Croz Custom Metal Fabrication's Sweet Welder

Don Crossley, owner/operator of this sweet welder style truck, has designed a body that does everything he needs and allows him to take virtually everything he needs to a job and stay working. He has a place for everything. Nooks and crannies galore. Excellent equipment, all the supplies he would normally use. He even has plenty of electrical power with a 3,000 watt inverter aboard.

I had such a good time taking photos of his truck, that we are putting a rare slideshow in rather than a few photos. You have to see all the little storage spaces and open cabinets and how it all works together. It's a great truck, and matched up to a Chevy 84"CA chassis with the 6.6 liter DuraMax diesel and Allison automatic. Enjoy.

If you happen to be anywhere in northern California and need of his excellent services, contact Don at 707-580-4727 on his cellphone. He will have a website very soon.

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