Switch-N-Go Detachable Truck Body System

Some people want it all in one truck. The Switch-N-Go (TM) Detachable Truck Body System is that answer for that. Shown here is the platform body, yet they offer a dump body, drop body, storage body, stake body, chipper body, landscape body, hydroseeder, salt spreader, van body and more.

I used to work for a guy in the landscaping business. Much of the time he had a steel dump body on his truck, but certain times of the year, he would cut and weld and take the dump off and put a flatbed on and go do some work for a few weeks. Then, he would take that off and put a different body on, then back to the dump. Each time, there was a couple of full days of cutting, welding, splicing wires and on and on. It just was not very efficient.

If he had the Switch-N-Go (TM) system, that would have saved so much time and trouble, it could have paid for a body quickly. It is a much better way to change bodies.

Or, let's just say that you went and picked up a load and can't dump it until the morning and your crew needs the BobCat excavator immediately. With Switch-N-Go (TM), it's not a problem. Change bodies loaded and unloaded easily. Piece of cake.

Here's some of the features and benefits of this product:
  • Load up to 15,000 lbs. - 9k, 12k and 15k lb winches are available
  • Dump at 50 degrees for clean dumping of bulk materials
  • Exchange bodies quickly and safely
  • Set down or pick up a loaded body
  • Increase the productivity of your truck: One truck, multiple bodies
  • Runs with electrically powered hydraulics or full hydraulic option - the SNG HD
  • More payload than similar loader systems
  • Lighter weight and 1/2 the cost of other systems
  • Frames and bumpers are powder coated
  • All moving parts have grease fittings
  • Body locks ensure safety for transport
  • High quality, moderate pricing
  • Designed for the 11k GVWR to 26k GVWR truck

Switch-N-Go (TM) Detachable Truck Body System is located in Hadley, PA, but they have distributors nationwide. Check out their website at www.switchngo.com or call them at 888-311-0867.

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