Half-Ton Western Snowplow

Here's a great solution for Light Duty Plowing:

The Western Half Ton Snowplow


  • Designed exclusively for 1/2-ton four-wheel drive trucks
  • Two-spring trip blad protects your snowplow and truck when the snowplow strikes an obstruction. Elastomer trip pads further reduce excessive jarring and soften the blade return when tripping occurs
  • Six verticl ribs and the exclusive WESTERN POWER BAR provide unmatched structural reinforcement
  • Covered hydraulic system is protected from the elements

Building plows for over 55 years, Western Products offers a full line of snowplows for light to medium duty trucks. Visit their website at: http://www.westernplows.com/

Find a dealer near you at: www.westernplows.com/distribdirectory.asp

Guest post by Steve Taylor.
Steve is a consultant in the Truck Equipment business with over 30 years in the snowplow and truck body manufacturing business. He specializes in the design and quality/reliability field and may be reached by email at steve@truckarchitect.com. You may visit his website at www.truckarchitect.com.

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