DiamondBack Truck Covers - Like No Other!

You know, I've seen a lot of truck bed covers and when I saw this cover, I thought, well, there's yet another one, but this one is made out of aluminum treadplate. Okay. Looks good. Just another cover. Wrong!

This is a DiamondBack Truck Cover and this isn't just another cover, it is a solution. Let's talk about Heavy Duty! The HD model can take a 1600 lb load on top of the cover! Look at these photos. Next, notice how the rear opens up and the front opens up opposite. Most of these kind of covers just open in the back and open the whole bed. Now, of course, I'm thinking work truck--like the one shown above with the Bed Slider, the optional tool boxes. Next to that is the construction guy getting something out of the back. Look at how useful the space has become and it is completely hidden when the tailgate and cover are closed. Notice also the optional cab shield and HD racks. Then, there are great tie downs to make even more use of this truck. Commercial Solutions! This is a very inexpensive solution to use a pickup like a much more expensive body.

DiamondBack Truck Covers manufactures the DiamondBack HD Cover, ATV Solutions, Commercial Solutions, the SE Cover, the Rhino Cover, the DiamondBack-X Cover and the new H3T Cover. DiamondBack delivers the most versatile truck bed solutions available for Ford, Chevy, GMC, Dodge, Toyota, Nissan and Mazda offering a hauling platform capable of supporting between 400 and 1600 pounds, depending on the model, as well as a full line of truck bed accessories.

Call 800-935-4002 or visit their website at www.diamondbackcovers.com. Check out their videos: DiamondBack Videos.

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