Sweet Ford King Ranch Service Body in Sonoma, CA

We had a meeting in Sonoma, CA at the historic town square in front of City Hall today and this gorgeous truck drives up. Of course, I had to go talk to the owner and asked if we could take some photos because everyone knows how much I love colored work trucks. And, this one is a beauty. It is a rare 2008 Ford King Ranch W31 1-ton 4x4 crew cab owned by Jim Hughes Construction Company who is a General Contractor out of nearby Glen Ellen, CA which was made famous by Jack London.

This truck was special ordered through Henry Curtis Ford in Petaluma and upfitted with a Knapheide body through Carter Industries who is a distributor for Knapheide products. It was painted to match the truck. The customer told me that he took the pickup bed and made it into a trailer with a treadbrite aluminum box in front of it to match the truck and body. I wish we had a chance to see that combination. It must look awesome!

We talked with Jim Hughes for sometime and he is just the nicest person you'd ever want to meet. He said he loves his truck and loves the luxury of driving his King Ranch truck for his main work truck. His son is also a contractor. For any in Northern California who need some work done, Jim's phone number is 707-996-8986 and cell phone is 707-732-6302. We appreciate Jim's kindness in allowing us to use these photos. Nice truck Jim!

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