Cummins 6.7L Turbo Diesel Is The First Diesel Engine 
In A Medium-Duty Vehicle Certified To Meet 
Low-Emission Vehicle III (LEV III) Standards

COLUMBUS, Ind. (Aug. 15, 2014) – Cummins Inc. (NYSE: CMI) announced today that it has received certification for its 6.7L Turbo Diesel from the California Air Resources Board (CARB), meeting the Low-Emission Vehicle III (LEV III) standards. This new standard applies to all vehicles under 14,000 lb GVWR. The Cummins 6.7L Turbo Diesel powers the Ram Heavy-Duty lineup, and is the first medium-duty diesel engine in the 8,501-14,000 lb GVWR segment to be certified to the new 2015 LEV III standards.

“At Cummins, we demand that everything we do leads to a cleaner, healthier and safer environment,” said Jeff Caldwell, General Manager – Pickup Business. “Being the first in this segment to certify to these new standards demonstrates our continued commitment to the environment, and meeting more stringent requirements without hardware changes allows us to maintain the proven capability and reliability that our customers have grown to expect."

Under LEV III, the nitrogen oxide (NOx) and non-methane organic gas (NMOG) standards are combined into a single NOx+NMOG standard, along with extension of emissions-useful life to 150,000 miles for emissions control systems. LEV III standards also introduce more stringent NOx+NMOG fleet average requirements, which phase in from MY 2015-2022 for all medium-duty vehicles. These new standards were adopted by the Air Resources Board (ARB) in January 2012.

This comes as Cummins implements its most comprehensive environmental sustainability plan ever. The plan, announced in early 2014, builds on past successes to address the company’s biggest opportunities to make a positive environmental impact – from the materials it buys to its products in use. The plan also includes specific goals for Cummins to reduce its environmental footprint.
Cummins began providing diesel engines to Chrysler in 1988, and has shipped over 2 million engines in the last 25 years.

About Cummins Inc.
Cummins Inc., a global power leader, is a corporation of complementary business units that design, manufacture, distribute and service diesel and natural gas engines and related technologies, including fuel systems, controls, air handling, filtration, emission solutions and electrical power generation systems. Headquartered in Columbus, Indiana, (USA) Cummins currently employs approximately 48,000 people worldwide and serves customers in approximately 190 countries and territories through a network of approximately 600 company-owned and independent distributor locations and approximately 6,500 dealer locations. Cummins earned $1.48 billion on sales of $17.3 billion in 2013. Press releases can be found on the Web at cummins.com  or cumminsengines.com. Follow Cummins on Twitter at twitter.com/cumminsengines and on YouTube at youtube.com/cumminsengines.


Chevrolet Silverado Gears Up for 2015

New 8L90 eight-speed automatic 

supports capability, enhances efficiency

DETROIT – The all-new, GM-developed Hydra-Matic 8L90 eight-speed transmission is matched with the available 6.2L EcoTec3 V-8 engine in the 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 1500, supporting the pickup’s capabilities with greater efficiency and refinement.

The all-new Hydra-Matic 8L90 eight-speed automatic transmission provides greater torque capacity
 while being lighter and more efficient than the six-speed automatic it replaces.

It was designed with 11 percent greater torque capacity than GM’s 6L80 six-speed automatic transmission, complementing the output of the 6.2L, which – at 420 horsepower and 460 lb-ft of torque – is the most powerful engine offered in a light-duty pickup.
EPA estimated fuel economy will be announced closer to the start of production in the fourth quarter of 2014.
“The new 8L90 eight-speed is designed tougher to handle the greater power of the Silverado’s powertrains, with great improvements in spin loss to complement that capability with greater efficiency,” said Kavoos Kaveh, global chief engineer for eight-speed automatic transmissions. “It is a marvel of packaging efficiency and driving efficiency that has garnered more than two dozen patents for General Motors.”
With four simple gearsets for optimal efficiency and five clutches (two brake clutches and three rotating clutches), creative packaging enables the new eight-speed automatic to fit the same space as the previous six-speed automatic, with a lower weight. A wider 7.0 overall gear ratio spread provides a numerically higher 4.56 first gear ratio, helping drivers start off more confidently with a heavy load or when trailering.
The 2015 Silverado 1500 equipped with the 6.2L engine and eight-speed automatic transmission will have amaximum available trailer rating of 12,000 pounds, based on SAE J2807 Recommended Practices.
Smaller steps between gears, compared to the 6L80 (see chart below), keep the engine within the sweet spot of the rpm band, making the most of its horsepower and torque to optimize performance and efficiency. They also enable numerically lower rear axle ratios, which reduce engine rpm on the highway for reduced fuel consumption.
Additionally, friction-reducing design features – including all-new synthetic fluid – and lower spin losses via a powerflow that uses only two open clutches contribute further to efficiency. A new torque converter design with turbine damper enhances refinement, particularly during low-speed gear changes, for smoother performance when the truck is loaded or pulling a trailer.
Ratios compared: Hydra-Matic 8L90 vs. 6L80

8L90 eight-speed automatic
6L80 six-speed automatic
Gear ratios (:1)

Architectural and design features
More than 550 computer-aided engineering analysis were made during the development of the 8L90 to ensure strength, durability, performance and refinement. The architecture features a one-piece case with an integral bell housing for enhanced powertrain stiffness.
Similar to GM’s six-speed automatic design, the eight-speed’s architecture locates the grounding clutches rearward of the middle of the structure, outside the gearsets. However, the grounding clutches are splined to the case, eliminating the center support, which reduces weight.
This architecture also features a turbine shaft node that reaches to the outside of the barrel, enabling easy execution of a high-resolution magnetic speed sensor. The turbine shaft itself is very short, keeping oil channel drill lengths to a minimum. The rotating clutches are located near the front of the transmission, with short oil feed channels, supporting very fast shifts.
Additional design and performance features include:
  • Clutch compensators are fed by lubrication oil rather than the dedicated and regulated feed design of the 6L80. There are two benefits of this new design feature: The reduction of one oil channel between the valve body and the rotating clutches, which reduces the number of rotating oil seals and oil channels within the turbine shaft; and secondly, the capability for rapid discharge of oil in the compensators during clutch apply, for greater control.
  • An industry-first off-axis, chain-driven binary vane-type pump – located within the valve body – effectively allows for two pumps in the packaging size of a single, which contributes to lower parasitic losses and optimal priming capability, as well as ideal oil routing to the controls system.
  • The binary pump enables a 60-percent reduction in pump torque at points that represent large portions of the operating duty cycle, compared to the 6L80 six-speed, which is a significant contributor to the overall efficiency gains offered by the 8L90.
  • The binary pump is located very low in the sump, for greater cold prime operation – as low as -40 F (-40 C) and excellent high-speed operation with stable line pressure.
  • Thanks to a new torque converter clutch friction lining and a new control strategy, the 8L90’s squashed torque converter uses conventional dual-path converter feeds.
  • New synthetic fluid with improved cold temperature performance and reduced friction characteristics.
Shift time quickness and improved responsiveness are accomplished with a new Gen II controls system. VFS solenoid technology and three internal speed sensors give the 8L90 the capability for world-class shift performance. The new transmission controller is mounted external to the transmission and has processor that executes hundreds of calculations and commands every 6.25 milliseconds.
The 8L90 is built at GM’s Toledo, Ohio, transmission facility.


MotorWeek | Clean Cities: Montgomery County, PA

Our Success Story takes us to a school district that has been a leader in alternative fuels since 1995. www.motorweek.org


2014 Ultimate Heavy-Duty Challenge: What We Hate

If you've read the stories from our 2014 Ultimate Heavy-Duty Challenge (three-quarter-ton gas engines and one-ton dualie turbo-diesels), you know that we spent quite a bit of time with each of the pickup trucks in our head-to-head comparison. In that time we drove each vehicle on many different surfaces, in many different conditions through five different states, so we were able pick out many of the things we liked and many things we didn't like.

2014 Ultimate Heavy-Duty Challenge: What We Like

Here's Cars.com Detroit Bureau Chief Aaron Bragman discussing what we liked and appreciated during our five-state and two-week tour with these HD pickups during our 2014 Challenge.



  • Distinctive Built Ford Tough style of the all-new F-150 pushes boundaries of bold design while increasing aerodynamic efficiency over the previous model
  • F-150 evolves hallmark design cues from first F-Series trucks
  • Restyled badge echoes design elements throughout

Designers of the 2015 Ford F-150 had a challenging goal to meet when they set out to reimagine the world’s best-selling pickup: Create an aerodynamic, efficient design that did not compromise the tough, bold looks that define Ford trucks.

The team succeeded.

The new F-150’s structured look features squared-off edges, shapes and surfaces that convey confidence, capability and work readiness. Yet these elements also work together to allow F-150 to slip through the air more efficiently.

“The truck’s sharp, boxy shape gives it a tough appearance, but actually the key to the design is aerodynamic efficiency – getting the most out of the shape,” said Brad Richards, Ford F-150 exterior design manager. “We made F-150 look tough and capable, while also reducing wind resistance.”

Aerodynamic testing ensures a happy medium
Richards and team accomplished the feat of balancing strength and efficiency by incorporating sharp edges into the overall design. The strategically designed edges convey toughness, but also enable airflow to hug the surfaces at the front portion of the truck. Rear corners are designed to allow the air to cleanly detach from the vehicle to reduce turbulence and swirling air that can cause drag and reduce efficiency. The improved aerodynamics help increase efficiency by reducing the work performed by the engine to overcome aerodynamic drag.

The grille is vertical, yet its outer portions are angled back and lead to the headlamps and bumper corners that are also swept back to smoothly direct airflow down the sides, reducing drag. The beveled leading edge of the hood helps promote smooth airflow to the windshield and roof.

As the design of the all-new F-150 evolved with clay models, wind tunnel testing enabled designers to see where they could gain greater aerodynamic efficiencies:

  • Flush-mounted windshield eliminates need for molding that would disrupt smooth airflow
  • Tailgate top is designed to act as a spoiler, giving air that flows off the roof a place to land before smoothly trailing off, reducing turbulence behind the truck
  • Cargo box is narrower than the cab, with no reduction in box volume, which enhances airflow, while a trim piece prevents air from getting trapped between cab and box
  • Rear corners including taillamps are precisely angled so air breaks off cleanly, reducing turbulence behind the truck
  • The duct under the headlamp channels air through to the wheel housing and reduces the wake generated from the wheel.

“Testing in the wind tunnel helped us fine-tune a happy medium between styling, aerodynamics, engineering and cost,” said Richards. “We learned where we could push shape and design to reduce drag, and where to stop when we weren’t gaining anything.”

Toughness is in the details
“The shapes, lines, angles and motifs are much stronger on the all-new F-150, and the chiseled edges convey toughness,” said Richards. “The hallmark beltline along the outside mirrors is the strongest piece of Built Ford Tough DNA. That’s inspired by heavy equipment such as cranes and bulldozers. It looks good, but it also improves driver visibility.”

The dropped beltline styling element can be seen in the outline of the headlamps and taillamps, while bevels, angles and notches are incorporated into the hood, windshield and tailgate, as well as throughout the interior, including the sew patterns on the seats.

F-150 also retains heritage design cues, such as the familiar headlamp shape that evokes the grille surround of the 1948 Ford F-1 and wraparound steel front bumper.

New badge signifies efficiency, leadership
Design details of the truck carry over to the new badge design, in which the characters are shaped with bevels to mimic those found in the body design.

The signature “F” has been opened up to signify a lighter, more efficient truck, yet it’s also larger to emphasize F-Series truck leadership.

The new badge design, using a font called Bold Leadership, will eventually find its way onto all F-Series trucks – right on through to the medium-duty Ford F-750.

“F-Series is all about bold and tough,” said Marco Querciagrossa, who leads badge design for Ford vehicles. “We created a badge that confidently conveys that.”


Ram Truck Brand Launches the 2015 Model Year Lineup

Mike Cairns, Director of Ram Truck Brand Engineering, talks about the Ram Truck lineup for 2015, which includes the most fuel efficient pickup truck ever at 28 mpg and best-in-class one-ton towing capability of 30,000 pounds, along with owning many prestigious third-party industry endorsements.


Jeffrey Gitomer VT Sales Power Lesson - What Are You Really "Negotiating...


Jeffrey teach me about negotiation. We need to have our people be better negotiators. Stop. The first thing you have to understand is that negotiation has a first word - price. Price negotiation. In other words, how much of my profit do you want me to give away in order to get the sale? That's really what you're talking about. So I want to create a lesson that talks about what the reality of negotiation is and how you can get around that price barrier in order to be able to earn the profit that you deserve, stay in business and keep loyal customers. That's what this lesson's all about. Bring your boss in. Make everybody in the whole company watch this one. 


Harris County Health Department Mobile Health Services Truck

Thank you to Ed Miller of Chastang Ford in Houston, Texas for these shots of a Harris County Health Department Mobile Health Services truck they recently received. This totally custom unit is mounted on a Ford F750 chassis and was designed and built by Supreme Armored Division of Supreme Corporation in Cleburne, Texas.

The vehicle will be used to travel to outlying areas to provide basic health services. It includes a wating room and three private exam rooms, along with all the medical necessities to treat people in the field. See more about Supreme at www.supremesv.com.

See more about Chastang Ford at www.ChastangFord.com.


Westport Dallas: Quality Natural Gas Solutions

Westport Dallas is proud of our commitment to delivering North America’s largest range of natural gas and bi-fuel Ford products. Learn more about our Ford-approved, OEM-experience assembly process and quality in our newly released video.

Westport Dallas has set the standard for Ford Qualified Vehicle Modifiers (QVM) across North America and is the largest Ford QVM in both product line and capacity.


2015 Ford Transit. It’s the easiest part of this plumber’s day.

A plumber spends his days stuffing himself behind water heaters and under sinks. His apprentice is no help, but his all-new Ford Transit full-size van makes his job easier because it fits him like a work glove.


Mobile Hotspot: OnStar with 4G LTE Wi-fi Hotspot | GM Fleet & Commercial

Now you and your fleet can stay connected with mobile hotspots offered by OnStar with 4G LTE. This 4G mobile hotspot can connect up to 7 devices within a 50 foot radius of your GM vehicle. Learn about OnStar with 4G LTE wi-fi hotspots and they can benefit your business today. http://www.gmfleet.com/


Highway Products Aluminum High Quality Flatbed

Highway Products, Inc. has been manufacturing aluminum flatbed trucks for over 30 years. We take pride in making the perfect flatbed for your truck. Aluminum flatbeds are 50% lighter than steel flatbeds and they will never rust. If you have a truck and you are looking for a flatbed then you have come to the right place. Comes with a Lifetime Warranty.

See much more at www.highwayproducts.com


DiamondBack Accessories Product Spotlight on Dirt Trax TV

A product spotlight by Dirt Trax TV featuring the Cross Bin and Side Boxes - accessories to help with bed organization. Originally aired on the Outdoor Channel on August 2nd, 2014. http://diamondbackcovers.com/


Titan’s Rear-Aft Fuel Tank Keeps Ford Trucks in Service by Taking Diesel Fuel Integrity Out of the Equation

Titan’s new 40-gallon rear-aft polyethylene tank is impervious to corrosive diesel fuels and helps fleets save on maintenance, while extending the service life of Ford F-350, F-450 and F-550 trucks.

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho — Titan Fuel Tanks, the leading manufacturer of high-performance, engineered, polymer aftermarket fuel tanks, announced that it has started shipping its new 40-gallon 8020011, cross-linked polyethylene, rear-aft fuel tank. The polymer tank is the only one on the market engineered to fit 2011-2015 Ford F-350, F-450 and F-550 diesel cab and chassis trucks.
Titan’s new tank virtually eliminates the service and maintenance issues associated with diesel fuel line contamination originating in OE and aftermarket steel fuel tanks. The tank was met with widespread fleet interest during its first public display on June 8, at the Equipment Fleet Management 2014 National Conference and Trade Show in Lake Buena Vista, Fla.
For years, widespread problems have been attributed to fuel-related degradation and delamination of the protective linings of steel fuel tanks. Titan’s polymer tanks aren’t susceptible to the chemical and biological reactions that diesel, bio-diesel fuels and additives are accused of causing in steel fuel tanks. Formed from military-grade, cross-linked polyethylene (XLHDPE), Titan aftermarket fuel tanks can safely be used with the wide array of bio-diesel fuels and blends on the market today.
“We serve many fleets and have seen a large volume of delamination-related problems in fuel pumps, filters and injectors,” said Paul Nishanian, executive vice president for Xtreme Diesel Performance (XDP). “Titan’s innovation has been instrumental in providing the industry and the fleets we serve with a viable alternative to steel replacement tanks that are prone to the same failure as original equipment steel tanks.”
The interior surfaces of both OE and aftermarket steel fuel tanks are commonly lined with a coating that can begin to degrade when exposed to the chemical and biological makeup of many of today’s diesel and bio-diesel fuels. As the coating deteriorates, particles of it are sloughed off, contaminating the fuel source, causing failures along the fuel’s path through pumps, filters and injectors.
Fuel tank delamination is considered a fuel-related issue and is not covered under warranty. Repair costs can mount rapidly and in many cases a new steel tank with the same susceptibility to failure is installed. The recurring problem has become an issue for consumers and public and private fleets alike.
“The past repairs stemming from steel fuel tank contamination have been so pervasive, we had to consider a range of options including complete vehicle population replacement,” said Matt Long, heavy equipment instructor for the West Virginia Department of Transportation, Highways Division and formerly their highway equipment supervisor. “After a field study with Titan’s cross-linked polyethylene tanks, we decided to keep our Ford F-350, F-450 and F-550 but to replace all their steel fuel tanks. We have realized substantial savings in repairs and new vehicle replacement costs, while renewing the utility of our existing fleet assets.”
Titan’s new 40-gallon tank, product number 8020011, is designed to replace 2011-2015 Ford original equipment part numbers CC3Z9B210B and CC3Z9002B. The polyethylene tanks are much lighter than their steel counterparts, 200 times less thermal conductive and their insulating properties eliminate condensation. Titan’s polymer replacement fuel tanks will never corrode and have a rollover vent valve with a vent hose and drain plug.
The new tanks are easy to install, come in kit form and are available now in the United States, Canada and Australia. The vehicle’s stock fuel sending unit can be reused and replacement skid plates, straps and ancillary components ordered from any Ford dealership. All Titan replacement fuel tanks are backed by the company’s exclusive five-year limited warranty.
Titan specializes in designing and manufacturing innovative aftermarket fuel tank solutions and has a dedicated engineering staff with expertise in working with advanced polymer tank construction. Titan’s employs finite element analysis (FEA), to simulate dynamic stresses on components and their tank systems as a whole. Simulations include virtual crash testing, off-road strain and accelerated aging. The company produces fuel tanks for fleets and other end-users of Ford, GMC, Chevrolet and Dodge brands.
Titan Fuel Tanks are sold in the United States, Canada and Australia, and a dealer locator is available at: https://titanfueltanks.com/dealers
To access high-resolution images of Titan’s new cross-linked polyethylene, rear-aft fuel tank, please visit: https://titanfueltanks.com/after-axle-8020011-images

About Titan Fuel Tanks
Based in Idaho Falls, Idaho, Titan Fuel Tanks engineers and manufactures ultra-durable, extra-capacity aftermarket fuel tanks made from advanced, military-grade, cross-linked polyethylene. Titan offers a broad selection of replacement fuel tanks, designed to seamlessly integrate with and extend the fuel capacity and driving reach of a broad range of truck models, including Ford, GMC, Chevrolet and Dodge vehicles. Titan serves the aftermarket fuel tank needs of the United States, Canada and Australia, and is recognized as an innovator in aftermarket fuel tank design. Titan’s engineering staff employs the latest technology in its design process, including finite element analysis (FEA) testing. To learn more about Titan Fuel Tanks, please visit: http://www.titanfueltanks.com

Pro-Tech Sno Pusher - Low Profile Angle Model

For more information please visithttp://www.snopusher.com/Products/Low...

The Low Profile Angle Sno Pusher is a specialized model that allows customers to clear snow underneath parked trailers and other hard-to-reach areas. The ability to windrow with the Low Profile Angle Sno Pusher can also be useful in situations where dispersing snow to the side is required.


Vauxhall Interview 2014 - Steve Bryant

VansA2Z Editor Neil McIntee caught up with Steve Bryant, Vauxhall brand manager, at the UK launch of the all-new, second generation Vivaro. Fittingly, the event was held at the UK-based Luton production plant. 


2015 Chevrolet City Express Gets 24 mpg in the City

DETROIT – Chevrolet announced today the fuel economy for the 2015 City Express cargo van. The company’s first entry into the small van segment will offer an EPA-estimated 24 mpg city and 26 mpg highway, resulting in 25 mpg combined.
The vehicle’s 2.0L dual-overhead cam inline-four-cylinder engine matched to a continuously variable transmission allows the vehicle to achieve greater efficiency on the road, especially when driving in the city.
“The 2015 Chevrolet City Express is designed for our customers who are looking for a small, easy-to-maneuver, fuel-efficient, cargo-carrying vehicle,” said Ed Peper, U.S. vice president, GM Fleet & Commercial. “The fuel economy of the City Express will help stretch their dollar at the pump and give them the flexibility to invest the savings back into their business.”
All types of businesses – from florists to food delivery – will benefit from Chevrolet’s service and support, including two-year/24,000-mile (whichever comes first) standard maintenance that helps businesses keep their vehicles in shape and on the job.
The 2015 Chevrolet City Express LS starts at $22,950, MSRP excluding tax, title, license, optional equipment and dealer fees. Standard features on the LS model include dual rear sliding doors, power windows, 40/60 split rear cargo doors that open 90 and 180 degrees, solid rear doors with available tinted-glass windows, center console storage with a standard file folder bin, fold-down mobile workspace passenger seat, 20 interior cargo-mounting points, six floor-mounted D-rings, six exterior roof rack mounting points, vinyl flooring, a 150-amp alternator and a 12-volt power outlet.
The new addition to Chevrolet’s stable of fleet vehicles will arrive in dealerships in the fourth quarter, offering 122.7 cubic feet (3,474 liters) of customizable cargo space, a tight turning diameter of only 36.7 feet (11.2 m) and an estimated payload capacity of 1,500 pounds.
About Chevrolet
Founded in 1911 in Detroit, Chevrolet is now one of the world's largest car brands, doing business in more than 140 countries and selling more than 4.9 million cars and trucks a year. Chevrolet provides customers with fuel-efficient vehicles that feature spirited performance, expressive design, and high quality. More information on Chevrolet models can be found at www.chevrolet.com.


The 2015 Ram ProMaster City

Introducing the all-new 2015 Ram ProMaster City. This master of the asphalt brings the big city down to size with best-in-class cargo volume and convenient versatility. Best-in-class payload ensures you get the job done right. Take a look at the new offering from Ram Commercial. Your small business won't be disappointed.



ELWOOD, INDIANA (August 12, 2014)--- Warner Bodies, a leading manufacturer of service bodies, crane trucks, haulers, fire/rescue trucks, brush trucks and custom vehicles is celebrating its move into a completely remodeled 240,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Elwood, Indiana. This move represents a nearly two year collaborative effort between Warner Bodies ownership, Manasek Acquisition Company (MAC), and the city of Elwood.

On Wednesday August 20, 2014, Warner Bodies will host a Grand Opening celebration with various representatives from state and local governments, business owners, customers, vendors and employees. Remarks will be given at 10:15 am by:

Mr. Rick Manasek, President of Warner Bodies
Mr. Craig Longstreth, Executive Vice President of Warner Bodies
Mr. Ronald Arnold, Mayor of Elwood
Mr. Victor Smith, Secretary of Commerce, State of Indiana

The complete redesign and reorganization of this significantly larger facility enables Warner Bodies to increase production capacity of its service bodies, add manufacturing jobs to the local work force and reposition itself in the industry as a much stronger global competitor. Warner Bodies has made significant investments in the best available equipment and technologies making this facility the newest and most modern service body

manufacturing facility in the United States. In doing so, Warner Bodies has been able to improve the efficiency of work, product quality and an overall better working environment.

Warner Bodies is very proud of this new facility and the partnerships being forged in the Elwood community. In true Hoosier fashion, Warner has been warmly welcomed. A lot of time, effort and energy has gone into bringing this facility online. Warner Bodies is taking a pause to acknowledge its dedicated Hoosier workforce, vendors, city and state employees and countless contractors, electricians, plumbers and movers who have helped turn this new Warner Bodies facility into a reality.

Members of the press are invited to attend this event from 10am-2pm. Tours will be available, lunch will follow.

ABOUT WARNER BODIES: Warner Bodies was founded in 1939 and has been building service bodies and custom trucks for more than 75 years. During the company’s early history, Warner manufactured specialized van bodies for sales and service industries. Warner Bodies was purchased by Manasek Acquisition Company (MAC) in March 2010. Today Warner Bodies manufactures a wide array of standard and custom truck bodies with superior quality including utility/service trucks, crane trucks, haulers, fire/rescue trucks and brush trucks. The company serves a variety of markets including utilities, construction, fire, mining, railroad and agriculture. www.warnerbodies.com


Ohio Converts Biogas to Cleaner-Burning CNG

Watch how the Clean Fuels Ohio coalition is helping the Ohio Agricultural Research & Development Center turn biogas into compressed natural gas for vehicles.



  • Sales of Class A motorhomes, which can retail for more than $150,000, are up 12 percent year-to-date through May, according to Statistical Surveys Inc., reflecting a growing economy and increasing consumer confidence; sales of smaller Class C motorhomes are up 14 percent for the same period

  • Ford motorhome chassis sales are outperforming the market, with the automaker’s Class A stripped chassis sales up 17 percent and Class C chassis sales up 16 percent year-to-date through May, according to the market analysis firm. Ford increased production of its stripped chassis by 33 percent in 2014 to meet growing demand

  • Ford has broadened its motorhome and recreational vehicle chassis lineup with the introduction of the 2015 Transit van and cutaway, giving customers more options in Class B and Class C segments

Ford Motor Company, America’s best-selling motorhome chassis manufacturer, has boosted production of its Class A motorhome chassis and introduced new options in response to growing consumer confidence and demand for recreational vehicles.

Total motorhome sales are up 13 percent year-to-date through May, according to data from Statistical Surveys Inc., a market analysis company specializing in the RV, marine and manufactured housing industries. Sales of Class A motorhomes – the largest and most luxurious on the road – are up 12 percent through May.
Sales of smaller van cutaway-based Class C motorhomes are up 14 percent for the same period.

“Motorhome sales are cyclical, and correlate with improving economic performance,” said Erich Merkle, Ford sales analyst. “Like boats, homes and luxury cars, motorhomes – especially Class A – are big-ticket items, so when we see a continued upward trend in sales, it means people have far greater confidence to make a large, discretionary purchase.”

Ford leads both the Class A and Class C motorhome chassis markets, with a 63 percent share of the Class A market and 72 percent share in Class C chassis year-to-date through May, according to data from Statistical Surveys Inc.

Ford motorhome chassis sales are outpacing the market. Total Ford motorhome chassis sales are up 16.5 percent year-to-date through May, compared to the 13 percent growth in total motorhome sales. Ford Class A motorhome stripped chassis sales are up 17 percent versus the total Class A market’s 12 percent, while Ford’s Class C van cutaway chassis sales, at 16 percent growth, are outpacing total Class C chassis sales gains by 2 percentage points.

Ford increased production of its F-53 and F-59 stripped chassis used for Class A motorhomes and commercial vehicle applications, such as parcel delivery, by 33 percent through the first half of 2014 to meet growing demand.

“We believe we will see further growth as the industry continues to recover,” said Merkle. “Demographic drivers of this overall growth in the RV market include retiring baby boomers with more time for travel and leisure.”

Class A motorhomes are recreational vehicles built on a stripped truck chassis where the driver’s area is part of the living area. Ford supplies frame rails, suspension, powertrain and steering components to Detroit Chassis for assembly into motorhome chassis for customers like Winnebago and Thor Motor Coach. Prices for Class A motorhomes can exceed $150,000.

Class C motorhomes are built on a cutaway chassis consisting of frame, suspension, powertrain and cab. The living area is accessible behind the driver’s compartment. Class C motorhomes retail from $43,000 to $200,000, according to the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association. Ford’s E-Series cutaway is the top chassis choice in this market. The all-new 2015 Ford Transit cutaway offers customers more options for lighter-weight chassis in Class C motorhomes.

The introduction of Transit also gives customers additional choices for their Class B motorhome.
Commonly called “camper vans,” Class B motorhomes are built using OEM vans or panel trucks. They drive like a van, and retail for between $60,000 and $130,000, according to the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association. Transit’s choice of three roof heights, two wheelbases and three powertrains gives customers the ability to customize their camper van cost-effectively, as choosing the high-roof Transit model eliminates the need to raise the roof or drop the floor of a traditional van.

“Transit versatility makes it a great fit for the motorhome market,” said Minyang Jiang, Ford brand manager for Transit, Transit Connect and E-Series. “While our E-Series cutaway will continue to address the heavier needs of the Class C motorhome market, Transit cutaway provides a lighter-weight option. And for camper vans, you can’t beat the high-roof Transit’s best-in-class interior height – passengers more than 6 feet 4 inches tall can stand upright inside.”


All-new Mercedes Vito 2014 revealed

For the full story go to http://www.vansa2z.com/New-generation....

Mercedes-Benz has unveiled the all-new third generation Vito and the big news is that there’s a choice of front-, rear- or four-wheel drive vans, crew vans and people-carriers. Available in mainland Europe before the end of 2014, it goes on sale in the UK from March 2015.


Here's a Hot Tip: Isuzu Versatility Is Second To None

IAL - Here 's A Top Tip , Isuzu Versatility Is Second To None -small

Equipped with versatility and a ‘can-do’ attitude, the broad range of Isuzu factory tippers is ready to get to work tackling any challenge.

With eight models to choose from, Isuzu tippers feature the qualities that have made Isuzu Australia’s number one truck range for the past 25 years.

GVM ratings range from 4,500 kg to 10,400 kg, load capacity from 2.0 cubic metres to 3.8 cubic metres and with a choice of single or crew cab models, the renowned ability of Isuzu tippers to manage rough conditions makes them ideal for many work-types, perfect for landscapers, nurseries, local councils and more.

There’s even an all-wheel drive model, the NLS 200. With its narrow cab and 2.0 cubic metre tipper body the NLS excels in low traction conditions often found on work sites.

Organisations nationwide have praised the present range for its ability to be driven virtually from the dealership showroom onto the worksite*.

Fleet Procurement Manager, Glen Reece, said the NLS 200 has been an invaluable addition for the Port Macquarie-Hastings Council.

“The Isuzu provides us with a vehicle narrow enough to park in the middle of the road for median strip maintenance,” he said.

“Our team can load straight onto the back of the truck without disrupting traffic.”

The Isuzu Tipper range credentials have been built up over many years.  A positive experience with an NPR 300 Tipper led Scott Wallace of Priority Tree Care to invest in further Isuzu trucks.

“The NPR 300 Tipper is used to tow a stump grinding machine. With its drop sides it makes loading the grindings and wood a lot easier,” Scott said.

“We purchased the NPR 300 Tipper in 2004 and have had no dramas with it. We decided to follow suit with the new truck (a 2013 FRR 600) and opt for another Isuzu.”

For Enzo Morabito, from ACT-based Boss Haulage it was the comfort and convenience features that came up trumps.

The company uses its FRR 500 Tipper to transport loads in its haulage, earthmoving, road maintenance, equipment hire and materials supply business.

Mr Morabito said his Isuzu FRR 500 was an enjoyable ride.

“The easy control provided by the truck’s steering makes the drive quite pleasurable, while the ride is smooth and comfortable,” he said.

Factory-built peace of mind

The hardy features and creature comforts that have made Isuzu Tippers popular with these operators are available ready to drive away from Isuzu dealers, as the models are factory-built.

The high quality ShinMaywa tipping bodies feature robust 3.2mm all steel deck plate construction, fast 20 second up and down hydraulic hoist, auto release and two-way tailgate.

Power is provided by proven Euro V-compliant Isuzu SiTEC Series III engines, while inside the cab the generous appointments complemented by the digital audio visual unit with its big 6.2 inch touch screen and a host of features.

Finally, all Isuzu tippers are backed up by comprehensive Isuzu warranties and supported by the industry leading Isuzu Care program.

Isuzu Factory Tipper Range – Summary Specifications
NLR 200 Tipper: 2.0 m3 capacity
GVM/GCM (kg)4,500/7,000
EngineSiTEC Series III 150
110kW @ 2,800 rpm; 375Nm @ 1,600-2,800 rpm
TransmissionMYY-5T / MYY-6S-AMT
NLR 275 Tipper: 2.0 m3 capacity
GVM/GCM (kg)5,500/8,000
EngineSiTEC Series III 150
110kW @ 2,800 rpm; 375Nm @ 1,600-2,800 rpm
NLS 200 Tipper AWD: 2.1 m3 capacity
GVM/GCM (kg)4,500/6,000 (off-road), 7,000 (on-road)
EngineSiTEC SEries III 150
110kW @ 2,800 rpm; 375Nm @ 1,600-2,800 rpm
NPR 200/275 Tipper
GVM/GCM (kg)4,500/8,000 (NPR 200), 5,500/9,000 (NPR 275)
EngineSiTEC Series III 155
114kW @ 2,600 rpm; 419Nm @ 1,600-2,600 rpm
NPR 300/NPR 300 Crew Tipper: 3.0 m3 (single cab)/ 2.8 m3 (crew cab) capacity
GVM/GCM (kg)6,500/10,000
EngineSiTEC Series III 155
144kW @ 2,600 rpm; 419Nm @ 1,600-2,600 rpm
NPR 400 Tipper:  3.0 m3 capacity
GVM/GCM (kg)7,500/11,000
EngineSiTEC Series III 155
114kW @ 2,600 rpm; 419Nm @ 1,600-2,600 rpm
NQR 450 Tipper: 3.6 m3 capacity
GVM/GCM (kg)8,700/12,200
EngineSiTEC Series III 185
139kW @ 2,600 rpm; 510Nm @ 1,600-2,600 rpm
FRR 500 Tipper: 3.8 m3 capacity
GVM/GCM (kg)10,400/16,000
EngineSiTEC Series III 205
151kW @ 2,600 rpm; 637 Nm @ 1,600 rpm
TransmissionMZW-6P / MZW-6P-AMT

*Once registered and insured.


Sacramento Biodigester Turns Organic Waste into Clean Fuel

Watch how the Sacramento Biodigester converts food waste into clean fuel to power local fleets

See more at www.cleanworld.com.


Southern California Keeps on Truckin' with Natural Gas

Learn how the Southern California Clean Cities coalition is working to reduce emissions in the South Coast Air Basin region by converting heavy-duty truck fleets to clean-burning liquefied natural gas (LNG).

Ford Transit Courier - Glasgow to London in 4 minutes

The UK Press launch of the all-new Transit Courier was based in Glasgow to tie-in with the 2014 Commonwealth Games; Ford was the main vehicle supplier for the event. VansA2Z editor, Neil McIntee, drove a 1.6TDCi Trend van home to West London following the launch.

432 miles (695km), 8 hours 40 mins, 56.3mpg (5.0 litres/100km). Filmed using GoPro 3 Black, compiled in Apple Final Cut Pro X.

CTS: This video is sort of mesmerizing, but the best part is the last few frames. . . 56.3 mpg. Wow! That will work!



IAL - Isuzu Keeps The Wheels On Scrap Tyre Disposal Business - Small

Manufactured from a mixture of fabric, steel, carbon black and rubber, tyres are extremely durable, but if not disposed of correctly, can also be hazardous to the environment.

To ensure tyres are disposed of in a more environmentally conscious way, Ipswich-based family business, S & J Australian Scrap Tyre Disposals, has been operating a waste tyre collection service since 1991.

The S & J business’ team consists of Steve Hayes, his wife Jenny and son Joshua, along with ten professional drivers and an administration worker.

Since the business was established, S & J Australian Scrap Tyre Disposals has remained focused on tyre collection.

“We are proud to proclaim that the environment has always been our number one priority when running our business,” Mr Hayes said.

S & J Australian Scrap Tyre Disposals has been a loyal Isuzu customer for the past ten years.

“We started with one truck in 1991, now 24 years on we have 10 Isuzu trucks. The oldest truck we have on the fleet was purchased 10 years ago and the most recent is only a couple of months old,” Mr Hayes said.

“The oldest truck is an FVR that is still going very strong. We also have NPRs, FVDs, FVMs and the latest acquisition consisted of two FXLs.

“All of our Isuzu trucks are heavy rigid models. Most have two rear axles and also tow trailers.

“Our Isuzus have been designed so that we are able to tow additional trailers while only requiring a heavy rigid license. We can tow up to nine tons in our rear trailers.”

Today the business services all parts of Queensland and its New South Wales operations cover all areas from the Queensland border, south to Grafton and west to Tenterfield, with each of its Isuzu trucks running their own designated route.

The territory currently serviced by S & J Australian Scrap Tyre Disposals’ tyre collection operations covers approximately 2,100,000 square kilometres.

According to Mr Hayes, there were several factors that drew S & J Australian Scrap Tyre Disposals to Isuzu trucks and assisted in forming a close partnership with Brisbane Isuzu.

“Price was the first point. Isuzu offers value for money. Isuzu also provides a fantastic after sales service. We always use the night shift at the Queensland dealerships for repairs and servicing as it means less down time for our fleet,” he said.

“When we were searching for new trucks for our fleet, we looked at what each manufacturer had on offer. We didn’t want a truck with AdBlue as this brings the additional inconvenience and cost of sourcing the additive, and Isuzu trucks don’t use AdBlue.

“If you want quality, reliability and backup service, buy Isuzu.”

With the increased focus on recycling, the need for the business’ services has increased in recent years.

Transporting a large amount of scrap tyres, Mr Hayes and his team require trucks that can offer plenty of power to tow the trailers and handle the load.

“Being a supplier to a Queensland leading tyre recycler, Chip Tyre Pty Ltd, we are required to distribute the tyre stock regularly and on time to meet the recycler’s daily needs,” Mr Hayes said.

“We service a range of different customers, from the ‘mum and dad franchisees’ to local councils and national tyre chains, such as the Beaurepaires Group.

“We have some long standing relationships with customers, some up to 20 years. We build these relationships by offering a competitive price, attention to detail and by providing a top service.”

See more at www.isuzu.com.au


SpaceKap on How Its Made

See how we manufacture our Transferable Service Bodies in this video as was shown on Discovery Channel's How It's Made. www.spacekap.com


12' Scelzi Contractor Body On F450 Chassis

John Turic shows off a 12' Scelzi Contractor Body mounted on a Ford F-450 chassis. This unit is extremely popular and you can easily see why. See more at http://www.HanselWorkTrucks.com


NTEA Work Truck Show 2015 & 2016 Dates Announced

FARMINGTON HILLS, MI (July 28, 2014) — North America’s largest work truck event will return to Indianapolis, IN, where it has enjoyed sustained success over the past four years. NTEA – The Association for the Work Truck Industry has committed to hosting The Work Truck Show® at the Indiana Convention Center through 2016.

The Work Truck Show® 2015
March 4–6, 2015
Indiana Convention Center, Indianapolis, IN
Educational programming, including the Green Truck Summit, begins March 3

The Work Truck Show® 2016
March 2–4, 2016
Indiana Convention Center, Indianapolis, IN
Educational programming, including the Green Truck Summit, begins March 1

“Our many successful years in Indianapolis have allowed us to expand The Work Truck Show in both size and scope,” says Steve Carey, NTEA executive director. “The trade show floor has grown each year the event has been held in the city, and the extensive slate of educational sessions has evolved to meet changing industry needs. In 2015, The Work Truck Show will provide attendees with the latest information needed to make their operations more efficient, capable and profitable.”

Each year, The Work Truck Show brings together more than 10,000 truck fleet managers, manufacturers, distributors, dealers, equipment buyers and maintenance personnel. It features more than 500,000 square feet of the newest vocational trucks, vans and equipment, ride-and-drives and opportunities to connect with other work truck industry professionals.

Registration for The Work Truck Show 2015 opens in October. For more information, visit www.ntea.com/worktruckshow or call 1-800-441-6832.

Connect with the NTEA on Facebook at www.facebook.com/NTEA.TheAssociationForTheWorkTruckIndustry, and join the Work Truck Show conversation on Twitter at @WorkTruckShow and with the official hashtag: #wts15.

Established in 1964, NTEA, the Association for the Work Truck Industry, represents approximately 1,650 companies that manufacture, distribute, install, sell and repair commercial trucks, truck bodies, truck equipment, trailers and accessories. Buyers of work trucks and the major commercial truck chassis manufacturers also belong to the Association. NTEA provides in-depth technical information, education, and member programs and services, and produces The Work Truck Show. The Association maintains its administrative headquarters in suburban Detroit and government relations offices in Washington, DC, and Ottawa, ON, Canada.

Triangle Clean Cities Helps North Carolina Choose CNG

Learn how the Triangle Clean Cities coalition is helping companies like PSNC Energy, Waste Management, and Piedmont Energy adopt compressed natural gas and other alternative fuel vehicles in the Triangle region of North Carolina.


Harbor 8' Service Body With RollTop and Drawers

John Turic shows off this great Harbor 8' Service Body mounted on a Ford F-250 chassis. This unit has a 3-piece Cargo Bed Enclosure (Rolltop), standard pop-out lock system, Master Locking System, and a couple of drawers in the front streetside compartment. See more about Harbor Truck Bodies at http://www.htbi.net, and more from Hansel Ford at http://www.HanselWorkTrucks.com