One Great Benefit of Continual Learning

I just realized something the other day about myself and about learning and teaching. I was talking with a commercial salesman we hired a month and a half ago, and he was talking about the "roadblocks" that other people put in the way that he would like them to not do. Specifically, it was in reference to the service department and how uncooperative they can sometimes be. I totally get that, since I have seen so much of it, but after we discussed it for a few minutes, I suggested that he look at it from the perspective of what he can control, not what he can't control and thereby, not only have a more harmonious outcome, but perhaps even achieve his original objective, albeit from a different avenue. I enumerated things he could do.

While I was saying them, I was amazed. I didn't have to even think about these suggestions, and it was all from a positive perspective rather than a negative one. It was wisdom. I have found that from time to time, it just comes out without any effort or planning. And, each time it does, I am amazed. I think. . . did I just say that? It makes so much sense. Where did that come from?

I am finding that since I have been learning non-stop for so many years, that this kind of thing happens more and more often. I like that. It is a huge benefit to the students I am teaching and it helps me to feel that it was all worth it (though I really never doubt that aspect. . .). It's a wonderful thing.

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