Very Interesting Enclosed Body from Alum-Line

This is one of the more interesting service bodies I've ever seen. The shape is familiar, like a plumber style body or also called an enclosed service body, but the side doors and compartments are over the edge awesome! Look at the size of these doors and the horizontal one moves up and out of the way. Look at the space in these compartments.

If there is one thing about service bodies, it is that in a lot of cases you are limited in the size of items you can put in compartments. With these compartments, there is so much room and so many ways to use all that space, yet the compartments are only ever so slightly taller than a typical service body. Look how deep they are as well. Then consider the benefits of the fact that this is an aluminum body. This allows you to carry even more in those cavernous compartments.

The interior of this body can make great use of a bedslider to access equipment and supplies without climbing into the body. What a great combination that will make!

This great body is designed and built by Alum-Line, Inc. in Cresco, Iowa. Here's a link to the specs on this body: Specs. Call them at 800-446-1407.

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