Deweze Bailbed and Spear Bed

400-500 Series Balebeds

► 500 Series fits new wider trucks and bed is a full 8' wide
► Hydraulic system with coupler at rear of the bed
► Bed sizes to fit any single or dually pickup from 7' to 11.5' long
► Power up/power down lifting linkage
► Parallel squeeze arms
► Wireless remote control Zero-leak poppet type valve system
► Six-inch bed frame stringers on the 500 Series

DewEze Flatbeds have proven their durability and trouble free performance in livestock operations across the United States. Simple maintenance done once a year keeps you up and going throughout the feeding season. It�s hard to find such reliability in anything but a DewEze!

400-500 Series Balebeds

First, with the remote control, use the unload function to lower the arms, and then the in function to squeeze the bale. After securing, use the load function to bring the bale on top of the bed, and use the out function to release the bale. For a second bale, repeat process and push the first bale forward. Reverse procedurefor unloading, all this from the comfort of your pickup seat.

The Spear Bed

The DewEze Spear Bed was designed to be the best Spear Bed you can buy with the style and durability you have come to expect from a DewEze product. The quality features of this bed have a fit and finish that will complement any truck, from that older reliable farm truck, to any current model.

DewEze beds and other products are made by Harper Industries, Inc. of Harper, Kansas. You can reach them at 800-835-1042 and visit their website at www.deweze.com.


Demountable Truck Body System

The Demountable Truck Body System makes it possible to simply and safely demount and mount the body from the straight truck. This flexibility results in a highly efficient and cost-effective truck fleet. Demountable Concepts specializes in engineering and manufacturing the highest quality demountable systems available. With unfaltering success, the Demountable Truck Body System has proven to be the answer for increasing fleet and warehouse efficiency for the straight truck operator.

Demountable Concepts, Inc. was founded in 1989 by Frank Fisher and Rustin Cassway for the purpose of becoming the market leader in the United States for demountable truck body systems or swap body systems.

Demountable Concepts, Inc.'s headquarters is located in Glassboro, NJ where highly trained and skilled workers manufacture demountable systems.

All systems are manufactured using the latest Auto-CAD technology. All equipment manufactured complies with the latest Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards in the US and Canada.

Demountable Concepts, Inc. is continually improving the products they manufacture. A nationwide network of service centers is available for service and installation. The "Demountable Team" is available to answer any questions you may have.

Call 800-254-3643 for fast, professional service. Please visit their website for a demonstration of this product at www.demount.com.


The Rock Solid Transit Chassis Cab From Ford Co., UK

It is amazing to me the interesting, light yet heavy duty, flexible and efficient commercial trucks that are available as commonplace outside the United States. This is one of my favorites: The Ford Transit Chassis Cab which is available in a wide array of options. Oh, we're used to options in the US, but not like this. These are available in Front Wheel Drive, Rear Wheel Drive and All Wheel Drive. You get to choose. They come with a very fuel efficient 2.2 litre Duratorq TDCi diesel engine on the Front Wheel Drive models and a 2.4 litre Duratorq TDCi diesel engine on the Rear Wheel Drive, along with an optional 3.2 litre Duratorq TDCi engine. The 2.2 and 2.4 litre engines are available in different torque and horsepower ratings. These are matched to a choice of 5 and 6-speed manual transmissions.

They are available in regular cab and crew cab, 3 different wheel bases plus a long wheel base with extended frame. Payload range is 1,444 kg (3,183 lbs) in the single rear wheel 300S to 2,693 kg (5,937 lbs) in the 460L.

Five standard bodies are available as well, called the Ford Transit One-Stop. You can order a 1-way Tipper (rear dump bed), a 3-way Tipper, a Drop-Side Flatbed, a CurtainSlider body, and a Box Van Body. How convenient.
Then, of course, there are creature comfort and other useful options to make the Transit fit each need and desire for use, drivability, and comfort.

To see more of the Ford of Britain lineup, go to www.ford.co.uk/commercialvehicles/


HitchHoist Portable Truck Crane by Grablock Inc.

This is the HitchHoist Portable Truck Crane from Grablock, Inc. of Ontario, Canada. It is powered by a 3,000 lb. hydraulic ram and allows one person to easily lift up to 750 lbs.

HitchHoist Portable Truck Crane Benefits:

  • Reduces the risk of back injuries.
  • Saves on manpower.
  • One person can operate without assistance and lift up to 750 lbs.
  • Lightweight and Portable and can be shared among different trucks
  • No modifications to the truck are required.
  • Simple to install and easy to operate.
  • No special tools required to install.
  • Assembles and disassembles in minutes.
  • Can lift loads directly on to back of truck even with tailgate down.
  • Fits any standard 2" Class III or higher hitch receiver.
  • Built-in self-leveling mechanism for operator safety.
  • Heavy duty construction.
  • Unit only weighs approximately 125 lbs. when fully installed on truck.
  • The heaviest single component weighs about 40 lbs.

For more information on this interesting product, call Grablock, Inc. at 877-289-0390 and visit their website at www.grablock.com.


Snoquip, Inc. Snowplows and Equipment

Snoquip, Inc.

Nothing describes a successful business beter than a customer does:

"Thanks Bill, Mike, and Matt for your years of great service. I appreciate your ingenuity & extensive knowledge base and you have stood behind your products like no other company I have ever dealt with." -- Jeff, Tahoe Workz Snow Removal Service of Lake Tahoe

This is a letter to Snoquip in West Sacramento, CA from Jeff Ledson of Tahoe Workz of Lake Tahoe. I also can personally attest to Snoquip as one of the best distributors of snow control equpment anywhere in the U.S. They were one of my customers when I was in the snowplow manufacturing business and I always knew that "Bill and Company" had the "customer comes first" attitude as well as a business vision that is sometimes rare in the industry. If you need snow control equipment, you should contact SnowQuip as their service is beyond reproach.

Snoquip is in the Sierra Nevada region, a unique geographical location positioned to receive a wide variety of snow. This statement may raise some question such as “Isn’t all snow the same? Well, no its not! Snow arrives in a wide variety of form including variations in water content, shape of flakes and changes at, during or after being deposited on the earth. In the Sierra Nevada, the snow drops from the sky in huge amounts unlike few other places here on earth. After it is on the ground, snow can be powdery when fluffy, granular when it begins the cycle of melting and refreezing, and after multiple melting and refreezing cycles, it becomes a dense mass called snow pack. The area is known for its ample amounts of this snow locals call “Sierra Cement”. This puts Snowquip in a position of testing the equipment they sell in conditions that are as severe as they come anywhere.

Snoquip offers a full line of truck mounted snow control equipment including:

Three years ago, Snoquip designed and built a snow blower to add to their Trackless product or to tractors. The XX Blower has caught the attention of municipalities throughout the US and Canada and has added a serious product alternative for heavy snow removal for the commercial contractors.

For the commercial contractor, the blower is more efficient than other methods and as well the customer is left with a cleaner looking yard with no snow banks, no damage to lawns and no dirty snow left behind!

Snoquip is awesome to deal with and if you haven't had the pleasure, give them a try. Contact Snoquip at 1-800-994-4641 and check out their website at www.snoquip.com

Guest post by Steve Taylor.
Steve is a consultant in the Truck Equipment business with over 30 years in the snowplow and truck body manufacturing business. He specializes in the design and quality/reliability field and may be reached by email at steve@truckarchitect.com. You may visit his website at www.truckarchitect.com.


NTEA Work Truck Show in St Louis

Register today to attend the largest Work Truck Show of the year in St Louis. Go to http://www.ntea.com/ for more details.


Ford Invests $450 Million More In Electric Vehicles


DETROIT, Jan. 11, 2010 – Ford Motor Company today announced it will invest an additional $450 million in its aggressive electric vehicle plan, paving the way to build a next-generation hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicle in Michigan beginning in 2012 and creating 1,000 new jobs.

This comes in addition to Ford’s already announced plans to invest $550 million to transform Michigan Assembly Plant from a large SUV factory to a modern car plant to build the all-new Focus starting in 2010 and Focus Electric pure battery electric vehicle in 2011. With today’s news, Ford’s Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne, Mich., will be the production site of hybrid, plug-in hybrid and full battery electric vehicles, all of which will be built off the company’s new global C-car platform.

“This investment underscores how serious we are about delivering a range of electrified vehicles to customers – including hybrids, plug-in hybrids and pure electric vehicles,” said Bill Ford, Ford’s executive chairman. “Our industry is at the intersection of three critical global issues – the economy, energy and the environment. The winning companies will be those that address these issues with vehicles that are also exciting and fun to drive, without compromises.”

In addition to building the Ford Focus Electric and next-generation hybrid and plug-in hybrid at Michigan Assembly Plant, Ford said it is bringing battery system design and development in-house.

Ford will design advanced lithium-ion battery systems in-house for the next-generation hybrid in Michigan and move production of the battery packs from Mexico to Michigan. The production site will be announced at a later date.

In addition, Ford has announced it will produce hybrid transaxles at its Van Dyke Transmission facility in Sterling Heights, Mich., beginning in 2012.

Partnering with the state of Michigan has been critical to the acceleration of the electric vehicle plan, Ford said. Today, the Michigan Economic Growth Authority board approved a package of incentives and tax credits totaling $188 million. The package includes job credits, brownfield site credits and battery pack assembly credits recently approved by the Michigan legislature.

“Vehicle electrification is part of our ongoing strategy to diversify Michigan’s economy and make the state a center for green and advanced manufacturing,” said Michigan Gov. Jennifer M. Granholm. “That is why we have worked so hard to invest in and encourage development of battery and electric vehicle technology and production in the state. We applaud Ford’s leadership and commitment to Michigan and our transportation future.”

Ford’s electric vehicle lineup

As part of its aggressive electrification plan, Ford in 2009 doubled the number and volume of its hybrid electric vehicles to include the award-winning Ford Fusion and Escape hybrids and Mercury Milan and Mariner hybrids.

Going forward, Ford plans to bring the following electrified vehicles to market over the next three years:

  • Ford Transit Connect battery electric vehicle commercial van in 2010
  • Ford Focus Electric passenger car in 2011
  • Next-generation hybrid based on C-car platform in 2012
  • Plug-in hybrid based on C-car platform in 2012

First to market will be a pure battery electric version of the Ford Transit Connect, a small commercial van introduced in North America in 2009. Transit Connect Electric will have a targeted range of up to 80 miles per full charge and zero tailpipe emissions. With Azure Dynamics serving as upfitter, the first units will enter the market later this year.

The pure battery electric version of the redesigned Ford Focus follows in 2011. Focus Electric will have a targeted range of up to 100 miles per full charge with zero tailpipe emissions.

The next-generation hybrid and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles slated for 2012 also will be built on Ford’s global C platform. These vehicles – not yet revealed – will leverage Ford’s considerable experience with both its current hybrid lineup and plug-in hybrid fleet that is undergoing road testing with the company’s utility industry partners.

A key component driving development of Ford’s upcoming electric vehicles is lithium-ion battery system technology – the design, development and assembly of which Ford will bring in-house for its new hybrid vehicles.

“Battery system design and development will be a core competency for Ford in the 21st century,” said Nancy Gioia, Ford’s director of Global Electrification. “Building in-house expertise and leveraging our global scale is critical to developing electrified vehicles that are affordable, connected and fun to drive.”

The future of electric vehicle manufacturing in Michigan

Ford’s investment and the state’s incentives will create approximately 1,000 new jobs related to the production of the company’s future electric vehicles and the production of key hybrid components, including battery pack assembly. Most of those jobs will be created at Michigan Assembly Plant, which is being transformed to produce fuel-efficient, small global cars.

“Ford’s Michigan Assembly Plant is quickly becoming a symbol of transformation on many different levels,” said Jim Tetreault, vice president, North America Manufacturing. “Not only will the new facility enable Ford to meet increased market demand for small fuel-efficient cars, it also promises to become the hub of Ford’s advanced technology vehicle manufacturing in Michigan that will benefit the company, the UAW, the state and our customers throughout North America.”


Edible Arrangements Buys New Ford Transit Connect Vans

Edible Arrangements International is the leading purveyor of delicious, high-quality, artistically designed fresh fruit arrangements that are practical and healthy gifts. Headquartered in Wallingford, Conn., the company has more than 940 locations operating or opening soon worldwide.

The company’s franchisees currently use traditional cargo vehicles, such as the Dodge Sprinter, to deliver arrangements. Because freshness is essential to product quality, drivers make frequent trips back and forth to the store throughout the day to pick up new arrangements, averaging a minimum of 200 miles daily.

Kamran Farid, COO of Edible Arrangements, says he fell in love with Transit Connect when he first saw the vehicle in England a couple of years ago. He thought it would be an ideal delivery van for his franchisees because it is just the right size for their needs, it delivers excellent fuel economy and the Transit Connect’s eye-catching design makes it a valuable branding tool for the company.

Many of Edible Arrangements’ franchisees are beginning to replace their older, larger delivery vans. The company has made the Transit Connect available through its fleet program. Currently, Edible Arrangements has purchased 20 Transit Connects, but Farid says plans are under way to buy 15 to 20 vehicles a month until all of the older vehicles are replaced. Edible Arrangements’ fleet currently operates 1,300 vehicles throughout the country.

Edible Arrangements customized the Transit Connect with shelving and refrigerated the cargo area. The company worked closely with Ford and ThermoKing to develop an electric-driven refrigeration system – powered from the vehicle alternator instead of the engine – that requires less horsepower and consumes less fuel.

“Franchisees using the new Transit Connect couldn’t be happier with the vehicle,” says Farid. They are saving a lot of money on gas, and the vehicle is much easier to maneuver through city streets and in and out of parking spaces. And because the doors open on both sides of the vehicle, it is much easier for drivers to load and unload products.

According to Farid, franchisees also love the styling of the Transit Connect. “The vehicle stands out,” he says. “It’s unique, and it gets people’s attention, making it an excellent marketing tool for the company.”

The Transit Connect, recently named 2010 North American Truck of the Year, is powered by a 2.0-liter I-4 engine, mated to a four-speed automatic overdrive transmission. This combination is EPA- rated at 22 mpg city, 25 highway, representing a significant fuel economy increase – essentially doubling the fuel economy – over full-size vans.

See more about the Ford Transit Connect: www.fordvehicles.com/transitconnect


Harbor Truck Bodies Now Installs Back Up Video

Harbor Truck Bodies now installs back up video systems for those bodies that have no rear visibility such as SuperStructure, Plumber Style Bodies, Service Bodies with Raised Roof, and many others where rear visibility is difficult or not available. Call your Harbor representative or Harbor Truck Bodies at 800-433-96452 for more information. Harbor's website is www.htbi.net.


Interlift 3300# Liftgate On Scelzi Custom Flatbed

Here is an MBB Interlift 3300# underbody liftgate mounted on a Dodge 5500 with a custom composite wood and steel flatbed by Scelzi Enterprises built for the Santa Maria Public Airport sold through Cole Chrysler. This unit is designed to carry a heavy load and keep it low to the ground at the same time. Nicely done.


CTEC Animal Control Bodies

Here is a selection of photos of some Animal Control bodies manufactured by CTEC (California Truck Equipment Company) of Downey, CA. They do a wide range of standard and custom bodies. Give them a call at 800-567-2832 and visit their website at www.ctec-truckbody.com


CTEC 16' Combo Body & Venturo Crane by North Bay Truck Body

This is a long puppy! It's a rare sighting of a 16' Combo Body (a service body with a 36" rear platform--in this case, a 13' service body plus the 3' work platform) manufactured by CTEC (California Truck Equipment Company) of Downey, CA. In addition, it has a Venturo ET6KX 2,000 lb. Crane (now the ET8KX has replaced the ET6KX). Notice on the rear there are two trailer plugs for maximum flexibility. There is also a custom cab shield and a custom one side rack. All of this mounted on a GM 4500/5500 Crew Cab.

Many times you would see a Combo Body with short gates around the rear platform and this one has been left gateless to make it easier to work from. This is the best advantage of the Combo Body: the rear work platform which is 3' long and 8' wide, so it is a very nice HD steel work bench. You can attach vises and other gear, hook up a chop saw and cut material, lay out work and much more. It is also at a great height to work from, so all of this makes the Combo Body an excellent choice. All of the features of a service body with the bonus of the work platform. Combo Bodies are available in single rear wheel models or dual rear from 9' to as long as you want it.

This is another quality job from Bob Dias and his fine crew at North Bay Truck Body in Cordelia, CA. Call Bob at 707-864-2700 and visit his website at www.nbtb.com.


The Harbor Rancher Gooseneck Body

The Harbor Rancher Body is a steel deck Gooseneck hitch body that is commonly seen on ranches and farms for horse trailers, equipment trailers, etc., etc. It comes with a recessed compartment with a cover and a Gooseneck hitch that is rated at up to 25,000 lbs. and up to 5,000 lb*. tongue weight. It has a 71" minimum trailer neck swing radius, integral trap door and safety chain anchors, tapered bulkhead, reflectorized sealed shock mounted and weather-tight lights.

The Harbor Rancher Body is manufactured by Knapheide Manufacturing and is available in the 99"x94" for 56" CA Dual Rear Chassis, 108"x90" and 108"x94" for 60" CA Dual Rear Chassis, and the 132"x90" and 132"x94" for the 84" CA Dual Rear Chassis. The 60" CA is the most popular which keeps the turning radius shorter.

(*Maximum capacity for the bed; however, the truck it is mounted on may not be rated this high. Consult truck manufacturer specs for maximum weight capacity.)

For more information on this and other great Harbor products, call 800-433-9452 for the sales team at the plant in Brea, CA. Please visit Harbor's website at www.htbi.net.


Ford E-550 Remembered and Ford Motor Co Applauded

I was looking through some photos and found these three of a Ford E-550 Cutaway Empty Chassis. This special model was introduced a few years ago and only lasted a short season, so it is not available now. It's too bad because I thought it was a great truck. The main problem was that it was only available in the V-10 gas engine and not the desired diesel. (The one shown above had a cab back panel installed and could be utilized as a convention cab chassis, or remove the panel and use it as a cutaway chassis bolting the body to the cab.)

The reason I bother putting in a truck that no longer exists is that I want to tell you a little about Ford Motor Company. When I was at a body company and at the annual bailment pool meeting, we were in a meeting with Ford engineers and they were told that we wanted this truck and they went to work on it and in less than a year, it was produced. Let me tell you that this is lightning speed for a large car company but it is a testament to how nimble Ford can be when they want to be. They can respond extremely quickly. It impressed the heck out of me, that's for sure.

The E-550 was not the only case where I saw Ford responding. I can tell you this: I've been around car companies for almost 40 years and I have never seen a company as large as Ford be as entrepreneurial as they were. They listened to us when we spoke with sincerity, rather than just complaining. They took notes and followed up. I wasn't used to that kind of movement, but I watched with joy as Ford responded again and again.

I think if Ford could have got the diesel into the E-550 back then, it would have hit the mark. Nonetheless, I think Ford did hit the mark by doing it to begin with and especially in the short time frame they achieved it in. Bravo Ford Motor Company!


Premier Manufacturing Co - Hitchmaster, Couplings

Founded in 1924, Premier Manufacturing produces couplines (hitches), drabar eyes (lunette eyes), hinge assemblies, dolly jacks and accessories for light to heavy duty trucking industry applications. Premier Manufacturing Company is located in Tualatin, Oregon and they can be reached at 800-255-5387. Please visit their website at www.premier-mfg.com to see the entire line of quality products they offer.


Making Ultra Light Duty Trucks More Effective = The Ute Bed

The Ute [yoot-Australian for pick-up bed] bed is a way to take ultra-light pickups and make them more effective and useful as a work vehicle. One of the problems of using these vehicles for commercial work has always been and still is their capacity due to low gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR), and when you install a typical steel service body or steel and wood or steel flatbed, this problem is amplified because of the weight of the body taking up an inordinate amount of the available cargo capacity.

This leaves little payload to do commercial work, and so many who have tried this route have regularly overloaded their vehicles. This can be dangerous, so most of us in commercial truck land have been wary of light duty units--even 1/2-ton trucks--to do the work that the HD 3/4-ton and 1-tons that we sell regularly do. Of course, those have more capacity.

The Ute bed and other manufacturers are solving this problem with lighter weight bodies, so that the body installed in not much heavier than the pickup bed that came off, yet they offer a different and more effective method of handling cargo so that this arrangement can be a very effective light duty commercial vehicle. In addition, the Ute is available with a wide range of options to make their truck beds more effective for individual business needs.

With these very lightweight, yet extremely strong bodies available, along with some common sense, these ultra-light vehicles can make sense being used effectively in the commercial market. Welcome to the Ute Bed!

Above the photos show a Ute Bed with some optional tool boxes. This gives you the storage capacity of a typical service body on a truck this size with a small portion of the weight. There are many combinations of customizing the Ute Bed for most businesses.

The Ute bed is available as a General Motors Ship-Through via Dealers Truck Equipment in Shreveport, Louisiana (option code TDE) to make it very convenient for Colorado/Canyon dealers anywhere in the country to get a Ute Bed upfitted Colorado or Canyon with near standard shipping. What a benefit this is.

See more information on the Ute Bed at www.utebed.com or www.uteltd.com. You can reach their headquarters in Seattle, Washington at 866-883-2337. They also enjoy a network of dealers nationwide.