New Low-Profile Side Boxes from Weather Guard

Weather Guard was showing off their new Low-Profile Side Boxes and Cross Box at the NTEA Work Truck Show last month on a nice silver Toyota Tundra. Notice how little of the lid sticks up above the bed in comparison with the way you usually see them. These look like they are about half the height of the normal boxes.

These new aluminum boxes still hold a serious amount of tools and equipment, yet look so sleet that your truck may not even look like a work truck. Here's some of the great features of these boxes:
  • Low-profile design delivers greater rear window visibility
  • Extra-wide design increases storage space
  • Matches profile of full and compact sized aluminum low-profile saddle boxes
  • Made of heavy gauge aluminum for years of dependable durability
  • Quick and easy installation
  • EXTREME PROTECTION (R) Lock protects against break-ins
  • Automotive style latch provides smooth "one-touch" opening
  • Three year warranty

Of course, this is just a tiny taste of the quality products that Weather Guard is so famous for. See this product and so much more at www.weatherguard.com.

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