Another Interesting Aluminum Service Body from Alum-Line

This is one more interesting body from Alum-Line. Considering this one is made of diamond plate aluminum, it is not painted, nor is it required. As you can see it has nice large compartments and a single door on the front compartment. I love the upper doors that access the top of the service body and it gives the body a taper that helps it flow with the truck better.

I also love the enclosed area. This body is only slightly higher than the cab of the truck, and it is mounted on a single rear wheel extended cab chassis, yet look how much this body will hold! Install a bedslider in the back and you have a real winner! Nice job Alum-Line! Great design!This great body is designed and built by Alum-Line, Inc. in Cresco, Iowa. Here's a link to the specs on this body: Specs. Call them at 800-446-1407.

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