Absolutely Stunning TruckCraft Zeus Aluminum Dump

Because most of my experience is from California, I was not familiar until recently with TruckCraft products. Some time ago, I saw their new Zeus Aluminum Dump body on their website and I couldn't wait to see one in real life. I was very glad to see that TruckCraft not only brought one to the NTEA Work Truck Show, but had it displayed to really show it off along with several other bodies of theirs. Isn't it just a great looking dump body? I think its gorgeous and easily one of the nicest looking out there, and there is so much more to talk about beside beauty and you can see it in the photos I took.

They have 3 models: the TC-410 for 12-15,000 lb. GVWR 60" CA trucks, the TC-420 for 14-19,000 lb GVWR 60" CA trucks and the TC-430 for 14-19,000 lb. GVWR 84" CA trucks. All are same capacity of 3 1/3 yards. The difference is mainly in the floor thickness and the corresponding weight and the hoist capacity. The TC-420 and TC-430 have 3/16" thick 6061-T6 heat treated aluminum extrusions w/cross members every 5". Hoist capacity is 16,600 lbs on the TC-430 compared to 10,400 lbs on the TC-410.

Here's the best part: the TC-410 only weighs 1,240 lbs including being assembled with hoist and 1/2 cab shield! That's about half the steel dump and that means it carries a little over 800 pounds more weight than typical popular steel dump without overloading. That's a big deal. Yet, you can see by looking how durable it is.

These dumps are available with rigid or fold-down sides and 1/2 or 1/4 cab shields. Here is a link to take you to TruckCrafts web page for the Zeus: Zeus Specs and Photos. I especially love how they have made this page so helpful with so many photos of the features and each photo can be enlarged by clicking on it. Great job TruckCraft of that aspect of your site! Here is also a map to find a TruckCraft dealer near you: Find a TruckCraft Dealer. I would absolutely be putting this dump on my lot!

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