New RF Railgate from Tommy Gate

I have long been a huge fan of the Tommy Aluminum Railgate since its first introduction many years ago. There has only been one objection: it was not loading dock friendly. Fortunately, most of my customer didn't need loading dock access; however, now there is a Tommy Gate Aluminum Railgate that does it all: The RF Model.

The very large platform of the Aluminum Railgate was a favorite and now with the RF Model, it comes with a folding 2-piece platform, designed to allow it in the down position to back up to a dock and access the floor of the body. I like the idea of the 2-piece anyway and so I would switch to this liftgate for that alone. I just love when people have a great product and then they improve it some more! Nice going Tommy Gate!

The new RF Model is available in 1600 and 2000 lb capacity, has the Closure-assist Torsion Bar feature and includes maintenance free bushings and improved wiring system. When fully unfolded the large platform measures 85"x45" or 89"x45" depending on the application. That will get the job done and then some.

Call your local Tommy Gate dealer, or check out the Tommy Gate website at www.tommygate.com. Be sure to see the action videos so you can see how it operates in slow motion. Here's a short cut: Videos. You can also get more information by phone at 800-543-8428.

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