TekTray - Elevate Your Tools - Maximize Your Truck Bed

Ryan & I saw this product at the NTEA show last month. This is the TekTray which is designed to elevate your small items in order to make better use of the large floor area in your truck. Carry plywood and other large objects below and still have perfect access to your smaller items and have the convenience of a sliding tray to make it all easier. It is also perfect with a shell.

Here's some of the features of this great product:
  • Elevates smaller cargo items to maximize truck bed space
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Works with or without a topper
  • Universal fit for all full size truck beds
  • Tray rides on two rails, 12 inches higher than the truck bed
  • Tray extends over tailgate, allowing for easy access
  • Latched positioning with end of travel stops, insuring safe operation


  • Weatherproof aluminum construction
  • Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Tray Size: 55" wide by 40" deep by 4" high
  • Solid, thermoplastic bearings ride on 1/4" thick aluminum rails
  • Rail system is bolted to bed floor in four locations and to bed posts
  • Pull force while empty: 6 lbs
  • Pull force with 300 lbs in tray: 33 lbs

The TekTray comes with a limited 3 year warranty for all TekTray components and this product is distributed by AndyMark Inc. For information, call 765-868-4779 and visit the TekTray website at www.tektray.com.


Unknown said...

The phone number is 765 868 4779.

Terry Minion said...

Thanks Mark. It is corrected.

Unknown said...

We have upgraded the weight capacity to 750 pounds. Also check TekTray.com for pull test video and newer pictures