Aluminum Curtainside Car Hauler by Sliding Systems

This is the Aluminum Curtainside Car Hauler from Sliding Systems, Inc. with manufacturing facilities in Haslett, MI. The curtainside gives quick and easy access from three sides as well as becoming an excellent moving billboard. It features a secure automobile tie-down, as well as ramp sections for easy loading.

The curtainside system is lighter weight and yet loads are well protected from the elements. SSI Curtainsides are designed for user-friendly operation. Open and close the entire length of the trailer within minutes. Call Sliding Side Systems at 517-339-1455 or 877-339-2223 at their Haslett, MI manufacturing plant, or 414-258-2070 or 800-236-6655 at their Corporate Offices in Wauwatosa, WI. Look also at their informative website at www.slidingsystems.com.

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