Important Protection from TrafFix Devices

This is the Scorpion Truck Mounted Attenuator from TrafFix Devices Inc. The Scorpion TMA has been tested and passed all optional and mandatory requirements suggested in the NCHRP-350 Report for TL-3 evaluation criteria for speeds up to 62.5 mph (100 km/h). It measures only 13 feet long when fully extended.

Some features unique to this product:

  • The hydraulic system allows the cartridge to be partially raised for maximum road clearance and maneuverability.
  • Scorpion's low profile and open tubular design is beneficial in minimizing wind resistance and drag, allowing you to drive at freeway speeds safely, as well as increasing rear visibility and gas mileage.
  • Scorpion's lightweight aluminum construction minimizes rust and other corrosive elements and weighs only 1,800 lbs.
  • With its modular design, Scorpion crushes in progressive stages upon impact thus reducing repair costs.
  • Scorpion's durable construction and heavy duty tubular side rails minimize incidental back-up or turning damage.
  • The unique curved design redirects side angle impacts away from the exposed corner of the truck.
  • Scorpion ca be easily and quickly mounted to or removed from the truck.

The top photo shows a unit upfitted with the Scorpion Truck Mounted Attenuator installed by North Bay Truck Body in Cordelia, CA. Contact Bob Dias, owner of North Bay at 707-864-2700, or visit their website at www.nbtb.com.

See the other great safety products from TrafFix Devices: www.trafFixdevices.com.


Ryan Kim said...

I have seen many a times. Truck mounted Attenuators are of importance while carrying out work on highways. They are the best road safety products.

Shindo Safety said...

Great technology, the name of the attenuator itself describes the technology of the product. it's really nice design and the construction with heavy duty tubular side rails will help the truck to balance the weight of the dragged vehicles easily.