VMAC - Vehicle Mounted Air Compressors

This is a display of VMAC (TM) Vehicle Mounted Air Compressors at the NTEA Work Truck Show. We just did a post about the DiamondBack HD Aluminum Bed Cover and this demo truck sports that cover. Nice display. I love the display of the engine mounting so it is easier to see than already installed in a truck.

VMAC offers a selection of Underhood Air Compressors and Hydraulic-Drived Air Compressors like the Predatair shown above. The underhood air compressor is run off the pulley system of the engine and the hydraulic-driven air compressors are run off a PTO pump, so there is a VMAC Air Compressor for most trucks or other equipment.

VMAC uses rotary screw compressor technology generating up to 70 cfm or 150 cfm and 175 psi of free air delivery. The means that your truck now has enough power to run up to two 90 lb jackhammers, concrete breakers, underground moles, tampers, nail guns, air starters, post pounders, welding systems (air gouging), and a range of impact tools for service trucks. They boast a 100% duty cycle.

The underhood compressors come in two sizes: a 70 cfm and a 150 cfm. The only weight added to the truck is 150 lbs on the 70 cfm model and 200 lbs on the 150 cfm model. Because they are mounted under the hood, this saves valuable cargo and work space in the back of the truck and saves towing a trailer mounted air compressor system around. Now, you have a self-contained package!

There is so much more valuable information on their great website at www.predatair.com. You can also call them at 250-740-3200 or toll free at 1-800-738-8622.


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