Great Drawers From Brutus Truck Bodies

Brutus Truck Bodies Brutus Drawer Pack - Brutus Drawer Systems

I do love great quality, smooth sliding, heavy duty drawers in service bodies. There is nothing quite like the convenience and usefulness of a drawer system. It provides excellent access to tools, small parts and other needed items at ones fingertips. I've seen a number of great drawers and these are top of the line. I especially love the top photo with two sets of drawers together and it is so interesting to have the smaller size drawers right there alongside the wider ones. This is the first I have seen quite like this and I love it!

Brutus has taken the best features and designs from the leading drawer suppliers of North American and created its own custom aluminum drawer cabinets. These new drawers have the following features:

  • Aluminum huck-bolted construction
  • Full side and rear panels with bottom riser for a rigid structure
  • Stainless “easy open” handles with key locks
  • Stainless “easy close” slam latches
  • Stainless replaceable striker plates for latch wear
  • One step removable drawers for easy drawer cleaning or to take
    all tools directly to the jobsite
  • 300 lb roller bearing sliders (extended capacity)
  • Huck-bolted slider and drawer mounting so parts can never
    come loose
  • Adjustable aluminum dividers included
  • Expandable aluminum top shelf to prevent parts and tools from
    falling alongside or behind cabinet

Contact Brutus Truck Bodies at 866-344-6480 and visit their informative website at www.brutusbodies.com.

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