Demountable Truck Body System

The Demountable Truck Body System makes it possible to simply and safely demount and mount the body from the straight truck. This flexibility results in a highly efficient and cost-effective truck fleet. Demountable Concepts specializes in engineering and manufacturing the highest quality demountable systems available. With unfaltering success, the Demountable Truck Body System has proven to be the answer for increasing fleet and warehouse efficiency for the straight truck operator.

Demountable Concepts, Inc. was founded in 1989 by Frank Fisher and Rustin Cassway for the purpose of becoming the market leader in the United States for demountable truck body systems or swap body systems.

Demountable Concepts, Inc.'s headquarters is located in Glassboro, NJ where highly trained and skilled workers manufacture demountable systems.

All systems are manufactured using the latest Auto-CAD technology. All equipment manufactured complies with the latest Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards in the US and Canada.

Demountable Concepts, Inc. is continually improving the products they manufacture. A nationwide network of service centers is available for service and installation. The "Demountable Team" is available to answer any questions you may have.

Call 800-254-3643 for fast, professional service. Please visit their website for a demonstration of this product at www.demount.com.

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