Great Drawers From Brutus Truck Bodies

Brutus Truck Bodies Brutus Drawer Pack - Brutus Drawer Systems

I do love great quality, smooth sliding, heavy duty drawers in service bodies. There is nothing quite like the convenience and usefulness of a drawer system. It provides excellent access to tools, small parts and other needed items at ones fingertips. I've seen a number of great drawers and these are top of the line. I especially love the top photo with two sets of drawers together and it is so interesting to have the smaller size drawers right there alongside the wider ones. This is the first I have seen quite like this and I love it!

Brutus has taken the best features and designs from the leading drawer suppliers of North American and created its own custom aluminum drawer cabinets. These new drawers have the following features:

  • Aluminum huck-bolted construction
  • Full side and rear panels with bottom riser for a rigid structure
  • Stainless “easy open” handles with key locks
  • Stainless “easy close” slam latches
  • Stainless replaceable striker plates for latch wear
  • One step removable drawers for easy drawer cleaning or to take
    all tools directly to the jobsite
  • 300 lb roller bearing sliders (extended capacity)
  • Huck-bolted slider and drawer mounting so parts can never
    come loose
  • Adjustable aluminum dividers included
  • Expandable aluminum top shelf to prevent parts and tools from
    falling alongside or behind cabinet

Contact Brutus Truck Bodies at 866-344-6480 and visit their informative website at www.brutusbodies.com.


Brutus Boxes Is Aptly Named

Brutus Truck Bodies by Nor-Mar Industries, Ltd. of Penticton, BC, Canada builds some over the edge tough bodies starting with the Brutus Box. This is a pickup bed replacement that is built for some serious work under severe conditions. Loggers in the area needed a pickup that could take the stresses and rough tough environment and back in 1981, Gerry Turchak, the company founder decided to heed the call. It was an immediate success! Soon customers wanted cabinets and other customizations to give them more flexibility.

Today, Brutus Truck Bodies by Nor-Mar Industries, Ltd. builds a great line of bodies in addition to the Brutus Box that are designed for the harsh forestry, construction, mining, and oilfield sectors of the rugged Canadian environment. All their bodies utilize the finest materials, construction standards, and equipment so your truck body will give you a long and trouble free life.

Contact Brutus Truck Bodies at 866-344-6480 and visit their comprehensive website at www.brutusbodies.com.


Thiele Chor-Boy Dump Bodies: Experience the Difference!

The Thiele Chor-Boy Dump Body is available in 8' to 13' lengths and available in steel, aluminum and stainless steel models. Thiele Truck Body has been in business since 1901 and started building steel dump bodies in 1930!! There's nothing like experience!

When it comes to light-medium duty dump bodies, Thiele's Chor-Boy has no equal. Built with the same tough materials and quality workmanship that have made Thiele's Titan and Model 12 famous, the Chor-Boy will provide years of dependable performance load after load. The Chor-Boy is the perfect choice for contractors, landscapers, and municipalities. Popular available options include fold-down sides for easy loading and unloading.

Call Thiele Manufacturing at 888-884-4353 and visit their website and download brochures and see all their products at www.thielebody.com.


Slip-In Bodies from Gichner Truck Bodies

Gichner Truck Bodies offers a versatile and lightweight, heavy duty pickup truck slip-in body. Panels are made of lightweight Therma-Lite TM increasing fuel mileage and maximum payload by decreasing the weight up to several hundred pounds from typical units on the market.

Some features of the Gichner Slip-In Body:

  • Fully insulated rear doors and a full 3" of insulation in the entire box and doors.
  • All aluminum exterior providing no rust and long-life durability
  • Aluminum interior liner
  • Military tough: Gichner has taken their expertise from military shelter development to create one of the strongest and lightest truck bodies available.
  • Exterior height: 72", Exterior Width: 78", Exterior Length: 98", Interior Height: 66", Rear Door: Single Opening 34"x60".
  • Options include Interior Centered Dome light w/3-way switch, 3-way control switch in cab, Clearance lights (not required for DOT).

Call Gichner Truck Body experts at 1-888-378-5510 and check out their website at www.gichnertruckbodies.com.


Aluminum Curtainside Car Hauler by Sliding Systems

This is the Aluminum Curtainside Car Hauler from Sliding Systems, Inc. with manufacturing facilities in Haslett, MI. The curtainside gives quick and easy access from three sides as well as becoming an excellent moving billboard. It features a secure automobile tie-down, as well as ramp sections for easy loading.

The curtainside system is lighter weight and yet loads are well protected from the elements. SSI Curtainsides are designed for user-friendly operation. Open and close the entire length of the trailer within minutes. Call Sliding Side Systems at 517-339-1455 or 877-339-2223 at their Haslett, MI manufacturing plant, or 414-258-2070 or 800-236-6655 at their Corporate Offices in Wauwatosa, WI. Look also at their informative website at www.slidingsystems.com.


More Eye Candy From Certified Truck Bodies

While admiring the service body from Certified Truck Bodies & Equipment in Santa Fe Springs, CA, I couldn't pass up pointing out a couple of their beautiful and extremely useful Contractor Bodies.

It is rare to see a contractor body without a rack, yet the photo at the top is a great design for a contractor body with or without a rack. I love the tall front compartment and the way it is mounted is a bit more costly probably, but keeps the overall height relatively low, yet it is a large compartment and that increases its usefulness. It is a thing of beauty the way they have blended that compartment with a fender skirt and a rear compartment. It just flows so nicely and looks great. Even the way the rear compartment is set back ever so slightly, adds to the beauty of this design.

Then when we get around to the rear, the bumper and rear end design is absolutely gorgeous. Notice the rounded corners and the rounded end. The taillamps are nicely tucked in there so it all flows. Think also of the useful space in the compartments and on the top of the bed. To make this even better, I might try to angle that front box just enough toward the cab to give the front end of the body a bit more appeal.

Now for the next photo below. This is an awesome workhorse of a body! The dual raised front compartments just rock! Add to that the wheel fender skirt and rear box while adding another upper bed box behind the two raised compartments. This has a nice rack with some J hooks and lighting. Just think of all the things that could be carried in and on this truck. Make sure and get a HD chassis to handle all that stuff.

See more great bodies from Certified on their website at www.certifiedtruckbodies.com. Or, you can call them at 562-777-9855.

Beautiful Service Body Is Eye Candy!

This is one of the nicest looking service bodies I have ever seen. I absolutely love it! Here's what I noticed about this:

  • Notice the 8' or 9' SRW body here with split lids. It really pumps up the look and they are not even covered with diamond plate, etc. Very clean looking.
  • It is a low pro version so the top of the lids is near the bottom of the rear window.
  • A rack can easily be added, yet this body looks so good as it is.
  • The little rounded end work shelf at the rear is very tasty and effective.
  • Notice how the rear bumper is not quite as wide as the body and it looks like it is sculpted into the body. It just flows like a work of art and flows especially with the shelf above it.

Who says work trucks have to be so square. This great example of beauty in a service body is by Certified Truck Bodies & Equipment in Santa Fe Springs, CA. You can reach them at 562-777-9855 or visit their website at www.certifiedtruckbodies.com.

Another Interesting Aluminum Service Body from Alum-Line

This is one more interesting body from Alum-Line. Considering this one is made of diamond plate aluminum, it is not painted, nor is it required. As you can see it has nice large compartments and a single door on the front compartment. I love the upper doors that access the top of the service body and it gives the body a taper that helps it flow with the truck better.

I also love the enclosed area. This body is only slightly higher than the cab of the truck, and it is mounted on a single rear wheel extended cab chassis, yet look how much this body will hold! Install a bedslider in the back and you have a real winner! Nice job Alum-Line! Great design!This great body is designed and built by Alum-Line, Inc. in Cresco, Iowa. Here's a link to the specs on this body: Specs. Call them at 800-446-1407.


LED Compartment Lighting from Innovative Lighting

Ever look for something in your service body, van body or other truck at night? Here's a great solution: LED interior lighting from Innovative Lighting, Inc. of Roland, Iowa.

LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology is finally becoming mainstream. If your body company doesn't already offer LED tail lamps, clearance lamps, etc., suggest they get up to speed quickly. Here's why:

  • LED's are solid state devices with no moving parts and utilize an electronic chip encapsulated in epoxy rather than using a brittle metal filament that is susceptible to shock and vibration.
  • LED's are very energy efficient and consume up to 90% LESS power than incandescent bulbs. This reduces the load on your electrical system and saves money.
  • LED lights generate little to no heat therefore they are cool to the touch and can be left on for hours without incident or consequence if touched.
  • LED's are rated for 100,000 hours compared to 3,000 hours for incandescent bulbs. This means that a typical incandescent is replaced about once a year, where the LED will last for about 20 years.

LED lighting is particularly effective in interior lighting in service bodies, van bodies and other trucks. Because of its durability and longevity, the lights will serve you for many years to come with virtually no maintenance.

Innovative Lighting Inc., also makes LED lighting for the home for under cabinets and other areas. Check out their website at www.innovativelight.com or call them at 1-800-949-4888.


Knapheide Maroon KUV Looks Great!

This is one sweet Knapheide KUV on a super cab SRW Ford chassis. This unit was installed by H & H Sales Company of Huntertown, IN, who is a successful Knapheide distributor.

Of course, I love the color. That goes with saying, and I do love those upper doors that open upward. Heck, we could just make those standard, right? I don't want to order one without them. Gotta have the drawers too! This is a seriously sweet package. Add a little custom pinstriping and it will be a knockout!

Call H & H Sales Company at 260-637-3177 or visit their informative website at www.hhsalescompany.com.


Fiberglass M/A Service Bodies from Sauber Mfg Co.

These are examples of M/A Service Bodies from Sauber Manufacturing Company of Virgil, Illinois. Sauber Mfg takes your ideas or your customers ideas and desires and creates the body to satisfy those needs. Here are just some of the standard features of their M/A Service Bodies:

  • Pure fiberglass construction. No "filler" materials.
  • Stainless Steel fasteners
  • Patented cabinet ventilation system
  • Extruded aluminum engineered driprail
  • Lifetime bronze hinges: fully adjustable, chrome plated, theft resistant, no expose fasteners and guaranteed for life.
  • Stainless Steel double dead bold latches with bronze strikers
  • Hot-dipped galvanized bumper and aluminum tailgate.
  • Lightweight aluminum shelves and drawers, rubber lining and adjustable on 1" increments.
  • Sealed beam and LED wiring systems.
  • 5 year warranty.

Sauber Mfg offers a number of options to help customize the body to your needs, including:

  • Super Structures (like the top photo)
  • Custom interior options
  • Tool box areas
  • Custom built tool drawers (like the transverse compartment drawers shown above)
  • Integrated generators, hydraulics, compressors and welding equipment.
  • Ladder racks
  • Light bar and cab screen
  • Lift, crane packages
  • Custom installation of existing hardware or tool storage systems
  • Emergency lighting packages
  • Power inverters

Sauber is also a large trailer manufacturer. Check out all of their services and products at www.saubermfg.com, or call them at 630-448-4791.


Equipment Innovators: Great Truck Body Ideas

I love this design and it offers so much flexibility that Equipment Innovators of Marion, Georgia have a huge list of different applications all utilizing the same basic van style concept with the large open-up doors. It's brilliant and so useful. The low height is an advantage, getting right up to the body and such a large area of opening that large and small items can be carried along in perfect harmony.

Omnivan bodies are lightweight and tough, made strong of fiberglass, stainless steel, and extruded aluminum. The omnivan is designed to put all equipment within reach with no stooping, bending or crawling to reach cargo. Side and rear doors make loading and unloading easier. By simply opening the doors, all items are easily visible for quick inventory. The lower profile of the omnivan will fit in many height-restricted areas such as parking decks and garages improving accessibility to accounts.

Check out all the offerings at www.equipmentinnovators.com or call them at 800-733-3434.


More Roll-Up Shutter Door Options

Another company specializing in roll-up shutter doors and other related products is R*O*M Corporation of Belden, Missouri. They have a great page on their website comparing roll-up shutter doors versus regular swing out doors: Door Comparison. R*O*M Corporation has been building quality products for over 60 years.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Perhaps a more familiar name in Roll-Up Shutter Doors is TODCO. It is a familiar name because a high percentage of all the van bodies on the road in the US probably have TODCO overhead doors or swing-away doors. You can download a nice brochure on their Roll-Up Shutter Doors here: Roll-Up Shutter Doors Literature. TODCO has been in business since 1957 and is a division of The Overhead Door Corporation and their headquarters is in Marion, Ohio.


Dover Roller Shutters - A Great Solution!

These are roller shutters from Dover Roller Shutters of Upper Sandusky, Ohio. They have the ability to manufacture doors for just about any conceivable application. Their extruded aluminum shutter offers security, stability and unmatched craftsmanship.

The horizontal straps are made of high quality extruded aluminum. Stainless steel bar locks, stainless steel paddle handles, locking or non-licking 'T' handles and keyed flush cylinder locks are available. Guide tracks are extruded aluminum and offer front, side or between jamb installations. Operation can be manual for smaller compartments or fully counter balanced with custom fitted spring operator assemblies.

Designed for use on Fire and Emergency vehicle door and cabinet openings, the Diamond Extruded Aluminum Shutter is ideal for interior and exterior vehicle cabinets, where security, safety and reliability are required.

I love the whole idea of these shutters on service bodies, van bodies and other applications. The photo above with roller shutters on the side is quite interesting and useful. With no obstruction due to the open door, you can get right up to the body access your cargo and the unit rolls up into the top front of the compartment so almost no useful space is wasted, yet you get complete unobstructed access. Consider the use on the van body as shown where there are three on each side. You can access what part of the body you want without wading through the rest. You can access items right next to the body at shoulder level and below.

Why should Fire Departments have all the really cool features. Talk to your body company today about installing Roller Shutter Doors on your next service body or van body instead of the same old doors. You might get a prospect really excited! For more information on these, go to the Dover website at www.doverrollershutters.com, or call them at 419-294-3373.


Fold Down Side Contractor Body from Rugby

This is the Rugby 14' Fold Down Side Contractor Dump Body. Capacity is 5 yards on this model and Rugby also makes a 12' and a 16' to round out the mix. It is also available in a fixed side model. Here are features and specs on this great body:
  • 12 gauge HSLAS grade 50 steel sides on fold down side bodies
  • 10 gauge double wall sides on 14 foot fixed side body
  • 7 gauge floor, standard on 14' and 16', optional on 12'
  • 17" side height with brackets for sideboard extensions
  • Fully boxed dirt shedding top rails
  • 45 degree sloped rub rails
  • four vertical side braces per side
  • Full depth boxed rear corner posts with concealed hardware for a clean, streamlined look
  • Front panel includes a triple bend horizontal top rail
  • 7" structural channel long sills and 3" I-beam cross sills on 12" centers
  • Recessed shock resistant rubber mounted, FMVSS 108 compliant clearance lights
  • All appearance corners have radius bends
  • 2 part epoxy primer
  • 1/2 cab shield

Features & Specs on Fold Down Side Body:

  • Independently operated double door sides with removable center post
  • Single pin release system to quickly remove center post
  • Each side door features centrally located quick release lever
  • 2 or 3 heavy duty double strap greaseable hinges per door

Tailgate Features & Specs:

  • Tailgate sloped 10 degrees inward
  • New oval shaped stop/turn/tail light in rear corner posts
  • EZ-LATCH (TM) upper hardware on tailgate (patented)
  • 23" end height, four-way tailgate with adjustable rod on trip lever
  • 10 gauge fully boxed tailgate frame with two vertical braces
  • Reinforced decking edge at rear of the body
  • 1-1/4" diameter top and 1" bottom hinge pins

Options include: Coal chute door, spreader apron, LED lights.

Photos courtesy of Harbor Truck Bodies (top photo) and Cascade Truck Body. Call your Rugby authorized distributor, or visit the Rugby website for more information and photos at www.rugbymfg.com.


One Great Benefit of Continual Learning

I just realized something the other day about myself and about learning and teaching. I was talking with a commercial salesman we hired a month and a half ago, and he was talking about the "roadblocks" that other people put in the way that he would like them to not do. Specifically, it was in reference to the service department and how uncooperative they can sometimes be. I totally get that, since I have seen so much of it, but after we discussed it for a few minutes, I suggested that he look at it from the perspective of what he can control, not what he can't control and thereby, not only have a more harmonious outcome, but perhaps even achieve his original objective, albeit from a different avenue. I enumerated things he could do.

While I was saying them, I was amazed. I didn't have to even think about these suggestions, and it was all from a positive perspective rather than a negative one. It was wisdom. I have found that from time to time, it just comes out without any effort or planning. And, each time it does, I am amazed. I think. . . did I just say that? It makes so much sense. Where did that come from?

I am finding that since I have been learning non-stop for so many years, that this kind of thing happens more and more often. I like that. It is a huge benefit to the students I am teaching and it helps me to feel that it was all worth it (though I really never doubt that aspect. . .). It's a wonderful thing.


I Just Want To Look At It And Admire Its Beauty

It doesn't get much better than this: A sweet ProTech Aluminum Flatbed with custom tapered headboard, short rails, custom apron, lamps and underbed boxes. I just want to look at it. You don't even want to get a truck like this dirty.

I used to have a guitar like that. I hardly ever played it, but I just loved taking it out of the case and admiring its beauty. It had abalone pieces all around it and it was just gorgeous. This truck is just pretty to look at, and a workhorse to boot. Another great bed and photo built by Bob Dias at North Bay.


It's Mating Season With The Flatbed & Service Body

This must be where a flatbed and a service body become one! What an interesting custom unit this is! It was built by Bob Dias and team at North Bay Truck Body in Cordelia, CA.

Here's what I find interesting about this:

  • It has great, large top bed boxes with fold-down lids that can double as a work area when needed.
  • It has a full compliment of underbed boxes for additional storage.
  • Look at the tall compartment on the curbside front. Great for gas bottles for welders, or lots of shelves for storage. Either way, it is a great cabinet that extends way down . . .
  • Check out that massive bumper step. It looks like it must be about 18". Largest I've seen.
  • Nice big space for the huge welder machine, or massive generator, or whatever else suits your fancy.
  • This baby comes with fuel tanks on both sides on top of the bed.
  • Check out the custom removable rack. Looks like it can double for goal posts to kick for an extra point. It's a long. . . long. . . way between posts, so make sure it is sturdy.
  • Notice the rear fuel fill.

What a great truck. Bob just loves doing custom jobs and I just love looking at them. Thanks to Bob Dias for sharing all these great photos (I have hundreds more. . . and you can send me yours as well . . .). Need a great custom job? Call Bob at 707-864-2700. He has built custom units for almost every winery in the Napa and Sonoma Valleys!


Important Protection from TrafFix Devices

This is the Scorpion Truck Mounted Attenuator from TrafFix Devices Inc. The Scorpion TMA has been tested and passed all optional and mandatory requirements suggested in the NCHRP-350 Report for TL-3 evaluation criteria for speeds up to 62.5 mph (100 km/h). It measures only 13 feet long when fully extended.

Some features unique to this product:

  • The hydraulic system allows the cartridge to be partially raised for maximum road clearance and maneuverability.
  • Scorpion's low profile and open tubular design is beneficial in minimizing wind resistance and drag, allowing you to drive at freeway speeds safely, as well as increasing rear visibility and gas mileage.
  • Scorpion's lightweight aluminum construction minimizes rust and other corrosive elements and weighs only 1,800 lbs.
  • With its modular design, Scorpion crushes in progressive stages upon impact thus reducing repair costs.
  • Scorpion's durable construction and heavy duty tubular side rails minimize incidental back-up or turning damage.
  • The unique curved design redirects side angle impacts away from the exposed corner of the truck.
  • Scorpion ca be easily and quickly mounted to or removed from the truck.

The top photo shows a unit upfitted with the Scorpion Truck Mounted Attenuator installed by North Bay Truck Body in Cordelia, CA. Contact Bob Dias, owner of North Bay at 707-864-2700, or visit their website at www.nbtb.com.

See the other great safety products from TrafFix Devices: www.trafFixdevices.com.


PG&E Tests First Smith All Electric Utility Truck

June 18, 2009 – Williamsburg, Va. – Smith Electric Vehicles U.S. Corporation (SEV U.S.), a Delaware corporation headquartered in Kansas City, Mo., announced today that it has teamed up with Altec Industries Inc., based in Birmingham, Ala., to introduce America’s first all-electric utility truck with an aerial device.

The truck is a battery, all-electric Smith Newton produced by SEV U.S. and SEV U.K. with an aerial bucket integrated by Altec Industries Inc., a leading provider of products and services to the electric utility, telecommunications and contractor markets.

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E), one of the largest combined natural gas and electric utilities in the United States, will play a critical role in the development of this vehicle. The first test unit will be added to PG&E’s fleet to
conduct routine and emergency overhead line work in PG&E’s northern and central California service area. PG&E will provide test data to SEV U.S. and Altec for the creation of a production model. This unit is the first all-electric aerial utility truck to be put into operation by a major utility company before being brought to the market.

"We are excited to be working with PG&E and Altec on this effort to help the utility industry accelerate the reduction of fuel emissions with the introduction of electric-drive fleet vehicles,” said Bryan Hansel, chief executive officer SEV U.S. “The production of this truck is just the latest example of PG&E’s outstanding leadership role in sustainability-related initiatives.”

PG&E is committed to reducing the environmental impact of our operations and helping to improve air quality in the communities we serve,” said Dave Meisel, director of transportation services for PG&E. “We hope our involvement will lead to the accelerated development and mainstream acceptance of electric vehicles in our industry.”

The Smith Newton is the world’s largest battery-electric-powered truck. It is fuelemissions-free, runs without noise or vibration, and actually stores energy during stopping through a process called regenerative braking, and then reuses it for
acceleration. The Smith Newton has a top speed of up to 50 mph, a range on one battery charge in excess of 100 miles and a payload of up to 16,280 lbs. The Altec component, an AT37-G aerial boom, is a telescopic articulating device used for electric utility line maintenance and installation. The aerial has a maximum height of 37.8 feet and reach of 28.3 feet.

“Having this truck in service in PG&E’s fleet is part of much larger developmental program to evaluate all-electric fleet vehicle applications for the utility industry,”said Hansel. “Utilities have a huge role to play in helping lead the electrification of vehicles in the U.S.”

SEV U.S. is initially focusing its production on battery-electric-powered vehicles for depot-based predictable-route delivery and service fleets. The trucks will be assembled at the company’s 80,000 square foot plant in Kansas City. SEV U.S. has already received a strong expression of interest from fleet operators and as a result, the company is building a highly scalable assembly operation and supply chain to serve this emerging market. SEV U.S. will begin production using chassis from multiple vehicle manufacturers.

In collaboration with the Ford Motor Company, SEV U.S. has agreed to upfit Ford chassis to deliver Ford’s first electrified vehicle for the North American market. Using proprietary technologies transferred from the The Tanfield Group Plc, SEV U.S. will assemble and manufacture the Transit Connect as a BEV (battery electric vehicle) light-duty van scheduled for production in 2010.

SEV U.S. is a privately held company and is owned by Private Investors Management, and The Tanfield Group Plc, based in the United Kingdom. Tanfield is also the parent company of Smith Electric Vehicles U.K., the leading manufacturer of zero-emission battery-electric commercial vehicles in Europe since the 1920s. Smith has produced the Newton truck in Europe for more than three years and has sold vehicles to major fleet operators in sectors such as mail and parcel delivery, logistics, retail, highway maintenance and airports.

Smith Newton Truck Specifications:
• Motor - 120 kw Induction Motor
• Battery - Lithium-Ion Batteries Payload - 7,392 lbs to 16,280 lbs
• Gross Vehicle Weight – 16,535 lbs, 23,148 lbs or 26,455 lbs
• Range – In excess of 100 miles (one battery charge)
• Top Speed - 50 mph
• On-board Battery Charger
• Full Battery Recharge – 6 to 8 hours


The Spartan Service Trailer by Supreme!

This is a great new solution for many who need storage and want to be able to leave the unit at a jobsite. It is the Spartan Service Trailer by Supreme. This is a new product that Supreme has been building in the Northeast and really serves a niche where nothing else will do as well. It also serves as a towable service body and the really great part about that is the stand up height inside--even for tall ones--of 78" and the very low entry height not even needing a step or bumper.

Panels are made of FRP and with the smooth Gelcoat exterior, makes a great surface for all kinds of graphics. This is no wimpy trailer, this is heavy duty all the way, from the frame to the axles to the body. It is designed to work hard and to last and last. The Spartan Service Trailer is 9,990 GVWR on tandem Torflex axles with 15" aluminum wheels, so it looks great on the jobsite. The width between the compartments on the inside is 48.5" so it can accommodate plywood and other materials as needed. The translucent roof gives great light in the daytime.

There are two doors that open flat in the rear for full access and a unique front door which allows alternate entry as well as additional ventilation if needed. Door latches are large D-ring style. The Spartan Service Trailer comes in 12' (as shown here), 14' and 16' models and can be equipped with a number of options tailored to your needs including fold-down desk to use for blueprints at the jobsite. Install a generator for power when needed.

I saw this unit and took photos while visiting Dale Sykes, Commercial/Fleet Manager at Newberg Ford in Newberg, Oregon. I thought it was an interesting vehicle and thought that it would serve a number of commercial clients looking for something unique and useful. This could be great for leaving at jobsites as I said, but it could also be used by remodelers and the handyman who love their pickups but need a service body. This way, they get both. Park it at home when not working and the truck is free to go. Landscapers would love this as a great tool for carrying all they need to various jobsites and getting the work done. They can hook it up to a crew cab pickup and take the crew as well. Anywhere people need to have tools, parts and interior storage with such low access and stand up height, this vehicle will do the job very well.

For more information on this product, contact Dale Sykes at 503-538-2171 or email at dale@newbergford.com. He can tell you more about this great unit. Or, you can contact your favorite Supreme representative, or call Kyle Heck of Supreme at 1-800-556-6492 or email at kyle.heck@supremecorp.com. My thanks to Dale and Kyle for their assistance.

Download the brochure at www.comtrk.com on the right hand side near the bottom of the page.