Scelzi Low Pro Service Body

Here is a shot of the Scelzi Low Pro Service Body. I think it is a great looking body and it is very rare to see a low pro version, and it looks perfect on this Ford F350. A lot of dealers don't pay any attention to the low pro model (where the top of the service body hits at about the bottom of the rear window vs the standard model about the middle of the rear window). I have found over the years that there is a very good market for the low pro for a couple of reasons. One, not everyone on the planet is over 6' tall, and two, it looks and feels a bit more like a pickup and less like a big ole work truck. This shot was taken at Wittmeier Ford in Chico CA. Gary Mitchell, the commercial truck manager has always kept low pros in stock and consequently sells them. Nice job Gary! Great truck body Scelzi!

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