A Load For Bear Big Contractor From Harbor

This is a nice piece! It is a Custom Contractor Body from Harbor Truck Bodies. I love this body because it is a bold statement. It doesn't even look like a flatbed, but that's what it is underneath all this awesome storage. It was custom built for Ken Grody Ford in Southern California.

This is a rare 14' Contractor Body with some unique, special order options. For example, the front underbed box is 80" with a one-piece door. That's a seriously long box! Then it has a rear underbed box option with a 60" box back there and a wheel skirt in between to make it look more like a service body than a flatbed. That's almost 12' of box storage below the bed!! Incredible storage. Now add the open top upper bed boxes and you're carrying as much as many service bodies. This one also has a custom bumper, fold-down rear gates, a bolt-on HD rack with removable bars and no rear posts in the work area.

Of course, one of the nice things about the Contractor from Harbor is that everything on top of the body is removable with a few bolts and some friends. Need a plain flatbed for a few jobs? No problem. Flexibility is a wonderful thing.

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