ZeroTruck Commercial Electric Truck

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The only US Built Commercial Electric Truck - ZeroTruck™

Electrorides debuts a new ZERO emissions delivery solution

Electrorides Inc. partnering with Supreme Corporation debuts the latest urban delivery tool…a ZeroTruck and sliding step-well body option allows delivery drivers the ability to safely deliver their goods at the curbside. The dual door body has a step-well and sliding pocket door on both sides including a rear roll up door.

Electrorides Inc is a company focused on electric vehicles and electric drive systems. It has a patented pending electric drive system dubbed EDIS™ and the ZeroTruck™ a fully electric zero emission medium duty truck built in the US was at NTEA Mar 3rd and demonstrated the truck and body. Designed for eliminating emissions and creating energy independence, the ZeroTruck™ offered in low cab forward design will carry the latest in electric drive technology. Based on the industry leading medium duty Isuzu truck, features include lithium polymer battery pack, high efficiency electric motor, fully automated transmission, 75-mile range with full highway capability and regenerative braking system. Distribution has been established through South Bay Truck Center & Velocity Vehicle Group (LA Freightliner) of Southern California, NV, and AZ with 8 locations to serve these markets, Diehl’s Truck Center (NY Freightliner), RUSH Truck Centers, Golden Gate Truck Center. The ZeroTruck™ will be the first electric truck in its class to be offered in the United States. Electrorides Inc created the ZeroTruck™

“This electric truck will demonstrate the utility and efficiency and will offer operators more power while reducing costs and producing zero emissions, they will truly be green,” said Tedd Abramson, CEO of Electrorides Inc. “A ZeroTruck™ engineered in the US with the latest technology partners available makes it a very empowering and clean business tool."

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Please contact: Ariel Shafir: Ariel@electrorides.com
Director Public Relations/Media
(714) 675-7117 www.zerotruck.com

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