KUV Training Video Series - Chapter 3

Take an in depth comparison of a Knapheide KUV to a cargo van with a shelving bin package. Learn more about Knapheide and our products at http://www.knapheide.com/

This is chapter 3 of 3.

I post these videos because they are leading edge and welcome to the industry. Excellent job by Knapheide Manufacturing.


KUV Training Video Series - Chapter 2

Customize your KUV with these popular options to make you more productive. Learn more about Knapheide and our products at http://www.knapheide.com/

This is chapter 2 of 3. Chapter 3 tomorrow.

The reason I post these is because they are leading edge for the industry. This is something that has been needed for a lot of years and Knapheide has done an excellent job of featuring one of their key products.


KUV Training Video Series - Chapter 1

Take an in depth look at the standard features of the Knapheide KUV. Learn more about Knapheide and our products at http://www.knapheide.com/

Great video. Well done.


Harbor Low Profile Service Body with Liftgate

Here is a few shots of a job that Harbor Truck Bodies just finished for the Monte Vista Water District in Montclair, CA. It is a bit unique in that it is a low profile service body (34") with standard Stainless Steel open top lids and it has a Tommygate liftgate. In addition to this combination, there are a number of additions that are quite useful and effective. There is a light strip at the top of the cab for working in harm's way, a receiver hitch, a non-forklift loadable rack with a strobe light and two outdoor lamps for night work. The rack also has a compartment made of partially expanded metal. Notice also the HD tie downs in the floor of the bed area and unique tie down anchors on the top of the body. All that beauty is mounted on the new Ford Super Cab single rear wheel chassis.

We love this whole combination of features and especially the low profile service body which not only looks nice and clean, but has so much more visibility. Let Kimberly build one for you. Call her at 800-433-9452 and visit Harbor's website at http://www.htbi.net/.


Tradepack Gets Business Flowing For Fluid H20

After operating out of an impractical Mitsubishi Triton for several years, Sydney plumbing company, Fluid H2O, has upgraded to an Isuzu NPR 200 Premium and business is booming.

Company owner, Matthew Lemon, said he opted for an Isuzu because he required a reliable truck that could easily handle the operations of the business, including a 24-hour emergency plumbing service.

"Isuzu’s reliability is exceptional," Mr Lemon said. "I have friends in the plumbing business who own Isuzu trucks. They recommended Isuzu to me because they have had no trouble with their trucks.

"It’s been a great move for us to go to a truck that can actually handle our application. It makes our job a lot easier."

Mr Lemon says the NPR 200 provides more than enough power for his commercial use and its exterior styling is well matched to his business’ professional image.

"They are a lot more attractive and look much better finished off than Isuzu’s competitors," Mr Lemon said.

"We need to look professional on the road and the truck portrays this very well. Also, having a lot of gear on board allows us to complete a job on the same day."

The NPR 200 Tradepack ‘Premium’ upgrade with automated manual transmission (AMT) was also a major selling point for Mr Lemon.

"I don’t like driving manual vehicles, so one of the things that stood out on the NPR 200 Premium Tradepack was the AMT,” Mr Lemon said.

"I also really like the cruise control feature in this model."

The NPR 200’s modifications and custom paint job were designed by Mr Lemon, who contracted Pacific Body Works to build the service body. After almost eight months of fabrication work, Mr Lemon finally has his masterpiece on the road.

"The NPR 200 was originally a Tradepack model, but I removed the back to apply my own custom body and paint job," Mr Lemon said.

"It’s a great vehicle. The performance has been fantastic, it hasn’t missed a beat. I’m really happy with the Isuzu product."

Fluid H2O was so pleased with its Isuzu NPR 200 that it recently purchased a second Isuzu model – an NPR 400 Long. This vehicle is currently undergoing modifications to suit Fluid H2O’s new requirements.

"The NPR 400 Long is going to look very impressive; it will be white with Fluid H2O’s company colours and chrome rims. It has been fitted with a compressor on the side of the chassis and a diesel jet motor," Mr Lemon said.

"The new truck will be mainly used for high pressure water jetting and clearing out drains. It will particularly be used for the new Fluid H2O service - sewer relining - in which we use a new German technology.

"Instead of excavating a sewer we can reline it, which is fantastic because many people in Sydney’s eastern suburbs don’t want to dig up their driveways, granny flats, gardens or streets. We actually invert a liner through the sewer which gives our customers a lifetime guarantee."

Both N Series trucks included three year warranties and roadside assistance. The NPR 200 was purchased from NSW Isuzu Dealer, Gilbert and Roach Huntingwood, which is responsible for all of the truck’s servicing.

"Some of my friends who work in the building and plumbing trades have since purchased Isuzu trucks and have applied the same body as me," Mr Lemon said.

See more from Isuzu Australia at http://www.isuzu.com.au/


Six millionth Ford Transit and 45 Years Strong


Since its launch in 1965 more than six million Transits have been built at 22 factories across the world.

Transit is made in Southampton, with engines from Dagenham and transmissions from Merseyside.

More than 2.1 million Transits have been sold in Britain: Britain's best seller
with more than 23,000 sold in first half of 2010.

BRENTWOOD, Essex, 27 July, 2010 – Ford's iconic Transit has a significant birthday next month, celebrating 45 years of success. The Ford Transit, the pioneer of the ubiquitous white van, has led the UK market ever since the year that Jim Clark won the Indianapolis 500 and F1 World Championship, Tom and Jerry and Thunderbirds made their TV debuts, the Sound of Music movie was released and Mary Quant invented the mini skirt.

At launch, the cheapest Transit, a short wheelbase, petrol-engined van with 610kg payload, cost £542. The most expensive Transit was a 15-seat Custom bus which cost £997. From 78 derivatives in 1965, there are now more than 600 Transit entities, providing a range of dedicated commercial vehicles to ensure there is a model for every job required.

Today's Transit continues to represent great value. A special edition "Sapphire" went into production at the Southampton Plant this year to mark 45 years of success. The Sapphire develops more power and torque, has longer service intervals yet costs just £295 more than the last celebration model in 2005, the Transit "Hallmark".


Opel Vivaro E-Concept Premiere At IAA Commercial Vehicles 2010

Debut: Vivaro e-Concept Study Adds New Impulses
Opel Premiere at the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2010

  • Electric-van concept, seen with more than 400 km extended range
  • Clean advanced technology perfect for congested urban areas
  • Capacity with more than 5 m3 cargo space and 750 kg payload target

Hannover/Rüsselsheim. Opel is sending new impulses to electric mobility: At the IAA Commercial Vehicles Fair in Hannover (September 23 to 30, 2010) the brand debuts a research project on a Vivaro e-Concept, an electric van with up to 400 kilometers extended range. With this concept, Opel imagines that environmentally friendly e-mobility could also be intriguing for commercial vehicle operators.

“We would like to test the acceptance of our advanced propulsion technology by showing the Vivaro e-Concept to the commercial vehicle specialists attending the show,” says Chris Lacey, Executive Director, International Operations Opel/Vauxhall Commercial Vehicles. “We are convinced that we will get a fantastic reaction from the people who use such vehicles on a daily basis: Electric mobility will allow them to travel in city areas which are now off-limits to petrol and diesel-powered vehicles and the range-extender technology makes it possible to use an electric van for normal routine business.”

The Vivaro e-Concept aims to prove that operators do not have to make great concessions to practicality when they choose intelligent propulsion. The e-Concept is conceived to have 5.0 cubic meter storage capacity able to carry 750 kilograms of load, making it an excellent value for urban delivery drivers.

The e-Concept is envisioned to be capable of meeting the typical daily needs of inner city delivery transport fully electrically and therefore completely emission-free. The vehicle would be extremely quiet and clean – with respect to the environment and reduced traffic zones in the inner city.

The 111 kW electric motor in the Vivaro e-Concept propulsion system delivers 370Nm of torque and would offer 100 kilometers pure electric driving range. On longer, regional hauls or shuttle services, range-extender switches on, extending the total driving range to more than 400 kilometers. Thanks to Opel’s extended range propulsion concept, engineers foresee the Vivaro e-Concept as capable of driving permanently with engine and electric motor propulsion, enabling drivers to reach distant destinations with the confidence and peace of mind that a depleted battery will not strand them.

Intelligently stowed energy

Opel engineers have mounted the batteries, which can be re-charged on a standard household 230-volt outlet under the floor of the Vivaro e-Concept. There, the lithium ion battery modules are protected from the weather. At the same time the modules provide a low center of gravity for good handling characteristics, protecting especially from crosswind influence.


Check This Out: Wheelchair Lift For Cars, Vans, Bus, Motorhome

http:www.freedommovement.it Italian dealer of best rearward UNDERFLOOR under vehicle wheelchair lift to lifts disabled people. Opel Vivaro installation. The best solution to lift person with disasbility on cars motorhome campers vans bus. Italian exporter dealer.

You can see also:

Inside wheelchair platform lift rearward or sideward

Automatic retracting steps for disabled person easy access to cars campers motorhome

Ford Lifts Disguise On All-New Ford Ranger For Its Worldwide Premiere In Sydney

  • Bold, powerful and confident, the all-new Ford Ranger will make its world debut at the Australian International Motor Show on October 15.
  • Bold, powerful and confident, the all-new Ford Ranger makes its world debut at the Australian International Motor Show in Sydney. The new face of Built Ford Tough for compact pickup truck customers in 180 markets around the world, Ranger is the result of an all-new global compact truck platform developed in Australia
  • Ranger delivers an enhanced pickup ownership experience with more power and excellent fuel economy from a new engine family, more capability than ever with exceptional towing and payload capacity, and new levels of driving quality

SYDNEY, September 20, 2010 – Ford is preparing to take the wraps off a comprehensively redesigned, new-generation compact pickup developed in Australia for sale in 180 global markets. The worldwide premiere of the all-new Ford Ranger is certain to be the big news of this year’s Australian International Motor Show, where it will be unveiled on October 15, 2010.

The all-new Ranger is the latest in a wave of global products driven by the ONE Ford strategy. Designed and engineered at Ford’s Campbellfield product development and Geelong proving ground facilities, and based on a new global compact truck platform, Ranger has been transformed to assert true pickup truck leadership.

“Australia has played a leading role in the development of this latest global Ford product,” said Joe Hinrichs, president, Ford Asia Pacific and Africa. “Ranger is symbolic of how our great product development capability is being leveraged by the ONE Ford plan like never before.”

The taut, toned new design of the all-new Ford Ranger establishes a powerful presence on the motor show stage. It will be the first time for the public to see the next-generation Ford compact pickup without its camouflage.

New Ranger prototypes – disguised under heavy black padding, tape and decals to obscure their true identity – have been shot by automotive spy photographers all over the world, as development units clocked more than 1 million kilometres of testing in the toughest conditions, from the Outback to the deserts of the Middle East to the Alps in Europe.

Now, under the lights at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, the covers will come off to reveal a dazzlingly contemporary new look for the future of Ford Ranger pickup truck capability. It makes a powerful promise – backed by Ford’s Australian and global expertise – to owners around the world.

From impressive gains in power and fuel economy – the result of its new engine family – to outstanding pickup truck capability that includes exceptional towing and payload capacity, the next-generation Ford Ranger emerges as a clear segment leader. It not only builds on the tremendous Ranger heritage of capability, but it also gives owners a spacious, comfortable, feature-filled interior and sophisticated driving experience that they would expect only from a car.

Visitors to the 2010 Australian International Motor Show can experience the exciting lineup of Ford vehicles, along with a host of interactive activities for motoring enthusiasts and families, from October 15-24 at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre.

See more from Ford Australia at http://www.ford.com.au/.


Countdown Begins To Launch Of Isuzu's Cleanest Ever Truck Range

With the election now decided, an intensification of the Federal Government's efforts to reduce Australia's carbon emissions over the next decade is expected, especially with a strong 'Greens' presence in the Senate.

The Labor Party's commitment to a five per cent emissions reduction by 2020 is an ambitious one by any measure, and it can only be achieved by a concerted approach by commercial and domestic stakeholders.

Exactly what this means for the Australian trucking industry will remain unclear until a decision is made on the efficacy and nature of a mooted carbon emissions trading scheme.

While there is conjecture as to if and when such a scheme will be introduced, operators should be prepared for the impact this may have on their bottom line.

The good news is that the Australian trucking industry has been proactive in its efforts to adopt cleaner and 'greener' technology over the past 20 years.

In fact, trucks on Australian roads are among the cleanest in the world thanks to the introduction of stringent emissions control legislation, the most recent of which (ADR80/03) will come into effect on 1 January 2011.

For Isuzu Trucks, the transition to ADR80/03 and the Euro V emissions benchmark will be relatively straightforward.

Isuzu's current model range meets Euro IV standards as a minimum and requires only minor modifications to achieve a blanket Euro V rating.

All eyes are now on the forthcoming launch of Isuzu's new Euro V-compliant truck range, which will be introduced to the Australian market alongside six new truck models across the N and F Series ranges.

In the area of exhaust emissions, Isuzu's engine technology and diesel particulate diffuser (DPD) exhaust after treatment systems have been refined to suit Australian conditions over the past three years. This means Isuzu trucks will comply with the lower emissions outlined by the Euro V benchmark with a reliability that competitors may find difficult to match.

The new range launch is expected to enhance Isuzu's position of continued market dominance, secured in the face of challenging global economic conditions.

According to the official T-Mark industry data, a total of 4925 Isuzu trucks were sold as at August YTD, 2010; 2167 more units than its nearest competitor, and a 3 per cent overall increase in unit sales on the preceding year.

Isuzu's market dominance has been driven largely by its outstanding performance in the light duty truck segment, where it has recorded a 10.5 per cent volume growth for the year to August 2010, for a market segment share of over 37 per cent.

The brand has also performed well in the heavy duty truck segment, recording 3.4 per cent growth during the same period.

While sales of Isuzu's medium duty models fell by 5.3 per cent on the previous year, this figure reflects a general downturn in the medium duty segment nationwide; despite this at end of August year to date, Isuzu still held over 42 per cent of the medium duty market segment.

With the imminent launch of Isuzu's new truck range, operators can expect more of the legendary Isuzu reliability they've become accustomed to, bolstered by a suite of safety and practical enhancements.

See more about Isuzu Trucks Australia at http://www.isuzu.com.au/


The CarGo Delivery Vehicle Is Brilliant Design!

CarGo: An alternative pickup for city delivery by Adam Schacter of Adam Schacter Design Ltd. We think it is absolutely brilliant!

See more of the CarGo


Daimler Trucks Presents Concept For Electric Truck: Fuso Canter E-Cell

Daimler Trucks Presents Concept for Electric Truck

  • Battery-electric powered Fuso Canter E-CELL concept celebrates world premiere at IAA Commercial Vehicles in Hanover
  • Consistent implementation of Daimler Trucks’ goal of “zero-emission mobility”
  • Dr. Albert Kirchmann, President and CEO of MFTBC: “The Canter E-CELL concept underscores our strategy of offering customers the cleanest, most resource-conserving drive technology for every application.”
Hanover – Daimler Trucks is presenting its concept for an electric truck at IAA Commercial Vehicles, where the vehicle is having its world premiere. Mitsubishi Fuso Truck & Bus Corporation (MFTBC), which is part of Daimler Trucks, is presenting the Fuso Canter E-CELL with battery-electric drive in Hanover from September 21 to 30. With the concept Fuso Canter E-CELL, Daimler Trucks is consistently implementing its global Shaping Future Transportation initiative for zero-emission mobility. The nearly silent-running and emission-free Canter E-CELL has a range of about 120 kilometers, making it ideal for urban centers and other environmentally sensitive areas.

Says Dr. Albert Kirchmann, President and CEO of MFTBC: “Following the successful introduction of our Fuso Canter Eco Hybrid light truck, the Fuso Canter E-CELL is our next consistent step on the road to zero-emission mobility. The concept underscores Fuso’s strategy of offering customers the cleanest, most resource-conserving drive technology for every application.”

The Canter E-CELL concept vehicle to be presented by Fuso is suitable for everyday use and based on a Fuso Canter 3S13 with a 3.5 ton gross vehicle weight. The batteries are positioned in the chassis frame. The Fuso Canter E-CELL dispenses entirely with a combustion engine and thus produces zero emissions. The new concept vehicle from MFTBC features the latest technological developments and demonstrates that advanced technology will soon make electric mobility possible for trucks as well.

MFTBC makes environmental friendliness a top priority with all of its Fuso Canter light truck models. In addition to the new electric concept, the best-selling truck from Daimler Trucks is also produced as a hybrid version and with a conventional diesel engine. Nearly 1,000 of the Fuso Canter Eco Hybrids are already on the road in Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, Ireland, and in a large-scale testing program in London. Depending on the region in which the Canter Eco Hybrid with diesel-electric drive is used, it delivers fuel savings of between ten and 15 percent. The two-ton version of the Canter Hybrid has a fuel efficiency of 8.6 liters per 100 kilometers, currently the lowest fuel consumption of any truck in Japan.

And the current diesel Fuso Canter for the European market is also a top performer in terms of environmentally friendliness: In all of its weight, engine, and performance variants, the light truck is in compliance with the limits specified by the EEV (Enhanced Environmentally-friendly Vehicle) emissions standard, currently the most stringent voluntary norm.

Based in Kawasaki, Japan, Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation (MFTBC) is one of Asia’s leading commercial vehicle manufacturers. In 2009, the company sold a total of about 99,500 vehicles, including light, medium and heavy-duty trucks and buses. Daimler AG owns 85 percent of MFTBC shares. MFTBC is an integral part of the Daimler Trucks division of Daimler AG. See more at http://www.daimler.com/.

About Daimler

Daimler AG is one of the world’s most successful automotive companies. With its divisions Mercedes-Benz Cars, Daimler Trucks, Mercedes-Benz Vans, Daimler Buses and Daimler Financial Services, the Daimler Group is one of the biggest producers of premium cars and the world's biggest manufacturer of commercial vehicles with a global reach. Daimler Financial Services provides its customers with a full range of automotive financial services including financing, leasing, insurance and fleet management.

The company’s founders, Gottlieb Daimler and Carl Benz, made history with the invention of the automobile in the year 1886. As an automotive pioneer, Daimler continues to shape the future of mobility. The Group applies innovative and green technologies to produce safe and superior vehicles which fascinate and delight its customers. With the development of alternative drive systems, Daimler is the only vehicle producer investing in hybrid drive, electric motors and fuel-cell systems, with the goal of achieving emission-free mobility in the long term. This is just one example of how Daimler willingly accepts the challenge of meeting its responsibility towards society and the environment.

Daimler sells its vehicles and services in nearly all the countries of the world and has production facilities on five continents. Its current brand portfolio includes, in addition to the world’s most valuable automotive brand, Mercedes-Benz, the brands smart, Maybach, Freightliner, Western Star, Fuso, Setra, Orion and Thomas Built Buses. The company is listed on the stock exchanges of Frankfurt, New York and Stuttgart (stock exchange symbol DAI). In 2009, the Group sold 1.6 million vehicles and employed a workforce of more than 256,000 people; revenue totaled €78.9 billion and EBIT amounted minus €1.5 billion.


Ford XB Falcon ute - TV commercial

Neat ad for the XB Falcon ute, featuring actor Max Fairchild (better known to most as Beau from the Beaurepaires ads).

I love these old pieces. Just for the fun of it.


2012 Nissan NV Van Partners With Adrian Steel For Individual Customization


- Strategic partnership established to make it easy for buyers to upfit their Nissan NV -

Nissan Commercial Vehicles today announced a strategic partnership with Adrian Steel, a leading manufacturer of commercial vehicle equipment, to become an official upfitter for the all-new 2012 Nissan NV commercial van.

The catalog of accessories for the Nissan NV is currently under development and will include interior shelving systems, ladder racks and other items from Adrian Steel to help customize the vehicle for individual vocational needs.

The 2012 Nissan NV is Nissan’s first entry into the North American commercial vehicle market. The NV’s innovative design addresses many of the van segment’s currently unmet customer needs, such as driver comfort, cabin functionality and cargo-area usability and is the result of more than five years of detailed research.

“We designed the Nissan NV to reinvent the commercial van segment,” said Joe Castelli, vice president, Nissan Commercial Vehicles. “This partnership with Adrian Steel will help our customers – such as electricians, HVAC contractors, plumbers and builders – get the most out of their vehicle.”

The Nissan NV was designed with upfitters like Adrian Steel in mind. For example, the reinforced mounting brackets on the roof are designed to facilitate easy installation of ladder rack systems without piercing holes in the sheet metal, which can lead to corrosion and water leaks. The standard “upfitter pre-wiring” allows convenient access into the electrical system. Inside the cargo area are multiple integrated reinforced mounting points for simple installation of shelving and racks – again requiring no sheet metal drilling.

“Adrian Steel is honored to be a partner for the new Nissan NV Commercial Van” said Dalton Cheaney, Nissan account manager for Adrian Steel. “We will help the Nissan commercial customer optimize their vehicle by providing them cargo management solutions.”

The 2012 Nissan NV will go into production in Canton, Miss. in early 2011. Nissan’s Canton plant has recently completed a $118M construction project to prepare for the launch of the NV. A dedicated commercial vehicle dealer network is also being developed within the existing Nissan dealer body.

About Nissan North America, Inc:
In The Americas, Nissan's operations include automotive styling, engineering, consumer and corporate financing, sales and marketing, distribution and manufacturing. Nissan is dedicated to improving the environment under the Nissan Green Program 2010 and has been recognized as a 2010 ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

More information on Nissan in North America and the complete line of Nissan and Infiniti vehicles can be found online at http://www.nissanusa.com/ and http://www.infinitiusa.com/.

About Adrian Steel:
Adrian Steel, founded in 1953, provides cargo management solutions for commercial vehicles. Adrian Steel's attention to detail and customers is thorough. It began through the corporate values instilled by founder Bob Westfall, University of Michigan All-American and Detroit Lion All-Pro football standout. Those values instilled a team effort to provide customers with value-added products and services that have become the standard of our industry. We have developed a comprehensive network for handling all your vehicle needs, no matter how many units you need or where your vehicles will be put to work. For more information and free, full-line catalogs please visit the Adrian Steel website at http://www.adriansteel.com/ or call us toll free at 1-800-677-2726.


Isuzu ECO-MAX Tour Comes To Future Ford of Sacramento

We checked out the Isuzu ECO-MAX Advantage Tour when it was paused for an hour and a half at Future Ford of Sacramento. Isuzu reps and two of the manufacturer reps for the two different bodies built by Supreme Corp and Reading Truck Body were on hand to tell the story of the ECO-MAX truck and the bodies sitting on the chassis. Check out the photos of the wall sections on the composite Supreme Van Body and though you cannot see it, the Reading body is made of aluminum so it carries much more cargo. Both bodies are lightweight and perfectly matched to the Isuzu ECO-MAX NPR chassis.

The Isuzu ECO-MAX Advantage Tour is still traveling, so check out the Isuzu Facebook page for dates and times of the tour and when it will be in your vicinity. Here's a link to the Isuzu Facebook page: Isuzu Facebook.

Find out more about the Isuzu ECO-MAX here: ECO-MAX Announcement. You can find more about the Reading Aluminum Bodies at http://www.readingbody.com/ and also find more about Supreme products at http://www.supremecorp.com/.


2008 Hino 338 with Dual Steering - Not Your Everyday Site. . .

Here's a very interesting truck . . .

2008 Hino 338, OEM dual steering with intergal column, dual accelerator, brake, headlights, and turn signals, OEM full functional right auxiliary instrument panel, 260hp diesel, Allison 3000 automatic transmission, 152" wheel base, 84.6" CA, air brakes, exhaust brake, aluminum alloy rims, 33,000 GVWR, and more.

Call Monarch Truck Center at 800-380-4333 at their San Jose, CA location, or 800-858-1555 at their Union City store.

Here's a short 30 second commercial:


Stellar Industries Offers Updated Model 12628 Telescopic Crane with Stellar® CDT™ and New T-Max2 Body to Fill Niche

Garner, Iowa – Stellar Industries, Inc. is offering the updated Model 12628 telescopic service crane to fill a niche between the Stellar® models 10628 and 14528 cranes. The Stellar 12628 is an industry first in capacity and functionality, and it now features the Stellar® CDT™ (Crane Dynamics Technology™) control system. The 77,800 ft-lb crane boasts a maximum all hydraulic reach of 28’4” and can lift up to 12,000 pounds at 6’6” in boost mode. The Stellar model 12628 has industry leading features such as a hexagonal boom design for reduced flex and increased strength, and it offers a variable speed, multi-function radio remote control equipped with the Stellar CDT system as a standard feature.

The Stellar CDT system incorporates two-way communications and a feedback feature that is first in the mechanics crane market to offer integral capacity alert incorporated into the handheld controller. The system will indicate to the operator when the load being maneuvered is increasing the load moment of the crane. Indications are by visual and sensory signals built into the Stellar handheld controller using color-coded LED lights and varying cyclical vibrations. The Stellar CDT system can also allow operators who encounter an overload situation to productively operate through that overload situation by increasing crane capacity to 118% of its normal operating capacity for a short period of time. The Stellar CDT equipped 12628 also features a refined safety system. If a capacity monitoring device fails to operate correctly the crane will enter the safe mode. The safe mode will allow the operation of the crane at a reduced speed until the safety device is repaired, replaced or returned to proper working order.

“The 12628 and its recent updates fit nicely in our product line-up,” says Tim Davison, Product Manager, bodies and cranes. “fits the We have a 10,000 lb and 14,000 lb crane that both offer market-leading features,” he continues, “however, many customers wanted something larger than our 10628 but not quite as large as the 14528, so the 12628 growing needs of many customers.” Davison adds, “ And in true Stellar fashion, we’ve made it an industry leading crane and body packed with features, such as the Stellar CDT system, that exceed market expectations!”

In addition to the 12628 crane, Stellar has designed a new mechanic truck body to accommodate this new 77,800 ft-lb crane. The Stellar TMax2 body uses the same Torsion box understructure, the proven Torq-Isolator crane compartment and E-coat primer as standard Stellar bodies. It features up to 60” high and 22” deep compartments with double panel doors, stainless steel hinges and door handles and is designed to accommodate the Stellar CDT Equipped cranes when in boost mode. The TMax2 is part of the new TMax Series.

Stellar Industries, Inc. was founded in 1990. It is an employee owned and operated manufacturer of hydraulic truck mounted equipment located in North Iowa. Products include hooklifts, telescopic cranes, articulating cranes, and the X-Tra-Lift, as well as complete mechanic service truck packages, and tire service truck packages. Stellar is a progressive company that focuses on its people, as they are the key to making the products and the company successful.

For more information regarding Stellar Industries, Inc., visit http://www.stellarindustries.com/


Frito Lay Canada Introduces Smith All-Electric Truck Fleet

Frito Lay Canada is Canada's First Food Manufacturer
to Introduce Zero-Emission Electric Vehicles into Delivery Fleet

Six zero-emission electric vehicles to be added across the country

Mississauga, ON - In collaboration with Transport Canada and the Ontario Ministry of Transportation, Frito Lay Canada, a division of PepsiCo Canada, is the country's first food manufacturer to introduce zero-emission electric vehicles into its delivery fleet. Six vehicles will be based at Frito Lay Canada’s major distribution centres across the country – three in Brampton (ON), one in Ottawa (ON), one in Surrey (BC) and one in Laval (QC).

The zero-emission electric vehicles were made by Smith Electric Vehicles, the world’s leading manufacturer of electric vehicles, and each has a 60 kilometre per day range which meets the daily kilometre needs of the majority of the routes from the designated distribution centres. The six electric vehicles will be powered by electricity from the grid, offset by renewable energy credits, and at the end of the battery lifespan (3-5 years or longer) they will be returned to Smith Electric for recycling.

“Electric vehicles are good for the environment because they do not use fossil fuels and they do not produce greenhouse gas or particulate emissions during operation,” says Helmi Ansari, sustainability leader, Frito Lay Canada. “We’ve been striving to reduce our footprint on the planet for many years and energy conservation has long been a strategic initiative for the company. Today’s introduction of electric vehicles to our fleet brings us one step closer to our vision of a fleet that’s comprised of several types of highly-efficient vehicles that meet our various route needs and driving distances across the country.”

“Commitment to sustainable growth is a core Frito Lay Canada value, as it is for our parent company, PepsiCo Inc, which strives to achieve Performance with Purpose. Performance with Purpose is about achieving financial success while improving all aspects of the communities in which we operate - environmentally, socially and economically - creating a better tomorrow,” says Marc Guay, president, PepsiCo Foods Canada. “The introduction of our six zero-emission electric vehicles is the latest step in our ongoing environmental sustainability journey,”

“There are long-term benefits to having a sustainability strategy – both for the business and the environment,” said Guay. “We think it’s about demonstrating leadership and being a responsible corporate citizen. We are on an environmental sustainability journey and we firmly believe our efforts will have a long-term benefit to our consumers and the environment.”

The goals at Frito Lay Canada are clear: use less water, electricity and fuels while reducing waste from everything the company makes, moves and sells. In addition to the introduction of the electric vehicles into its delivery fleet, Frito Lay Canada has:

  • Reduced the total distance travelled by delivery trucks by 3 per cent (1 million kilometres) in 2009 by optimizing delivery routes.
  • Reduced manufacturing fuel consumption by more than 20 per cent since 1999 per kilogram of snacks produced.
  • Reduced water consumption by over 30 per cent per unit since 1999, saving 5.4 billion litres of water through changes in manufacturing plants.
  • Reused approximately 40 million shipping cartons since 1999 which is equivalent to more than 300,000 trees saved annually and more than 2 million trees saved since 1999.
  • In 2009, diverted more than 92 per cent of manufacturing waste from landfills into recycling and re-use streams, and are striving for over 99 per cent Landfill diversion (1 per cent or less of the waste going to landfill).
  • Introduced the world’s first 100 per cent compostable chip bag innovation with the SunChips® brand.

Frito Lay Canada’s environmental sustainability efforts were recognized in 2009 by several prestigious Canadian government and industry environmental awards:

  • 2009 CIPEC (Canadian Industry Program for Energy Conservation) Leadership Award for Corporate Stewardship
  • 2009 Green Supply Chain Award from Transport Canada and Supply Chain Logistics Canada
  • 2009 CCME (Canadian Council of Ministers of Environment) Pollution Prevention Award

This year’s introduction of the SunChips® 100 per cent compostable chip bag and today’s announcement about the addition of the six zero-emission electric vehicles are all important steps in the environmental sustainability journey with many more initiatives to continue into 2010 and beyond.

“Electric vehicles are good for the environment because they do not use fossil fuels and they do not produce greenhouse gas or particulate emissions during operation. We’ve been striving to reduce our footprint on the planet for many years and energy conservation has long been a strategic initiative for the company. Today’s introduction of electric vehicles to our fleet brings us one step closer to our vision of a fleet that’s comprised of several types of highly-efficient vehicles that meet our various route needs and driving distances across the country.”

-- Helmi Ansari, sustainability leader, Frito Lay Canada

“Commitment to sustainable growth is a core Frito Lay Canada value, as it is for our parent company, PepsiCo Inc, which strives to achieve Performance with Purpose. Performance with Purpose is about achieving financial success while improving all aspects of the communities in which we operate - environmentally, socially and economically - creating a better tomorrow. The introduction of our six zero-emission electric vehicles is the latest step in our ongoing environmental sustainability journey,”

-- Marc Guay, president, PepsiCo Foods Canada

“There are long-term benefits to having a sustainability strategy – both for the business and the environment,” said Guay. “We think it’s about demonstrating leadership and being a responsible corporate citizen. We are on an environmental sustainability journey and we firmly believe our efforts will have a long-term benefit to our consumers and the environment.”

-- Marc Guay, president, PepsiCo Foods Canada

About Frito Lay Canada

Frito Lay Canada is a member of the PepsiCo, Inc. family of companies and is Canada’s largest snack food company.

About PepsiCo Canada

PepsiCo’s businesses in Canada are organized into two business units. PepsiCo Foods Canada includes Frito Lay Canada and the Quaker Foods & Snacks business. PepsiCo Beverages Canada includes Pepsi-Cola Canada, Gatorade and Tropicana. For more information, please visit http://www.pepsico.ca/.


Frito-Lay Starts 'Charge' On Largest Fleet Of All-Electric Trucks In North America

First Five Trucks in US Hit Streets of NYC

PepsiCo’s Frito-Lay North America division is setting the wheels in motion for what will ultimately be the largest fleet of commercial all-electric trucks in North America this week. New York City will become the first U.S. city to receive its favorite snacks from fully-electric delivery trucks, with five new trucks beginning routes this month.

In total, Frito-Lay will be deploying 21 electric trucks this year. The company projects it will roll out 150 additional trucks in 2011, making Frito-Lay the largest commercial fleet of all-electric trucks in North America. The trucks, designed by Smith Electric Vehicles, generate zero tailpipe emissions and operate for up to 100 miles on a single charge.

Electric trucks reduce fuel consumption, noise pollution and CO2 emissions, compared to traditional delivery trucks. The initial rollout in New York was funded through a grant from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA).

“Frito-Lay has implemented bold goals for reducing our use of key resources such as fuel to ultimately help us reduce our overall environmental impact,” said Mike O’Connell, director of fleet capability for Frito Lay North America. “There are real economic and environmental benefits to electric trucks. Once the planned 171 electric trucks are deployed we will eliminate the need for 500,000 gallons of fuel annually. Each truck emits 75% less greenhouse gases than a conventional diesel truck.”

The program expands a long-running commitment by Frito-Lay North America and its parent company PepsiCo to environmental sustainability. With the seventh largest privately owned fleet in the U.S., Frito-Lay has set a goal of becoming the most fuel efficient fleet in the country. Electric vehicles give Frito-Lay an opportunity to leverage the latest advances in transportation technology as a significant way to reduce the impact of its fleet.

Frito-Lay is working with Smith Electric Vehicles, the nation’s top manufacturer of battery-electric commercial trucks. Smith Electric is a leader in the development of commercial electric trucks designed to operate at peak effectiveness in urban environments. Smith Electric produces the Newton, which is the only all-electric commercial truck on the market.

“Frito-Lay’s truck program is a significant step forward in the advancement of electric vehicles,” said Bryan Hansel, CEO of Smith Electric Vehicles. “Businesses will improve their environmental impact and see cost savings with the reduction of fossil fuels. More importantly, the insights gained operating in urban environments will be invaluable in extending electric vehicle technology to consumer markets in the future.”

Specific benefits associated with Smith’s all-electric trucks include:

• Can run up to 100 miles on a single charge
• Zero tailpipe emissions
• Emits 75 percent less greenhouse gas than diesel
• Operates virtually silently, eliminating noise pollution
• Provides a long term economically viable solution

Frito-Lay’s New York fleet program aligns with Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s PlaNYC, which is an effort to reduce CO2 emissions and improve fuel efficiency of cars and other vehicles in New York City.

New York will be the first of three cities in the U.S., along with Columbus, Ohio and Ft Worth, Texas, where Frito-Lay will be piloting electric trucks on regular daily routes. The company has already deployed six electric trucks in Canada.

Frito-Lay North America is the $13 billion convenient foods business unit of PepsiCo (NYSE: PEP), which is headquartered in Purchase, NY. Learn more about Frito-Lay at the corporate Web site, http://www.fritolay.com/, the Snack Chat blog, http://www.snacks.com/ and on Twitter at www.twitter.com/fritolay.

PepsiCo offers the world's largest portfolio of billion-dollar food and beverage brands, including 19 different product lines that each generates more than $1 billion in annual retail sales. Our main businesses - Frito-Lay, Quaker, Pepsi-Cola, Tropicana and Gatorade - also make hundreds of other nourishing, tasty foods and drinks that bring joy to our consumers in more than 200 countries. With annualized revenues of nearly $60 billion, PepsiCo's people are united by our unique commitment to sustainable growth, called Performance with Purpose. By dedicating ourselves to offering a broad array of choices for healthy, convenient and fun nourishment, reducing our environmental impact, and fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace culture, PepsiCo balances strong financial returns with giving back to our communities worldwide. For more information, please visit http://www.pepsico.com/


Mercedes-Benz Plant Produces One Millionth Commercial Vehicle

Mercedes-Benz Plant in Ludwigsfelde
Produces One Millionth Commercial Vehicle

  • Big celebration with more than 2,000 employees and guests
  • The milestone vehicle, a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, is handed over to the Berlin Landesverkehrswacht traffic safety organization
Ludwigsfelde – The Mercedes-Benz plant in Ludwigsfelde has every reason to celebrate: Today, following 45 years of production, the one millionth commercial vehicle rolled off its assembly line. The milestone vehicle is a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. More than 2,000 employees, political officials, and businesspeople took part in the ceremony at the plant and witnessed the official handover of the milestone vehicle to the Berlin Landesverkehrswacht traffic safety organization. And there’s something extra special about this milestone: That’s because the one millionth commercial vehicle from Ludwigsfelde is equipped with the one millionth engine produced at the nearby Mercedes-Benz plant in Berlin.

“Our plant has had a very eventful history and things have not always been easy,” said Michael Humpert, Plant Manager and Managing Director of Mercedes-Benz Ludwigsfeld GmbH. “That’s why we are particularly happy that we can jointly celebrate this production milestone today. I would therefore like to thank our employees for their dedication.”

A brief film clip was shown during the ceremony enabling the guests to relive the plant’s 45-year history. In his address, Mayor Frank Gerhard of Ludwigsfelde congratulated the plant and highlighted the facility’s great importance for the region. Further speakers were Dr. Heinrich Weiss, Head of Production at Mercedes-Benz Vans and a former manager of the plant, and Lothar Heinzmann, a former director of the IFA combine. Seven vehicles were exhibited during the celebration as representatives of all the various model series that have been produced in Ludwigsfelde to date.

Milestone vehicle to be used for a good cause

Then Plant Manager Michael Humpert and Thomas Uhr, Plant Manager of Mercedes-Benz Engines Berlin, presented the one millionth commercial vehicle to Hans Zucker, President of the Berlin Landesverkehrswacht organization. The Sprinter will support the latter by doing its work at schools and events. For more than 60 years now, the volunteers at Berlin Landesverkehrswacht have been helping all road users to become more safety conscious. One of the organization’s main tasks is to educate children concerning road traffic.

Ludwigsfelde plant has eventful history

Ludwigsfelde has a long industrial tradition. Back in 1936, Daimler-Benz built an aircraft engine plant in the city’s Genshagen district. After the plant was destroyed in World War II, the remaining machines were disassembled. A publicly owned industrial facility was established at the site in the 1950s, and construction of an automotive plant commenced in 1965. At this time, the facility also started series production of two IFA commercial vehicle models: the W 50 and L 60.

Around 600,000 of these trucks were produced before German reunification. The first Mercedes-Benz van (an LN2 model) rolled of the line in Ludwigsfelde in early 1991. Daimler-Benz AG took full possession of the plant in 1994. Series production of the Mercedes-Benz Vario commenced in July 1996, and the van is still being produced in Ludwigsfelde. The market launch of the Mercedes-Benz Vaneo in spring 2002 strengthened the plant’s position as one of the biggest employers in the Brandenburg region. The compact van was manufactured at the site until 2005.

Since 2006, the Ludwigsfelde facility has been producing the current Mercedes-Benz Sprinter model — as does its sister plant in Düsseldorf. A completely new manufacturing line containing state-of-the-art automated production equipment was constructed for the model at the Ludwigsfelde plant. Altogether, more than €300 million has been invested in machinery and buildings for the project at the plant.

The Mercedes-Benz plant in Ludwigsfelde has more than 2,240 employees, of whom 174 are trainees.


What Not To Do With A 3/4-Ton Dodge Truck

"I was going West on 80 today and saw this and couldn't resist the opportunity to take a picture of it for you. You could feature this in your news letter and say "What not to do with a Dodge 3/4 ton single rear pick-up". Talk about misuse of center of gravity limits for payload."

This was sent to me and I just love it. The creativity of some people in what they get on a truck. It's probably better they not go around corners, and especially, very fast. Just a tad unstable to say the least.

My thanks to my friend Bob Dias of North Bay Truck Body in Cordelia CA for the spy photo.


Knapheide Electric Master Locking System On 8' Service Body

Here is a basic 1-ton single rear wheel hard working work truck with a great 8' service body shown at a dealership. This is something that works for a very high percentage of businesses and is a number one selling combination.

The chassis is a new 2009 Chevy 3500HD CC30903 with the 6.0 HD Gas V8, Automatic Trans, W/T Package, AC, Tilt Wheel, Cruise Control, Locking Differential, Trailer Brake Controller, Full Size Spare Tire and Wheel, Power Windows and Power Door Locks, and Camper Mirrors. Cargo capacity is a very respectable 3,300 lbs.

The Body is a Knapheide 8' Service Body with the Electric Master Locking System, Hitch, Window Guard, Forklift Loadable Rack and was installed locally by Carter Industries of Union City, CA. The electric master locking system uses a key fob to lock and unlock all compartments and also has a separate key point near the top behind the first compartment in the photo in case the key fob battery is not functioning or the key fob is not available, and it uses the same key as the service body doors.

You can see more from Knapheide at http://www.knapheide.com/ and Carter Industries at http://www.carterind.com/.


The New Look Of Natural Gas

The new look of natural gas might surprise you. From taxis to refuse trucks to the car in your garage, NGVs are coming to a street near you.


PickupTrucks.com Reviews The New 2011 Nissan NV Commercial Van

PickupTrucks.com takes you on a walkaround of the 2011 Nissan NV Commercial Van that goes on sale in late 2010. It will be available in three versions (NV1500, NV2500 and NV3500) with two engine choices. It's aimed at the large-van market, long dominated by vehicles like Ford's E-Series and GM's full-size vans, but it's got some unconventional new features that break ground in this staid segment.


Brutus Bodies Oilfield Decks Get The Job Done!

Brutus Oilfield Decks can be built to any size chassis of your choice of steel or aluminum with high quality Fassi Cranes from 1 tm to 130 tm sizes. Oilfield decks are built in any size and configuration with a variety of engineered hitch options. See this and all the great truck bodies that Brutus Bodies builds at www.brutusbodies.com.


Maxon's New Introduces The First North American Made Cantilever Liftgate


The stability you want in a Cantilever gate with the support you need.

Maxon Lift Corp, the leader in liftgates is once again revitalizing the liftgate industry with the introduction of the first North American made cantilever liftgate. The GPC 22/33/44 is the first European designed, but North American manufactured - cantilever style liftgate. The GPC provides the precision, stability, and control you expect from a European cantilever gate, thanks to four separate cylinders for lift and tilt operations. You can easily level the load in any position thus achieving a simplification of loading and unloading on uneven surfaces.

Historically, Maxon has sourced this US niche product from a leading German supplier but is now bringing its own GPC product to the market. Consequently, Maxon customers will no longer need to be concerned with overseas delivery timing for spare part supplies, additional overseas sourcing costs or product spec constraints.

The GPC comes in a variety of platform sizes (both steel and aluminum), and can accommodate a wide range of bed height requirements. Built with performance in mind, the GPC features stainless steel pins, low maintenance bushings and grease fittings on all pivot points, a heavy-duty motor with thermal protection, lock valves on all cylinders, optional dual cart stops, and bolt-on installation plates for a quick and simple installation.

Just as important, the GPC uses standard Maxon parts and has an expert support and service team that is only one 800-number away. You'll never have to wonder who can service your gates, or where the parts will come from. "We're confident that the GPC will revolutionize this segmented portion of the industry and will constitute the benchmark, for future cantilevers", says Brent Stratton, Office of the President.

Maxon Lift Corp. was founded in 1957. That same year, owner Max Lugash invented the TUK-A-WAY® liftgate, which remains the largest selling style of liftgate in North America. For more than fifty years, Maxon Lift Corp. has initiated and developed a variety of innovative products that have become truck equipment industry benchmarks. Find out how the new GPC delivers the stability you want and the support you need at www.maxonlfit.com/conventional.

More company information can be obtained from Maxon and local Maxon sales representatives at 800-227-4116 or http://www.maxonlift.com/.


The Isuzu ECO-MAX Advantage Tour Coming To An Isuzu Dealer Near You

Check out the Isuzu ECO-MAX Advantage Tour coming to an Isuzu dealer near you in the USA. Check out the Isuzu Facebook page for dates and times of the tour and when it will be in your vicinity. Here's a link to the Isuzu Facebook page: Isuzu Facebook


How About A Mobile Veterinary Clinic: The Vet Body from Highway Products

Turn your Pickup Truck or SUV into a quick response mobile Veterinary clinic: The VET box from Highway Products. This body has all the options you could want and those that aren't shown are readily available by talking with the skilled pros at Highway Products of White City, Oregon. They can pretty much build anything you might be able to think up--and do it exceedingly well too.

Now, it is great if you can come to White City and work with them, but they are quite skilled to work with you where ever you might be on the planet and they can package and ship tool boxes, bodies and all accessories anywhere. Give Highway Products a call at 800-866-5269.

There is much more to see on their very informative website: http://www.highwayproducts.com/.


Pricing Announced for CNG Powered Chevrolet Express and GMC Savana Full-Size Vans

Comprehensive pricing offers a one-stop shop for a complete CNG system

The fully integrated and dedicated Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) option, available this fall for Chevrolet Express and GMC Savana full-size vans, will be priced at $15,910 MSRP, General Motors announced Tuesday.

The all-inclusive CNG option for commercial customers includes a dedicated CNG system, a natural gas-capable Vortec 6.0L V8 engine, and heavy duty trailering equipment. Chevrolet and GMC are the only full-line vehicle brands to offer a “check-the-box” CNG option for vans.

“Customers tell us coordinating the upfit for their CNG vehicles takes away valuable time that would be better used running their business,” said Joyce Mattman, director of Commercial Product and Specialty Vehicles. “Our CNG vans come with a fully integrated CNG fuel system, a comprehensive warranty, emissions compliance and strong dealer support, all for one price.”

Pricing for the all-inclusive CNG option includes a dedicated CNG system ($14,590), a natural gas-capable Vortec 6.0L V8 engine ($1,295), as well as HD trailering equipment ($265). A $240 credit for deleting the spare tire brings the package price to $15,910. So the total cost of either a 2011 Chevrolet Express or 2011 GMC Savana Cargo model, which starts at $25,980 would be $41,890 with the CNG option.

Powered by a Vortec 6.0L V8 engine, the Chevrolet Express and GMC Savana full-size vans come equipped with hardened exhaust valves, and intake and exhaust valve seats for improved wear resistance and durability with gaseous fuel systems.

The vans will meet all Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and California Air Resources Board (CARB) emission certification requirements, and will be fully compliant with applicable motor vehicle safety standards. Each CNG Chevrolet Express or GMC Savana van also will be covered by GM’s three-year, 36,000-mile new vehicle limited warranty and five-year, 100,000-mile limited powertrain warranty.

To find more information about the Chevrolet Express and the GMC Savana, and to see the full lineup of GM Fleet and Commercial vehicles, visit http://www.gmfleet.com/.