Brutus Boxes Is Aptly Named

Brutus Truck Bodies by Nor-Mar Industries, Ltd. of Penticton, BC, Canada builds some over the edge tough bodies starting with the Brutus Box. This is a pickup bed replacement that is built for some serious work under severe conditions. Loggers in the area needed a pickup that could take the stresses and rough tough environment and back in 1981, Gerry Turchak, the company founder decided to heed the call. It was an immediate success! Soon customers wanted cabinets and other customizations to give them more flexibility.

Today, Brutus Truck Bodies by Nor-Mar Industries, Ltd. builds a great line of bodies in addition to the Brutus Box that are designed for the harsh forestry, construction, mining, and oilfield sectors of the rugged Canadian environment. All their bodies utilize the finest materials, construction standards, and equipment so your truck body will give you a long and trouble free life.

Contact Brutus Truck Bodies at 866-344-6480 and visit their comprehensive website at www.brutusbodies.com.

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