Bi-Phase Technologies - LP Conversion Choice

The LP Conversion Choice for Fleets. Bi-Phase Technologies, LLC designs and manufactures liquid propane electronic fuel injection systems that allow fleets to convert their vehicles from gasoline to propane, reducing cost and environmental impact.

The System

The Liquid Propane Electronic Fuel Injection (LPEFI®) system is a dedicated multi-port fuel injection system for modern engines. Propane is injected in a liquid state, which eliminates the need for a troublesome vaporizer or regulator, reducing problems such as backfiring and improving cold start performance.

Their unique, self-cooling fuel injectors are specially designed for liquid propane and are 100 percent compatible with the stock PCM.

The LPEFI® system uses specifically engineered tanks equipped with a Liquid Propane Delivery Module (LPDM) designed for easy bolt-on installation.

Bi-Phase Technologies holds the patents for every part of the system, incorporating over 100 individual claims.

Company History

They began the development of their LPEFI® system in 1992 and by 1994 an early prototype was running on a vehicle with an unmodified PCM.

In 1999 they were acquired by The Schwan Food Company to convert the more than 5,000 Schwan’s Home Service, Inc. delivery trucks from gasoline to the LPEFI® system.

Today, they design and manufacture the LPEFI® systems for use on standard gasoline engines. Their conversion systems are EPA/CARB certified to the 2010 level, the most stringent emission standard in existence today.

Bi-Phase Technologies is in Eagan, MN and can be reached at 651-681-4450. Check out their website at www.bi-phase.com.

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Anonymous said...

I like the cleanliness of running on propane. But as a traveler I have discovered that if you are going to drive a propane powered vehicle it will need to be a delivery truck as there are very few refilling stations along the way, and with I wild list of excuses as to why your vehicle can't be filled. " too early, too late, not after dark, not before 1 pm, my boss has the key, , I am not certified, we don't know how to pay our tax" , and so many more. Then there are the price gouges because they know they got you by the short hairs. I have walked 3 times in the last 2 days. And I have a bad heart. My cousin owns a propane delivery company and his new trucks are all diesel. Now that I have finally made it home, I do not think that I will ever go more than walking distance with a propane vehicle. You cannot take a propane can and get some, and pour it in the tank. And then add stupid from all the wild excuses at the filling stations. . I even bought a filling station for my home. Can't get that filled either. Happy walking..