Can A Tool Box Be Sexy? This One Is!

When I look at tool boxes, I don't think sexy, I'm looking at the things it will carry and how easy it is to get them in and out and so on. Yet when I saw this cross box at the NTEA Work Truck Show at the Pro-Tech display, I had to share it. I think this is just the prettiest, sexiest toolbox I've ever seen and displayed there with that beautiful cab protector is just the sweetest combination.

This must be brand new because there is nothing on their website that I can find about this box. I would buy it just to look at it! I didn't even open it up. What for? I'll just carry it around and admire its beauty! This is a home run Pro-Tech. Excellent job! Call Pro-Tech in the West at 800-506-0544 or the rest of the country, call 800-788-4816. Their website it www.protech.net.

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