New Pro-Tech Aluminum Dump Insert

This product is so new, it's not yet on their website. Introducing the New! Pro-Tech Dump Insert. It converts a standard 8' pickup to a dump truck for many hauling needs. Here's some of the features of this great product:
  • Universal fit for full size pickups with 8' bed.
  • Aluminum construction for low maintenance, no painting required.
  • Unique full length top rail and heavy duty interlocking floor panels.
  • Light weight, approximately 500 lbs.
  • Large capacity hopper: 2.6 yards without extensions.
  • 45 degree maximum dump angle for efficient load dumping.
  • Cargo weight to 5,000 lbs, depending on truck capacity.
  • Dual action tailgate with stainless steel pins and hardware. Adjustable chains.
  • 12-volt DC power unit with 10' lead on remote control box.
  • Easy installation. Takes less than 4 hours, then remove and reinstall in 20 minutes.
  • Options include a cab protector, cab shield, roll tarp and side extensions.

This is a great alternative for some users to have their truck and dump it too. Since Pro-Tech is quality all the way, they will get their money's worth. Check it out. Call Pro-Tech at 800-506-0544 on the West coast or 800-788-4816 for the rest of the country. Check out their website at www.protech.net.

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