Knapheide Raised TSR w/Bedslide On Extended Cab

Here's a sweet setup of a very useful body on a Chevy HD 3/4-Ton Extended Cab Chassis with a 6.0 Gas V8. This one has the uplevel LT1 package so it is a lot more than just a work truck.

The working end of this truck has a Knapheide 8' Service HD Body with a 2-piece Raised Telescopic Sliding Roof (TSR), Forklift Loadable Rack, Class IV Receiver, and a 1200 lb. rated IFW Bedslide. The top cover slides back opening about 50% of the bed area and that will allow taller items to be carried occasionally. The best thing is the bedslide which allows access to the whole of the compartment without ever climbing in there yourself. That's a good thing. The bedslide has three lock positions, one all the way in, the middle, and the end. The photo above shows it in the middle position, so you can slide it all the way out and access the items in the very front of the body.

This quality Knapheide body came from Carter Industries in Union City, CA who is one of Knapheide's many distributors nationwide. Carter and Knapheide both are awesome to deal with and if you haven't had the pleasure, give them a try. Contact Carter Industries at 800-310-6390 and check out their website at www.carterind.com.

This truck is available at and photos courtesy of Fairfield Chevrolet-Isuzu Truck in Fairfield, CA. See their website at www.fairfieldcommercialtruck.com.

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