easing the sting of the all-new HD's delayed arrival to the market."

KGP Photography images

Source: http://news.pickuptrucks.com/2017/01/spied-new-grille-for-2018-ram-2500.html


  • Ford Motor Company and the City of London are joining forces to help improve air quality there as part of the company’s plan to lead in building electrified vehicles with 13 new global models in the next five years
  • Select London businesses to test plug-in hybrid vans running solely on electric power for the majority of city trips; ideal for urban deliveries, these vehicles offer enhanced productivity
  • Commercial vehicles in London make 280,000 trips a day for a total of 8 million miles; vans make up 75 percent of peak commercial traffic there
  • Ford of Europe to launch multimillion-pound project this fall in collaboration with Transport for London; project supported by U.K. government-funded Advanced Propulsion Centre
Ford was Europe’s No. 1-selling commercial vehicle brand for the second consecutive year in 2016; Transit Custom plug-in hybrid planned for commercial production in 2019

DEARBORN, Mich., Jan. 20, 2017 – Ford Motor Company is launching a multimillion-pound project designed to help improve air quality in London as the automaker accelerates its electrification plans with 13 new global electrified vehicles scheduled for introduction in the next five years.

The project, supported by Transport for London, features a 12-month trial of 20 new plug-in hybrid (PHEV) Ford Transit Custom vans that reduce local emissions running solely on electric power for the majority of city trips such as deliveries and maintenance work. Scheduled to launch this fall, it is part of Ford’s commitment to work with major cities around the world to tackle local transportation challenges to help people and goods move freely.

Commercial vehicles in London make 280,000 trips on a typical weekday, traveling a total of 8 million miles. Vans represent 75 percent of peak commercial traffic, with more than 7,000 vehicles an hour on the road in central London alone.

Ford will provide 20 plug-in hybrid Transit Custom vehicles to a range of commercial fleets across London, including Transport for London’s fleet, to explore how these commercial vans can contribute to cleaner air targets while boosting operator productivity in urban conditions – the toughest working environment for vehicles. The project is supported financially by the U.K. government-funded Advanced Propulsion Centre.

“Ford is the No. 1 commercial vehicle brand in Europe and it’s now going electric. Teaming up with our London partners, we will also be able to trial software and telematics with enormous potential to reduce emissions and costs in the city,” said Jim Farley, chairman and CEO, Ford of Europe. “This new type of partnership demonstrates our evolution to both an auto and mobility company. We have lots of work to do, but everyone is so energized by this breakthrough opportunity.”

Ford is focusing its EV plan on its areas of strength – electrifying its most popular, high-volume commercial vehicles, trucks, SUVs and performance vehicles to make them even more capable, productive and fun to drive – plus more fuel efficient.

Scheduled to launch in autumn this year, the fleet trial is part of Ford’s commitment to work with major cities around the world to tackle their local transport challenges, and help people and goods move more easily.

“The freight sector’s transition to ultra-low emission vehicles is central to cleaning up London’s toxic air,” said Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London. “Transport for London continues to lead by example by increasing the number of its own vehicles that are electric and will find the data from these trials an invaluable resource for the LoCITY program, which encourages the uptake of low-emission commercial transport.”

The Transit Custom plug-in hybrid vans in the London trial are an advanced design that allows the vehicles to be charged with electricity for zero-emission trips, while featuring an efficient on-board combustion engine for extended range when longer trips are required. Ford is the first volume manufacturer to offer plug-in hybrid technology in this segment.

The fleet will operate across a cross-section of city-based businesses day-to-day. A Ford telematics system will collect data on vehicle financial, operational and environmental performance to help understand how the benefits of electrified vehicles can be optimized.

Development of the 20 fleet vehicles is supported by a £4.7 million grant from Advanced Propulsion Center. The vans are being designed and engineered at Ford’s technical center in Dunton and at Prodrive Advanced Technology in Banbury, with support from Revolve Technologies.

“The U.K. is a global leader in low-emission motor technology. This new project, with nearly £5 million of government money, has secured work here in the U.K. and demonstrates our commitment to not only reducing carbon emissions, but to work with industry on developing next generation technology that will make a real difference to people’s lives,” said Nick Hurd, Climate Change and

Industry Minister. “This government will continue to work with the auto sector as we develop a comprehensive Industrial Strategy that will increase productivity, create high skilled jobs and ensure sustainable economic growth.”

Ford was Europe’s No. 1-selling commercial vehicle brand for the second consecutive year in 2016. Transit Custom plug-in hybrid is planned for commercial introduction in 2019, part of Ford’s $4.5 billion investment in electrified vehicles by 2020 as it evolves to be both an auto company and a mobility company – a leader in electrified vehicles, autonomous vehicles and new mobility solutions.
Transit Custom is one of 13 new electrified vehicles Ford is launching in the next five years globally.

This includes a fully electric SUV with an estimated range of at least 300 miles, a high-volume autonomous hybrid vehicle designed for commercial ride hailing or ride sharing to debut in North America in 2021, and a hybrid version of the iconic Ford Mustang.

Ford has a memorandum of understanding with several other automakers to create the highest-powered charging network for electric vehicles in Europe.

Note to editors: LoCITY is an industry-led initiative developed by Transport for London to improve air quality and reduce carbon emissions by lowering the impact of commercial vehicles on the environment. For more information, go to www.LoCITY.org.uk

Ford Motor Company is a global automotive and mobility company based in Dearborn, Michigan. With about 203,000 employees and 62 plants worldwide, the company’s core business includes designing, manufacturing, marketing and servicing a full line of Ford cars, trucks and SUVs, as well as Lincoln luxury vehicles. To expand its business model, Ford is aggressively pursuing emerging opportunities with investments in electrification, autonomy and mobility. Ford provides financial services through Ford Motor Credit Company.  For more information regarding Ford and its products and services, please visit www.corporate.ford.com.

Ford of Europe is responsible for producing, selling and servicing Ford brand vehicles in 50 individual markets and employs approximately 53,000 employees at its wholly owned facilities and approximately 68,000 people when joint ventures and unconsolidated businesses are included. In addition to Ford Motor Credit Company, Ford Europe operations include Ford Customer Service Division and 24 manufacturing facilities (16 wholly owned or consolidated joint venture facilities and 8 unconsolidated joint venture facilities). The first Ford cars were shipped to Europe in 1903 – the same year Ford Motor Company was founded. European production started in 1911


IMT Dominator® Master Lock System

The master lock is a spring-loaded system with a push-pull operation that ensures a secure lock every time. Users will have peace of mind with the new master lock system


Aluminum Service Bodies by Highway Products

A standard Highway Products service body comes with six internal storage compartments, a drop down tail gate and a bolt on bumper. The lockable storage compartments on these service bodies protect your tools from the elements. Aluminum services bodies are half the weight of steel bodies which will increase your fuel economy. We have a wide variety of utility bodies to choose from and over 20 add-on option. We guarantee a perfect fit and all service bodies come with a Lifetime Warranty.

VBX Hopper Spreader Family Overview | BOSS Snowplow |

The BOSS VBX Hopper Spreader lineup continues to grow. See all of the features and benefits of owning a BOSS spreader so while the front of your vehicle is taking care of all things snow and ice, the back of your vehicle can top it off with the finishing touches.


UTILIVAN by Utilimaster

Utilivans are the industry standard for medium-duty commercial delivery. Traditionally built on a cutaway chassis, Utilivans are built to be tough, constructed with durable materials such as fiberglass reinforced plywood, aluminum, and a variety of composite materials such as DuraPlate.® The innovative cab can be designed to fit as many as five crew members and can be configured with a set-back walk-through bulkhead.

See more at: http://www.spartanmotors.com/fleet-vehicles/baking-snack-foods/utilivan/

Ford Transit: A Plumber’s Perfect Work Van | Transit | Ford

K.C. Montgomery is helping his customers find innovative ways to get the most out of their water in drought-ravaged California. He isn’t your average plumber -- and his Ford Transit isn’t your average work van: Customized shelving and storage, lots of space to load and unload and incredible on-road efficiency. See how Transit has completely changed the face of K.C.’s business.


2018 Ford F-150 Video Review - PickupTrucks.com

Any time the No. 1-selling pickup truck makes a change it's news, even a mid-model refresh. Yes, it was bigger news when the 2015 Ford F-150 moved from steel to aluminum body panels, then got packed with a mountain of safety and performance technology, but there's still a significant amount of news in the 2018 model that's worthy of attention.

No doubt some wanted more change and it is a little disappointing we won't be seeing the baby Power Stroke for another year and a half, but overall we think that giving buyers more options to customize the look of their truck with a mix-and-match approach to grille designs is a pretty good idea. Whether the tailgate stamp or tire-tread seat design works is another matter.

The 2018 debuted at the 2017 North American Auto Show in Detroit, where we were able to get a closer look. Check out the video below. And, yes, we misidentified the 2018 F-150 to have four engines; of course, it has five: base level 3.3L V-6, 2.7L EcoBoost V-6, 3.5L EcoBoost V-6, 3.0L TD V-6, and 5.0L V-8.

Cars.com images by Mark Williams

Source: http://news.pickuptrucks.com/2017/01/2018-ford-f-150-video-review.html#more



Started in 1984, BrandFX Body Company has grown to become the world’s largest producer of advanced composite line bodies, service bodies, insert, toppers, and covers. We are fully focused on designing and producing lightweight, durable composite truck bodies that deliver the highest life cycle value in the industry.

Our truck bodies have been proven to deliver more than 20 years of reliable service, while also maintaining their quality finish and appearance. That’s why, for over 30 years, many small-to large-size companies, including five out of the top six U.S. service fleets, have counted on BrandFX. Today, the BrandFX product line is expanding to include specialized bodies for the lawn care and pest control industries.

At BrandFX, we believe in American-made quality, and all of our service bodies are manufactured in the U.S. Our operation includes almost 1 million square feet of manufacturing space in facilities strategically located across the U.S., supporting the efforts of more than 450 employees. To ensure the consistent quality of our truck bodies, we utilize the most advanced manufacturing and quality control processes.

Over the years, our innovations have led to many improvements in service body design and performance. And we continue to innovate. We are committed to working closely with our customers, knowing that the best designs and ideas often result from a partnership effort between our customers and us.

Combining the experience of over three decades of operation with outstanding facilities and a drive to produce innovative, highly durable truck bodies…BrandFX is committed to meeting the market’s need for high life cycle value truck service bodies.


Knapheide's Complete Line-Up Of Truck Caps

Following a successful product introduction at the 2015 Work Truck Show the Knapheide Manufacturing Company announced the availability of new commercial truck caps.  The "KnapKap" line of products is the most comprehensive selection of commercial grade truck caps the industry has seen and features fiberglass, aluminum, and steel models. The wide selection of KnapKap models appeal to numerous vocations including telecommunications, utilities, pest control, construction, and more.

This latest new product launch solidifies Knapheide's commitment to be the leading provider of commercial vehicle solutions.

"As OEM's begin to focus more and more on the lighter duty commercial vehicles so are we by releasing products that maximize the efficiency space of those vehicles.  There are KnapKaps for every size of pickup available in the North American commercial market, from compact to one ton trucks," said Tony Marshall, Product Manager at Knapheide.

KnapKap Supreme Utility

The KnapKap Supreme Utility is the industry's best utiltiy commercial topper.  Features like the commercial grade reinforced fiberglass and oversized side access doors set this truck cap apart from the competition.

KnapKap Ultra Cab High Utility

The KnapKap Ultra Cab High Utility is a light, efficient and durable, everything you need in a commercial truck cap.  Double vertical rear doors and durable yet lightweight ASC fiberglass construction are just a few of the standard features that are packed within the KnapKap Ultra Cab High Utility.

KnapKap ACU

The KnapKap ACU has a myriad of options and configurations for full customization.  The lightweight yet rugged aluminum construction eliminate the risk of corrosion yet maximize the available payload.

KnapKap HDS

The tried and true design of the KnapKap HDS has provided years of reliable service and increased productivty for numerous vocations.  The fully welded steel construction can handle the toughest jobsite conditions.

KnapKap Pro CH

The sleek design of the KnapKap Pro CH provides users with a functional yet professional looking commercial truck cap.  Combining ASC fiberglass with reinforced construction makes it one of the toughest available today.

KnapKap Pro CH-S

The KnapKap Pro CH-S has a true automotive appearance, with a high quality finish paint and contours that match the cab lines.  Highly functional, the Pro CH-S has all the features you need in a fiberglass truck cap.

Pro Cover

The Pro Cover from Knapheide is a commercial grade fiberglass tonneau cover with special lift assist gas props for easy opening and closing operation.  The Pro Cover provides protection and security for the contents within the truck bed.

Find out more at http://www.knapheide.com/article/909/knapheide-launches-complete-line-up-of-truck-caps


Ram Trucks| Ram Engineering | Vehicle System Interface Module

Welcome to VSIM 101. In this video from the Ram Trucks Commercial Vehicle Team, engineer Chris Borczan explains the vehicle system interface module, aka VSIM, an exclusive feature that allows for upfit functionality without the need to cut into existing wires.

For upfit information not included in this video, please continue watching the Ram Engineering series and/or visit us at http://www.ramtrucks.com/en/bodybuild....


The Sno Blade from Pro-Tech: Innovation with and edge

The all NEW Sno Blade continues to be one of our most popular plows this season. Available in 8' and 10' sizes for skidsteer. Find our more abou this snowplow for skidsteers at ProTechSnoBlade.com

PALFINGER Lifting Solutions Around the World

Established in 1932, the company has for many years been among the leading international manufacturers of hydraulic lifting systems in the line of commercial vehicles and in the maritim field. As a multinational company group with its headquarters in Salzburg, Austria, PALFINGER has manufacturing and assembly sites in Europe, in North and South America and Asia as well as over 5,000 sales and service centres located in over 130 countries across five continents.

Through entrepreneurship, respect and learning our employees set the benchmark in technology, digitalization, quality, safety and service. 
Sustainability and high flexibility drive us to ensure the responsible and effective use of resources.
Together this empowers us to keep our customer promise of LIFETIME EXCELLENCE.


Isuzu Telematics: PFD Food Services Takes A Bite Out Of Fuel Costs

As an Isuzu truck owner, you may be wondering if your business really can run better with Isuzu Telematics.

PFD Food Services were curious too. And with one of Australia’s largest fleets, the system had the potential to take a big slice out of their bottom line.

So we fitted a number of PFD trucks with Isuzu Telematics and followed them for six weeks to see how big a difference the instant feedback and reporting would make to driver behaviour and fuel use.
The results were astounding. But don’t take our word for it, watch the case study video and see for yourself.


Long Live Ram Long-form | Ram Trucks

Long Live the courageous. The tenacious. The ones who push forward and give back. Long Live the greater good, the helping hand, and Long Live the truck built to outlast them all. Ram Trucks, America's Longest Lasting Pickups. RamTrucks.com

Long Live Ram is set to a custom recording and arrangement of Bob Dylan's timeless “Forever Young” - performed by Low Country Sound/Elektra recording artist Anderson East (www.andersoneast.com) and produced by Grammy award-winning producer, Dave Cobb at his famed “Studio A” in Nashville.

Lift-a-Load Trailers

Stop, Drop and Load with a Lift-a-Load Elevating Platform Trailer. Lift-a-Load is only hydraulic trailer on the market today that can be raised to loading dock height. 

Anything but ordinary, the Lift-a-Load is so much more than a conventional drop deck trailer. It is not just a piece of equipment, but is a unique tool that will help increase your efficiencies. Dependable hydraulic power will raise the Lift-a-Load bed up to 52" high, lower it flat to the ground, or stop it at any height for safe, convenient load transfer. The bed remains level at all times and moves with a smooth, steady motion. Simple operation, unique flexibility and enhanced safety allow for one person to easily load and transport cargo. Youll be able to tackle almost any special delivery situation that is thrown your way. Deliveries will be completed faster. That means more trips per day and more money in your pocket. Get a Lift-a-Load working for you. 

Visit www.advancemetalworking.com to learn more about these unique trailers.


Multi-terrain Select | Tacoma | Toyota

See how Tacoma has you covered. Because the best adventures don’t begin until the pavement ends. Visit Toyota.com/tacoma to learn more.


Ford Transit Custom Plug-In Hybrid due in 2019

Ford has announced that it will be introducing electric plug-in hybrid versions of its best selling Transit Custom in the UK in 2019. Fully developed and engineered in Europe it will be part and parcel of Ford’s $4.5bn global electrification programme, which will include 13 new fully electric vehicles within the next five years. Included in the line-up will also be a hybrid version of the best-selling F-150 pickup which will be made available in North America and the Middle East in 2020.

Ford will begin real-world testing of its new generation EV technology this year. In Europe, the Transit Custom Plug-in Hybrid will hit the streets towards the end of the year, along with a new set of mobility services, telematics and connectivity solutions. Additionally, in New York and several other major US cities, Ford is already testing a fleet of 20 Transit Connect hybrid taxi and van prototypes in some of the world’s most demanding traffic conditions.

“As more and more consumers around the world become interested in electrified vehicles, Ford is committed to being a leader in providing consumers with a broad range of electrified vehicles, services and solutions that make people’s lives better,” said Mark Fields, Ford president and CEO. “Our investments and expanding line-up reflect our view that global offerings of electrified vehicles will exceed gasoline-powered vehicles within the next 15 years.”

“Ford’s global EV strategy is to build on our strengths,” added Raj Nair, the company’s executive vice president, product development. “We’re focused on providing customers more of what they love about their Ford vehicles. This means more capability for trucks, more productivity for commercial vehicles and more performance for sports cars; plus improved fuel economy.”

Source:  http://www.vansa2z.com/Ford-Transit-Custom-Plug-In-Hybrid-due-in-2019

Tommy Gate Rear Camera Kits

Tommy Gate now has a new Rear Camera & Sensor Bar Option  for Ford Superduty pickup liftgates.

The incorporation of rear camera technology in modern pickup trucks has rapidly increased over the past couple of years. According to a DOT mandate passed in 2014, all vehicles under 10,000lbs must be outfitted with the technology by May 2018.

In order to maximize liftgate versatility and compatibility with such technology, the Tommy Gate engineering team has designed a one-of-a-kind Rear Camera & Sensor Bar kit for many newer model trucks.

The application chart that lists available kits and their corresponding truck models has been updated to include some Ford Superduty models and may be viewed here.

Rear Camera Bar kits are application specific and only available for the newest pickup models. Tommy Gate will continue to release additional applications as future pickup models are released.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact your territory manager and/or customer service at 1-800-LIFTGATE.

Tommy Gate is always working to design, build, and improve upon the finest liftgates in the world.



  • Ford reveals new, even tougher, smarter and more capable F-150, featuring segment-first technology, including Pre-Collision Assist with Pedestrian Detection and Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop-and-Go, embedded 4G LTE modem, SYNC 3 and B&O PLAY audio
  • All-new Ford Ranger midsize pickup truck will be reintroduced to the North American market in 2019
  • Rugged all-new Ford Bronco midsize SUV returns in 2020 as a global vehicle; both Bronco and Ranger to be built at Ford’s Michigan Assembly Plant
  • Ford-owned Chariot – the app-based, ride sharing service in San Francisco and Austin, Texas – will expand this year to eight cities, including at least one global city
  • Ford presents a vision for the “City of Tomorrow” to inspire innovation and assist cities in solving mobility challenges to help people move more easily today and in the future
DETROIT, Jan. 9, 2017 – Ford’s expansion to an auto and mobility company gains momentum today, as the company unveils the new F-150 pickup, announces the return of the Ranger pickup in North America and Bronco globally, and presents its vision for the “City of Tomorrow.”

Ford’s news at the North American International Auto Show – including expansion of its Chariot ride-sharing service to eight cities – underscores the company’s drive to strengthen its core automotive business while aggressively expanding in growing mobility services.  

“This year, the expansion of our business as an auto and mobility company moves into even higher gear,” said Mark Fields, president and CEO. “We’re introducing even more new vehicles and technologies to make life better for millions of people in the near term, plus we’re presenting a vision and partnering with cities to move more people even more efficiently in the future.”

Today’s news follows other announcements about Ford’s business expansion:
Adding 13 new electrified vehicles and investing $4.5 billion in the next five years, including a hybrid versions of the F-150 and Mustang, two pursuit-rated hybrid police vehicles, a Transit Custom plug-in hybrid, a fully electric small SUV with an estimated range of at least 300 miles and a high-volume, fully autonomous SAE level 4-capable vehicle – with no steering wheel, gas or brake pedal – in commercial operation in 2021 in a ride-hailing or ride-sharing service.

The debut of its next-generation Fusion Hybrid autonomous development vehicle, the next step in Ford’s plan to deliver a fully autonomous vehicle in 2021.

The creation of a City Solutions team to work with major global cities to help solve congestion issues and help people move more easily, today and in the future.
Ranger and Bronco Return

Ford is bringing back the Ranger midsize pickup truck to its North American vehicle lineup in 2019 and Bronco midsize SUV to its global vehicle portfolio in 2020. Both vehicles will be manufactured at Ford’s Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne, Michigan.

“We’ve heard our customers loud and clear. They want a new generation of vehicles that are incredibly capable yet fun to drive,” said Joe Hinrichs, Ford’s president of The Americas. “Ranger is for truck buyers who want an affordable, functional, rugged and maneuverable pickup that’s Built Ford Tough. Bronco will be a no-compromise midsize 4x4 utility for thrill seekers who want to venture way beyond the city.”

City of Tomorrow
Beyond vehicles, Ford is working with cities around the world to help address growing mobility challenges in urban environments, including gridlock and air pollution.

Ford’s City Solutions team – the only one of its kind in the auto industry– is working with cities around the world to propose, pilot and develop mobility solutions. The team also is beginning to collaborate with Bloomberg Philanthropies and its global coalition of mayors.

“This is an issue that goes far beyond congestion. It is one that represents a massive challenge to mankind, one that affects our well-being and access to health care, clean drinking water, food, a safe place to live and even the ability to find work,” said Bill Ford, executive chairman, Ford Motor Company. “By solving the mobility challenge, we have the chance to create a better world for future generations. It’s both an exciting opportunity and a big responsibility.”

Ford today presented its vision for the “City of Tomorrow.”

Ford’s City of Tomorrow looks at how near-term mobility advancements – including autonomous and electric vehicles, ride-sharing and ride-hailing and connected vehicles – interact with urban infrastructure and create a transportation ecosystem.

For example, Ford is imagining a world in which reconfigurable roads fluidly respond to commuter needs and traffic flow. Bikes and drones provide last-mile solutions for both people and goods.

City of Tomorrow
The Future: Near Term
Within the next five years, Ford expects autonomous vehicles will be introduced in cities around the world. This includes Ford’s first fully autonomous vehicles in 2021.

At the same time, the company expects continued growth in electrified vehicles – with global EV industry offerings eventually outnumbering gasoline-powered offering in the next 15 years.

Shared modes of transportation will continue to gain popularity, such as the Ford’s Chariot app-based, crowd-sourced ride sharing service, which is expanding globally.

Chariot, which currently operates in San Francisco and Austin, Texas, is growing its operations to eight cities this year, including at least one city outside of the U.S.

In Ford’s vision of the near-term future, connected communications between vehicles and infrastructure also will grow:

Vehicles will be capable of connecting with other vehicles and cities’ transportation operating systems. Ford alone will equip 20 million cars globally with built-in modems in the next five years.

As these vehicles and other connected vehicles are introduced into cities around the world, cities themselves will change. Large-scale innovations likely, including wireless charging and enhanced connectivity.

These changes could give city transportation managers all-new operating systems, which allow them to manage multiple aspects of their city transportation system centrally, including traffic flow and vehicle emissions.

City of Tomorrow
The Future: Long Term
Further out, Ford sees the City of Tomorrow with significant concentrations of autonomous vehicles, most of which will be electrified.

Mass transit will improve for the largest cities with new technologies like advanced high-speed public transit. Other innovations could include:

  • Drones that will play many roles. For example,  they could be quickly deployed to survey and map the hardest-hit areas following earthquakes, tsunamis or other major disasters
  • Advanced transportation operating systems that more robustly and seamlessly integrate data from all aspects of the ecosystem. This includes vehicles, bikes, drones and mass transit as well as street lights, parking meters and charging infrastructure
  • Large-scale implementation of advanced technologies for flexible traffic management coupled with autonomous vehicles – eliminating traffic jams, reducing emissions and bringing traffic accidents to nearly zero
  • Converting road space into green space and parks, allowing for higher quality of life and healthier communities
  • “For more than 100 years, Ford has been part of the community and the trusted source for automotive transportation,” Fields said. “Now, we want to work with communities to offer even more transportation choices and solutions for people – for decades to come.”

City of Tomorrow Symposium
As part the North American International Auto Show, Ford is hosting a symposium on the City of Tomorrow at Detroit’s Joe Louis Arena. Together with partners TED, The New York Times and VICE Media, Ford has created sessions with thought leaders, mayors and prominent leaders to discuss the mobility challenges, opportunities and emerging solutions that will shape the City of Tomorrow. Information about the sessions can be found here.

Ford Motor Company is a global automotive and mobility company based in Dearborn, Michigan. With about 203,000 employees and 62 plants worldwide, the company’s core business includes designing, manufacturing, marketing and servicing a full line of Ford cars, trucks and SUVs, as well as Lincoln luxury vehicles. To expand its business model, Ford is aggressively pursuing emerging opportunities with investments in electrification, autonomy and mobility. Ford provides financial services through Ford Motor Credit Company.  For more information regarding Ford and its products and services, please visit www.corporate.ford.com.


AMAZING Aluminum 5th Wheel Hitch from Andersen Hitches

The Aluminum Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection released by Andersen Hitches in February 2015. Only 32lbs –and it's just as strong as our steel version! See if you don't say, "Amazing!" after watching this video.

To see the full version of this video go to: http://youtu.be/qMW-ynhTatA - and check out the incredible Sand Rail footage at the end of that video.

Which BEDSLIDE is right for you?

BEDSLIDE now offers 5 models of BED SLIDE Cargo Trays. Which BEDSLIDE is right for you? The BEDSLIDE is the best truck bed accessory to help access tools and equipment.


How to Select a Trailer Hitch - CURTmfg.com

This videos will help you select the correct trailer hitch by helping you understand the differences between them. Hitch classes are determined by their weight rating.

Class 1: Gross trailer weight up to 2,000 lbs. Tongue Weight up to 200 lbs.
Class 2: Gross trailer weight up to 3,500 lbs. Tongue Weight up to 350 lbs.
Class 3: Gross trailer weight up to 8,000 lbs. Tongue Weight up to 800 lbs.
Class 4: Gross trailer weight up to 10,000 lbs. Tongue Weight up to 1,000 lbs.
Xtra Duty: Gross trailer weight up to 17,000 lbs. Tongue Weight up to 2,550 lbs.
Commercial Duty: Gross trailer weight up to 20,000 lbs. Tongue Weight up to 2,700 lbs.

Class 1 & 2 hitches have a 1 1/4" receiver tube opening.
Class 3, 4, & XD hitches have a 2" receiver tube opening.
Commercial Duty hitches have a 2 1/2" receiver tube opening.

For more towing information and to find the perfect hitch for your vehicle, check out http://www.curtmfg.com

Centro Manufacturing on Turbozone

Turbozone features Centro Manufacturing Corporation




Switch-N-Go® can be a solution to these issues no matter what government entity you work for. As a proven transportation solution, Switch-N-Go® can help you accomplish your tasks with fewer trucks and people.

Instead of letting your trucks sit dormant in the off seasons up fit them with Switch-N-Go® systems and use your trucks through out the entire year.


Switch-N-Go® can be a solution to these issues no matter what government entity you work for. As a proven transportation solution, Switch-N-Go® can help you accomplish your tasks with fewer trucks and people.
Instead of letting your trucks sit dormant in the off seasons up fit them with Switch-N-Go® systems and use your trucks through out the entire year.

More at: http://www.switchngo.com/


  • Ford confirms seven of 13 new global electrified vehicles coming in the next five years, including F-150 Hybrid, Mustang Hybrid and Transit Custom plug-in hybrid
  • Ford to launch fully electric SUV with an estimated range of at least 300 miles and two new electrified police vehicles
  • The automaker is investing $700 million and adding 700 direct new jobs in Flat Rock (Michigan) Assembly Plant to create a factory capable of producing high-tech electrified and autonomous vehicles – plus the iconic Ford Mustang and Lincoln Continental
  • Ford is piloting wireless technology that makes recharging an electric vehicle as easy as pulling into a parking spot; in addition, the company is testing EV prototypes this year in Europe, New York and other large U.S. cities
  • Ford is canceling plans for a new $1.6 billion plant in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, and investing $700 million in the Flat Rock, Michigan, plant’s expansion; Ford will build its next-generation Focus at an existing plant in Hermosillo, Mexico, to improve company profitability 

All 2017 EV Announcement Images

FLAT ROCK, Mich., Jan. 3, 2017 – Ford today detailed seven of the 13 new global electrified vehicles it plans to introduce in the next five years, including hybrid versions of the iconic F-150 pickup and Mustang in the U.S., a plug-in hybrid Transit Custom van in Europe and a fully electric SUV with an expected range of at least 300 miles for customers globally.

The automaker also announced plans to invest $700 million to expand its Flat Rock Assembly Plant in Michigan into a factory that will build high-tech autonomous and electric vehicles along with the Mustang and Lincoln Continental. The expansion will create 700 direct new jobs.

The moves are part of a $4.5 billion investment in electrified vehicles by 2020, offering customers greater fuel efficiency, capability and power across Ford’s global vehicle lineup. The plans are part of the company’s expansion to be an auto and a mobility company, including leading in electrified and autonomous vehicles and providing new mobility solutions.

“As more and more consumers around the world become interested in electrified vehicles, Ford is committed to being a leader in providing consumers with a broad range of electrified vehicles, services and solutions that make people’s lives better,” said Mark Fields, Ford president and CEO. “Our investments and expanding lineup reflect our view that global offerings of electrified vehicles will exceed gasoline-powered vehicles within the next 15 years.”

Ford is focusing its EV plan on its areas of strength – electrifying its most popular, high-volume commercial vehicles, trucks, SUVs and performance vehicles to make them even more capable, productive and fun to drive.

The seven global electrified vehicles announced today include:

  • An all-new fully electric small SUV, coming by 2020, engineered to deliver an estimated range of at least 300 miles, to be built at the Flat Rock plant and sold in North America, Europe and Asia
  • A high-volume autonomous vehicle designed for commercial ride hailing or ride sharing, starting in North America. The hybrid vehicle will debut in 2021 and will be built at the Flat Rock plant
  • A hybrid version of the best-selling F-150 pickup available by 2020 and sold in North America and the Middle East. The F-150 Hybrid, built at Ford’s Dearborn Truck Plant, will offer powerful towing and payload capacity and operate as a mobile generator
  • A hybrid version of the iconic Mustang that will deliver V8 power and even more low-end torque. The Mustang Hybrid, built at the Flat Rock Plant, debuts in 2020 and will be available in the North America to start
  • A Transit Custom plug-in hybrid available in 2019 in Europe engineered to help reduce operating costs in even the most congested streets
  • Two new, pursuit-rated hybrid police vehicles. One of the two new hybrid police vehicles will be built in Chicago, and both will be upfitted with their police gear at Ford’s dedicated police vehicle modification center in Chicago

In addition, Ford announces that its global utility lineup will be the company’s first hybrids powered by EcoBoost® rather than naturally aspirated engines, furthering improving performance and fuel economy.

The company also plans to be as aggressive in developing global electrified vehicles services and solutions. These include EV fleet management, route planning and telematics solutions.

Building the Future

To support the new era of vehicles, Ford is adding 700 direct new U.S. jobs and investing $700 million during the next four years, creating the new Manufacturing Innovation Center at its Flat Rock Assembly Plant. Employees there will build the all-new small utility vehicle with extended battery range as well as the fully autonomous vehicle for ride-hailing or ride-sharing – along with the iconic Mustang and Lincoln Continental.

“I am thrilled that we have been able to secure additional UAW-Ford jobs for American workers,” said Jimmy Settles, UAW vice president, National Ford Department. “The men and women of Flat Rock Assembly have shown a great commitment to manufacturing quality products, and we look forward to their continued success with a new generation of high-tech vehicles.”

This incremental investment in Flat Rock Assembly Plant comes from $1.6 billion the company previously had planned to invest in a new plant in Mexico.

Ford today announced it is cancelling plans for the new plant in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. It also announced that, to improve company profitability and ensure the financial as well as commercial success of this vehicle, the next-generation Focus will be built at an existing plant in Hermosillo, Mexico. This will make way for two new iconic products at Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne, Michigan, where Focus is manufactured today – safeguarding approximately 3,500 U.S. jobs.

Unique ElectrificationTechnology

Building on two decades of experience, Ford is applying lessons learned to deliver patented technology, software and services to appeal to truck customers, SUV owners, performance enthusiasts, high-volume commercial fleets and everyone in between.

“Ford’s global EV strategy is to build on our strengths,” said Raj Nair, executive vice president, Product Development, and chief technical officer. “While some others seem to be focused on marketing claims and numbers, we’re focused on providing customers even more of what they love about their Ford vehicles. This means more capability for trucks, more productivity for commercial vehicles and more performance for sports cars – plus improved fuel economy.”

This year, Ford begins testing its new generation of EV technology. In Europe, Ford will put the Transit Custom plug-in hybrid on the road later this year, along with a new set of mobility services, telematics and connectivity solutions.

In addition, in New York and several major U.S. cities, Ford is testing a fleet of 20 Transit Connect hybrid taxi and van prototypes in some of the world’s most demanding traffic conditions.

These Transit Connects build on the success of the world’s first hybrid taxi – the Ford Escape Hybrid – which also was the world’s first hybrid SUV and the first North American-built hybrid. Many Escape Hybrid taxis are still on the road, moving passengers for more than 350,000 miles each and still using their original batteries.

Today, Ford is America’s top-selling plug-in hybrid brand and second in overall U.S. electrified vehicle sales.

New Services

Applying approximately two decades of leadership in EVs and commercial vehicles, Ford also is working on a suite of services to make EVs even easier to live with.

“Innovative services can be as important to customers as the electrified vehicles themselves,” said Hau Thai-Tang, group vice president of Purchasing and Ford’s EV champion. “We are investing in solutions to help private customers as well as commercial fleet owners seamlessly incorporate these new vehicles and technologies into their lives.”

Ford already has a memorandum of understanding with several other automakers in Europe to create an ultra-fast charging network projected to be significantly faster than the most powerful charging system deployed today. An initial target of about 400 sites in Europe is planned. By 2020, consumers should have access to thousands of high-powered charging points.

Ford also is piloting wireless technology on company EVs in the U.S. and Europe that make recharging as easy as pulling into a parking spot so drivers never forget to recharge. Wireless recharging extends electric-only range for short distance commuters, even during quick stops. FordPass® also can help consumers reserve charging times.

Understanding customers

Ford has been extensively studying how past and current EV owners use their vehicles. The company has sold more than 520,000 electrified vehicles in North America since 2005 and 560,000 globally.

In studying 33,000 Ford EV owners that have made 58 million unique trips, Ford has learned:

  • 88 percent of customers’ habitual daily driving distance is 60 miles or less. For plug-in hybrids, the average refueling distance is 680 miles, making gas station trips rare
  • Customers want as much electric range as possible, but range anxiety drops over time as they become more comfortable and familiar with the technology
  • 80 percent of Ford EV customers charge once a day; 60 percent during evenings
  • Ford EV customers collectively have plugged in their vehicles a total of 9.4 million nights
  • An overwhelming majority of Ford EV owners expect to replace their current EV with a new one, additional Ford research shows. Specifically:
  • 92 percent of battery electric car customers say they will purchase another battery electric vehicle as their next purchase
  • 87 percent of plug-in hybrid customers want another plug-in for their next vehicle
Ford Motor Company is a global automotive and mobility company based in Dearborn, Michigan. With about 203,000 employees and 62 plants worldwide, the company’s core business includes designing, manufacturing, marketing and servicing a full line of Ford cars, trucks and SUVs, as well as Lincoln luxury vehicles. To expand its business model, Ford is aggressively pursuing emerging opportunities with investments in electrification, autonomy and mobility. Ford provides financial services through Ford Motor Credit Company.  For more information regarding Ford and its products and services, please visit www.corporate.ford.com.



The Ford F-Series durability, technology and capability have kept it king as America’s best-selling trucks for 40, straight, years.

Learn more about the F-150 here: http://ford.to/f150 


Ford Service Advice: Do I Need a Tire Rotation? | Service Advice | Ford

This video will explain the importance of having your tires rotated to improve tire life and overall performance of your vehicle.

How to Drive Through an Ice Storm | Extreme Weather Driving Tips | Ford

Ice storms can be very beautiful, yet hazardous. Follow these tips if you encounter a dangerous ice storm to stay safe while driving.

Ford owners want to go everywhere in their vehicles, no matter what type of weather they might run into. This video series provides helpful tips for navigating any type of extreme weather situation on the road.

Drive with confidence—no matter what Mother Nature throws at you.


Sortimo Van Storage Bins For Increased Organization & Mobility

Sortimo Boxxes are the most innovative and functional series of van storage bins available. Boxxes van storage bins serve dual purposes acting both as a drawer and mobile storage. Slide the van storage bins out on the provided tracks to quickly grab a part or remove it completely from the shelf so you can carry multiple tools to the job site with one hand.

Choose from a variety of van storage bins to accommodate your needs. There are Boxxes designed to store efficiently nearly any piece of hardware, part, or tool you may carry within your cargo van. From small components to large power tools, van storage bins can help you increase your organization and mobility.

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Knapheide. Never Settle

At Knapheide, we never settle when it comes to the work-ready vehicle solutions we build. Find out what that means and how it makes our customers’ jobs a whole lot easier.

The 2016 Isuzu Truck Fest In Manila - Special Feature

Isuzu has been holding Truck Fests, first called Truck Attacks, all over the country over past few years. And has seen these result in yearly increases in sales of its light, medium, and heavy-duty trucks. It is not veering away from this winning strategy any time soon. The country’s top seller of trucks just held its first Truck Fest this year.

Dump trucks . . . Semis . . . Tankers . . . Medium sized trucks . . . Light trucks . . . in various guises and uses . . . Who thought that an exhibit made up of these utility vehicles could be interesting or even exciting?

Isuzu Philippines did . . . and over the years the Truck Fest . . . also known as the Truck Attack in earlier iterations . . . has become an awaited event in various parts of the country . . . 

The Truck Fest has been a success not only as a Truck show but also as vehicle for sales for Isuzu . . . Every year, Isuzu Philippines has seen sales of its brand new trucks increase . . . 

Buoyed by the success of Isuzu in becoming No. 1 in sales of medium and light trucks . . . and lately in heavy duty trucks . . . Isuzu launched its first Truck Fest for the year at the SMX Convention Center . . . 

Isuzu’s heavy duty trucks are showcased at the Truck Fest . . . The C-Series is highlighted by the CYH51S, a 20-cubic meter dump truck . . . and the CYZ51M which shown as 15 cubic meter dump truck . . . and as a concrete mixer . . . 

Bigger and heavier than the C-Series are exhibits of the E-Series . . . The EXR51F and the EXZ51k . . . tractor heads for hauling containers and . . . Another EXR51F is configured as a flatbed truck while two EXZ51K models are configured as fuel tankers . . . 

Also showcased are Isuzu’s best-selling light-duty N-Series trucks . . . the NPR85 and the NPS models in cab and chassis formats . . . and the purpose-built NHR NT flexi truck . . . the NHR MB i-VAn . . . the NQR dropside . . . and the NQR aluminum van with side door . . . 

Isuzu also displayed its medium duty truck, the F-Series FRR aluminum van . . . 

Also participating in the truck are various partners of Isuzu . . . the companies which build bodies for trucks . . . and provide other needs of truckers and fleet owners . . .

Top honchos of Isuzu Philippines are optimistic the Truck Fest will continue the company’s dominance in the truck sectors . . .

Isuzu is planning to hold more Truck Fest in other regions . . . bringing over the models to exhibits in Luzon . . . the Visayas . . . and Mindanao . .

Isuzu dealerships . . . those with showrooms large enough to accommodate them … will also be have some of the trucks on display . . . Customers can also request to view them at the Isuzu plant . . . 

The Truck Fest best showcases what Isuzu wants to be known as . . . the dependable partner for businesses that need vehicles for shipping goods, materials and products . . . 

For many years, Isuzu has lorded it over the light and medium truck segments now it has become to dominate the heavy-duty category. The Truck Fest has played a role in this. But perhaps it may also be because the economy has grown enough for many haulers and companies to afford brand new trucks which is always the best investment in the long run.


CURT's culture is built on change - CURT Towing Products

"CURT's culture is built on change. Our motto is: the only constant is change. This allows for continuous innovation and continuous improvement in our products and services. That's what makes this company different."


GM Wind Tunnel Enhances Fuel-Saving Designs

General Motors recently opened up a new 35,000 square foot Reduced Scale Wind Tunnel to assist in developing more aerodynamic and fuel efficient vehicle designs. On November 10, 2015 G.M. invited members of the media to the Warren, Michigan facility for an introductory tour. Eco Auto journalist Eric Novak was there and prepared this video recap of the event and the facility.

Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks provides a helping hand in mountain rescue: Unimog extreme off-roader for the mountain rescue team in the Black Forest

  • Mountain rescue service tests a modular loading concept while putting the new vehicle through its paces
  • The all-wheel-drive truck readies them for any emergency – from mountain rescues to floods
  • Stuttgart / Feldberg. In readiness for the start of the winter sport season, the Special Trucks division at Mercedes-Benz has loaned the mountain rescue services in Baden-Württemberg a Unimog U 4000 with a seven-seater double cab. With it, the mountain rescue crews have the possibility to put the Unimog extreme off-roader concept to the test on the Feldberg mountain in the Upper Black Forest region.
Karsten Fuchs, Head of Sales in Germany for Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks, handed over the key ceremonially with these words: "The first 50 years of the Unimog history were linked with the town of Gaggenau and thus the vehicle wasn't just born in the Black Forest, but it was also put through its paces on a daily basis in the harsh agricultural and forestry tasks of the area. In this respect, we at Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks are particularly pleased to be able to lend a helping hand to the volunteers of the Black Forest mountain rescue service in the form of this world-renowned vehicle, which have proved itself in the toughest of off-road terrain."

Upon receiving the Unimog U 4000, the Managing Director of the Baden-Württemberg mountain rescue service, Lutz Scherer, noted: "Emergency operations in difficult terrain are always particularly challenging for the rescue services and their materials. We are therefore very grateful that Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks is providing us with this Unimog. The vehicle is absolutely perfect for our specific requirements and it will help us to help victims in a much more appropriate way."

The Unimog with the Upper Black Forest mountain rescue service

The Feldberg area is a great place to try out the Unimog for mountain rescue operations. At altitudes of 1493 m, there reigns a harsh climate with storms and snow, as well as a steep, craggy topography. The Unimog and its off-road competence will also help the mountain rescuers to work better with other organisations. What is more, the Unimog will improve the level of protection which the mountain rescue service can offer to people, for example after floods, and if the worst happens, the team transport cab also gives them a greater transport capacity in the event of a major mountain rescue operation. With a trailer suitable for off-road use, boats, generators, snowmobiles and other heavy devices can also be taken along to difficult-to-reach places as required.

The Unimog U 4000 on-loan to the mountain rescue service features a cab for transporting an entire team, with a total of seven seats. With a wheelbase of 3850 mm and a steel drop-side body with tarpaulin, the mountain rescuers store all of the necessary rescue materials in modules. The four-cylinder OM 924 LA Euro V diesel engine offers performance of 160 kW/218 hp, which is transmitted to the wheels by an all-wheel drive system. A great advantage of the Unimog extreme off-roader are its optimal driving characteristics in tough off-road terrain and the extremely impressive robustness and frame torsion of up to 600 mm when driving off-road. Among the vehicle's characteristics are portal axles and a low centre of gravity as well extremely favourable values for the approach and departure angles (44 degrees at the front, 51 degrees at the rear), the ramp angle (34 degrees) and the climbing ability (45 degrees) – all of which make the Unimog extreme off-roader unique. In addition to this there is the maximum fording depth of 1.20 m and a lateral inclination angle of up to 38 degrees.

The modular loading concept of the Unimog for mountain rescue operations

So-called rescue modules are loaded in trolleys in order to equip the Unimog as quickly as possible with additionally required materials for the various types of operation. On-board for emergency situations are, among other things, the cablecar module and the illumination module with emergency power generator and floodlights. The care module includes tents equipped for providing first-aid to victims. The avalanche module comprises material for organised probing for and rescue of avalanche victims. By loading the avalanche module on the vehicle, the Black Forest mountain rescuers can save on the procurement of additional materials for each of the mountain rescue stations at Belchen, Feldberg and Schauinsland.

Rescue in difficult terrain

On behalf of the state of Baden-Württemberg, the Black Forest mountain rescue service (Bergwacht Schwarzwald e.V.) manages mountain rescue operations off the beaten track and away from civilisation in the difficult terrain of the Black Forest whilst also looking after numerous ski pistes, cross-country skiing trails, lifts and cablecars in the region. Furthermore, the Feldberg region is an incredible tourist magnet with more than nine million visitors per year, but unfortunately there are also up to 600 emergency rescue operations in which the mountain rescuers were called out.

The area which the Upper Black Forest mountain rescue service covers is split into three circular operational zones around the Feldberg mountain. They are also called out to bigger emergencies which can be as far away as the Swiss or French border. The tasks range from floods to rescue journeys in the Alps. In the spring and summer months, the mountain rescue teams predominantly rescue walkers, rock climbers and paragliders. They even carry out rescues in caves. In the winter months, the vast majority of their operations concern winter sports and avalanche rescues. All year round, the mountain rescue service carries out rescue operations by air as well as cablecar evacuations.



FISHER® SPEED-CASTER 900 & 525 Tailgate Spreaders

When the storm hits, count on the versatility and performance of the SPEED-CASTER™ 900 & 525 tailgate spreaders. The 2-stage spreaders feature dual electric motors that provide exceptional control for bagged and bulk deicing materials, including salt, sand or a salt/sand mix, in a convenient, low profile design.

For more information, visit http://www.fisherplows.com/

Highway Products - Veterinarian Service Body

Driving unimproved dirt roads and field work involves the twisting and turning which fiberglass can't handle. Expensive repairs and downtime are not things you want. Aluminum Virtually lasts forever - meaning your first Vet Box™ could be be your last. We've got tool boxes with over 2 million miles and counting! Our customers move these boxes from truck to truck and keep on using them. Our Vet Box™ is built with the same locks, 1/8th inch thick marine grade aluminum, stainless (overkill) hinges, and fasteners we use on our semi truck boxes.Veterinarian Service Body Features include:

Vet Body Drawers

Drawers - One of the biggest time savers in a service body. The best way to keep organized. We make lots of them. We can add dividers or lift-out trays. Lift-out trays with dividers. Center divider has a double bend giving you a handle to carry this versatile little tray. Our standard pickup Vet Box can have as many as 8 carry trays.

Rainmaster Doors

Highway Products developed this unique Rainmaster style of internal rain gutter in 1984 for our semi and heavy truck tool boxes. It was so successful we carried it over to our truck body products. You can see the simplicity of this design makes sense and is very weatherproof. Notice the rugged rain-gutter design surrounds the box opening and actually channels water away before it makes contact with the Trim-lok automotive style weather stripping. Hence the name Rainmaster.

Vet Body Bed Slide

We've got options like this Truckslide™ slide out bed to speed you up and save your back. Use this as a table to work on smaller animals. Add lumber racks, headache racks, hatch-backs, or lights. Make this unit versatile to your liking.

More at: https://www.highwayproducts.com/veterinarian-service-body


Hawaii Utilities Hope to Boost EV Adoption

Eight key organizations have agreed to collaborate on electrification of ground transportation in Hawaii as an essential part of achieving the state’s clean energy goals.

Drive Electric Hawaii seeks to accelerate adoption of electric vehicles through coordinated collaboration, and to make it easier to expand vehicle-charging infrastructure in a way that brings more renewable energy onto the electric grid.

The new organization’s launch coincides with registration of the 5,000th electric vehicle in Hawaii.

Founding participants who have signed a Memorandum of Understanding are: Blue Planet Foundation; Hawai‘i State Department of Transportation (HDOT); Hawaii State Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism (DBEDT); Hawaii State Division of Consumer Advocacy; the Hawaiian Electric Companies (including Maui Electric and Hawai‘i Electric Light); Kauai Island Utility Cooperative; Rocky Mountain Institute; and Ulupono Initiative. Other agencies and organizations are expected to join as the initiative moves forward.

“The primary focus of the Drive Electric Hawaii Initiative is to accelerate the cost-effective electrification of transportation in all passenger vehicles, public transit vehicles, and fleet vehicles…,” the memorandum states. “This effort will play a meaningful part toward the Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative objective of increasing energy security and self-sufficiency by eliminating Hawaii’s dependence on imported fuels for both electricity and ground transportation.”

Hawaii is second in the nation (after California) in per capita electric vehicle registrations and a leader in charging facilities. Despite low gasoline prices, plug-in passenger vehicles registered in the state increased 26 percent last year. At the same time, gasoline and diesel vehicle registrations fell by 4 percent and 3 percent respectively.

“We are in the midst of a massive transformation,” said Richard Wallsgrove of Blue Planet Foundation. “Electric vehicles can use renewable energy, enabling us to drastically reduce our state’s carbon pollution. At the same time, electric vehicles can help to lower the cost of energy for everyone. This can be a true win-win.”

With over one million vehicles registered in the state, Wallsgrove said, “Reaching 5,000 electric vehicles is an early milestone. But every great journey starts with one step. The goal of Drive Electric Hawaii is to accelerate this progress, reaching our clean energy goals faster, together.”

“Being able to offer EV users power that is generated from renewable sources is a high priority for us at Kauai Island Utility Cooperative. At 36 percent, we are well on our way to reaching – and exceeding - our goal of 50 percent renewables by 2023,” said David Bissell, KIUC president and CEO.

The initiative grew out of Rocky Mountain Institute’s eLab Accelerator initiative – “a boot camp for electricity innovation”– where earlier this year Blue Planet Foundation, Hawaiian Electric, Ulupono Initiative, and other Hawaii representatives brainstormed ways get more electric vehicles deployed and successfully integrated into the grid. Colorado-based RMI is an independent, global non-profit organization dedicated to sustainability, with a focus on market-based innovations for energy and resource efficiency.

"We think smartly integrated electric vehicles could be a boon -- not a burden -- for a Hawaii grid that is increasingly renewable, and Drive Electric Hawaii will help all stakeholders consider how to approach EV integration holistically," said Jesse Morris, a principal at Rocky Mountain Institute focused on enabling the integration of distributed energy resources like EVs.

The Drive Electric Hawaii shared vision includes:

  • Building a broad coalition in support of renewable transportation
  • Encouraging use of electric vehicles
  • Increasing electric vehicle charging opportunities that support 100 percent renewable energy
  • Developing policies, regulations and laws to unlock the full value of electrified transportation
  • “The memorandum reinforces much of the ongoing work being done at DBEDT and elsewhere to improve the synergies between the electricity and transportation sector,” said DBEDT Director Luis P. Salaveria. “We are grateful for the leadership taken by energy and transportation stakeholders in advancing this very important piece of our clean energy transformation.”

“Drive Electric Hawaii is a great opportunity for the public, private and nonprofit sectors to collaborate on accelerating Hawaii’s bold energy and transportation goals,” said Greg Gaug, vice president of investments for the local impact investment firm Ulupono Initiative. “As part of our energy system strategy, we look forward to working with the state, utilities, and transportation and energy stakeholders to get more EVs on our roads.”

“Many individuals, organizations and agencies must work together to achieve a clean transportation energy future. No one can do it alone,” said Shelee Kimura, Hawaiian Electric vice president for corporate planning and business development. “We believe that, along with renewable generation of electricity, transportation electrification can help us achieve stable, reliable and lower-cost service for all our customers,”

With signing of the memorandum, participants will begin to establish a work plan and initiatives to move forward.

Source: http://www.government-fleet.com/news/story/2016/12/hawaii-utilities-hope-to-boost-ev-adoption.aspx