Knapheide Landscaper Body Seeks Perfection!

Having seen a large number and having sold a large number of Landscape Bodies, I have to say that this is the best design I have run across. The Knapheide Landscaper Body with the KPLS Tool Pack and dump hoist has so many features that make this body so useful. Here are some examples:

Double-acting rear cargo gates with Center Metering Gate. Look how many different ways product can be delivered from the bed area. I love the 17” center metering gate because I know how often a wheelbarrow needs to be loaded and it used to take a shovel. Now, the center metering gate makes it so much better. This combination of a solid tailgate and the punched, center locking hinged gates above is a great design. They swing a full 270 degrees to the sides. This design also lets the landscaper use this as a spreader.

Swing-out Rear Door option. In lieu of the double-acting rear cargo gates, you can choose the swing-out rear gates.

Side access door. This door creates a 50” opening for loading large bulky items with or without a forklift and is wide enough for pallets. The door can be locked in the open position! A step and grab handle are provided. Very nice!

The KPLS Tool Pack is a must have option. Three long shelves and a long, deep pull out drawer (19.5” wide, 10” high, and 71” long) are perfect for all manner of landscaper tools and hardware. The drawer extends out 48” to access anything in the drawer. Get the streetside with the personal compartment which is 24” wide, 20” deep and 63” high to store a wide variety of items out of sight. These also available in 73” height for taller cabs like the tilt cab models. A cab protector is available with these Tool Packs and is shown in the photos above. It is 36” long and 92” wide with D-ring tie downs.

Standard specs on all Knapheide Landscaper Bodies:

40” high sides with 90 3/8” width.
14 gauge side rails with 13 gauge stakes.
10 gauge H.S. smooth steel floor.
Cross members on 12” centers.
Tubular reinforced rear corner posts.
Clearance lights with automotive wire harness.
E-coated with Knapheide 12 stage electrode-position dipping process.
Fully undercoated body.

This body is available in 9’ and 11’ sizes for these truck sizes:

For the 60” CA, the 9’ without a tool pack
For the 84” CA, the 9’ with a tool pack or the 11’ without a tool pack.
For the 108” CA, the 11’ with a tool pack.

I would love to see more of these on the West Coast. It is an awesome body with so many great features. I especially like the green color body, and I’m sure you can get it any color you like. I would absolutely without any hesitation put this on my lot. Knapheide is well known for quality and durability. Call your local Knapheide distributor, or call Knapheide Manufacturing in Quincy, Illinois at 217-222-7131. Their website is www.knapheide.com. Go Knapheide!

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