Dover Roller Shutters - A Great Solution!

These are roller shutters from Dover Roller Shutters of Upper Sandusky, Ohio. They have the ability to manufacture doors for just about any conceivable application. Their extruded aluminum shutter offers security, stability and unmatched craftsmanship.

The horizontal straps are made of high quality extruded aluminum. Stainless steel bar locks, stainless steel paddle handles, locking or non-licking 'T' handles and keyed flush cylinder locks are available. Guide tracks are extruded aluminum and offer front, side or between jamb installations. Operation can be manual for smaller compartments or fully counter balanced with custom fitted spring operator assemblies.

Designed for use on Fire and Emergency vehicle door and cabinet openings, the Diamond Extruded Aluminum Shutter is ideal for interior and exterior vehicle cabinets, where security, safety and reliability are required.

I love the whole idea of these shutters on service bodies, van bodies and other applications. The photo above with roller shutters on the side is quite interesting and useful. With no obstruction due to the open door, you can get right up to the body access your cargo and the unit rolls up into the top front of the compartment so almost no useful space is wasted, yet you get complete unobstructed access. Consider the use on the van body as shown where there are three on each side. You can access what part of the body you want without wading through the rest. You can access items right next to the body at shoulder level and below.

Why should Fire Departments have all the really cool features. Talk to your body company today about installing Roller Shutter Doors on your next service body or van body instead of the same old doors. You might get a prospect really excited! For more information on these, go to the Dover website at www.doverrollershutters.com, or call them at 419-294-3373.

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