It's Mating Season With The Flatbed & Service Body

This must be where a flatbed and a service body become one! What an interesting custom unit this is! It was built by Bob Dias and team at North Bay Truck Body in Cordelia, CA.

Here's what I find interesting about this:

  • It has great, large top bed boxes with fold-down lids that can double as a work area when needed.
  • It has a full compliment of underbed boxes for additional storage.
  • Look at the tall compartment on the curbside front. Great for gas bottles for welders, or lots of shelves for storage. Either way, it is a great cabinet that extends way down . . .
  • Check out that massive bumper step. It looks like it must be about 18". Largest I've seen.
  • Nice big space for the huge welder machine, or massive generator, or whatever else suits your fancy.
  • This baby comes with fuel tanks on both sides on top of the bed.
  • Check out the custom removable rack. Looks like it can double for goal posts to kick for an extra point. It's a long. . . long. . . way between posts, so make sure it is sturdy.
  • Notice the rear fuel fill.

What a great truck. Bob just loves doing custom jobs and I just love looking at them. Thanks to Bob Dias for sharing all these great photos (I have hundreds more. . . and you can send me yours as well . . .). Need a great custom job? Call Bob at 707-864-2700. He has built custom units for almost every winery in the Napa and Sonoma Valleys!

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