Partnership Helps Fuel America’s National Parks with Propane

Watch this video from the Propane Education & Research Council to hear how national parks such as Mammoth Cave National Park, Blue Ride Parkway, and Yellowstone National Park have incorporated propane into their operations for powerful, clean performance that will help preserve their beauty for generations to come.

North Carolina City Expands Alternative Fuel Fleet

Learn how Asheville, North Carolina, uses a variety of alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles in its fleet. Asheville recently added four compressed natural gas (CNG) refuse trucks to its fleet—and working with the Land of Sky Clean Vehicles Coalition, the city also received funding for 25 CNG pickup trucks, including some used by the local fire department.


MotorWeek | Clean Cities: Blue Ridge Parkway

We cruise part of the 469-mile scenic highway to see how the Department of Energy is helping to reduce pollution in 4 national parks.

Check out more at http://www.motorweek.org


2015 Chevrolet City Express Cargo Van | GM Fleet & Commercial

The 2015 Chevrolet City Express features 122.27 CU FT maximum cargo space, enough to fit 48 inch pallet and features a 40/60 split rear doors that open at either 90 or 180 degrees. With 24 MPG the City Express small cargo van is the perfect commercial vehicle for any business. See more at www.gmfleet.com

The Isuzu Urban

Tim Hicks discusses the key features and benefits of the Isuzu Urban, and explains the differences between the Urban and the N75.190.



B&W Trailer Hitches “Quietly” Unveils New Patriot 16K Rail-Mounted Fifth Wheel Slider Hitch at 2014 SEMA

Precision engineering techniques and tight manufacturing tolerances allow B&W Trailer Hitches’ new Patriot 16K fifth wheel slider to deliver a quieter, more stress-free towing experience.

HUMBOLDT, Kan. -- B&W Trailer Hitches, a leading U.S.-based manufacturer of heavy-duty, engineered trailer hitches and aftermarket truck/trailer accessories, announced that it will introduce its new 16,000-pound Patriot rail-mounted fifth wheel slider hitch at the 2014 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. The innovative Patriot 16K RVK3270 hitch will be shown to the industry for the first time in B&W’s booth (30171) in the Upper South Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

 The versatile new 16,000-pound Patriot rail-mounted slider complements B&W’s full line of hitches and is built to exacting specifications for smooth, flawless and virtually inaudible operation. Unlocking the slider hitch is made effortless, even on irregular terrain, via the locking mechanism’s gear-reduced cam ratio design, which gives the user mechanical advantage.
The Patriot’s two, solid one-inch tubular steel carriage rails are designed with sturdy center supports that prevent the rails from deforming or binding as a result of flexing under load. Hourglass-shaped rollers convey the carriage mechanism with fluid motion, regardless of topography. Once unlocked, the hitch is free to slide back into its maneuvering position and afterward, it glides up to its locked position just in front of the rear axle.
“Traditional slider hitches are known to make a bit of noise, and this can be disconcerting to some operators,” Don Collins, president, DC’s RV Centers, said. “With its precise fittings and smooth, quiet operation, B&W’s Patriot 16K slider will enhance the end-user’s towing experience.” 
B&W’s new Patriot 16K slider hitch accommodates 12 inches of slide and is perfect for popular short-bed pickup trucks that allow less travel distance to the cab. Vertical adjustments can be made from 17 inches to 19 inches, allowing ample clearance for taller truck-bed walls. The Patriot 16K slider will fit on all industry standard mounting rails.
The Patriot 16K slider makes it easy to engage and disengage a trailer, as well. Thanks to its cam-lock design and three-quarter-inch-thick wrap-around jaws, an operator can couple or uncouple any trailer, regardless of the lay of the land. Pivot arms feature tough polyurethane bushings that allow the engaged coupler head to pivot smoothly, and the fully articulating head is cushioned by an integrated leaf spring.
“The Patriot 16K rail-mounted fifth wheel slider hitch is an American-made alternative to the offshore-manufactured slider hitches that have proliferated in recent years,” Travis McCall, product engineer for B&W Trailer Hitches, said. “Our hitch is engineered to operate as a finely tuned system, and we think users will be very impressed with the fit, finish, operation and overall ergonomics of our newest hitch design.”
B&W’s new Patriot rail-mounted slider is made of top-quality, American AISI 1018 steel and is powder coated for a tough, durable finish.
The 16K Patriot RVK3270 rail-mounted fifth wheel slider hitch has been tested and meets or exceeds the J2638 standard for a 16,000-pound vehicle tow rating (VTR). As in any towing scenario, B&W strongly recommends that users never exceed the Patriot 16K slider’s VTR.
B&W Trailer Hitches specializes in designing and engineering trailer hitches and aftermarket truck/trailer accessories, and is proud of its reputation as an exceptional U.S.-based manufacturer and innovator. The company’s workforce makes all of its products entirely in Humboldt, Kan.
The Patriot 16K RVK3270 rail-mounted fifth wheel slider hitch can be purchased through members of B&W’s extensive dealer network and a dealer locator is available at: http://www.Turnoverball.com/find-a-dealer
To access high-resolution images of B&W’s Patriot 16K RVK3270 rail-mounted fifth wheel slider hitch, please visit: http://www.turnoverball.com/media
About B&W Trailer Hitches
Based in Humboldt, Kan., B&W Trailer Hitches engineers and manufactures trailer hitches and aftermarket truck/trailer accessories. B&W offers a broad selection of products designed to seamlessly integrate with and enhance the use of trucks and the vehicles and equipment they tow. All B&W products are proudly manufactured in the USA, in a state-of-the-art facility that houses a skilled workforce of craftsmen and the most technologically advanced equipment available. B&W is recognized as an innovator and invented the Turnoverball gooseneck hitch, which revolutionized the industry in 1992. To learn more about B&W Trailer Hitches, please visit: http://www.Turnoverball.com
Turnoverball and Patriot 16K are trademarks of B&W Trailer Hitches.

Transfer Flow 40 Gallon Refueling Assembly

Ben from Transfer Flow goes over their new 40 gallon refueling tank at the latest Nor Cal Ford Truck Club event in Woodridge CA.  See more at www.transferflow.com


Ford Transit TR-125 Body From Royal Truck Body

Blake from Royal Truck Body goes over the new Ford Transit with a new Royal Service Body.  See more at http://www.royaltruckbody.com


Towing a Helicopter with a Ford Super Duty

One helicopter company enlists a Super Duty fleet to haul their high-priced aircraft through the Northwest. 



World's First Purpose Built Wheel Chair Accessible Vehicle

Kristina shows us the ease of entrance and exit of the MV-1.  World's first purpose built wheel chair accessible vehicle.  See more at http://www.mv-1.us


Hino Trucks Celebrates 30 Years in the United States

NOVI, MI – Hino Trucks reached a milestone of 30 years in business in the United States. Founded in 1984 as a limited distributorship with responsibility for importing class 4 through 7 cab-over trucks, Hino has evolved into a prominent U.S. company with  a dealer network of more than 200 points, assembly and manufacturing facilities in Williamstown WV and Marion, AR, with eight locations throughout the country. 

Having garnered more than a dozen industry awards for customer satisfaction and ‘Truck of the Year” three times in the last six years alone, Hino Trucks continues to set record sales and post market share gains annually that make the 30-year-old company one of the country’s fastest growing medium duty truck brands.

“While we are proud of our many accomplishments, the legacy of Hino Trucks over its first 30 years is not defined by the numbers it has accumulated, but by the lives it has touched in its journey.” said Glenn Ellis Vice President Marketing, Product Planning and Dealer Operations.  He continued, “To some, Hino Trucks represents a reliable transportation source that enables businesses to meet the needs of their customers.  Still others look to Hino Trucks as a trusted business partner that can be counted on as a steadying presence in a volatile economic environment. As we reflect on and celebrate 30 years of Hino Trucks in the U.S., we also celebrate the people that have woven our brand into the American fabric.”

Yoshinori Noguchi, President & CEO of Hino Trucks, said, “It is a great honor for me to celebrate this anniversary as the President of Hino Motors Sales U.S.A.   While many things have changed since 1984, our goals have always remained the same – to create the most innovative, high quality
products in our industry.  To all of our employees, dealers, customers and shareholders, we thank you for your continued commitment to Hino Trucks. In looking back at 30 years in the U.S. market, we have learned how to deal with success and challenges.  We have adapted and will continue to do so to meet the needs of this demanding market.  Our 30th anniversary is a milestone and turning point for Hino to take the next step.  I am excited about this journey and believe the best is yet to come.”

About Hino:  Hino Trucks, a Toyota Group Company, assembles, sells, and services the most environmentally friendly lineup of Class 5-7 commercial trucks in the United States. In 2012, Hino introduced its Class 5 cab-over diesel-electric trucks making diesel-electric hybrids a viable option in the U.S. commercial truck industry for the first time. Headquartered in Novi, Michigan, Hino boasts a network of over 200 dealers nationwide committed to achieving excellence in customer service and support. Hino Trucks is the premier medium duty nameplate in the United States with a product lineup that offers the lowest total cost of ownership, superior fuel economy, unmatched reliability and maneuverability, and the most comprehensive bundle of standard features in the market.  For more information, visit our internet home page at http://www.hino.com or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. 


CV Show 2014 Interview - Isuzu Truck (UK)

Pete Murphy took over from Nikki King as Managing Director of Isuzu Truck (UK) in August 2013. VansA2Z Editor Neil McIntee caught up with him on the stand at the 2014 Commercial Vehicle Show to see how things were going and what was new in the Isuzu Truck line-up.


Six Trucks Featuring Odyne Plug-in Hybrid Systems Delivered to Consumers Energy

Order Includes First System Powering an Under Deck Boss Compressor Truck

Waukesha, WI – October 21, 2014 – Odyne Systems, LLC, a leader in hybrid systems for medium- and heavy-duty trucks, announces that six new trucks featuring Odyne plug-in hybrid systems have been delivered to Consumers Energy, Michigan’s largest utility, providing natural gas and electricity to 6.5 million residents in Michigan.

The vehicles delivered include three Terex Commander digger derricks, two Terex material handling bucket trucks and the first under deck compressor vehicle with a Boss hydraulic lift and compressor. The Odyne plug-in hybrid system powers the equipment on the trucks without use of the engine in most cases, saving fuel, reducing emissions and significantly reducing noise levels at the work site. Hybrid propulsion also increases vehicle efficiency during driving. The on-board Boss lift can stow, load and unload heavy air tools which will be used in Consumers Energy’s gas operations. The compressor powers a pneumatic jackhammer used to break up cement and pavement and also tests gas lines for leaks. The exportable power runs an electric pipe fusing machine. All six trucks feature IHC chassis, and DUECO, Inc. was the final-stage manufacturer.

The Odyne hybrid power system features proprietary and patented hybrid technology combining reliable electric power conversion, power control and energy storage technology. The Odyne plug-in hybrid drive system reduces fleet operating and maintenance costs, and depending on duty cycle, enables large trucks to obtain fuel economy improvements of up to 50% compared to traditional diesel or gasoline engines. Odyne continues to be the only plug-in hybrid system on a medium- or heavy-duty truck to deliver greater fuel efficiency both while driving and at the work site.

The six trucks were manufactured as part of a $90 million program to produce about 300 plug-in hybrid trucks. The program was funded by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and California Energy Commission (CEC), with cost-share contributions from the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) and the program participants. Odyne is developing and deploying about 120 plug-in hybrid systems for trucks for companies and governmental entities throughout North America as part of the award. The trucks delivered with Odyne plug-in hybrid systems will feature advanced smart grid capabilities to charge the hybrid batteries at the most opportune time, reducing charging costs and excess demand on the utility grid.

Consumers Energy has been using a 5FC-55 bucket truck equipped with an Odyne system delivered in 2011, which crew members appreciate.

Joe Dalum, President and CEO of Odyne systems noted, “With delivery of these six vehicles, we continue to expand the applications where an Odyne plug-in hybrid system is providing the power and advantages that only the Odyne system offers. Our hybrid system is unique in the industry in delivering unprecedented high efficiency power both during drive time and at the work site across many truck applications.”

For further information on those advantages, see Odyne’s new comparison chart at http://odyne.com/aboutodyne/242.html

About Odyne Systems, LLC
Odyne is a leader in hybrid drive systems for medium and heavy-duty vehicles. Odyne’s advanced plug-in hybrid technology enables trucks over 14,000 pounds to have substantially lower fuel consumption, lower emissions, improved performance, quieter job site operation and reduced operating and maintenance costs. Odyne has fielded more plug-in hybrid systems for large trucks throughout the United States than any other supplier. Odyne systems are modular and are integrated to powertrains during the new vehicle manufacturing process or are retrofit to existing truck chassis in various applications. The systems are sold and serviced through a worldwide distribution network including Altec, DUECO and Terex Utilities. Odyne has also authorized selected Allison Transmission distributors to service Odyne systems across North America. For further information, visit us at www.odyne.com  and follow us on Twitter @Odyne.

About DUECO, Inc. 
DUECO is a women-owned business and the largest independent provider of Terex bucket trucks, digger derricks, and cranes for the utility market in the nation. Additionally, DUECO manufactures custom utility truck bodies; distributes mini derricks/aerial lifts, stringing equipment and trailers; and supplies tools and accessories for all truck brands. Family owned and operated since 1955, DUECO’s philosophy of teamwork, integrity, and open communication with customers and employees ensures high quality equipment at the best value. With headquarters in the Metro Milwaukee area, DUECO services customers 24/7 in 17 states. To learn more, visit dueco.com or call 800-558-4004.

About Consumers Energy
Consumers Energy, Michigan’s largest utility, is the principal subsidiary of CMS Energy (NYSE: CMS), providing natural gas and electricity to 6.5 million of the state’s 10 million residents in all 68 Lower Peninsula counties.


Innovation Spotlight: Silver Moon Brewing

When partners James Watts and Matt Barrett purchased Silver Moon Brewing in Bend, Ore., in 2013, they had the intended to shake things up and do business a little differently. Recognizing that Central Oregon, and Bend specifically, is known for being an “outdoor town,” Watts said, the co-owners immediately looked for something they could take to outdoor festivals, fund-raisers, marathons, cycling races, and other events to represent the brand well outside of the brewery.

See rest of article here: Innovation Spotlight: Silver Moon Brewing

CV Show 2014 Interview - Renault Trucks (UK)

VansA2Z Editor Neil McIntee caught up with Nigel Butler, Commercial Director at Renault Trucks (UK), at the 2014 Commercial Vehicle Show to find out just how important the new revised Master range is to the company.


CV Show 2014 Interview - Rhino Products

On the Rhino Products stand at the 2014 CV Show, VansA2Z editor Neil McIntee spoke to Managing Director Steve Egerton and Clive Boult, Sales & Marketing Director. New products being launched at the show included SafeStep and TowBar and later in 2014 Rhino will be introducing the new Aluminium Bar range.

Iveco Vision Concept Van | IAA Hannover 2014

For the full story go to http://www.vansa2z.com/Iveco-Vision-l....

Iveco pulled the covers off its innovative Vision concept delivery van at the IAA Hannover 2014 Commercial Vehicle Show. It's designed as a test bed for future delivery van hybrid drivetrains, the human/machine interface and load management technologies.


IAA Hannover 2014 - Ford Interview

VansA2Z editor Neil McIntee caught up with Dave Petts, Transit Product Manager Ford of Britain, on the stand at the IAA Hannover 2014 Commercial Vehicle Show.


Hyundai H350 launched at IAA Hannover 2014 CV Show

For the full story go to http://www.vansa2z.com/Hyundai-H350-r....

South Korean manufacturer Hyundai unveiled its first 3.5 tonne van range specifically designed for, and aimed directly at, the European market at the 2014 Hannover CV Show.

Taylor-Dunn's ET-3000 Flatbed Dump Truck

Taylor-Dunn's ET-3000 electric flatbed dump truck carries loads up to 1,000 pounds.

Click here to see more about this vehicle. http://www.taylor-dunn.com/vehicle-de...


Ford Trucks on the Job at Silver Lake Sand Dunes

A lot of people who enjoy being outdoors and driving off-road might consider Andrew LundBorg to have a dream job. He’s one of the park rangers at the Silver Lake Sand Dunes State Park in Mears, Michigan, and part of his job involves driving a Ford F-150 SVT Raptor or one of the park’s two Super Duty® trucks over the dunes and other terrain that fall within the park.



Forklift sale, hire and service company Forks ‘4’ U has found an innovative way to cut down on service times: take the workshop right to the customer’s door.

A leading material handling company with branches in Townsville, Mackay, Cairns and Rockhampton, Forks ‘4’ U purchased a NQR 450 in 2013 and put in the hard yards to develop a fully equipped service vehicle to enable on-the-spot servicing to customers.

The company is now in its 15th year of operation and attributes the continued growth to hard work and a commitment to exceptional customer service. Forks ‘4’ U Director Darren Gardiner says the company’s new NQR 450 shows the industry and its customers they plan to be in operation for the long-haul.

“We’re very proud of the new truck; it really is our flagship in terms of service vehicles. We have a lot of people who are interested in just having a look at it to see how we’ve built it. It’s been good for the company as it shows we’re serious about we do and we’ve already secured additional business just from people seeing how well we’ve set it up,” Darren said.

The NQR’s custom body was completed in Sydney and took four months, but Darren says the time spent getting the truck right was well worth the wait.

“It truly is a mobile workshop. We previously ran with vans, which we still do for inner city jobs, but sometimes we need to have our technician heading out west from Mackay for up to a week at time, and this new truck really gives us the ability to carry enough parts and oils to do that. In the past we’d only be able to operate for about two days’ work away,” he said.

The truck’s design was the brainchild of Forks ‘4’ U Service Manager, Tom Edgecombe, who is still pinching himself that his “mobile workshop” is out on the road and vastly improving on the field service team’s operational efficiencies and service delivery.

“This body really is one-of-a-kind. Basically I was given free rein to develop the truck I wanted as Darren knew we had to build it. So I sat down, and put all my field service dreams on paper, and it all went from there,” he said

“The new truck has two 200 litre clean oil tanks for engine oil and hydraulic oil and both have digital flow meters and pneumatic pumps. It is also fitted with a 300 litre waste oil tank connected to a pneumatic 1-inch Greco diaphragm pump. This has really cut down on our major servicing times, because we can now pump out the hydraulic tank and pump it all back in, it’s a lot quicker and a lot cleaner.

“In the past we’d have to do a lot of to-ing and fro-ing to the workshop, to drop off the empty oil containers and used parts like hydraulic filters etc. Then we’d have to restock and head back to the customer again, it cost us a lot of downtime and I’d say we’ve now cut our service times down by a third with the new truck,” Tom said.

The NQR is also fully stocked and equipped with a hydraulic hose crimper, a range of fittings and hoses, and a hose saw which enables the mobile technicians to replace hoses on the spot, saving their customers’ time and money in calling external hose doctors to complete the job.

“The truck has also been great for handling the tough road conditions out west of Mackay as there’s a lot of heavy trucks and mining vehicles getting transported along those roads. The truck handles it all fine, it’s a beautiful truck to drive, it’s like driving a car and performs really well in those conditions,” Tom said.

“It’s also got cruise control and you can do things like run your mobile phone through the stereo – all of those features make the day a lot more enjoyable. Some of the sites we service can be a seven-hour drive away, so now it’s not just what’s on the truck which is making work easier and a lot more efficient but the truck itself is making life more comfortable for the road technicians.

“With the NQR we managed to get everything we wanted on there. I’ve been doing field service for 12 years now so it was good to have an opportunity to build my dream service truck, and I couldn’t be happier with it,” he said.

Forks ‘4’ U have been so impressed with the performance and comfort of the Isuzu NQR, they have already placed an order for a smaller NPR 275 Premium which will operate from their Townsville branch, allowing for greater flexibility with the region’s servicing requirements.

See more at www.isuzu.com.au



By Steve Latin-Kasper
NTEA Director of Market Data & Research
(248) 479-8193stevelk@ntea.com

This article was published in the October 2014 edition of NTEA News

The U.S. economy continues to improve, but the Federal Reserve is probably not going to raise interest rates until the summer of 2015, at the earliest. This timeline is consistent with the statements made at the Federal Reserve Board of Governors’ meetings in the last year. During its September meeting, the Fed announced that it still believes rates should remain low for a “considerable time” after its bond-buying (economic stimulus) program is completed — likely by the end of this year.

The Fed also detailed its intention to end the stimulus efforts that have been in place since the 2008 credit crisis and return interest rates to more normal levels. As expected, the Fed said it will limit asset purchases to $15 billion per month — a reduction of $10 billion a month. When it meets again in October, the Fed is widely expected to announce one last reduction prior to ending the stimulus program.

An improving job market has put some pressure on the Fed to begin unwinding its stimulus efforts and consider raising rates to prevent inflation. The Fed shared it intentions to taper its expansionary monetary policy, releasing data from the district banks which forecasted a median rate of 1.375% at the end of 2015.

Serving Kids With Autism | Ford F-150 Trucks | Good Works: Episode 11

Brendon Clark travels to Virginia Beach to visit Billy Zimmerman, a father who makes time to help children with autism at Camp Gonnawannagoagain. After his own son Zachary was diagnosed with autism, Billy wanted to do more for his son and those just like him. Using his Ford F-150, Billy hauls equipment and lends a helping hand to empower autistic children and help them realize their potential. 

Follow along to see how Good Works at www.ford.com/GoodWorks
For more information, visit http://camp4autism.com/

The official YouTube channel of Ford trucks. Learn more about our F-150 and Super Duty® trucks, and how we put them to the test to meet our rigorous Built Ford Tough® Test standards. 

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Ford Motor Company, a global automotive industry leader based in Dearborn, Michigan, manufactures or distributes automobiles across six continents. With about 175,000 employees and 65 plants worldwide, the company’s automotive brands include Ford and Lincoln. The company provides financial services through Ford Motor Credit Company. For more information regarding Ford and its products worldwide, visit http://corporate.ford.com.


HTS Systems HTS CC Cone Cradle video demo

The new HTS-CC Cone Cradle is a rugged-compact, all-weather and quick-access traffic safety cone deployment system! 

The new three cone policy, placing a safety cone at the rear creates a safer work cushion when working off the back with ramps or lift-gates; particularly in the dark. 

A second cone, mid-way on the driver-side alerts motorist that a delivery worker may suddenly appear. 

The third front cone prevents trucks from becoming boxed in and reduces loading dock collisions from other rigs backing into warehouses and stores. 

All three fluorescent reflective traffic safety cones create awareness; warn speeding motorists and slow traffic.The three cone safety policy is extremely effective, because it works! Prevent accidents, save lives and money!

The Cone Cradle has been met with an incredible amount of excitement and enthusiasm by fleet professionals, truck body manufactures and route delivery drivers. The HTS-CC is a safer, easier and faster method, requiring less physical effort, zero climbing, reduced liability and reduced bacterial cross-contamination. The key to achieving total driver safety compliance means utilizing a safer, easier and faster ground access system.



It’s quite possible Malcom Tyquin’s new company vehicle is one of the best-looking liquid waste trucks on Victorian roads, and according to Malcom his Isuzu FVD 1000 doesn’t shortchange him on driver comfort and reliability either.

“The cab is independently sprung and with the air bag suspension you don’t feel as tired at the end of the day,” Malcom said.

“The doors also open to right angles so it’s a lot easier to get in and out of – it’s just much more user friendly than other trucks and far better-looking I think!”

Malcolm took over Rose’s Liquid Waste six years ago from an established operator who’d built a respected reputation for delivering dependable liquid waste solutions service to clients in Victoria’s Macedon Ranges region.

The company came with a 1997 Isuzu FVD 950 and Malcom was immediately impressed by the truck’s steadfast performance on the road.

“It still is a great truck. It’s done 775,000 kilometres and the engine hasn’t ever been touched, it doesn’t burn a drop of oil and it’s just so reliable – you hit the key and away you go, every day,” he said.

Based in Kyneton some 85 kilometres north of Melbourne, Malcom travels an average of 1200 km a week servicing septic and waste water treatment plants on private properties in the Macedon region, as well as looking after commercial grease traps and car washes.

When it was time to upgrade the company truck, Malcom approached Bendigo Isuzu Dealership, Poyser Trucks, for a model that would deliver everything the FVD 950 offered but with more “bells and whistles.”

“I did have a look at a couple of other brands, but I ended up going straight back to Isuzu for the FVD 1000. I need reliability in a truck so I don’t let my customers down and Isuzu offers that. They’re just much better finished off and a much better truck,” Malcom said.

To give the truck more manoeuverability on domestic jobs, the truck was shortened by 650 mm in the wheelbase.  Fitted with alloy wheels, and standard climate control, electric mirrors, and driver and passenger air bags, Malcom says he now has a truck that is safe, extremely comfortable and a pleasure to drive.

“We also had an Isuzu bull bar with tow hitch added. We’re out in the country all the time and sometimes in Winter you can get yourself stuck, this way we know we can get pulled out safely and back on the road to our customers with less time wasted,” he said.

Malcom says his gleaming new truck has clocked up 2500 kilometres on the road and is already turning heads, with livery now as memorable as the company’s name.

“Presentation is a big thing these days and we’ve already had so many comments on the new truck. Everyone has said how professional and smart it looks, which is going to help our business no end. The truck is like a mobile billboard and when we drive through town, people notice,” Malcom said.

See more at www.isuzu.com.au


Upfits Designed with Ergonomics in Mind

Lower back pain, hernia, sprained shoulder — these are just a few examples of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) that can occur when a truck or van is not suitable to the worker and the job.
The longer a worker must maintain a fixed or awkward posture, exert force, repeat the same movements, experience vibration, or handle heavy items, the greater the chance that an MSD will occur.
The U.S. Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OHSA) estimates that work-related MSDs in the U.S. account for more than 600,000 injuries and illnesses, about 34 percent of all lost workdays reported to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). MSDs are especially prevalent in the transportation and material moving sector, with the third-highest incident rate among all industries in 2011, according to the BLS.
See the rest of this article by Work Truck Magazine here:

Upfits Designed with Ergonomics in Mind

Knapheide KUV Product Training Video

A complete overview of standard features and benefits found on a KUV from The Knapheide Manufacturing Company. See more at www.Knapheide.com


The Utility Vehicle Buyer’s Checklist

Before investing in utility vehicles, know what to look for. A little preparation before purchase ensures your utility vehicles will get the work done.

See the article courtesy of Work Truck Magazine:

The Utility Vehicle Buyer’s Checklist

Motivated to Help the Homeless | Ford F-150 Trucks | Good Works: Episode #10

This week, Brendon Clark travels to Jacksonville, Florida, to meet Tracy Gebeaux, a man whose past has motivated him to look out for the future of others in his community. Once a homeless man, his friends helped him get back on his feet, and now he’s paying it forward through his organization, Jax Beach Brother’s Keeper. With the help of his Ford F-150, Tracy delivers supplies, food and clothing to the local Jacksonville homeless community. 

Learn how you can enter for a chance to win a new F-Series and a $25,000 donation for your favorite charity at www.ford.com/GoodWorks

For more information on Jax Beach Brother’s Keeper, visit: https://www.facebook.com/jaxbeachbrot...

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Ford Motor Company, a global automotive industry leader based in Dearborn, Michigan, manufactures or distributes automobiles across six continents. With about 175,000 employees and 65 plants worldwide, the company’s automotive brands include Ford and Lincoln. The company provides financial services through Ford Motor Credit Company. For more information regarding Ford and its products worldwide, visithttp://corporate.ford.com.


Transit 250 Med Height Cargo Van with EcoBoost

John Turic of Hansel Ford Commercial/Fleet Department shows off a new Transit 250 medium height cargo van with the optional EcoBoost V6 engine. Check out the massive cargo space with a relatively small footprint. It is also extremely comfortable to drive and has excellent visibility and driveablility. See more at http://www.HanselWorkTrucks.com


MotorWeek | First Look: 2015 Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon

Greg Carloss found a nice bit of terra firma to get a First Look at the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon. See more at www.motorweek.org


Tata Motors - Inspired by people

A fortune 500 company, built on precision and craftsmenship. Tata Motors is 'Inspired by people'.
Watch the journey of Tata Motors. www.tatamotors.com


Daimler’s Commercial Vehicle Subsidiary Mitsubishi Fuso and Nissan Expand Cooperation

  • Contract for Nissan Vans Supply for Export by Mitsubishi Fuso Signed
  • FUSO “Canter Van” expands product line-up in the Middle East starting in 2014
Stuttgart/Kawasaki – Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation (MFTBC), Daimler’s Japanese commercial vehicle subsidiary, and Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. (Nissan) expand their cooperation. The two companies today announced they have signed a contract for supply of completely built up Nissan commercial vans sold under the FUSO brand in export markets.
Dr. Wolfgang Bernhard, Member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG responsible for Daimler Trucks & Buses, said: “The new FUSO Canter Van is an important element for the growth strategy of Daimler Trucks in Asia. It is also another example of our proven cooperation with Nissan in the commercial vehicles sector."
FUSO Canter Vans sales start in 2014
Under the contract, Nissan will supply its “NV350 Urvan” (GVW: 3.5 tons) commercial van to be sold by MFTBC as ‘FUSO Canter Van’ in the Middle East starting in 2014.
Dr. Albert Kirchmann, MFTBC President & CEO, said: “With the new FUSO Canter Van, we will be able to address new customer segments in the Middle East where we already have an established network. It is the first time in the FUSO history that we offer a commercial van, and I am convinced that our customers will appreciate the wider choice.”
Today’s final contract comes after the two companies’ signing of a basic agreement in September 2013, and is based on the strategic partnership between Daimler AG and Renault-Nissan Alliance announced on April 7, 2010.
MFTBC and Nissan are already running a strategic OEM supply which includes Mitsubishi Fuso’s supply of its light-duty truck platform (payload: 2.0 tons) to Nissan and Nissan’s supply of its light-duty truck platform (payload 1.5 tons) to Mitsubishi Fuso, both supplies relevant for sale in Japan.
Mr. Guerin Boutaud, Nissan Corporate Vice President of Global LCV Business Unit, said: “We are very delighted that the Definitive Agreement of NV350 URVAN supply has been concluded formally in addition to the first step of mutual supply of light-duty trucks ‘Canter Guts’ and ‘NT450 Atlas’ already running in Japan. We hope that the strategic partnership between Mitsubishi Fuso and Nissan in light commercial vehicles business is further reinforced by this and will lead to improved production efficiency in Japan.”


IAA Hannover 2014 - Fiat Interview

Following the unveiling of the new Doblò Cargo at the IAA Hannover 2014 Commercial Vehicle Show, VansA2Z Editor Neil McIntee spoke to Sebastiano Fedrigo, Director of Fiat Professional in the UK. www.vansa2z.com


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Mounted on the rear of a carrier vehicle or in a protective box between the axles, the PALFINGER truck-mounted forklift will accompany you right to your place of use, opening up unprecedented possibilities in terms of transportation. A truck-mounted forklift means complete independence for our customers as additional unloading devices are not required. PALFINGER truck-mounted forklifts offer safety and longevity as well as a high level of operator comfort and optimum manoeuvrability. PALFINGER is committed to top performance in many fields of application and throughout the entire product lifecycle. The most important industries include: transport and beverage logistics, recycling and building material applications, technical and medical gases, agriculture and the live events sector.

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IAA Hannover 2014 - Iveco Interview

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Following the announcement that the new Iveco Daily had been voted International Van of the Year 2015, VansA2Z Editor Neil McIntee spoke to Head of Product Marketing, Giuliano Giovannini, on the stand at the IAA Hannover CV Show 2014.