Custom Multi-Tasker for City of Fairfield CA

This is a very interesting truck. I have seen them all over the City of Fairfield and got to see one up close at a recent event. It's fun trying to guess what is what on some of these units.

The rear section is a dump body with short little gates all around. It is great for small jobs around the city. The box behind the cab has a good sized drawer to access cargo installed there and I think the design of this is just excellent--so do the workers driving them. That box is mounted on a stationary section of the bed. There is a generator mounted on top of the box and is quite helpful on certain jobs. Then, there is an underbed box on both sides.

The unit also has a tapered rack and though this is a flatbed, the typical headboard is not necessary because the box acts as a stop along with two posts. I also think that this is a super combination mounted on a super cab F350 dual rear wheel 60" CA chassis.

All in all this is one sweet truck that was designed and built by North Bay Truck Body in Cordelia CA. My hat's off to Bob Dias, president of North Bay. I've admired this truck for some time. Great job!

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