Might As Well Finish It Off!

If you're going for the colored paint and the uplevel cab in the truck and the nice equipment, you might as well go the rest of the way and get the custom chrome rear bumper. It sure does finish the job off nicely. Of course, the LED lights are pretty cool too!

Thanks to Kimberly at Harbor Truck Bodies for the photo.


Great Looking Knapheide KSS (R) Service Body

Who said that a service body had to look like a work truck? This truck is sweet! Mike Soich with Knapheide Manufacturing sent me these beautiful shots of Knapheide's KSS (R) Body mounted on an uplevel Lariet Ford Crew Cab.

This particular body is an 8' KSS (R) with open top lids, electric lock system, compartment lighting and in the open compartment shown is a 3,000 watt inverter with double CGI outlets in the rear of the truck. It also has 2 recessed work lights you can see in the rear above the bumper with expanded metal cover. The factory two tone on the cab has been carried through on the body and the inside of the bed area has a spray on liner. It also has a unique, custom cab guard with LED arrow stick installed.

Here are some of the features of the Knapheide KSS (R) standard body:

  • Contoured Automotive Styling
  • Triple Contact Door Seals
  • Wrap Around Tail Lights
  • "K-Coat" Paint Protection
  • Complete Undercoating
  • 56", 60" and 84" CA models
  • KSS (R) Appearance Tailored to Ford, Dodge & GM
  • Removable Pickup Style Tailgate
  • Automotive Style Door Latches
  • Concealed Door Hinges
  • 40" High Standard and Flip-Top Models
  • Customize with Option Fit (TM) Options

Thanks, Mike for sending these shots. This is a great truck to show off. I know there are a lot of contractors out there who would love to have one just like it. For more information, call your local Knapheide Distributor, or see more on the KSS (R) and other great bodies at the Knapheide website: www.knapheide.com.

If you have photos of a great commercial truck and some information you would like to have in this blog, contact me at tminion@commercialtrucksuccess.com.


A Load For Bear Big Contractor From Harbor

This is a nice piece! It is a Custom Contractor Body from Harbor Truck Bodies. I love this body because it is a bold statement. It doesn't even look like a flatbed, but that's what it is underneath all this awesome storage. It was custom built for Ken Grody Ford in Southern California.

This is a rare 14' Contractor Body with some unique, special order options. For example, the front underbed box is 80" with a one-piece door. That's a seriously long box! Then it has a rear underbed box option with a 60" box back there and a wheel skirt in between to make it look more like a service body than a flatbed. That's almost 12' of box storage below the bed!! Incredible storage. Now add the open top upper bed boxes and you're carrying as much as many service bodies. This one also has a custom bumper, fold-down rear gates, a bolt-on HD rack with removable bars and no rear posts in the work area.

Of course, one of the nice things about the Contractor from Harbor is that everything on top of the body is removable with a few bolts and some friends. Need a plain flatbed for a few jobs? No problem. Flexibility is a wonderful thing.


Bi-Phase Technologies - LP Conversion Choice

The LP Conversion Choice for Fleets. Bi-Phase Technologies, LLC designs and manufactures liquid propane electronic fuel injection systems that allow fleets to convert their vehicles from gasoline to propane, reducing cost and environmental impact.

The System

The Liquid Propane Electronic Fuel Injection (LPEFI®) system is a dedicated multi-port fuel injection system for modern engines. Propane is injected in a liquid state, which eliminates the need for a troublesome vaporizer or regulator, reducing problems such as backfiring and improving cold start performance.

Their unique, self-cooling fuel injectors are specially designed for liquid propane and are 100 percent compatible with the stock PCM.

The LPEFI® system uses specifically engineered tanks equipped with a Liquid Propane Delivery Module (LPDM) designed for easy bolt-on installation.

Bi-Phase Technologies holds the patents for every part of the system, incorporating over 100 individual claims.

Company History

They began the development of their LPEFI® system in 1992 and by 1994 an early prototype was running on a vehicle with an unmodified PCM.

In 1999 they were acquired by The Schwan Food Company to convert the more than 5,000 Schwan’s Home Service, Inc. delivery trucks from gasoline to the LPEFI® system.

Today, they design and manufacture the LPEFI® systems for use on standard gasoline engines. Their conversion systems are EPA/CARB certified to the 2010 level, the most stringent emission standard in existence today.

Bi-Phase Technologies is in Eagan, MN and can be reached at 651-681-4450. Check out their website at www.bi-phase.com.


Switch-N-Go Detachable Truck Body System

Some people want it all in one truck. The Switch-N-Go (TM) Detachable Truck Body System is that answer for that. Shown here is the platform body, yet they offer a dump body, drop body, storage body, stake body, chipper body, landscape body, hydroseeder, salt spreader, van body and more.

I used to work for a guy in the landscaping business. Much of the time he had a steel dump body on his truck, but certain times of the year, he would cut and weld and take the dump off and put a flatbed on and go do some work for a few weeks. Then, he would take that off and put a different body on, then back to the dump. Each time, there was a couple of full days of cutting, welding, splicing wires and on and on. It just was not very efficient.

If he had the Switch-N-Go (TM) system, that would have saved so much time and trouble, it could have paid for a body quickly. It is a much better way to change bodies.

Or, let's just say that you went and picked up a load and can't dump it until the morning and your crew needs the BobCat excavator immediately. With Switch-N-Go (TM), it's not a problem. Change bodies loaded and unloaded easily. Piece of cake.

Here's some of the features and benefits of this product:
  • Load up to 15,000 lbs. - 9k, 12k and 15k lb winches are available
  • Dump at 50 degrees for clean dumping of bulk materials
  • Exchange bodies quickly and safely
  • Set down or pick up a loaded body
  • Increase the productivity of your truck: One truck, multiple bodies
  • Runs with electrically powered hydraulics or full hydraulic option - the SNG HD
  • More payload than similar loader systems
  • Lighter weight and 1/2 the cost of other systems
  • Frames and bumpers are powder coated
  • All moving parts have grease fittings
  • Body locks ensure safety for transport
  • High quality, moderate pricing
  • Designed for the 11k GVWR to 26k GVWR truck

Switch-N-Go (TM) Detachable Truck Body System is located in Hadley, PA, but they have distributors nationwide. Check out their website at www.switchngo.com or call them at 888-311-0867.


The Egg by Jason Industries

One of the more interesting items we came across at the NTEA Work Truck Show is The Jason Egg. It just speaks to you as you come up to it. It is just plain cool and the many owners know how to make it really shine by hooking it to some nice tow vehicles. It has class and style!

The Jason Egg is a fresh way to think about protecting valuable cargo by adding flexible cargo space (69.8 cu ft). Its compact design tows like it isn't even there and makes garage storage easy.

The Egg is lightweight weighing only 290 lbs with a box length of 88" and width of 69" and the box is only 28" high, with the overall height at 42". The maximum load rating is 1700 lbs, so you have plenty of cargo capacity. It comes standard with a powder-coated steel frame, an ALKO Torsion Bar 2,000 lb axle, 4-plug wiring harness, L.E.D. tail lights, 12'volt interior light, 4 cargo tie downs, stainless steel hinges, license plate light, and much more. Available options include black powder-coated aluminum frame, 5 spoke mag wheels, carpeted interiors, spare tire carrier and spare tire, 3 bike carrier, Westin Commercial fixed luggage rack, custom paint and many more.

Jason also has added two other models: The Ion and The Blade. Base price of the Egg trailer is only $2,257 with all standard equipment. What a great little trailer! It is manufactured by Jason Industries, Inc in Elkhart, IN. Their website is http://www.jasoncaps.com/


Roller Coaster 2000-XT Slide-Out Cargo Tray

Highway Products has such a great selection of fine quality truck accessories and bodies. Here is the Roller Coaster(TM) 2000-XT truck slide-out cargo tray.

Before I tell you details about this fine product, let's talk about its usefulness. You pickup and service body owners know full well what a pain it is trying to get things out of your bed up by the cab and especially with a shell or cargo bed enclosure. It's just frustrating. This unit solves that issue. Now you can get anything out of the bed so easily. Notice how far it slides out in the photo above. Notice also the heavy duty sealed ball bearings and how that makes moving the load in your whole bed area a snap. Then, trying to lift something out when you're up in the bed is also harder. Save your back and your stress and get a Roller Coaster(TM).

One more thing: You out there who sell service bodies and especially those with cargo bed enclosures really need to brush up on this product and show it to your clients. It's an easy sell. Put one in stock and see what I mean!

The Roller Coaster(TM) 2000-XT is a heavy-duty, all aluminum slide-out cargo tray that is rated to handle up to 2,000 lbs evenly distributed. It's been tested with 3,680 lbs. They use no plywood in the Roller Coaster(TM). The cargo tray is 1/8" thick, heavy gauge, marine grade aluminum. The tray glides on sealed roller bearings on our galvanized steel Tee-Bone(TM) track system. Safety locks every 10 inches slam into position with the dual Stab Lock(TM) locking mechanism.

Check out this and a long list of fine products from Highway Products at their website: www.highwayproducts.com, or www.800toolbox.com. You can call them at 1-800-866-5269. If you would like to be a dealer for their products, contact my friend, Jim Lenford, Sales Manager for Highway Products at 1-800-866-5269 or email him at lenford.jim@800toolbox.com. Tell him Terry sent you!


TekTray - Elevate Your Tools - Maximize Your Truck Bed

Ryan & I saw this product at the NTEA show last month. This is the TekTray which is designed to elevate your small items in order to make better use of the large floor area in your truck. Carry plywood and other large objects below and still have perfect access to your smaller items and have the convenience of a sliding tray to make it all easier. It is also perfect with a shell.

Here's some of the features of this great product:
  • Elevates smaller cargo items to maximize truck bed space
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Works with or without a topper
  • Universal fit for all full size truck beds
  • Tray rides on two rails, 12 inches higher than the truck bed
  • Tray extends over tailgate, allowing for easy access
  • Latched positioning with end of travel stops, insuring safe operation


  • Weatherproof aluminum construction
  • Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Tray Size: 55" wide by 40" deep by 4" high
  • Solid, thermoplastic bearings ride on 1/4" thick aluminum rails
  • Rail system is bolted to bed floor in four locations and to bed posts
  • Pull force while empty: 6 lbs
  • Pull force with 300 lbs in tray: 33 lbs

The TekTray comes with a limited 3 year warranty for all TekTray components and this product is distributed by AndyMark Inc. For information, call 765-868-4779 and visit the TekTray website at www.tektray.com.


New Maxon GPSLR Slider Liftgate

In the last couple of years, I've noticed a different kind of liftgate based on seeing them mounted on trucks and how the liftgate was flat rather than at an angle when retracted. It looked more like it slid in there. Now I find they are called "Sliders." Makes sense to me.

Here is a release from Maxon Liftgates that tells more about it:

The GPSLR Slidelift – level, smart, and tough.

As the industry leader in liftgates, Maxon Lift Corp is proud to introduce their latest technological advancement - the GPSLR Series Liftgate. The GPSLR is a slide-type liftgate that rides level from bed to ground and features an industry first: a SmartStow™ function that enables the gate to automatically stow. Unlike most liftgates that require multiple steps when storing the gate, the GPSLR is equipped with a sophisticated solution that is unique in this industry and essential to the slide-type liftgate. Press one button to stow and SmartStow™ technology makes everything else automatic: detecting correct height, stowing securely, and locking in place.

Maxon’s new GPSLR offers a level-ride platform that rides level all the way to the ground. The platform design allows for ease in movement of loads because it sits completely flat on the ground. Additionally, the GPSLR features a stress-optimized lift arm design that minimizes arm deflection.

The GPSLR works with all different types of rear doors and is securely stowed away during dock loading operation. “We’re confident that the GPSLR with SmartStow™ technology will pave the way, and constitute the benchmark, for future slide-type liftgates”, says Brent Stratton, Office of the President.

Maxon Lift Corp. was founded in 1957. That same year, owner Max Lugash invented the TUK-A-WAY® liftgate, which remains the largest selling style of liftgate in North America. For more then fifty years, Maxon Lift Corp. has initiated and developed a variety of innovative products that have become truck equipment industry benchmarks. More company information can be obtained from Maxon and local Maxon sales representatives at 800-227-4116 or www.maxonlift.com.

Check out the flash video that shows you how the GPSLR Slider Liftgate operates: Video


AlturnaMats - The Original Ground Protection Mat

It is always so interesting to see great products and how they can be used to improve work. I'm very much used to seeing plywood used in the instances in the photos above, and now have learned of AlturnaMATS, The Original drive-on, ground protection mats and how superior they are to using plywood for ground protection.

Plywood vs. AlturnaMATS

The advantages of AlturnaMATS over plywood are many, particularly cost savings over the long run. Plywood cracks and splinters under heavy vehicle loads. AlturnaMATS never do. There is very little tire traction with plywood. When wet, plywood becomes slippery, waterlogged, heavy and is difficult to clean of mud. AlturnaMATS are easily rinsed clean using a regular garden hose. To see cost savings, see here: savings over plywood.

The AlturnaMATS are built tough with a maximum traction diamond plate tread design. These rugged mats are made of 1/2" thick polyethylene so they are virtually indestructible. They withstand vehicles weighing up to 60 tons, bend but do not break and they're guaranteed for a full six years. AlturnaMATS have been tested in record cold and heat.

With AlturnaMATS, getting stuck is virtually eliminated. They are available smooth on one side or smooth on both sides, ideal for removing dirt of gravel.
  • Easily supports 60 ton vehicles!
  • Rugged 1/2" thick polyethylene
  • Bold cleat design for great traction
  • Build a roadway or working platform in minutes
  • Leave turf smooth, even in soft conditions
  • No more splintered, warped, water logged plywood
  • Simply hosing down leave the mats clean
  • Available in both black or white mats
  • Mats can be locked together with Turn-A-Links forming a continuous roadway
  • Guaranteed six years

These are used in Landscaping, Tree Care, Construction, Concrete, Utilities, Golf Courses, Cemeteries, Drilling, Manufactured Housing, Recreation Areas, Trenching to name a few.

AlturnaMATS, Inc. now markets three different ground mats:

  • AlturnaMATS, featuring a bold diamond plate tread for maximum traction.
  • VersaMATS, featuring a flat, slip-resistant tread on one side designed for pedestrian traffic, and the bold diamond plate tread on the other side for vehicle traffic
  • Mobile Matts, featuring an "M"-shaped tread design for maximum traction with gripping studs on the bottom

These mats virtually eliminate damage to lawns and landscaped areas throughout the world. These rugged mats are the popular choice among professionals. They are easy to use, lock into place to form a continuous, solid roadway or work platform and they last for years. They are unequalled for quality and performance under the most hazardous conditions. All three mat types are available in several popular sizes.

AlturnaMats, Inc. is in Titusville, PA. To find a dealer near you, call 888-544-6287. Check out their website at http://www.alturnamats.com/ to see video of the product along with many more photos and other great information. An awesome product!


2010 Dodge Crew Cab Chassis Is A Huge Hit

When I was young, I used to laugh at Dodge Trucks. This was in the sixties and into the 70's, and they were square boxes riding on a frame and suspension that just beat you to death. They just kept doing it, but they weren't very popular. I remember when Dodge came out with that famous sculpted cab. I saw it at the NTEA Super Show in Dallas, I think in about 1994. When I saw it there, I knew it was going to be a huge hit and it absolutely was. All of a sudden, Dodge Trucks were all over the place. Dodge also chose a good partner in hooking up with Cummins for their diesel. Some called it "Old Shakey" but you just have to appreciate the longevity Dodge and Cummins have had together. It's a lot like the Rocky story!

And guess what? A couple years back, Dodge left the commercial market and have regrouped and come back with style and class: Enter the 2010 Dodge Crew Cab Chassis in 3500, 4500 and 5500 series. Even if you don't really like Dodges, you gotta admit (some of you to yourself, of course) that Dodge has done a fine job of building a great chassis. They now have the makings of more than a contender, but a champion!

Here's some stats on the new champion:
  • All new crew cab increases leg room six inches
  • All new design and exterior styling includes chromed lean-forward grille, new sheet metal, bumper, mirrors, headlamps, and a taller hood for more cooling capacity
  • Best-in-class fuel economy, largest standard fuel tank (52 gallons), 4500/5500 largest front brake rotors and calipers, standard diesel exhaust brake, standard diesel 24,000 lb GCWR and optional 26,000 lb GCWR
  • All-new comfort and convenience features include all-new heated and ventilated seats, heated steering wheel, automatic temperature control, memory systems, express up/down windows and automatic headlamps
  • All-new optional integrated trailer brake controller
  • Four all-new upfitter switches integrated into the instrument panel, each capable of running 25 amp loads using 12-gauge wires (continuous) and a dedicated under hood power distribution center
  • Polished 19.5" aluminum wheels available on 4500 and 5500 models
  • Legendary HEMI and Cummins powertrains
  • Ultra-clean 2010 diesel emissions-compliant with new diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) injection based on urea injection Selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR) technology
  • Unsurpassed standard diesel engine warranty: 5 years/100,000 miles
  • Powerful HEMI V-8 with Variable Valve Timing (VVT) to improve fuel economy up to 4 percent (Ram 3500)
  • Six-speed automatic and manual transmission with PTO cabability
  • Diesel engine base alternator to increase to 180 amps from 136 amps
  • More than 25 safety and security features
  • Comprehensive commercial-grade service and support with Body Builder Guide and hotline support from engineering team.

Whew! There's a big list. The clear success is that I see more and more new Dodge chassis on the road--especially the 4500 and 5500. They are obviously a hit, and the 2010 will only improve that. Great job Dodge!