New Maxon GPSLR Slider Liftgate

In the last couple of years, I've noticed a different kind of liftgate based on seeing them mounted on trucks and how the liftgate was flat rather than at an angle when retracted. It looked more like it slid in there. Now I find they are called "Sliders." Makes sense to me.

Here is a release from Maxon Liftgates that tells more about it:

The GPSLR Slidelift – level, smart, and tough.

As the industry leader in liftgates, Maxon Lift Corp is proud to introduce their latest technological advancement - the GPSLR Series Liftgate. The GPSLR is a slide-type liftgate that rides level from bed to ground and features an industry first: a SmartStow™ function that enables the gate to automatically stow. Unlike most liftgates that require multiple steps when storing the gate, the GPSLR is equipped with a sophisticated solution that is unique in this industry and essential to the slide-type liftgate. Press one button to stow and SmartStow™ technology makes everything else automatic: detecting correct height, stowing securely, and locking in place.

Maxon’s new GPSLR offers a level-ride platform that rides level all the way to the ground. The platform design allows for ease in movement of loads because it sits completely flat on the ground. Additionally, the GPSLR features a stress-optimized lift arm design that minimizes arm deflection.

The GPSLR works with all different types of rear doors and is securely stowed away during dock loading operation. “We’re confident that the GPSLR with SmartStow™ technology will pave the way, and constitute the benchmark, for future slide-type liftgates”, says Brent Stratton, Office of the President.

Maxon Lift Corp. was founded in 1957. That same year, owner Max Lugash invented the TUK-A-WAY® liftgate, which remains the largest selling style of liftgate in North America. For more then fifty years, Maxon Lift Corp. has initiated and developed a variety of innovative products that have become truck equipment industry benchmarks. More company information can be obtained from Maxon and local Maxon sales representatives at 800-227-4116 or www.maxonlift.com.

Check out the flash video that shows you how the GPSLR Slider Liftgate operates: Video

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