American Cargo by Midway Offers Rivet-less Aluminum Body

American Cargo by Midway is proud to offer Rivet-less, bonded aluminum body construction as an alternative to FRP or the more common riveted aluminum body. Many times customers who liked the features of the smooth exterior finish of FRP, while still wanting the benefits of interior plywood lining and aluminum wall posts. American Cargo can now offer the best of both worlds! They bond their .040 aluminum sheets directly to the aluminum wall posts (which are on 16” centers) with an aircraft strength adhesive. They then finish off the interior with plywood lining. You have an almost seamless exterior finish. For example, on a 15’ body, there are three discreet vertical body seams on each sidewall.

This is a great application where the customer would like a smooth exterior for decal or graphic application, yet utilize the interior for installing shelving, etc.

Contact American Cargo by Midway at www.americancargo.com or www.mymidway.com. You can also reach them by telephone at 800-283-3993.

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