Robert Hydraulique Hydraulic Ladders

One of the great values of going to a show like the NTEA Work Truck Show is seeing products you may have never experienced. I've seen a lot of bucket trucks, but hydraulic ladder trucks were always Fire Trucks to me. Ryan and I were glad to have stopped by this display to learn more about their product. It sure was attention getting way up in the air inside a room.

Robert Hydraulique Inc. is the manufacturer of RH insulated and non-insulated hydraulic ladders with a growing reputation for setting new standards in modern and efficient aerial hydraulic equipment.

Their ladders are designed to meet the requirements of a wide range of industries such as: public utilities, telecommunications, cable-TV, public works, electrical contractors, building maintenance, rental companies, and also sign installation, and tree trimming.
Some features of the RH hydraulic ladders:
  • Environmentally friendly power unit
  • Working heights 35 to 50 ft
  • Continuous rotation is available and non-continuous is standard
  • Optimized horizontal reach
  • Less maintenance
  • Lighter truck set-up for higher working height
  • Outrigger are not required for ladder under 50 ft
  • 550 lb lifting hook capacity in all position
  • Bucket hydraulically leveled
  • No power take-off required
  • Estimated working life of more than 30 years
  • First grade finish on all components for long lasting
  • Safe electrical work with the insulated aerials tested and certified for 69 KV
  • Free interior access for optimized storage or working space
  • Power remote control for insulated aerials standard
  • Engineered for HD works with optimized light weight constructions design
  • Ground access bucket (optional)
  • Can be installed on all the major brand truck manufacturers

Check out their website at www.rhaerials.com. You can call them at 450-582-8701, or email them at rdes@rhaerials.com.

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